I'm With You

A/N: This is my second Yu-gi-oh fic and the bad part is I don't have all the information on the millenuim items and the rest of the series besides when they are at Dueler's isle when Seto is fighting for the right to be first. Umm.but after reading a ton, and I mean almost every single Tea and whatever fic, I think I can piece stuff together. ^^;;;;


Anzu/Y. Bakura

Tala/ Angel

Yugi/ (I'm not sure yet)

Seto/ Serenity

Jean/ Malik

Jouhouchi/ Mai

Tristan/ Miho

Yami/ Sara

Malik/ Anzu

Ryou/ Sara

Marik/ Chi (Friendship only)


Isis/ Shadi


This is a college fic. Everyone happens to go to a college in the states considering that I live in the states and personally know the customs of us psychos. Um...They all are going to college in North Carolina because I think it is a very beautiful place. My best friend has lived there so that's where I get most of my sources.

This is going to have barely a Mary-sue considering that Jean, Tala, Chi, and Sara are Original charecters. But don't worry the couples are not oncrete yet so you may say which ever couple you want me to have and I'll see what I can type as a major storyline.

I don't know the powers of the millenuim items. If you have said info, please review it to me. Um..I also need the persona for Malik and Isis and Shadi.

Um....;;;; feel so stupid right now. Most of them go to the same college except for Jou and a few others. Umm.....This does have the cliché of mysterious girls with millenuim items but they really aren't mysterious girls. So be happy not much of a cliché!!!

And it's a little hilarious once I get all the situations in my mind done with possible outcomes!!! WHEEE!! I'm ranting again.

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The sun was up, rays resting upon the womanly face of Anzu Masaki, an eighteen-year-old graduate from Domino. It seemed so surreal that only a few days before her and her friends had graduated their high school, even with a few enemies.

Her room was nearly packed up, as she was going overseas to college. She had passed the torture of high school, with her absences in all the dueling tournaments and everything else. The shining friendship card had turned out to be sort of different from what she was in her freshman year.

She replaced the blouse and vest with a sort of baggy black tank-top, and long blue jeans with black boots and a blue head band. Her hair was longer about to her mid-back, and she opted to put it into a braid.

Walking around the house, she smiled generously to herself. This was one of the few times she was alone without her angry mother or father. Her grandmother had made sure her parents were sober for both her birthday and graduation.

Deciding against making herself something to eat, Anzu went out in the warm summer air. (Me right or no?)


Ryou smiled despite his situation. Bakura had walked into a wall and was cursing obscenities that could make a biker blush. Ryou was a bit taller, his chocolate eyes fully accenting his pale body. His hair was very short and a bit spiky while Bakura's was a bit longer than before.

"If you fuckin' laugh, Hikari, I'm going to fucking kill you and send you to the stupid shadow fucking realm, got that, pipsqueak?" He growled at the eighteen year old. Bakura moved his hands about, not wanting to truly wake up, to find the chair. Glamourously he found it and sat down.

"Why don't you open your eyes before you come downstairs? I swear you'd be able not to hit the wall every morning." He told the five-thousand year old spirit. Bakura gave his light a death glare without opening his eyes, until they heard a doorbell.

"Who the fuck would be coming at a time like fucking this?" Ryou gave his dark a huge glare for too many curse words in the morning and went to open the door. Creaking it open, Bakura heard three maybe two other voices and shuddered when he thought of their owners.

"Anzu, and Sara?" He blinked wondering who the hell was Sara. "C'mon in you two." 'Damn ryou and his niceness.' Bakura growled. He was only in boxers and a long white shirt. Anzu entered first and mentioned a hello to him as she sat down. The other girl smiled greatly, a suitcase beside her and a box.

"Ryou, why do you have a twin? I thought ya bloody didn't practice science!!" The girl smiled and brushed back a piece of lavender hair. She was a bit tall and obviously looked girlish, with good looks but that was about it. "Oh, well!! It's so good to finally come here and see you, I mean after all you did bloody leave abruptly in London with your father."

Anzu smirked and went over to the table smiling suspiciously as she looked at the red bump on Bakura's pale skin. Sara as was the apt girl named, turned to talk to a one-on-one conversation with her friend.

"Ryou, I came here under circumstances and I was wondering, if I could stay?" She asked him quietly. The kinder silver-haired boy blinked at this girl.How did she even find his address? He pondered this as the lavender haired woman waited, tenasiously.

"Why are you here?" He asked, almost immediately regretting it. Sara Smith was a person you didn't ask questions with. She would never answer them unless she felt they were needed.

"Papa. Circumstances and visitation rights to see my best friend since grade school, you big lummox." She spat out at him with a small smile. Ryou grinned. She was the same since nearly two years when he left London. Her british accent hung thickly on the air, waiting to be accepted or rejected.

"Well, maybe. I'll have to ask Bakura." He told her, his scholarly voice taking over in their conversation, when he started to smell something burning.


Anzu stared at the red spot and due to her amazement Bakura hadn't snapped at her to stop staring. So going against the pit in her stomach, she asked.

"What's with the bump?" Bakura growled in his deeper voice and opened his amazingly beautiful crimson eyes glaring at the gril sitting across from him. Anzu definitly not taking in that he had growled at her, smiled.

"Go away." He swiftly lifted himself up, closing his eyes once more from the light in the white kitchen, and then turned around, walking towards the stairs.


"I see. You didn't have to show me." Bakura turned around, frustrated at this girl and even more so angrier that he was laughing in his mind along with her small chuckling. To this degree, he swore in his mind that he would kill every mortal in the world, and then some.

"Shut up, wench." Then turning around, Bakura opened his eyes wide. Great, he was up and without coffee or any sugar in his system or rather caffine. He growled in protest as he went over and sat back down, his former plan of escaping into his room forgotten, quickly.

"What's that smell?" Anzu perked her head up from teasing Bakura about hitting the door, then to the air as black smoke began to erupt from the stove.

"MY FOOD!!" Ryou entered with the bewildered woman closely behind. Bakura sat up striaght, a frown appearing on his face. Today was turning out beautiful so far for the tomb robber. Not only was he without caffine and up, dealing with the ever-teasing Anzu that he bickered often with, dealing with another stranger, and now without his hikari's good cooking.

"Ryou?" He frantically put water on his now burnt to a crisp pancakes , and now after poking them a few times watching a few turn to dust knew that they were not going to live. "Ryou?" Both girls asked him cautiously as Bakura could hear the slight sobs of his weakling Hikari. Grumbling he got up.

"That's it. We are going to Denny's." the spirit silently glared at his still sobbing light. Ryou turned at the attention of the trio and sighed putting on a rather forced smile. Sara grinned as she beamed at the mention of food.

"Ryou, It's all right. I can have some of your wonderous cooking that you've forgotten to send me, tomorrow." She told him with a bright cheery smile that would leave the shining frienship card jealous. Anzu grinned and nodded while Bakura growled in disgust. One of them was enough but two?! He looked upwards to the ceiling thinking, 'Someone up there hates me.'


Two tri-colored boys sat down at their table eating away at the food that a certain one had cooked up. One of them was named Yami Mutou (now.) and the other, and the shorter was named Yugi Mutou. Yugi watched his dark eat the food he had cooked with the usual expression on his face.

It was amazing how everyone had changed from battle city to now. Anzu had changed a lot but not as much as he had. He was bolder and had grown taller. Yami effectively wearing off on him with his courage and boldness. He was the average height for a fifteen year old now, which he was about two or three years ago.

While he still wore his skater clothes, Yami looked like he always did except for his hair being a different color now. Instead of the same black, red, and blonde hair it was blue, silver, and purple, while Yugi had kept his the same. Yami wore the same thing almost everday that even a s&m queen would be jealous.

Everyone had changed. Tristan had lost the cut for Miho along with the trenchcoat finally. He was staying in Japan, serving the army while she became a nurse here. Tristan could be seen now, normally wearing his hair short, buzz-cut of sorts, and something brown with boots.

It was just that way now. Jouhouchi had grown his hair and decided for once, because of Mai finally convincing him, to cut his bangs . He actually found he had liked the cut and let it stay that way when Mai kissed him for it. Handsome reward, indeed. He had given up his usual baggy clothing for a bit more classy look, but he still looked like a Brooklyn whigger anyway.

Mai Valentine was going to a college in Northern Virginia to become a fashion designer and creat her own clothes line. She had her hair longer and dressed a bit more conservatively than their freshman year. Instead of some black almost not-there top she usually wore a white fluffy shirt that went to shoulders and covered her to her stomach. Her skirts were switched with capris and still ever the more lovely black strapped sandals. She had really changed as much as Jou had.

Shizuka Katsuya had caught the eye of Seto Kaiba and planned to be married to him soon after he graduated college along with her. She was perhaps the only one who hadn't changed much. She had kept her hair long and was still as sweet as ever.

Seto Kaiba had grown warmer and his relationship with Shizuka had nearly killed Jou. But Kaiba got the point that if Jou's sister was going to be dumped he would not have anymore **manhood** mainly. Kaiba at first had growled until Jou had come forth and both had gotten into a fist fight. Shizuka had to nealry get everyone to help her separate the two. He wasn't as protective over Mokuba seeing that his little brother could take care of himself, alittle more. But he still was a bit strict.

Now Mokuba had become soemthing almost every exclaimed at. He had his long spiky black hair still, but he wore a red bandanna around it, a couple of earrings, and often opted to wear leather looking uncanningly like Yami, except for the face and hair. His childishness was still there evermore and had stayed.

Malik and Marik had both been the same except a small excerpt of being nicer and not killing people. They often went to therapy because of Isis making them go, which made Marik angry but neither dared to disobey Isis that much.

Isis Ishtar was still as lovely as the woman she always had been with a stubborn and mean streak in her when you caught her at 'that time of the month.' But other than that, she had nothing much happening for her.

Ryou had barely changed also. He still had the look of the British in him, but had changed his hair so that it was shorter and kept it that way. He was taller like Yugi became and was nearly height wise itimidating. The only thing he really changed in was his shyness. Like Yugi, he had overcome being shy and became a charming young man that any woman would want for their own. Who wouldn't?

Bakura was set in his ways except for the fact that he let his emotions out once in awhile and took more care of his hikari. He didn't hit him much and was less murderous, more of a big feirce and scared puppy dog when you first met him but once you got close to him he was charming, though usually crude, rude and insanely possessive of women. (The reason no one had gone out with Anzu yet except the Pharoh.)

That brought yugi's thoughts back to his almost-brotherly like spirit. He quieted himself so much with a look that Yami had started staring at him, confused if he had said something horrible.

"Anything wrong, Yugi?" The protective spirit asked through the morning silence. Yugi looked towards the elder with a bit of surprise in his face. Had he drited away again? He'd need to stop doing that. With a smile he shook his head and ate his now cold over easy eggs and toast.

"Nothing's wrong, Yami."

Indeed, nothing was wrong at all.


The irish woman grinned from ear to ear as the bleak and mellow countryside moaned its sweet melodies into her ears. She was a teenager in her late teens and today had happened to be her birthday. With as much practice as usual, she flipped out of her bed, landing softly on her feet, not making any sound.

"Alright it's my birthday, we gonna party like it's my birthday, we gonna sip barcardi like it's my birthday, and everyone is happy that's it's my birthday!" (L.W. I liked this song so much. Forgive me for using it, please!!!) She sang as she dressed into her gothic black clothes, putting on all sorts of dark red jewelry and her boots. True she was an Irish Catholic, but she was an pagan and a half-aethist(not ready to fully accept the idea but nearly there.), truly or rather a true catholic as her friends had put it.

"JEAN O'MALLY!!! HURRY UP AND EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!!!" Her mother cried out to her in urgency. Jean as the girl was named, sighed brushing her two- toned hair with a small brush. Her hair was short and had been dyed often for the effects of cherry wine red from her ears back and in the front silver like her idol, Rogue from the X-men.

She had completely fell in love with that movie and was dreaming of meeting Hugh Jackson one day. Her eyes were a vibrant green as most irish women's were and she was more petite and short than most. Putting on her cloak she walked downstairs to be surprised.

"SURPRISE!!!!" She screamed and turned around hitting the stone wall of her house, falling unconcious. Her mother with her nearly orange-red hair shook her head.

"This is the reason why she's not allowed to have a surprise birthday party Gene!!" The woman playfully countered to a remark her husband, Gene O'Malley had told her earlier. Getting up immediately, Jean rubbed the painful red spot on her forehead as she cried with joy. The whole kitchen was fully decorated and her mother even bought her a cake for her eighteenth birthday!!

She smiled form ear to ear as everyone apologized and sang happy birthday to her. After blowing the candles out and eating her cake, she opened most of her presents. Her friends all laughed along with her and smiled as she thanked them, until her father came into the kitchen with a gift.

The gift was wrapped with a fine golden wrap, and she could tell through her pagan witchcraft senses that it was a magical gift. It was very old and as she let her fingers delicately unravel it, she felt its age vibrate through her hands in warm pulsating waves.

The giftwrap hid the golden carved box with egyptian heiroglyphs and Ra's eye over a period. She hadn't take Egyptian in nearly seven years and she could barely remember the words or rather what the pictures meant. Opening the clasp, inside on black lining, lay a bracelet with a magical and wonderul charm.

The bracelet seemed to be made out of pure gold, slightly heavy as she slipped it on, but what caught the petite girl's eyes was the charm. It held miniture heiroglyphs on the charm. It was shaped like a sheild and seemed to be like an hexagon.(five-pointed.)

She opened her mouth wide at the pure golden gift and hugged her father. Little did she know that someone else was also watching her now, protecting her along every step of the way.


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