Within the World

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What happened last time:

Their music was something to love. The beats were awesome and the bass was over excellent, their music and lyrics were in good taste, a general favorite of her club. She just hoped that everything would be okay against the pit in her stomach. Looking behind her she saw a strange light, what was it? Walking over to it, she couldn't see who it was at all!!!!


Chapter 9: Breaking the Habit

Terra could not move, her breath was caught and darkness surrounded her!! What was wrong with this?! Why was she so immobile? The club was never this dark except once during a hurricane, but besides that, she heard nothing except a chuckle. Where was she?

Standing in front of Angel, Terra's body seemed to see with foreign eyes, silver eyes without life. The blonde-haired man smirked at his ingenuity. With one slender American hand, he held a golden item which blazed with power. It was familiar to everyone who ever had seen the bright light at all. The eye of horus danced wildly on his forehead, seperating his hair from covering it barely.

The same eye of Horus danced upon his dear fiance's forehead, her cream skin in contrast with the vivid colors that only the power of the sennen rod could do. This power was his now and he would have all the sennen items and rule the world, taking his queen and his prizes with him to the top. Getting close to Terra was just so he could get her money at first but now that he knew about the sennen items and their powers, it was so much more now.

"I want you to get the sennen shield from Jean's wrist, then get me the sennen ring." The marrionatte of his former mate nodded her head in understanding. Her wild-fire maroon bangs flowing across her skin to hide the eye of Horus.

"Yes, Master Angel." With that she turned around and went towards the exits, ignoring questions that were thrown her way.


"Something's happened!!" Chisato exclaimed over the music. Her eyes going from a lavender color to a near silvery-white, a tinge of purple deeply hidden there. Her strawberry-pink hair had risen a few inches as she exclaimed looking directly towards her friend, Marik. Her dancing had stopped and he had paused not knowing what was wrong.

"Where's mama?!" She asked immediately, tears ready to pour down any moment. Chisato's instincts were sometimes worng but never her gut feeling when something horrible happened. She knew something had happened just a minute or so ago and they would not be too late to go and try to help. Marik's violet eyes increased in intensity, watching his charge with interest. He had just felt an uprising of dark magic, familiar as it was he could not put his finger on what it was.

'Someone is using Dark magic but who?' Remembering the questioning child in front of him, he looked towards the exit to the mansion. Darkness shrouded the whole area with the dancing strobe lights, flicking madly over everyone in the nightclub. Picking Chisato up in his strong arms, he knew that they would have to go look for her mother, that damned wench, Tala.

"I don't know where she is but she's probably in the mansion." He told her trying his best to keep like a friend and not be overprotective of her. The girl in his arms tightened her grip upon his shoulders, knowing that something horrible was going to happen and she had no idea what. He heard a muffled 'okay,' and skirted and pushed against the crowd of people to the back exit where the mansion was located.

Chisato took out her key and gave it to him, her small tan hands brushing against his own. Looking down even without much light, Chisato knew that somehow he was connected to her after all, he was being much nicer than when they had initially met, besides the foyer scene…..She would ask him about it after they found her mother………..


(In Egypt)

Ishizu Ishtar sat down silently, her water canteen being refilled by a worker that wanted to do it. Shaadi, her husband now, was sitting a few inches away. She knew something was on his mind when she tipped her head back, getting a bad feeling in her gut. Woman's intuition was hardly ever wrong and this time it was hitting her over the head with a frying pan.

"Shaadi!!" She exclaimed silently, making her husband's clam face turn towards her without much surprise but a gentle smile and a flicker of emotion in his once cold eyes. "I……..I…need to check on something!!" She whispered fiercely to him with much surprise at her own voice.

"Something is wrong." He told without much of a hint of emotion. She nodded, her once calm disposition replaced with something akin to worry and love. Her tan hands wrung the cloth on her legs, her dress wrinkling somewhat.

"I need to check on Marik, Malik, and the rod." She murmured, getting up and going over to her tent. Shaadi followed wordlessly. He had learned a long time ago to never say a woman was wrong and also never ignore woman's intution. It had saved him once or twice and he knew to admire it.

Their tent was big enough for a table with two chairs, a small stove and food supplies along with a bed and a dresser they equally shared. The tan canvas flapped back to reveal their humble traveling abode to the two, Ishizu's hands immediately sitting down on one side of the bed as Shaadi watched.

A golden light ensumed the tent and he and Ishizu found themselves in the present and the past week of Marik and Malik at the mansion. Ishizu's face paled somewhat when she heard Marik's confession making her extremely ticked but otherwise calm. The small girl had left the sennen rod in her room and a man with blonde hair and an extremely crafty eye had caught sight of it as he had went over to something to get.

The blonde man had stolen it from the girl's room and it flashed to the present of Marik and the girl going in the house, and the man having overtaken his fiance, laughign his head off silently, gloating on his enriched victory.

The light vanished and instead of being in North Carolina's atmosphere, the two Egyptians found themselves back into their canvas tent, amazed and a mouth agape.

"We need to go there." She uttered to Shaadi. His calm and beautiful blue eyes nodded in understanding. Exiting, Shaadi searched for their acheaologist, Sugeroku. Upon finding him, he mentioned the situation of Ishizu and him leaving. Sugeroku immediately agreed to take over and was left to his work. The man entered into his and his wife's tent to see her packing up two bags, one for her clothes and the other for him.

"I've contact the Egyptian Airport. We're leaving when we get to Cairo, so we better hurry." She told him with a gentleness to her voice and a small optomistic smile as she finished her packing leaving Shaadi to pack what he wanted.


(Somewhere in New York)

Mai was beginning to cook her and Shizuka's dinner when she felt this sudden chill go up her spine and stay there. Something was wrong and she didn't know what!!! Looking over to Shizuka, the Katsuya girl could tell that there was something wrong also by the way she was staring off into space when she was supposed to fix the table so they could eat.

"Hun?" Mai questioned outloud to the usually vibrant Shizuka. Snapping the girl out of her reverie, Shizuka looked up towards Mai. Her lime green eyes showering with tears. She felt that both her brother and Seto were in deep trouble. Something huge was going to happen but why did it always happen around Yugi and his friends? Her tears kept flowing as Mai put dinner down and ran over to her.

"Sh…Sweet hun, It'll be okay with them I promise." Mai's voice gentled and seemed to fall away as she held the crying Shizuka in her arms. Her own tears not coming because of her strong will and also for the fact that she didn't put on water-proof mascera. "We'll see them in a week, okay?" She could hear Shizuka nod her brunette hair and cling tighter to Mai.



(Back to where our plot mostly is, the mansion)

Sarah groaned as she awoke from where she sat. Her lavender hair in a bag and the earrings right in front of her as she saw their two different colored orbs once more. One earring held a deep sapphire blue and the other had light lavender in it with the Egyptian Heiroglyphs written all over them. Sighing, she really wasn't sure wether or not to wear them, when Jean her roommate entered their room, grabbing a purse of black cameo and rushing out.

Sarah shrugged at the girl's antics and then saw Anzu coming in view from the hallway. Anzu looked breathtakingly beautiful and so awesome!! She stifled a gasp of surprise as she saw that Anzu was wearing at least blue in her outfit.

"Anzu!!" Sarah called out to her, rushing over. The brunette girl stared at the British student, her brown eyes confused to hell who she was till she heard the accent.

"Wow!! Sarah, I didn't know you cut your hair!!" The lavender-haired girl grabbed her hand and took her into her room.

"I know. It was getting bothersome. But anyway, will you please wear one of my earrings?! I have these earrings and one's lavender and the other is blue and since you're wearing blue, It thought you'd like to wear it, please!!" Sarah's voice, soft and gentle was pleading with her with great big puppy dog eyes that even Anzu could say no to.

"All right then." The brunette sighed in childish defeat as Sarah jumped up and down in happiness. Anzu took out one of her earrings and gave it to Sarah as the other girl held out the blue-gemmed earring, then putting in the other earring.

"I'll see ya down there k?" Sarah nodded to Anzu as Anzu left, the gem sparkling with unseen life. A spirit was awakening.

Taking up the lavender-gemmed earring, Sarah put it in her ear without much thought, a decision anyone would regret now. Walking over to another piece of jewelry, she felt whole, complete now but as if something dark and very sinister rested in that earring.

/Where am I?!/ A voice, anguish screamed out. Her rage was unmistakable in Sarah's mind, the poor slip of a girl stifling another gasp of surprise.

//Wha? Who's there?!// Sarah's look of surprise was evident on her face, her eyes roaming her room in surprise.

/I am. So……I have finally awoken from my sleep…./ The voice was certianly a woman's with a weird accent, steady and dark breaking through the boundries of death as she talked. A dark room surrounded Sarah all of a sudden, her eyes widening in contrast. Why was she here instead of her own room?!

//WHERE AM I?!?!?// her question rose a deep laugh from the other voice, a woman that looked exactly like her except with darker eyes and spikier hair. Her lips painted deep red and her body a bit taller.

/You are here, in your soul room, hikari./ The girl mentioned with even more of a laugh, her velvet violet eyes darker than Marik's ever were. She wore the same clothes and everything as Sarah but the poor British girl could only tell that this version of her was sinsister beyond all belief, the look in her eyes sent chills, escaping chills, down her spine.

//W-who are you?// Sarah's own voice sounded pathetic to her as she whimpered in fear. She was in her room not in this darkness. Her mind repeated the mantra to only get a confused look from the other her.

/I am Versia, Priestess of Anubis. A death bringer if you must know./ This Versia smiled, sadistically stuck on her as if she was the Queen of the damned herself. All Sarah could think was that this was definitely the last Anne Rice book she read before sleeping. /So simple!! MWHAHAHAAAA!!! With you, I will rule the undead./ She muttered before Sarah could protest though, she felt herself falling into the darkness, falling to nothing and being asleep as the outer her was taken over, the earring glowing with golden light.

"At last I'll be able to rule the undead again. The city of the dead will be everywhere. Humphunatra will rise and so will my army of undying zombies. Especially with this earring." She murmured to herself exiting to the feeling of where lots of people were gathered. Laughing to herself mostly, she felt the other spirits as well.

'What better way to do my entrance and surprise them if not by doing my job?' She laughed at her own conclusion and walked.


Anzu shook her head. She felt as if someone was watching her and yet they weren't because they were not there. Putting on the earring that Sarah had almost begged her to wear, she felt as if there was something complete about, well almost complete. IT was as if from that small tiny golden piece of jewelry she was missing a huge part of her life.

A feeling of comfort rose through her as she turned around to face ablushing tomb robber. That was certainly a first. Her eyes opened wide because for once she saw him in more than just some tight jeans but he was breath-takingly sexy!!!! (*_______* **drooling as she's writing this**) His hardened oculars were concentrating on her form, taking in every little detail, trying to keep it in his mind. This was an anzu he barely saw after a few times she had gotten smashed before on each of their eighteenth birthdays due to a stupid Jou and Honda.

"Wow." His lips mouthed at her, a red blush keeping at his side as he tried concentrating from running over to her and demand which god or goddess gave him this precious woman. 'Holy Ra!!' It was as if she was Isis born again except without the fact of her son giving her a cowhead. Anzu's brillant skin was toned well, showing her muscles and physical capabilities. The silkiness being able to be seen by just bare light, that was until she turned around to be faced with Marik, who in turn got a glare from Bakura for ruining the detailous moment.

"Have you seen momma?" The little girl questioned with wide scared silver eyes. Anzu and Bakura shook their heads as the two went away with their answer. The little girl clutching tighter to Marik.

"Well, let's get this karoke over and done with, Bakura." Anzu told the disgruntled tomb robber, earning a rather malicious smirk in return. He nodded and followed her into the misty and spellbound club. The strobe lights dancing upon their forms as the band paused for a few minut4es, announcing that the Karoke would begin.

Going on up, Anzu tugged the tomb robber with her pale hands, tugging on his shirt. "C'mon!!" Her voice reached out to his, excitement coursing in his veins as they approached the stage. Anzu had terrieble stage fright but now was not the time ot think upon it as they reached the Karoke machine, taking a microphone each, and looked out at the audience who were waiting for the song Terra had chosen for them.

Kiss me, Fly me up high, wanna feel like a frisbee. High in the sky, oh I want you to kiss me. Do it alright 'cause I know that you miss me. Whoa ho! Anzu and Bakura blushed heavily, noticible to the crowd that this was their first time each to have ever done karoke. The girl was surprised though as Bakura continued on through the first verse. I dreamed of you in so many lonely nights With my body and soul. And I know you were out bearing the city lights, Just out of control. It was different. She had noticed that he loved the spotlight, the bearing a false voice out to the people, her body began swaying to the dance as she sung the next part by herself. Her movements enchanting the entire concert of people. Hey, I walked around and all I found was Me myself just losin' ground. I missed you, but I walked on thin ice. Like a clown in disguise. All the time there was your face, You, only you, can end the race. Love me in the heat of the night. Bakura and her knew at that moment, in the sparkling heat of the limelight, that there was something true about the song to them. There was something true and something that they both wanted so much to the other. Bakura had began dancing alongside her, not leaving her to dance by herself. His eyes watched the way she moved with such earnest, her body tantric if one could say. Babe I feel like dynamite. Oh baby just kiss me, Fly me up high, wanna feel like a frisbee. High in the sky, oh I want you to kiss me. Do it alright 'cause I know that you miss me. Whoa ho! The two singers unknowingly were getting closer to the other's face, creating a sphere of self-ignorance. There was only them in that world, as they sung to each other. Her vividly bright eyes sparkling in warmth and love while his cold hard ones were beginning to feel once more from the dusky Egyptian shores that it had died upon. Kiss me all over tonight. Kiss me, Fly me up high, wanna feel like a frisbee. High in the sky, oh I want you to kiss me. Do it alright 'cause I know that you miss me. Whoa ho! Their faces neared the others, hot breath coursing on each of the other's lips, the microphones black scratchy heads catching the space between a pair of cherry lips and a pair of rough wanting ones. Seperation was nearly unbearable as they sung the last two lines together, as if it were not indeed insane that the tomb robber wanted the princess as much as the princess would want him. Kiss me all over tonight. Kiss me all over tonight .

The last two lines were breathy, heard above all the dancing of the club. Everyone in the club was silent even a pair of eyes that glowered heavily at the recognized tuff of white hair. The last lines of the beats were gone as the blackheaded microphones they held to their lips lowered and the two faces went closer to each other, lips mere centimeters before the jump when a scream was unleashed!!!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Someone was on fire!!!! Bakura and Anzu both broke the sphere and looked over into the crowd watching them scream and some of the others catch fire as the person who was screaming their last cries of death through chortling burning organs, skin melting off, sticking to their face from the hydrogen atoms taken away from it, burning from the skull was running around for help. The smell of smoke spraying heavily upon the club as people began trying to get out to no avail!!

In the balcony, watching the burning mass of figures with amusement, Versia smiled at her wicked gift the God Anubis had given to her. She was very grateful for this after all a pretty priestess who was double-crossed by two tomb robbers were more than enough to try to get revenge on them.

"Go on you little rats. I will kill you all, and when I do, you will fall down and claim me as your queen and Anubis's city of the dead will rise with our lord Osiris and his wife Isis as my slaves." She spoke with her heavy dark voice, a murkful laugh erupting from her throat as she smelled the corrupt flesh burning away.


The marrionette reached where Jean had stashed the sennen item from everyone. Turning around she felt the presence of her master, Angel. The man's eyes were greedy, different, and amused with how easily she had done what he commanded.

"You have done quite well, Terra Carter and for now……..I shall keep you until I have no further use of you, you wretched wench with your goddamn daughter. Follow me to my house." His hushed voice was so cruelly overending. Katashi squirmed as he felt his spirit watching the abduction of his soul, of his item go into the hands of his supposed light!!

This was not supposed to be happening!!!


"MAMA!!! The club!!! It's burning!!! Call 911, Marik!!! Call it!!!" Chisato cried out as they had not been able to find her in the house at all, and decidingly went back to the club where she would be, but the doors latches were locked tighter than the Titanic's water compartments!! Taking her advice on this, Marik did as was told answering the emergency person's questions.

'What's happening?! Mama!!!' Chisato's silver-lavender eyes clouded over in tears. She wanted everyone in there to be safe, but……..What was going to happen to them?! And her mother was nowhere to be found!!!


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