(Unknown POV)

My eyes are heavy. My body feels sore, like the kind of sore that you feel after taking a beating. That doesn't even begin to compare to the splitting pain that my head is feeling.

I feel the cool floor beneath me. 'I wonder if I could just stay here for a while longer' I thought, but I had the feeling that it wasn't such a good idea.

I push myself off the floor, my eyes still closed and refusing to open, and I shakily try to stand only to be stopped half way as I felt something pulling on my arms.

"What the …" I grumble to myself, my irritation growing at the feeling of restraint. As my eyes slowly open, blinking a few times to adjust to the light shining off the polished white marble floor, I see that what has been keeping me restrained are… golden chains?

My irritation shifting straight to panic as I start pulling on the chains. As I continue to pull on the chains, a booming voice draws my attention to a man sitting in a throne in front of me.

"Well? What do you have to say for yourself traitor? The last word spit with so much venom I wouldn't have been surprised if it melted a hole in the floor. I recognized the man if not from the appearance than from the glare that I've come to associate with the face many times as I look into his electric blue eyes that pulsed with power.

"What? What are you talking about? Traitor?" my voice becoming smaller as I looked into my recent memories to find out what I had done to earn his ire this time, only to turn back to the man once he starts talking again.

"Your actions against this council and the vicious assaults against the Olympians by your hands." He says with a faint and almost unnoticeable smirk on his face.

My eyes widen as I take in where I currently am. I look around and notice the twelve different people all sitting in their own thrones giving me many different looks. Many were looks ranging from loathing and anger, to indifference while four of them had looks of sadness.

Our eyes slowly meet, going from a depressed looking man on a throne of marble decorated with seashells, to a blond man on a golden throne, then to an elfish looking man sitting on a throne of grey stone that had a staff with two snakes decorating the head that tried to send me a reassuring smile, but you could easily see through the false hope that it had, then to a small girl tending to a large hearth in the center of the room, but the sadness in her posture was evident.

Finally, my gaze meets that of the last person. Everything else goes out of focus as I look at her. A frown adorning her face as I take in her stoic features, but I can easily see past the façade and see the many emotions behind those eyes: fear, anger, sadness, regret, and the most prominent emotion. Love.

I can only take a glance at her before I hate the look she has. Wishing to never see that look of sadness on her face again.

I turn back to the man sitting in the center, briefly noticing an empty throne to my right, as he clears his throat in impatience. It took a lot of self-control to resist from rolling my eyes at his need for attention.

"So, have you any last words in defense?" he asks, clearly wanting to be rid of me sooner.

"No, I don't. my only regret is that I didn't put those bastards down more painfully for what they did." I said through grit teeth and exuding barely controlled rage.

A few of the people in the room tense in nervousness at my anger, as if they were expecting bad things to happen, however the man in front was not pleased with my answer.

"Their actions were not yours to judge!" he bellows

"And what, let them get away free of their crimes just because you favor them!" I yell back, only noticing the man in the seashell throne giving me a pleading look out of the corner of my eye, but my temper was already flaring. "They got what they wanted but broke their word, their lands were built on blood and broken oaths!

"ENOUGH!" the man bellowed.

"We shall take a vote on how to deal with this." He says gesturing in my direction.

"All in favor that the convicted is innocent?"

Only four of them raised their hands.

"All for guilty?"

Six hands go up and I feel my hopes drop lower, and the hearth reacts by dropping in size, barely emitting warmth.

The only people that didn't vote were a chubby little man snoring in his throne in the corner. 'Useless. Seriously why is he even here!' I think to myself as those thoughts automatically rush into my head when I see him.

As well as the love of my life. I honestly don't blame her. Our relationship is some thing that wasn't supposed to happen, and yet it did. I've put her in an impossible position. I've already forgiven her, knowing that she is hating herself for not fighting for me, I just hope she knows it. Besides the end result would have been the same. The little fatty in the corner would have voted against me if he were awake.

The man in the center, with a victorious smirk on his face, rises from his throne and walks in front of my kneeling form. 'Ugh no wonder these chains are so short, bet he's getting a real laugh about this position.'

"Through some 'counsel.' He says while sparing a glance at the man in the seashell throne, and I internally wince as 'counsel' is replaced by 'begging' in my mind. 'I have decided against a death sentence. Instead you shall be banished, and erased from history, to be forgotten by the world." He finishes.

The man in the seashell throne immediately stands. "Brother, please reconsider this." He says in a soft voice that doesn't fit the power and authority this man has.

The 'Brother' opens his mouth to speak, but I beat him to it, "Father," I address him, "please, you have done more than enough for me, don't subjugate yourself to him for me."

My father looks into my eyes for a moment, then his gaze hardens with resolve as he sits back on his throne. "Of course, son, but I swear that I won't let another of my children face injustices like this again."

I give him a nod and smile that shows both respect and love for my father.

The brother exasperatedly says', "Are you done yet?"

This time letting my eyes roll. "No, this is my trial so I'm going to say goodbye."

The 'Brother' gives a huff and rolls his hand in a 'go on' motion.

As I turn around facing the other three with a confident smile on my face, before my eyes lock onto the woman's gaze just a bit longer, in the hopes of conveying a silent message.

"You don't have to look so sad. Geez you make it seem like I'm dying or something" I say putting some cheer in my voice. I always was an amazing actor if I say so myself.

"Don't worry about me. I always survive, remember? This isn't the end. It's just goodbye… for now." I said as I watch their miserable features slightly shift to watery smiles. The woman's eyes glazing with what looks like restrained tears.

I turn back to the 'Brother'. "And for you." My features becoming serious. "The earth stirs in anticipation for war. There will come a day that all of your pride will come back to bite you, and you will have to ask for help from those that you deem as inferior."

The 'Brother' narrows his eyes. "You dare threaten us!?"

"No not threaten, only warn." I reply coolly.

"Fine then, if that is all then I banish you from these halls!" he yells before hurtling what looks like a bolt of lightning that hits me square in the chest.

I feel immense pain before my vision fades. In the darkness I can only think one thing.

She has such beautiful eyes

Line Break

At that moment a young Percy Jackson wakes from his sleep in a cold sweat.

He clutches his chest. Trying to feel for a wound that the dream lightning bolt had left.

Looking to his left his digital clock reading 3:41 A.M. he plops back down onto his bed trying to fall back to sleep while listening to his roommate Grover snoring.

The only thought he had before drifting back to sleep was, "What the hell?"