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Chapter 47

Down Hill Adventure

The air was filled with tension as I looked back and forth between the girls and the cat in front of me. It was Adamos, I was sure of it. Not just because of the sound of the voice but because I feel something within myself reaching out to the small animal.

It was hard to describe. That normal weight in my mind that I associated with the god was clearly absent and in its place was this, a tether would be the best description, a tether that seemed to connect me to him with something flowing through it.

"Did that cat just talk!?" I was so distracted by the Adamos's sudden change that I forgot that I wasn't the only one here and Thalia was very much still on a hair trigger if the lightning sparking around her meant anything.

"Where did it come from." Lou however was less hostile but no less focused. "What kind of magical creature are you?"

I wanted to intervene but I had no way to explain any of this. I was already under suspicion and anything that I say would probably be met with a bolt of lightning to the face. The only thing that I could do was to let Adamos get himself out of this, and even a small part of me was curious as to how he would do it.

As the girls seemed to drill into him with their stares, I felt a splash of emotion enter my mind before it was washed away. I almost thought it was my own if it wasn't for the fact that I knew how distinct that they felt from my own.

Feelings of worry and rising panic surge to the front before being smothered by a sense of anxiousness and…




Lightning cracked as Adamos deftly leapt out of the way though Thalia had another bolt ready to fly and I honestly was tempted to just let her after that joke of an attempt.

"Don't pull that shit with me." Thalia glared at the cat and the room began to smelled thick with ozone. "I don't know who you are but I will spay you with lightning if you don't start talking!"

Lightning crackled menacingly in front of Adamos as he looked ready to dash only for a deep breath flows out of the cat's mouth as his posture shifts and changes, becoming less like an animal about to pounce and more…regal. Even as we are looking down upon his smaller form, I couldn't help but feel like Adamos was somehow bigger than an actual person and that he was judging us.

"Very well. I guess that this has gone on long enough." His voice was still smooth and silky and carried easily despite the fact that I didn't see his mouth move. "I suppose there is much to explain. Though I do ask that you don't touch anything in my castle without my permission. You've already destroyed enough."

"Quit fucking around!" Thalia demands as she summons her spear and points it directly in Adamo's face. I move to intervene before either she skewers him from her already thinning patience or Adamos does something that I can only guess will be bad for Thalia.

However, Adamos sent me a look when I moved that stopped me before I could get in between the two, a look that Thalia and Lou notice but surprisingly don't act upon.

"So, you do know each other." Thalia supplied yet still not moving from her position threating Adamos.

I try to send a look asking if he was sure of this and he sends me one back. A look asking me to trust him. And I do, so with some reluctance I let him take the stage and sort this out.

"An over simplification but yes. Percy and I know each other very well." Adamos spoke coolly as he eyed the spear held at his now tiny throat. His black paw reached up and pushed the tip away, not outright removing the spear from him but just pushing it to the side like it was an inconvenience. "I have known him longer than anyone else…barring his own mother."

"So how—"

"A moment ago, you said this was your castle." Lou interrupted Thalia's next question as she barreled forward with her own. "Isn't this Castle Dun Scaith? The home of Scathach? You wouldn't happen to know her, would you?" He voice takes a pleading tone as she asks like a child begging for a toy on Christmas.

Adamos gives her an indulgent smile and I feel something about him subtly change. No, I've felt this before. The change in posture and even the aura that is given off, while similar is slightly different.

"Of course, I know her child." Adamos, no now SHE is Eve, gives smirk and I feel a chill go down my spine. Long repressed memories of Circe's island resurface with a vengeance. Though oddly enough there's a slight Scottish tilt to her voice. "I am her after all, though you can call me Scàthach or Eve if you wish."

The two girls owlishly blink at Eve or Scàthach since we're here or whatever she wants to call herself. Their mouths move, opening and closing like gaping fish.

I could totally relate. The first time learning that he/she could switch genders was really confusing, a fact that wasn't helped since I was turned into a girl as well at the time without my consent!

"No fucking way!" Thalia vehemently denies while shaking her head, an understandable reaction. "You just changed. You're clearly trying to trick us! What is it?! Illusions? Hypnosis!?"

Lou, rather than outright deny the claim like Thalia, actually seemed conflicted. Like she didn't want to believe it but was somehow convincing herself that the possibility might exist. "Maybe she's not lying?" Lou said though it sounded more like a question.

"You can't possibly be defending them!?" Thalia asks in disbelief, for the first time taking her attention off Adamos to turn to Lou. "Jackson has been doing suspicious things for ages and now it turns to that he actually DOES have an accomplice! How does this not scream suspicious!"

"You know I'd really like to clear all of this up if you'd give us a chance." I can't help but interject, but it seems like it was unwelcomed from the glare that Thalia shoots my way.

"YOU are under suspicion so that means that you are not involved in this."

"The conversation is about me?! How am I not involved in this?"

"The same way as before. You're a suspect so you're not allowed to lie your way out!"

"What the fuck kind of fair trial is that!?"

"Fuck your fairness!"

"Well, then maybe I'll—"

"Ugh will both of you just stop it!?" Lou gets in between us before another argument can start up. "Its like you too are trying to get after each other!"

With a blink i suddenly realize that i can practically count the freckles on Thalia's face. Huh? When did we get so close to each other?

I take a step back as I realize that I had already crossed half the room with Thalia meeting me in the middle.

"Yes. Please don't fight in here. If you break my things than I might have to resort to more drastic measures to retrain you." Eve warns dully, though I could hear the seriousness of the underlying threat.

"Aren't you supposed to be convincing them not to skewer you?" I shoot at the cat though she shrugs at the question.

"I can do both." The smile is coy but I can still feel the emotions over the link, even if they are faint. There's a hint of impatience that's layered with worry all buried underneath a calm attitude, which only makes me more curious about the reason we are here. "There are a few ways to restrain someone."

"Really?" Thalia glares challengingly at Eve. "You want to test that?"

Eve blandly returns Thalia's look with no hint that she felt threatened. "Not particularly. I did just say I didn't want you to destroy my possessions."

The cat and the demigoddess began to snipe at each other back and forth, with Thalia doing most of the threatening while Eve just brushed her off while trying, and failing, to explain things in her usual nonhelpful way, which only seemed to make Thalia more aggressive. A bland look meeting a blazing glare with such tension between them that you could see the tension between them. It was seemingly reaching a breaking point with both of them on edge until…

"Uggh! This is getting us nowhere!" Lou broke her way through the tension between the two like a wrecking ball. "You don't trust anything they say," She pointed at Thalia with a finger close to her nose. "And you aren't proving your trustworthiness in the slightest!" She points at Eve.

She then points at me. "Is there anything that you can do to clear this up? This back and forth is coming to an end right now."

"Uhhhh?" I was caught off guard as all attention focused directly on me. I tried to back off to ask Eve for advice, only to remember that we were no longer connected.

"I believe that I have a way to solve this instantly." Eve interrupted, once more drawing all the attention back to her. "I will give you the answers you want, but in exchange you must help us in the quest that I am currently having Percy undertake."

"No deal!" Thalia immediately rejects. "We don't even know what it is you're trying to do. You could be…plotting to bomb New York or releasing some ancient evil onto the camp and Olympus."

Eve raised a brow at the ancient evil remark, which I did to considering an ancient evil is already rising. "I can assure you that this has nothing to do directly with Olympus. Especially considering we are no longer in the United States."

"…What?" Thalia and Lou blink in bewilderment. The two of them not really processing the statement. I kinda expected Lou to understand since she recognized the castle but apparently neither of them connected that that castle of the Scottish warrior queen would be in, well, Scotland.

"As of right now we are currently in Scotland. That spell that I instructed Percy in was meant to transport us directly into this castle and it would have if you hadn't joined us. But we still made it to Scotland at least." Eve explains slowly as the two girls continue to blue screen. "In the United Kingdom with an entire ocean between us and Olympus."

The two girls sat there for a moment, completely stupefied before Thalia managed to collect herself first.

"Alright," Thalia stepped up calmly, rather launch into another interrogation attempt. "Say that we accept that you transported us across the world. How do we know that you aren't trying to trick us?"

"Because we aren't trying to—" I tried to jump in to the conversation but Thalia held her spear in my direction, a clear sign to stay away before she looked back to Eve.

"Between the two of you, you are clearly the one in charge, so is there any proof that you have that you can convince us that you aren't apart of the titans?"

Eve sits still for a moment as I feel the range of emotions she is going through. Her mind racing a mile a minute as she tries to think of a solution to the problem only to finally land on resolve, acceptance. Of what I had no idea but it must have not been the outcome she wanted to go with.

"Percy. Pull out the spear." Eve spoke and I momentarily paused, both from the absurdity of the request in pulling out the weapon that was classified as a last resort kind of weapon and wondering if she was talking to me as she hadn't taken her eyes off of Thalia and Lou.

"I'm sorry but did yo—" "Percy, I said to pull out the spear." I was interrupted once again, though this time Eve wasn't asking.

Hesitantly I reached down and pulled the band that was wrapped around my wrist and swung it out in a flourish. The metal shifted as it extended back into its original shape, the shape of a spear, and the room was flooded with POWER.

Thalia and Lou both caught off guard, stumble and begin to sweat as the room was flooded a form of pressure that emanated from the spear. I was saved from the same experience both from being so near the divine weapon for so long and as the wielder.

"Wha—What is t-that!?" Thalia gasped as she struggled to stand up to the full might of a divine weapon. I reached out and with what little actual control I had over the weapon I pulled in and restrained the power. The two girls gasped as the were able to properly stand, no longer struggling.

"It has many names around the world, but in English the closest translation it regarded as the Spear of Ruin." Eve explains, not at all effected by the pressure exuded by her weapon. "It was even used as the basis of the Gae Bulg, the spear of Cu Chulainn."

"Ok," Thalia was regaining her breath as she eyed the spear with equal amounts wariness and greed. "I think that wins show and tell but what does that have to do with anything?"

"Because there is no stronger catalyst for magic than this." Eve said with pride as she leapt down to the ground, landing the kind of grace expected of her cat form. "Percy, I want you to place that in the center of the room. Just plant the butt of it on the ground."

Knowing that she was up to something I just followed along and walked to the center of the room. I placed the spear as instructed and let go, and rather than fall to the ground like one would think the spear instead stood straight as if it was planted into the ground like a stake, with the head pointe to the sky.

Eve leapt onto one of the desks and stretching, reach into one of the shelfs and pulled something with her mouth. "Now, this ritual will allow you to answer your questions." The deity in cat form instructed as she spread whatever powder was in that jar around the spear before dashing to grab something else and adding it. "If your worried about what it will do then don't as only those within the circle will be effected."

With deft movements runes came to life around the circle and the magic in the air began to gather. I watched with rapt attention as she worked, feeling the magic move around until she stepped inside the large circle, directly in front of the spear. Her paw tapped the ring of powder around her and the entire thing came to life.

Thalia blinked as she looked at the magic happening in front of her, but it was clear that she had no idea what it was.

Lou however was having an entirely different reaction. As she was looking over the entire ritual trying to dissect it with her eyes alone. I knew that if she had the chance, she would be asking questions and everything.

"Now ask your questions, but make it quick. We don't have long." Eve insisted as she sat in the middle of the circle. "This circle is designed to enforce concept of truth to any inside it. So long as you are inside it you cannot lie. You may test it if you like."

Thalia looked around unsure of how to proceed. It was obvious that she didn't trust the spell as she didn't have the kind of knowledge that Lou or I had to tell how it worked so was resorting to alternate measures. Measures that she just came up with when her eyes darted to me.

"Jackson. Get in the circle." She ordered, pointing at it like it was the time out corner.

"What? Why me?" I protested.

"Because there is no way that I'm getting in there myself.


"Just get in the circle Percy." Eve orders and now I have two women glaring at me.

I let out a sigh as I walked over. "Ok but keep the questions casual." I asked as I stepped inside, though a small part of me dreads the idea that this will probably a very invasive interrogation. "I don't want you asking something dumb like my underwear color or whatever."

…Shit I just gave her an idea didn't I.

"Now Percy." Eve spoke before Thalia could potentially ask me something embarrassing. "What color is your underwear?" Only for me to remember who exactly I'm dealing with.

I feel the heat rush to my face as Lou snickers at the question. I open my mouth to shoot the question down, "I'm wearing blue boxers with a black waistband." Only for the answer to fall from my mouth like water through a strainer.

"Have you ever stolen from camp and what is the most recent thing?"

"I stole chocolate from the camp store."

"You sonnuva bitch, that's why they were out!" Thalia shouted and I had to look away as the heat rose to my face.

Eve however just continued with the questions.

"What did you eat last night?"

"I had chicken and waffles because one of the guys from the Demeter cabin said it's a regular thing where he grew up."

Thalia also threw in her own questions, not entirely satisfied with Eve's demonstration. Luckily hers were wither more general in nature or revolved around previous quests and information she probably learned from Grover or Annabeth.

I tried to resist the magic in the circle but no matter how much I pushed against it the magic always seemed to manage to draw the words out of me. At one point I managed to hold out for maybe half a minute before I gave in. I'm sure I could have lasted longer if Eve had started to ask more personal questions and I tried harder but even then, I'm sure that it would only be a matter of time before I caved.

"I think that's enough." Thalia interrupted mercifully. I let out a sigh as I stepped out of the circle, feeling a bit more naked.

More than I currently was anyways.

"Alright." Thalia licked her lips as she eyed the cat in sitting in front of the spear. She was incredibly quiet as she contemplated on what she wanted to ask before she seemed to settle on it. "The first question is…who exactly are you?"

Eve let a quiet huff, almost a laugh. "You really like to ask the hard questions don't you." Thalia opened her mouth but Eve cut her off. "The question you asked is complex, try wording it better."

"Alright then. Who are you to Percy?" Thalia restates the question and it takes me off guard because that's not the kind of question I though she would ask.

"Who I am to Percy is many things. I am a teacher, a guide, sometimes even a direct helping hand. However, I think the most apt description is that of his elder sibling."

Thalia's face scrunched as she clearly tried to remember the family tree for Poseidon, a harsh task in regards to any Deity, only for Lou to jump in. "So that means you're Triton!"

"No." Eve denied without a moment of hesitation, drilling into Lou with an unimpressed stare. "Though I wouldn't expect you to actually know. My real name isn't one that you should be familiar with as it has been scrubbed from Greece's history, and though I am in the form of a woman at the moment my true name is Adamos."

"Adamos, meaning unyielding or unconquerable." the name leaves Lou's mouth like she's trying out a new word. "But you also told us you go by Eve?"

"Or Scathach." Eve nods. "I can shift forms like all deities but since I lack some restrictions I went by many names when I travel through the other pantheon's territories."

Thalia tried to form words, her mouth moving without actually making a sound before she sighed. "We can talk about that little detail later. The next question is; Why did you come to Scotland?"

"I'm actually curious as well." I speak up. "She kinda just dragged me along and said 'no time to explain' every time I asked."

"We are here in the United Kingdom because Camelot is in danger." Eve said with a sigh that brought us all to a halt.

"I-I'm sorry but did you just say Camelot?" Lou asked for clarification. "Like the mythical kingdom of Camelot? Home of the knights of the round and Excalibur?"

"Yes." Eve tsked as her posture tensed. "Something is attacking the boundaries around Camelot, trying to break into the kingdom."

"Can't the knights or whatever do something about it?" Thalia asked. "If the kingdom still exists and is under attack, they should defend it."

Eve shook her head as she stood up on all four paws and paced in the circle. A habit that she did when trying to solve multiple things mentally. "That's impossible. Camelot has long since been abandoned and now sits empty in a different dimension, sealed off from the rest of the world."

"But why would someone try to invade an empty kingdom?" I asked.

"Because while the kingdom is still empty there are still powerful relics left under lock and key." Eve explained with the utmost seriousness. "Weapons, armors, research. If any of it is taken then there could be dire consequences."

"Is, uhm," Lou mumbled as she stepped forward. Her face pinched shut for some reason, giving her constipated look like a child trying to hold in their excitement. "Would Excalibur be among those treasures?"

Ah, I understand now.

"Yes." Eve practically sighed the word out. "Excalibur is in Camelot."

"I see." Thalia tsked. "You left your things behind and now you need demigods to fix your mess. Typical."

"I don't need other demigods to fix anything," Eve stressed the word need. "The artifacts of Camelot are under more security than your daddy's porn collection. And I already had Percy prepared to deal with the situation. If anything, it's your own fault for getting involved."

"Maybe I wouldn't be getting involved if you weren't keeping secrets and sneaking around!" Thalia snapped.

"Oh, because it's just so easy." Eve said back though there was some heat starting to fill her words. "Some things need to be kept secret."

"Just admit it! You're just trying to cover your own ass!"

"Don't try to accuse me when you don't even comprehend the entire picture."

"Why you little—"


For a few moments there was silence after the voice rose above the others, and it took one more moment to realize that it was me that had shouted. The undivided attention of everyone in the room was enough to send a shot of nervousness down my spine but I crushed that feeling quickly.

"Both of you need to stop fighting. Neither if you are helping the situation at all." I put my foot down and put as much of my mom's 'disappointed but laying down the law' voice as I could. "We are stuck in the underworld surrounded by zombies and we need to get to Camelot before something bad probably happens. So, it's time to stop complaining and start coming up with a solution."

The group is quiet as conflicted looks spread across Eve and Thalia's faces while Lou just stands in the background as she wasn't apart of it. Between the former two however it was Eve that decided to speak first.

"I can't believe Percy is being the level headed one in this situation. I am feeling a mix of pride and disappointment right now." She lets out a sigh. "Alright. Short one, you will help me make a way back to Earth."

"Are you talking to me?" Lou pointed to herself as she asked for clarification.

"Yes. I said short one." Eve nodded as she walked over to a desk and with all the grace that comes with being a cat, leapt on top of it. "I need you to help me lay out everything out."

"What are you trying to do?" Thalia asked with narrowed eyes.

Eve didn't both to spare her a glance as she continued to point out things for Lou to grab, a job that the witch was all to willing to go along with. "The ability to travel between dimensions is not easy, especially as I am now. If we want to make any good amount of time than we need to use what's here to make a strong enough connection and ritual."

I nodded in understanding at her explanation before I caught one thing in her statement. "What do you mean by 'as you are now'?"

"The purpose of this room is for research and experimentation," She explained as she leapt from one desk to the next. "The last one was a ritual on the creation of high class familiars, specifically through the use of powerful souls that have been raised above the cycle of reincarnation through humanity's collective belief in their legends."

"…Can I get that in English?" Thalia seemed completely lost on the explanation and I am willing to admit that I wasn't fully understanding it either.

Though from the gasp that Lou let out she must have understood.

"You're talking about temporary resurrection outside of necromancy!" She almost squeed. "That is so cool! How were you able to get over the conceptual weight? The amount of power around their legends would have made it impossible to bring them back without an actual body."

For once Eve actually seems to perk up, gone is the proper and aloof demeanor and in its place is the face of someone who is making a new friend and talking about shared interest.

"Actually, I never was able to get over the full incarnation issue, but I did have a theory on creating fragmented versions that might have been possible." She says with pride. "Certain aspects rather than the full legend."

"Uh, can we get back to the situation at hand." I interrupted before the two could spiral further down that rabbit hole.

"Right. The problem is that the ritual is meant to take a powerful existence and put it into a body constructed out of mana. The problem is that you two," She glares at Thalia and I. "got so out of sorts that you activated the ritual from sheer power alone and without an actual catalyst for direction it would have either grabbed a soul based off of compatibility or that is strongly tied to the area. Since I own this place and I am literally tied to Percy through soul magic, I am the one that was stuffed into this body." She waves her paw over her body. "I never got around to making a human body and was experimenting with animals, hence the cat body. The real kicker is that as of this moment I technically now belong to both of you…Lou, be a dear and put those in a diamond formation?"

"Hold up, I did not consent to being tied to anyone." Thalia said more than little peeved.

"Sadly you made that choice when you were apart of the ritual. The proof of it is on your arm." She pointed and Thalia rolled up the sleeve of her left arm. I followed along as well, just now noticing a rather impressive looking red tattoo imprinted on my skin. "See, right there on your forearm. You are the reason that I continue to exist and so long as you were it, we will always know where each other is."

"Well take it off!" Thalia almost shouted as she began to scratch at her skin to no avail.

"Stop that. Its magically imprinted on you. Scratching it off isn't going to change anything." Eve warned blandly. "And no. I can't take it off because I'm stuck like this."

Thalia throws her hands up and for a second, I think she's about to scream until Lou interrupts.

"And done!" she wipes of her hands with a satisfied look. The floor was covered in chalk lines, gemstones and plants.

"Good enough," Eve nods in satisfaction. "Could use a few adjustments but its much better then when I first taught Percy."

"Hey!" I said indignantly. I wasn't the best when it came to higher rituals but I do very well in other areas. The rituals are complex and take a stupidly long time to learn anyways.

"And before we leave." Eve leapt off the desk and over to a window. She began to move things around before leaping up and pulling on a lever that was attached to the wall with her full body weight. "Can't leave an infestation at the door."

Each of us wanted to ask what she was doing when there was a bright flash outside one of the windows and the air seemed to hum as a pressure fell over my shoulders. With the shuffling of feet, we all tried to cram ourselves to the window to see what was happening.

At first there was nothing as all we could see were the hordes of black writhing bodies that were battering against the castle walls as a massive skeletal hand scrapped invisible barriers in the air.

The lights brightened above, drawing our attention upwards to the massive circle that covered the sky. Runes, not the kind that I mostly use but actual primal Runes, circled around almost lazily as they seemed interwoven in harmony. It was a master work of magic as Runes that oppose each other cannot work together and cancel out the spell, but somehow Eve managed to bring them all together.

"Ochd Deug Odin." Eve's voice made us jump. She was giving a smug look that seemed to work perfectly with her cat face. "Runes that I got from Odin formed in a massive offensive sequence."

The hum grew louder until all at once it reached a crescendo and what looked like a pillar of light fell from the heavens and the landscape exploded.

My eyes burned as I looked away from the bright flash until it died down and all that was left was a barren and burnt landscape.


"Time to get a move one!" Eve didn't even let me finish as she crushed a gemstone under her paw and the world folded.


I fell over, my hands touching stone and grass as my stomach tried to escape me via my throat.

Why is it never a pleasant experience!

"Next time I'd like a warning before you warp us between fucking dimensions." I spit out as the spray of saltwater around us did wonders to settle my body quickly and once again I was on my feet looking at our surroundings.

The ruins of a stonework castle surrounded us on all sides as it sat destitute on a the end of a stretch of land, the ocean surrounding it on all sides. The cold spray of ocean mist clung to my skin though not in an unpleasant way.

Off to my side Thalia and Lou were looking very green and—yep, Lou was vomiting in a bush.

"Where are we now?" Thalia groaned as she tried to keep down her stomach, though just berely judging by the paleness of her face.

"We are currently in the mortal world counter part of the castle Dunscaith, in the Isle of Skye in Scotland." Eve said, her voice delving further into the Scottish accent.

I'm not gonna lie, it was getting a little bit harder to understand her.

"That was, ugh, that was so amazing." Lou cheered from the side as she kneeled on the ground with shaky limbs. She tried to look excited but she was obviously still reeling from the after effects of the teleportation. "Please take me as your student!" The short demigoddess was pretty much begging from her position on the ground. "Cross dimension teleportation, advanced bounded fields, and higher rituals." I had never seen the girl so determined as she crawled forward on her knees, though the she probably would have looked more convincing had she not vomited ten seconds earlier. "I have delved into the arts of Circe but I can't go further without proper instruction. Please oh wise Scathach. Teach me your ways!"

The stupid cat preened at the attention. "A truly eager learner, aren't you? Very well. I would be a poor teacher to turn away such a dedicated student."

"Oh my god." Thalia muttered quietly as she looked away, not noticing the smug look that Eve briefly sent her way.

I should probably tell her she's just prayed to Eve...later.

"Can we push the boot licking back till later? I'd prefer to know why we are in Scotland of all places." I asked as I kicked a rock. "I thought that Camelot was supposed to be in England?"

"Ah, yes." She cleared her throat with a cough and sat up straight. "There was no direct way to get from the land of Shadows to Camelot so we are going to have to make our way to the mortal entrance from here."

"And where is that exactly?"

"On the other side of the country." Eve 'tsk' in annoyance. "Roughly more than eleven hours by car." She was clearly upset at the whole thing and I honestly could agree. Eleven hours in a car is not fun, especially since we are supposed to be on a time crunch.

"Then how are we supposed to get there o'goddess?" Thalia asked sarcastically.

"Originally Percy was going to swim along the coast and cut the time down drastically," She snaps back. "But now we have to improvise."

"Got it. We're stealing a car." Lou nods in what was probably her own weird understanding.

"We are not stealing a car." I immediately denied.

"Oh don't be such a goody two shoes Kelp head." Thalia waved off my denial. "It would take us half a day by car and even longer to walk."

"Do you even know how to drive?" I asked skeptically.

"What's there to know." The demigoddess shrugged. "Stay in the lines, red means stop and green means go."

"You do know that in England they drive on the opposite side of the road?" Eve commented, taking the wind out of Thalia's metaphorical sails.

"Ok so it's a bit more difficult that I thought but we can figure it out."

"You'd get arrested first."

"Are you just incapable of helping!" Thalia rounded on the cat.

As the two of them argue I try to think of a way to get us some transportation. There was that one Pegasus that was following me around recently but there isn't enough space for three people and a cat.

Maybe we should see if there's a way to civilization first.

"Before we attempt grand theft auto, maybe we could actually find a town or something first?" I ask as I turn around…to find Thalia holding a rock in the pitching position while Eve looked ready to jump.

"That's the best idea so far." Lou agrees. "Though maybe we—"

"Oi. The fuck you doin there?!" A harsh voice cut through Lou's sentence. For a moment we didn't know where the voice came from until it called out to us again. "I'm talkin to you four idiots! You over there in the Isle!"

Off on the fields of rocks and grass that made up the portion that connected the castle to the mainland an irate looking woman with frizzy brown hair and an official looking outfit was glaring at our general direction. Behind her was a jeep and another person, a lanky man in a matching outfit, that was watching the entire thing.

"Oh, uh. Hey there! We seem to have gotten lost." I waved at her rather awkwardly, not really knowing what to do, which earned me a slap from Thalia and a look that said 'why are you waving to this random person?'.

"Oh great." The women huffed with annoyance. "You fucking Americans think ya can straivaig wherever ya lik 'n' desecrate a landmark 'n' bare ta boot?"

I'll be honest. I only caught every other word out of her mouth and her accent did nothing to help. Thalia and Lou looked just as confused as me so I said the only thing that didn't sound offensive. "…I'm sorry?"

"Och yer sorry ar ye? Ah jalouse that mak's it aricht sin sorry undoes a' th' damage ye did. Mibbie it'll an' a' fix goosed bones 'n' lil boo boos." Her tone was sarcastic but her words were complete gibberish.

"Ok you're saying words but your accent is really thick." Thalia says slowly and I take my turn to slap her arm and give her a 'WTF!?' look to which she returns with a 'What do you want me to do?' look.

"A'richt. Ken this." The woman's words come out slow compared to the fast pace before. "Ye'r under arrest." She even reaches into her belt and holds out a set of handcuffs for extra emphasis.

"Gods dammit." I sigh as the woman and her partner walk up to us with none to pleased looks on their faces and I could hear Thalia mutter a soft curse of 'Not again' from under her breath.

One the one hand we now had a free ride to the nearest town, but on the other we were going to be in Scottish jail.

This trip has gone downhill so fast.