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That's what this is: Ella, Isabella, Bella whatever you want to call her is a witch. Both sides of her lineage come from what the magical world would consider royal bloodlines.
Bella's mother Renee was brought up in the tradition of hereditary witches. Renee's husband Phil prepared Bella and her brother for the world that awaited them. Lydia, Renee's Twin sister, helped raised 'Ella' until she was old enough that Renee sent her across the globe to learn multiple areas of witchcraft so she would take her place as a powerful witch amongst all witches.

Bella wants to spend a year being an average teenager in Forks, away from her Twin brother. Her family strongly disagrees with this decision. After a devastating loss, she meets Edward Cullen and family, and nothing will ever be the same. There are mysteries to be solved, jaw-dropping revelations, and plenty of action. The story will follow the rough outline of the Twilight saga.

This story will still be about Bella and Edward meeting just like in Twilight. Well, there are changes in circumstance and tweaking of some characters. The Cullens will come soon. I promise. How much of the story will be changed because Bella is already empowered, that is to be seen! Please Read AND Review your feedback truly helps me navigate the direction of a story and gives me the motivation to keep going.

The entire world of Twilight is the property of Stephanie Meyer, and I own none of it. Original Characters and certain plot derivatives that are not from the world of Twilight are the property of the author.

Forks, Washington a blip on the radar for any average person. Forks was a place that didn't often have newcomers; its youth fled this small logging town for the likes of big cities such as Seattle the day after their high school graduation.

Forks, Washington, was where I was born and it was from here that my mother left my father for another man; Phil, who was a part of a world that my father refused. I spent a few weeks here every year until I was old enough that my training had to come first. I was told that Charlie would not be a part of my life, as an adult. These choices were not mine to make, or so I thought then. I had always wanted to spend more time in the Pacific Northwest, more time with my father, more time in the elements, more time just being human.

I smiled as I pulled over across the street from the house where I was born. I got out of the car and looked over the house.

"Why do you still come here? It's not like you are going to talk to him this time." My twin brother, Gabriel, said magically interrupting my vacation and soon to be emancipation.

"Do you have any respect at all? Gabe, this is our father! Of course, I was going to talk to him, just not with you here. If I wanted Renee to hear everything I want to say to him, I would have invited her or you! Same difference! What do you want?"

"Ouch! Ella, he's a glorified sperm donator. Our father raised us, and Charles wasn't his name and he sure as hell didn't live in Forks." Gabe's voice was defensive. "Lydia sent me to get you. Mom's sick. She attempted to help someone injured, but it was a fatal injury and she didn't have the strength to do it. It took a lot out of her. The girl died yesterday and Mom is getting worse. She took on a fight with death and lost. I don't know why. I took Mom to Lydia's and came to find you. Some people want to talk to you about what's next."

Multiple scenarios and implications seemed quite possible at that moment, but that was not something I wanted to acknowledge now.

"Give me a break, Renee is a drama queen. She's way too young to die; she'll outlive me, I'm sure of it. Moreover, how was she not powerful enough to stabilize this girl enough to get her to a hospital? People who, Gabe?"

"Ella, I don't know why she did what she did. She was insistent that she had to try to heal her, but wouldn't tell me why. So, I took her to New York. She's not strong enough to get up. The council wants to talk to you. They will need her position filled quickly." Gabe answered in a matter of fact tone that disturbed me in its calmness.

"No!" I yelled and got into my car.

"Ella! Yes! You need to give this absurd idea up. You have already finished high school! You don't need the pomp and circumstance of a human high school graduation ceremony. He's the only one who is going to show up for it. You don't have time to dream of it anymore. You have duties!" Gabe shouted at me as he jumped into the passenger seat.

"No! You have no right to tell me what I can or cannot do with my future. Especially when it comes to OUR father and MY life. I am NOT joining the council. I finished MAGIC school. NOT HIGH SCHOOL. I learned to be a witch, and a warrior. Every bit of history I was taught involved the supernatural. My origin of the species lectures were very different. We learned about fairies, vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters not Zebra's, Lions, and Elephants. If it were not for Lydia homeschooling me, I would only know one world and only be able to make choices based on that. That is ignorance. Human lessons taught me about determination! Every famous person in history made hard choices. My choice is that I am not going to join the council!

I AM going to finish my last year of high school and toss my graduation cap into the air. Even if my twin brother doesn't show up to congratulate me. Then I'm going to go to college. Nevertheless, before that, I am moving to Forks, Gabe. I want to be a regular person. You're five minutes older than I am and one thousand times more dedicated. It should be you joining the council. Look, let me drop off this rental car, so I don't raise any flags with the Chief of Police." I raised an eyebrow at my brother's sour face, "Then take me to see Renee. I love our mother and I don't want her to die. Even if she does, it's not going to change my plans any. In two weeks, I will be a student at Forks High School, and in a month, I will be 18. Nobody, not even Charlie, will be able to tell me what I am going to do with my life."

"Let's just get this crap on wheels back to Sea-Tac already," Gabe said, resigned. He snapped in his seatbelt. I turned my music on, very loud.

The nerve! I don't care if we are twins. I could never be as serious as he is about everything. We are night and day.


Gabriel learned magic that worked with time and place. When our stepfather Phil died, Gabriel learned he would take his position as a guardian. Guardians can see other witches in danger and go to their rescue. They often have the ability to jump time, space and entire realms. It was magic that he would have obtained naturally, but he may never have known how to use it. The only rescuing he was doing now was in his mind.

We were in front of our Aunt's high-rise in the upper east side of New York City.

"Someone is doing well for themselves," I joked at the way Lydia uses her gifts to enrich her life, a skill she secretly passed on to me.

"You would be doing well, too, if you took your gifts seriously." Gabe snapped.

"Why? When you take them seriously enough for both of us?" I blew him off. I didn't need to tell him exactly what my bank account said, nor did I need to inform him about the Fortune 500 Company that Lydia and I use to launder our money. He thought I was wasting time learning about the human world.

When we entered the elevator, I waved back at the doorman after he waved at me.

"Can you not go two seconds without attracting attention?" Gabe asked me annoyed.

I shrugged my shoulders, "I doubt it."

"Isabella?" I heard my name called out, and my aunt stepped into full view. While my brother and I were not Identical twins, my mother and her sister were. Her face was easy to read. Lydia was grieving. Her ash blonde hair was in a bun that was coming loose and her bright blue eyes were dull, almost grey and bloodshot. The dark circles under her eyes gave away that she hadn't slept recently.

"Is it that bad?" I hugged her tight.

"It is, my girl. I think she's just been waiting for you so she can say goodbye. As for the rest," She paused and shot my brother a look, "We can talk about it later. Go see her."

I looked at Gabriel and Lydia and nodded. I walked down the hall and up the stairs to the third floor to my mother's room. I tapped on the door and walked in. I was not expecting what I saw upon entering the room and felt my heart drop.

My Mom had tried to fight Death, and she lost. She was not long for this world, and I had a feeling I would never know the real reason why.

"Mom…" I said as I walked into her room, and I shut the door behind me.

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