This fic will be an extremely dark and graphic whereWanda and Pietro who are abducted early in life and trained by Hydra before they get there powers. If violence mentions of rape and torture or sexual scenes trigger you do not read this fic.

Will go on for as long as i want and could very well go all the way to endgame. Will probably also be a WandaxNatasha slowburn as well because i love that ship but also nothing is concrete.

Alot will change events wise but everything except for Maximoffs twins past and Natasha and Bruce flirting and feelings that won't be a thing in this cause i don't like it and it doesn't do much for anything anyway.This will be mostly wanda pov but could pop over to other charecters for important stuff but it won't be often.Now with that out of the way enjoy.

Wanda didn't live anymore she didn't have anything worth living for. The only things there were, were her brother and the next mission.

She couldn't remember what normal life was like, their parents had died in a bombing that both twins remembered all to well.

They weren't even six years old when they were given to Hydra by authorities and they started training immediately. At least their fucked up version of training.

They would subject them to torture and horrible pain to supposedly give them a resistance to pain. And as much as she didn't want to admit it it worked.

Each time they were tortured with more forms of pain, yet each time their screams grew quieter, until they could go through days of torture with a smile on their faces.

Often times they would rape Wanda over and over just so she would be willing to do whatever it takes to complete a mission.

At first Pietro could hear the screams of the ten year old girl being raped in the next cell. But as time went on the only indication that anything was happening was the laughs and taunts of the men.

Their captors made sure they were fit and trained to the pinical of special forces performance. Every day they would train and each time they would recieve bruises, cracked ribs and broken bones and yet their instructor still didn't relent.

Eventually the twins learned to hid their pain and keep fighting even as their ribs were cracked and their whole body was bruised. Because if they didn't it meant a full day of torture to "Increase their tolerance to pain".

Their training included hundreds of different things. Hand to hand combat, melee weapons combat, firearms, science, litureture, cultural referances, history, seduction, talking points, maths, torture, interrogation, social cue's, languages and a lot more.

Since they both were first subjected to the constant torture and training there had been two people who were nice to them and never hurt them. Who healed their wounds and were like the parents they never had.

They got to know them and were told about their families and their pets their habits. They knew everything about them and everything was good to them.

When they were thirteen they were almost killed by the one they called mother. After years of constantly promising that she would never hurt them, how she would always look after them. They were forced to kill her in self defense.

Only a day later they were put in a room with the one they called father tied to a chair, a gun on the table on the table in front of him.

They were told that the one who they called father planned to kill them as well and how he was going to torture them beforehand.

After only five minutes in the room Wanda had shot a bullet between the mans eyes a cold look in her own reflected perfectly in her twins.

When they were fifteen they went on their first missions. Each one went off without a hitch.

Nothing upset their plans and they achieved all their objectives without being pinned as the ones who did it.

Their performance was impeccable and it was clear they were among some of their best operatives in Hydra.

One day when they were sixteen they were put under multiple experiments. Each one more painful than the last.

Three weeks of torturous experiments and finally they let up. After less than half a days rest they were thrust into a ring with fifteen of their trainers who they knew were masters in hand to hand combat and were capable at defeating them both with only four of them.

To the twins surprise their instructors hardly stood a chance against one of them. Their reflexes, strength, speed, durabily and even brain functions were all majorly enhanced.

They found themselves throwing their instructors across the room, dodging their blows and taking them with little to no effort.

They were put in a classroom and each question put Infront of them even the most complex were worked out in a fraction of the time they normally would. They were sure they were invincible.

They had never been more wrong.

For the next two weeks they were tortured endlessly without reprive. And while the normal methods hurt alot less, it soon became clear that they had been holding back on them.

And the rate at which they healed could be either a blessing or a curse, since it let them heal from their torture but they were able to be tortured so much more often.

Soon the twins became weapons of strategic importance beyond that of a nuke.

Their kill counts reached far beyond any other, only the winter soldier beat their kill count, but even then it was only their individual ones he beat.

They were almost always on the field and they soon reached close to the reputation of the winter soldier.

When they were nineteen years old, they were told that they would once again have experiments done on them. Neither of them put up any protest, they were long beyond that.

After six full months of experiment after experiment with less then a days rest inbetween they finally finished.

Immediately they could both feel the changes in their body's and they struggled for weeks to keep their newly acquired powers under control.

Wanda had turned at least six guards insane accidentally trapping them in hells of their own creation. And Pietro had run through five guards who even tried to enter his cell, their spattered blood still covering the walls.

It took three months to get their powers under control, and another three to implement them into combat and other uses.

She was glad for her powers for it meant that the long hours they used ro have to spend in silence they could now spend communicating through her telepathy. Thankfully they never caught on to it.

They were once again put into the field they assasinated world leaders, gathered blackmail material on imprtant people, turned battles in others favor, tipped the balance of power in war, committed acts of terrorism and persuaded others to do the same. And not once were they caught, not once had they failed and not once had they hesitated.

When Hydra collapsed they weren't in the field or even out of their cells. For if they were they would have taken the chance to escape. But no.

Immediately they were collected by Von Strucker and taken to a base in Sokovia. There they hid for almost a year no missions ni target not anything of the sort, only training and torture.

When the Avengers attacked they were all to ready for them. Knowing the attack was coming they hadn't been tortured in at least two weeks and the usual ache they felt over their entire body was gone.

They never had a better chance to escape, destroy who would look for them and get revenge on the Starks in one fell swoop, but now it was as simple as ever.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed.