Guess this is going to happen tonight, Draco thought to himself as he held Ginny's hand.

He was always amazed at how calm she remained during childbirth. The only signs that she was in a lot of pain were the grimaces that crossed her face and the indent in her lip from where she had almost bitten through.

Draco tried to give her comfort as the contractions started again. He rubbed her hand and asked if there was anything she needed.

She just shook her head and gave him a half-hearted smile while she concentrated through the pain; her eyes now closed.

A few minutes later, the nurse walked back into the room. She checked Ginny and said that it was time. She walked back into the hallway and beckoned for the doctor to enter the room.

In walked the doctor. He gave Draco a nod in greeting and said to Ginny, "Ready to push?"

"Yes, I am, sir." she sweetly said with a smile.

Draco rolled his eyes.

No one should be expected to be polite during this, he thought.

Thirty minutes later, Draco was gazing at the most beautiful thing in the world. A new baby girl was lying in Ginny's arms. Ginny was smiling ear to ear. This was amazing each and every time.

"So Drac, what are we going to name her?"

"Emmie Rose"

"I like that. Come here…"

Draco walked over to Ginny. She beckoned with her index finger for him to come closer. He leaned over and she gave him a loud kiss on the mouth.

"Thank you…for everything."

Yes, life was good.

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