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Chapter One: I Searched For You
Gateau pushed open the heavy wooden door. It moved silently on its iron hinges to admit him into the quiet of the sanctuary. It was Tuesday afternoon and the only sounds in Saint Catherine's Cathedral were the soft falls of his own feet on the purple carpet. Moving from the foyer, he dropped several bills into the offering box before allowing his eyes to scan the room.

Light filtered dimly through the high stained glass windows of the eastern wall, throwing bands of sun against the rising dust. At the end of the isle sat an alter he had never knelt at and never intended to. Gateau didn't believe in God anymore, that wasn't why he had come. To each side sat the long rows of dark pews and there, on the end near the front, sat Marron.

He was facing away, his long dark hair had been tied into a loose braid that hung down his back but several stands escaped to frame that slender face. His eyes were closed and they remained that way until
Gateau knelt on the floor beside him.

"I'm glad you came," he said, finding his voice too loud.

"Why?" Marron asked. He shook his head, letting the meaningless question fall between them with a sigh. Gateau saw his hands were shaking as they clenched around the edges of the battered notebook in his lap.

Gateau lifted a hand to place it on his cheek, trying to remember how soft his skin was, and find truth better than memory. But that ivory hue was too pale against his own tan, much too pale. "Its been so long."

"I don't want to talk here," Marron stated. Standing he moved from the pew. Losing to old habits, he offered a hand to the blond. Keeping a grasp on the slender fingers, Gateau led the way outside.

It was there on the stone steps that Gateau really got a good look at his friend. He was tired, the hard times showing on him even though he was barely twenty-one. He had lost weight, a lot of it by the way his simple turtleneck fell loose about his arms and chest. His jeans were held in place by a worn belt that had an extra hole punched in the end. Simple black tennis shoes and the three-subject notebook he carried were the only things that tied him to this word at all. Gateau had the feeling of seeing a ghost of the person he had known for years, the stoic and silent highschooler that had stolen his heart. Still, even with the changes, Marron was beautiful and Gateau was determined to have him back.

"Where do you want to go?" Gateau questioned. The October wind was getting chilly and staying outside did not invoke pleasant thoughts. He released Marron's hand to dig into his pocket for the keys to his car. It was a Porsche; a twenty-fifth birthday present from his dad.

"I have an apartment on Broad Street, its not much, not what you're used to--"

"Let's go there," he interrupted.

Marron nodded.


Not much was an understatement. Marron lived in no more than a hole in the wall on the bad side of town; an improvement from the weeks he had spent in the alley a few blocks over. The stairs creaked and the building smelled, but the three rooms he called his own were clean and warm most of the time.

The minute Gateau walked in the door he could tell Marron was just making do. There was a day bed, a trunk, and no TV in the living room. The stained carpet led directly to the tile of the kitchen in which a card table was substituting as a dining set, and Gateau would bet there wasn't any decent food in that sickly looking yellow refrigerator. Off to the side was a long curtain hung across a door frame, left half-open to reveal a tiny bathroom.

At home, his old home, Marron had kept several cases filled with books and writings. Now just a few of these things were piled against a wall. Stacks of books, journals, and loose papers that Gateau had no doubt would go far over his head. Checking the nearest stack only confirmed this by being topped by Principia Mathmatica, in the original Latin text. Marron was smart, always had been, so what was he doing in this dump rather than making his way through his treasured Harvard?

Marron had followed him in and turned to lock the deadbolt. Taking the few steps into the kitchen, he took a moment to water the delicate flower sitting in the plastic dixie cup on the sill of the only window before turning to stare at Gateau.


"Well what?" Gateau returned, removing his long leather coat and tossing it to the bed.

"Why did you go through all the trouble to find me?" he leaned back against the counter, "It would have been better if you had never come here."

"Marron," he stumbled over his own words, trying to express how much he had missed the other, how desperately he had searched. "I...I need you."

"You have your money Gateau, you don't need me," he scoffed, turning his gaze to the away.

In one quick motion, Gateau was at his side. He tilted Marron's chin, forcing gold eyes to meet his own. "You know that was never an issue, don't try to blame this on me."

His anger dissipated in an instant as a tear made its way slowly down Marron's cheek.

"Just go," the younger man pleaded in a whisper, "just go and pretend you never found me. I don't want..."

"You don't want what?"

"I don't want to hurt you."


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