Renewal of Chances

Chapter 1

Rating: R

Author: Moonchild DJ


Disclaimer: Yugioh doesn't and will not ever belong to me. If I owned the rights to Yugioh, you think I would just be writing fanfiction? Well..unless I got to be writer for scripts..^_~ Which would all be yaoi, of course. *grins* While I keep dreaming, it still doesn't belong to me. However, this plot does belong to me, so please don't take. But it was inspired by D. Draggy's "Being Dead Ain't Easy" and a story by treana, that I can't remember the name to. ^^;; However, I'm not copying from them, or plagerizing, I just owe the inspiration to them. *tips her hat in thanks* I also think I was inspired a little by the movie, "Ghost", so I should throw that in, to cover my bases. :p I don't own any of that, either, by the way. ^_~

Author's Notes: Hey again, minna-chan! Moonchild DJ back with yet another new ficcie. *shakes head* As if I don't have enough. *grins* My brain works too much for my own good. XD Anywho, I've taken a page from the recent ghost-fics and come up with my own. I rated this R for a reason, and to just be safe, but I hope you all like it, I rather like it, myself. Let me know how I do, reviews are the greatest thing to an anxious authoress. *crosses fingers and dives in* Enjoy!


The famous CEO of Kaiba Corporations, the richest young man in Japan, if not the world, the most eligable bachelor, a mere teenager, Seto Kaiba, sighed impatiently as he sat in the limo, waiting to get home. Blazing blue eyes glared out the tinted window at the driving rain, crossing his arms over his chest. "Blasted weather doesn't even agree with me." he muttered.

He'd promised his brother he would spend time with him after getting home from work, but there'd been a minor emergency, and distractions, and now he was finally coming home, in a rainstorm that slowed down travel, and unbearably late.

Seto snorted and scowled out at the sheets of rain pouring down his window, accented by occasional flashes of lightning. "Why me?" he muttered. "Do the gods really hate me that much?" All he'd wanted was some time with his brother..

As if the gods had really heard him, lightning flashed and thunder cracked, making the long, sleek black limo seem to shudder on the road. A sense of foreboding fell over him, and he punched down the glass partition separating him from the driver.

"Hierto, slow down the car. Gods know we don't need an accident to freak out Mokuba."

"Yes, sir." Hierto replied, pressing his foot slowly on the brake.

Nothing happened. The car didn't slow.

Hierto blinked, then tried again. Maybe he was pressing on it wrong...

Nothing again. In fact, his foot went all the way to the floor with the brake, with absolutely no slowing of the car.

"Um..Kaiba-sama? We have a problem.."

Seto frowned. "What is it, Hierto?"

"The brakes aren't working."

"What?!" Seto's eyes widened in horror. "That's impossible!" All the cars were kept in tiptop shape, there wouldn't be a chance for the brakes to not work, unless..he gasped. "Sabotage." He knew there were opportune times for the car to be tampered with, knew that there would be many a person interested in taking him down, including his own board members at KaibaCorp. He gritted his teeth, then forced himself to remain calm. "Well..just keep the car going as steady as possible, perhaps it'll slow down once we hit a hill.."

Even that was only a fifty-fifty chance. And with the thunderstorm..he shielded his eyes when an intense burst of lightning flashed, making the night sky bright as day. He winced at the thunder crashing loudly, and heard the driver gasp in horror. He jerked his head up, and saw a tree on fire falling across their path. And with the car out of control..he heard Hierto shout out a warning to brace himself, but stared at the falling tree instead as the driver twisted the wheel to try to avoid the impending impact.

Seto saw his young life flash before his eyes at breakneck speed, visions of Mokuba, the times they'd shared, of KaibaCorp, of dueling, Yugi, Jounouchi and the others whirling before his eyes before an ear-shattering crash of impact--and darkness.

The end? No..merely the beginning of something else, a different path of life--such as it was...

Silence..utter and total silence. No light, no darkness, no pain, no joy..just a gray limbo that held nothingness when Seto opened his eyes again, which he'd not realized he'd closed. The brunette looked around, unnerved at the complete totality of nothing. Where was the car? The thunderstorm, the road, Hierto? Where was *he*?!

Turning around in a circle, the young man tried to make out where he was, but felt only more confused. He could only come to one conclusion about where he was, but put that thought out of his mind as soon as he thought of it. He couldn't be..the gods wouldn't be that cruel. He was only sixteen! Mokuba needed him! It couldn't be...

He was..


No! He shook his head furiously, refusing the thought. He was just dreaming, or unconscious, or in a coma at the hospital. He couldn't be d...that state, that was impossible.

After all he'd seen and done and had done to him, he didn't believe much in heaven or hell, neither. So what was this gray haze? Delirium, most likely.

"No. You're in Limbo."

Seto jerked at the voice around him and whirled, looking for the person. There was nothing. No one was there.

"Face facts, Seto Kaiba. Face the truth."

Seto gulped and tried to tell himself he was imagining things. But he couldn't, not with the voice, which sounded neither male nor female, echoing around him. "! I can't be.."

"You are."



"Nn.." The word 'no' got stuck in his mouth, choking on the denial. "Please.."

"You are."

" little brother needs me..I can't be! I'm too young! There's so many things I haven't done.."

"Death comes to us all. Young or old, it touches everyone."

"But..if I'm...then where am I?"

"Limbo. The state between heaven and hell, between living and dead."

"So I'm..hovering?"

"In a way. It is being decided what to do with you."

Seto frowned, then leaned forward earnestly, eyes blazing desperately. "Then send me back! Make me live again!"

"I cannot. You are dead."

"Can..can it be changed?"


"So what am I to do?"


The familiar impatience the stubborn brunette was known for that made him so difficult to handle by anyone flared, and he fisted his hand. "I can't just wait! I have to see Mokuba! I have to make sure he's okay!"

A pause. "You cannot."


"It will hurt you to see him."

Seto's jaw clenched. "I don't care. I need to see him."


Blue eyes flashed angrily. "Now!"

"...As you wish."

And the hovering form of Seto Kaiba was gone from that gray plane, to..somewhere else.


"..And in local news, services for the funeral and burial of Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corporations, who died in a freak accident a few days ago, will be held today at Domino Cemetary at ten am. Those wishing to pay their respects to the young man are welcome to attend, but there will be no camera or reporters permitted, on request by the younger Kaiba brother, Mokuba, and--"

Yugi Mutou sighed as he turned off the television, tying the somber black tie around his neck. "Poor Mokuba. I wonder how he's able to get through this. Kaiba-kun meant so much to him."

The young man's grandfather, Sugoroku Mutou, sighed as well as he straightened his grandson's tie, then the wild red, black and yellow hair that fell into the sad violet eyes. "I imagine this is very difficult for young Mokuba, considering that his brother was the only family he had left. The poor boy..such a sweet child to have to go through this. It isn't fair."

Yugi nodded in agreement, glancing up at his grandfather. "What do you think will happen to him? He's too young to stay alone in that big mansion with just the servants.."

"I imagine that the adoption agency will take him in, considering he wouldn't be able to inherit the Kaiba fortune for at least another five years, and Kaiba-kun didn't make a will.."

"But Jiichan! That's where Seto and Mokuba first came from where they were adopted! I'm sure he wouldn't want to go back.."

"He wouldn't have a choice. He's only eleven."

"But.." Yugi sighed. With circumstances and the future looking so bleak, he and his friends would have to give all the support they could to Mokuba at the funeral. "I wish there was something to be done for him.."

"So do I, Yugi. So do I."


Katsuya Jounouchi winced as he noted Mokuba staring dully at the burial plot for which his brother would be laid to rest in, and swallowed hard, forcing back his tears. He'd come to the funeral with Honda and Shizuka, respectfully dressed in black and his unruly blond hair smoothed down,even if he felt like he could burst into tears alone at the black-haired boy's sorrowful, lost expression.

Why did this have to happen to him? Mokuba was the sweetest kid who'd adored his big brother, and now..

"Damn you, Kaiba..why did ya have to go and die on him?' he thought to himself bitterly before shaking his head and amending his angry thoughts, dashing a hand across his eyes. ''s not like you did this on purpose. I know you adored Mokuba. You wouldn't make him suffer willingly. Forgive me.' But he'd left this world, just the same, and there was still so much to be said! He'd never gotten the chance to tell was too late for that, now.

Jou bit his lip, then left his friends to go to the black-haired boy, crouching down beside him. "Hey, kiddo."

The younger boy shuddered, then turned haunted green eyes to the blond, overflowing with tears. "Jou-kun.." he whispered.

Jou's heart broke at the agonized expression in those green eyes, written plainly on his young features. "Oh, Mokuba.." he whispered, then opened his arms to him.

Mokuba let out a choked sob and threw himself into Jou's arms, head burying against his chest as the crying began anew. "Why..why..?"

"I don't know, Mokuba. But I know it wasn't his time." Jou murmured, feeling his own tears start again as he hugged the trembling boy close. "There was far too much to be done yet for him to.."

Mokuba sniffled, then raised his head to gaze tearfully at Jou, measuring him. "Out of all the people to know know what it means to lose him, what it means to have to say g-goodbye to someone you care for..don't you." he said plainly, watching the blond's eyes widen, before he gave a nod.

"...Yeah. I do."

Mokuba nodded, thankful, yet sad that he'd guessed right. "How long?"

"Almost since we first met."

"E-even for all the insults?"

"Even then."

"And you didn't tell him."

Jou shook his head. "Could never find the courage." Honey-brown eyes, usually so bright and spirited, dulled with tears. "And now it's too late."

Mokuba wrapped his arms around him, nuzzling close as the two grieved.


Seto blinked as surroundings came into view. Sky, trees, people..many

On gravestones.

Seto gasped, jerking in horror.

A cemetary. He was in a cemetary. "Gods.." he whispered. "Not.."

The faces were familiar. Yugi and Yami and Yugi's grandfather. Ryou and Bakura. Mai Kiejaku. Anzu Masaki. Honda Hiroto. Even some of the other duelists he'd met. Jounouchi's sister, Shizuka. And..over by the still- empty plot..gods..

His brother and Jounouchi, both crying as they held each other. Mokuba, he could understand. But Jounouchi? Why would he cry? Shouldn't he celebrate instead, dance around happily that he was..gone? But he wasn't. The blond looked as miserable as his brother, and he couldn't figure out why. Why would he grieve for him?

Frowning at the blond, Seto turned his gaze to his brother, feeling his ghostly heart wrench at the boy's tears. "Oh, Mokuba.." he whispered, reaching out to brush the tears away from Mokuba's cheek.

And watched his hand go through his brother instead of against his cheek. And at that moment, he realized just how gone he really was. He couldn't hold his brother, couldn't wipe away his tears. Seto shuddered, feeling the sensation of tears, but couldn't shed them. He couldn't cry, couldn't grieve for his brother's sadness, couldn't have his heart shatter.


~End Chapter 1~