So, it has been about a year since I've worked on the original version of this. I decided since I basically abandoned it, to remake it from top to bottom (And a name change as well). Plot will mainly stay the same, I won't be doing the tournament this time since it's rather pointless to the overall goal of the story. I will instead work more of the internal politics of the Kingdom, and the effects the choices the king makes affect the world. After I lay the foundation for the story, we well then get onto the fun part with Aliens trying to take over the world. So, it'll be a grand old time. For reference This first 'Arc' so to say will mainly be inspired by Crusader Kings 2 (By Paradox Interactive) because I play that game too much. The story onwards will be more like Stellaris (Also by Paradox). I don't have a schedule for this, so it will mostly be whenever I have free time. Without further ado, let us begin.

Wait one last thing. A few warnings before getting into this. This isn't for any particle nasty subject (Some gore but nothing to graphic, basically on par to the adult swim version.), but I want you readers to be aware, since I realize this might not be for everyone. Even though this is Dragon Ball, most fights will not be the focus of the story. They are more in background, as some plot points, like you'll see hear. This is for two reasons. One I want this to be based on the government of Earth, which as of the beginning of this story is akin to a highly decentralized feudal government. Two I suck at fighting fight scenes. That's all for now, on with the show.

8/20/21: Changed the formatting and title

A Battle of Gods Amongst Mortals

Earth, Terra, home. Called many things by its inhabitants; this planet is a rare breed in the universe. It shines like a jewel in space, its blue waters give it a pleasing hue, with the green of the flourishing plant life complimenting it. Its beauty is undeniable, even the proudest admit it, and all envy it. So magnificent, so exquisite, so…ripe for the taking. The world is held in daft hands, left unharvested like the fruit of a tree. Its people are weak, sitting upon a goldmine digging with forks. They stand idle to the growing tides outside their world, blissfully ignorant of the horrors beyond. They require someone with courage to lead them forward, someone with intelligence to solve the mysteries of beyond, someone who can bring them together to face the storm as a united front. Someone who will lead Earth to greatness as its Sword and Shield. This person is

"Yaaaaaaaaaaawn" He needed to do two more stacks of paperwork before tomorrow, else this'll all be for naught. He'd been awake for hours, the sun already left the sky before he was halfway done, and now he started to see dawn break from his window. He rubbed his eyes; his paws of fur bring momentary respite from his fatigue. The same paw which had written his signature more times than he could count. He thanked his lucky stars for ambidextrous nature, giving him a little advantage, he needed desperately. The hands on the clock crawled on as he continued his quest taking only short breathers every hour. The stacks of papers gradually diminished with time. As the clock struck noon he was left with his last sheet. The end to his evil, the Dragon to be vanquished, the princess to be saved, the-

"My lord!"

He let a groan; his attention taken away by a guardsman barging into his office. This intrusion put an end to his near endless fight to sign off all the invitations to his next Birthday party. The various nobles, rich investors, far off members of family, just happened to total in the thousands, and by the tradition started by his great great great great great great great Paternal Grandfather he morally obligated to invite them all. While he could've just made one and copied it, his Father had decreed a new law all nobility had to follow, detailing any letter, document of otherwise written by nobility must be handwritten. Why such a law was written, he had no clue, but has he father commanded, he shall follow his word.

However, all of that was for another time, he had a distressed guardsman to deal with.

"Guardsman, what is it you need? I trust it's important." He spoke with little emotion, though it's more to do with his exhaustion then being uncaring.

"My lord, we must leave! The king of demons is here. He's coming start towards you!" The guard wore his emotions of fear and panic on his sleeve. He was trembling, quaking in his boots.

"Piccolo is here? Now? By God!" He rose from his chair, which both it and desk were made of mahogany, and stood on his stubby feet. He himself only stood at the half the height of the guardsman, the guardsman himself was only average in height, not counting his boots. The guard wore his uniform: shirt, jacket, pants, all plain and colored in brown and beige, and wore a cap of the same color with a blue stat on it. He wore a single medal on his jacket, the military equivalent to a participation award, awarded for completing training.

"Yes, my lord, he's here and he is tearing threw the guards! Come quickly before h-!" The guard's words stopped in his mouth as a new man joined them in the room. He stood tall, his head nearly reaching the ceiling. His clothes were purple, the color of royalty, only these weren't robes. They were akin to martial artist's Gi and showed the man's huge muscles, veins easily visible. His skin was not of a normal human or beast, his was a dark green like the shade of the leaves of an evergreen. He was hairless and in the place of hair were two short antennae. The man looked alien, or with a smirk as evil as his, one could say demonic. There stood King Piccolo the Demon King

"You! Mutt! You're the king, right? Well I'm here to announce your abdication, for today shall be the start of the reign of King Piccolo!" The Demon King proclaimed himself the King of the World, quite easily deposing the reigning monarch, a small dogman who wore a suit and no crown. Piccolo brought an end to the reign of King Furry I. Furry was quite distraught about this, not about losing his title, more so that a demon just stole rulership of the world from him and he quite clearly world not fight the demon king for his title. So, he did the kingliest thing to do. He grabbed onto the guardsman, let out a short farewell to the demon monarch.

"Um I must bid you goodbye your demonic majesty! Guard, run!" The now former king of the world used his guard as a horse to hoof it out of there. Piccolo let at a foul laugh at the sight of the fleeing monarch.

"A mutt as a king, the world is kneeling to me already." Truly we live in a mad world. Piccolo celebrated his victory the only way he knows, by laughing like a manic.

After a rather…undignified retreat from his palace, Furry guided his guard to the nearby breakroom. Why was there a whole building dedicated to being breakroom? His guards needed something to do besides pretending to guard him. The last couple of decades had been the most peaceful times the world had ever seen, not counting the red ribbon army fiasco. So, to say the least, most military institutions lost their luster. Including his guards. Their job was mostly to stand around and look menacingly, which they failed at. The last time the guards did anything useful was during his grandfather's reign. That was when an unhappy relative attempted to kill his grandfather and since then no other attempts at a king's life had been made. Now this complacently has led to an unprepared guard force being slaughtered by Piccolo, although to be fair, even if they were prepared it's unlikely, they would've stood a chance.

"My lord, look out the window!" The guard pointed to the window on the opposite side of the entrance. The room itself was plain: a few white couches a radio, couple of vending machines for snacks and drinks. Overall it was plain, modest and boring. This room was probably not worth being its own building, with separate AC and pluming. Zeni down the drain. Oh well, he had more pressing concerns to deal with. He follows the guard's direction to look outside.

As it seems there was a battle unfolding. A bald man with three eyes was here to face Piccolo and some other demon. It wasn't looking good for the bald man. He looked to be one his last ropes. The glass was soundproof so he could only imagine what was being spoken.

"As the great evil King of Demons, I sentence you to death blah blah I'm evil and you can't stop me." Is what he thought was being said.

"Umm, Sire.?" Furry's train of thought had been interrupted by his subject. Said subject had been waving a hand in front of the Kings face.

"Oh sorry. I was collecting my thoughts. What were you saying?" To his credit, the guard only looked partially annoyed by his liege's lack of attention.

"My lord, am I still being paid for my work this week, with you being usurped and all." Somehow, during this whole situation, the guard's best question had been whether he would get paid. What a world we live in.

"You know what? Guardsmen whatever your name is, if we survive this and if I get access to the coffers, you'll get a year pay and a promotion." Should they survive was the key word in that sentence.

"Really? Thank you, Milord! My name is Philip by the way your majesty." Philip was a simple man. He liked money. Greed may be a sin, when has that stopped someone before? The king also noticed something in the corner of his eye.

"Philip look someone new came! Hurry fetch me some chips and a soda. This is going to be exciting!" The king despite this being a life or death situation, felt excitement burst from his chest.

"Sire isn't that just a child? He'll just get slaughtered!" Philip, unlike his liege, only felt dread fill his heart as he watched a young man march to his death. He couldn't help but look with pity at the poor boy. His parents about to lose a child, a soul snuffed before it could prosper, a-

His thoughts of dread and pity exploded into amazement as he watched the child dismantle the demon Piccolo brought along. All thought in his head halted, and his mouth stayed ajar for nearly a minute while he tried to recollect himself. He heard hi lord cough into his fist, signaling his attention.

"See I told you it'll be exciting! Now fetch me the chips and drinks!" The Monarch couldn't help but let a small but noticeable smug smirk find its wall on his face. Being right felt so good. His subject grumbled a bit before submitted to his lords will. Bringing generic brands of cola and potato chips. Generic because no one wants to be sued.

The battle between the young boy and the demon commenced. Both fought fast, too fast for Furry and Philip to follow. They were blurs to the King. Neither looked to have an edge, but booth looked skilled, if the inhuman speeds didn't give it away. That's what they were, inhuman. It was as if Furry stepped into the god's domain. He for once in his life looked at those above him, those who surpassed him. He didn't just se to men fighting to the death, he shall two gods fighting for the fate of the world. The evil demonic king Piccolo, and an unknown angel or messenger of God. He felt the power of dive beings, as the battle shook the world around him. He felt something he'd never felt before. Small, like an ant compared to men. Ignoring jokes on his height, he never felt so tiny compared to the world around him. His world.

He felt fear up on him. A fear of this strength he saw. It was too much for him. He wanted to run and hide away for the rest of his life, maybe become a hermit. But within this fear there another emotion. Envy. Envy of this power. Envy of the gods amongst them. Is it wrong to envy a God? Would it be wrong to…seek this power? Then the fear that crippled him briefly, had disappeared. His small feeling of envy grew into a desire. Desire to enter the Gods domain. A desire for the power the gods possessed. A deep unending desire that rose above the others, was to…surpass the Gods. To become greater than a god. For his realm to command Gods as subjects. To become the king of Gods!

All his life Furry had been content. He lived lavishly and the greatest issue facing him was paperwork. He never had a goal beside the status quo. He respected traditions, he valued the word of his elders, he did as other expected of him. The world kept working without him, and would've kept going on, if not for the god's interference. A normal man would see this as the signs of the end times, but Furry saw this as the beginning of something great. He had seen the glory; he saw the potential. He shall seek more. Tradition shall bend to his will; the Elders had their chance for greatness, and he planned to beyond other expectations. He, himself, his people, his land, HIS WORLD, shall see the greatness.

This entire thought process was before he observed the two fire some type of energy laser attack at each other, which only cemented his own thoughts. Such power fascinated him but left him wanting. He would need someone to find out how the gods did it, someone who could emulate the gods. The attacks were practically a light show. He briefly thought of how powerful these attacks could be. He then cursed himself when he saw Piccolo charge up for another attack, this time he swore he felt the earth shake beneath his feet. He turned to Philip and grabbed onto him like beforehand.

"Philip, I don't like the look of that! Get out of here!" Furry urged his guard, who quickly followed his command, letting out a panicked scream as he bolted out of the building and ran a considerable distance before stopped for a breather and the King hopped off. They looked towards the battled only to be blinded of flash of light all the King heard before being swept to dreamland was an earsplitting explosion.

Philip was the first to wake. He opened his eyes and sat up. He looked left to right; he saw the devastation. Building leveled to ground, paved roads now cracked and were covered in debris. He himself was covered with cuts and bruises. He looked for his liege. He heard a groin from behind him and turned to find his lord. God bless that his king looked mostly unharmed. He crawled to his king and shook him. His lord groaned once more before opening his eyes.

"My lord, I don't know how long we were out. That blast hurled us a bit far. Can you stand?" His lord let out a pained moan, and slowly get to his feet with help from Philip. While shaky, Furry should manage a short distance.

"Philip what about you?" His lord spoke, the kings voice sounded faint. Philip brought himself to his knees and with much effort, he rose to two feet. Furry looked around, seeing the carnage. He felt sorrow. His city was in ruin, the people were gone. He searched for the crater for where the blast originated, and his eyes found it. It was two-minute walk away for which he urged Philip to follow. They marched own past what remained of their city and towards the center of destruction.

They arrived and searched for either the boy or Piccolo. They found only one of them. The corpse of the Demon King Piccolo. The way he died was obvious, the giant hole in his stomach. His corpse had already begun to rot, flies swarming it. So, in a way, Furry could say he was now king again. Only he didn't feel like celebrating. Something else caught his eye, a piece of paper floating with the wind. He snatched it from the air a looked upon it. It was one of the invitations to his party, laboriously signed by him. He let out a quiet sigh before he crushed it and threw it to the wind. The dead city was quiet. Neither him nor Philip spoke a word. News crew and the military would arrive soon enough, and this be out for the world to see.

He steeled himself for what was to come. He'd seen the greatness, and this was merely his first trial. The first chapter in his journey to become King of the Gods. He will endure, he had too.

So that's the end for now. This beautiful bastard is the result of me having nothing to do today. A year ago, I came up with this story, and a year later I'm remaking it. Now for a few things before I go. I'll repeat that I don't have a schedule, so updates will be random. Now if I had to give my self a deadline for when the next chapter is released, I would say at the maximum is month. I also implore you to please give me criticism. I want to know if something is wrong with my story and any criticism, even if you insult me. In fact, go ahead and insult me, just don't insult others and start argument with anyone besides me since I can take it. Feel free to message me or email etc.

For those wondering a bit on the government of the kingdom, I made my idea how things are, based on things from the show and my choice. From watching the show, you never got the feeling that a government even existed except for a few moments. Many regions in the world are lawless and absent of any presence of a government. Some random villages are basically left to fend to themselves, and there are rulers in some regions of the world (for example the Ox King). So, using that knowledge, I decided to make the Kingdom of Earth a feudal kingdom in which the king gives land for others to rule and they pay him in tax and a levy of men for war. Now the Government itself isn't set in stone and seeing as I'm making King Furry a Megalomaniac, such a decentralized government isn't going to satisfy him.

I also made the executive decision of making Earths military incompetent. Now it's fair to assume that from watching the show since it never does anything. At least in the show the few times we do see the military it's very modern, just not up to the task of stopping aliens, machines and gods from invading.

So, I think that's it. Farewell dear readers and I hope I see you next time.