The Dragon War

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After a full month of painstaking work, hours of planning and calculating, and a considerable number of pens, the plans were finalized. Schematics are to be sent off to several companies, men are being armed, machines of war being assembled, and real progress being made by Dr. Briefs. Roads were to be laid across the world, connecting the east to the west, and the north to the south. Bridges set to connect the isles of the south to the mainland are entering the first stages of developing. True progress that benefits the realm, but at steep price.

The financial situation of the of the kingdom was deteriorating rapidly, due to the massive spending being done by the King. Zeni didn't grow on trees, and the kingdom was spending much more than it was capable of producing. Considering the King was financing an entire city, rebuilding it from the ground up, it's easy to see how all the kingdom's funds were being eaten. At the current rate, huge loans would be necessary to continue running the basic functions of the country, not mentioning the massive public projects across the world. Temporary raising of taxes alleviated the looming crisis, but according to the King's own calculations, the country would barely make it through the year before it took on a massive debt. Taxes could only be raised so much without any justification, before the people began to show dissent. The pitiable levy from the dukes didn't help, aside from Ruffles who the King already assumed financial responsibility. Furry couldn't cut any of the costs of already implemented programs and projects, due to the necessity of them, therefore he looked to a different source of revenue. Expansion.

Being the country named after the planet, it's rather obvious that the kingdom is the dominate power in the world, however it is not without its neighbors. To the south east lies the domain of the Ox King, a renowned warrior who chased away and terrorized travelers and tourist from his realm. To west, numerous fractured tribes of men and beasts. If lady luck favors the King, good negotiations with his neighbors could add new sources of land and taxes, as well as potential future industries. On the opposite side of the coin though, conquest could justify an increase in taxes, and convince the dukes to send a larger levy than the miniscule amount that was the result of decades of decentralization. In addition to the monetary benefits of conquests, it could be a good way to strong arm any stalwart opposers into accepting vassal ship and a show of the kingdoms new might to grow some patriotism within the populace.

To facilitate these plans, he scheduled a formal diplomatic meeting with the Ox King, which was tomorrow at two in the afternoon. He'll just rest up for the night and then take plane line to the meeting, with nothing else in between. Definitely nothing to side tract, a simple night of relaxation.

A knock on the door taunted the king for jinxing it within his own thoughts.

"Milord, it's councilor Blonde. She wishes to speak to you about the army's uniforms." Philip his most loyal guard spoke through the door.

"Furry, you unsightly mutt!" Ah, Blondie, the nobilities most tactful clothing advisor. Putting aside her constant angry rants and mood swings mid-sentence, she does have good taste. She seemed to care little for rank and burst into the room without his confirmation.

"Blondie, always a pleasure to see you. I see you let yourself in." The King sat in his chair, leaning forward with his hands on the desk held together. The desk itself being empty which, constituted it being a wonder of the world.

"Don't bother greeting me like that you tasteless mongrel! I was against this standing army idea in the first place, but that disgusting filth you make them wear is simply despicable!" Blondie's rant on the army's uniform seemed rather pointless to the King. He personally didn't think much of the uniforms, but they looked serviceable to him.

"Uh, Blonde, I'm not quite getting your point here. It's a soldier's uniform. It's not made to be fashionable; it's just supposed to signify their apart of our military." It seemed to be a rational argument, but Blondie only seethed from hearing it.

"For royalty you have the class of a homeless peasant. Without style, one cannot respect you. No one can respect an army that looks like peasants dragged through mud, nor will anyone be intimidated by such a repugnant outfit." Blondie accent and skills at charming chipped away the King's rational reasoning, though not entirely.

"Blonde, I appreciate your input on this issue, however I don't have the means nor the time to fund and design a whole new uniform to distribute across my rapidly growing army." The King's resigned tone came from his latest looks at the budget that, as previously mentioned, were not promising. Blondie scowled at this and even started growling in rage.

"You think mere material possessions are a limitation? No, you bumbling buffoon! Art stops for no man, and as my previous owner said, 'If I can't be an Artist, I'll just become a dictator'."

"Wait are you threating m-?"

"You needn't worry about the costs. I already designed the new uniforms designs and have produced a sample amount for your commanding officer to look elegant and presentable in their defense of the planet. Of course, with my company's logo on each uniform." Ignoring the threat against the government, it was an appealing argument, despite the blatant marketing sown into the uniforms. Overall though, quality uniforms from an influential designer like Blonde, were a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"Well, if you make an offer as appealing as that, I'll no choice but to accept." This brought Blonde out of her furious rants and caused for her to break out into grin.

"Wonderful, I'll make you and my master proud. You shall be my Hindenburg as I ascend into greatness!" With her odd declaration to her apparent dead master, she burst out the room and hurried away, ready to put her plans into motion.

"Philip, make sure to tell anyone else that comes by that I am busy. I can't take anymore of this." With this one last request, the King promptly fell asleep with his head on his desk.

"Milord! It's not good for your neck to sleep like that!" Philips protests were unheard and ignored, so the guard simply let out a sigh and picked up the King to deposit into an actual bed. The King slept well that night, which would be a rare occurrence going forth.

The following day was a stressful mission with little fanfare. The people of the Ox Kingdom, unlike the King's subjects, did not greet him with open applause or cheers. There was an air of tension and skepticism with the populace regarding his meeting with the Ox King. The rural village that served as a capital for the Ox King was minuscule compared to West City, or even the smaller Ginger town. The streets could barely be called paved, and the houses were made of wood. It seemed to be a century or two behind the metropolises of the Kingdom, with it being comparable to a medieval village. The village seemed to have been in isolation and the king was willing to bet the rest of the Ox Kingdom was in a similar state. An interesting to thing to note.

The apparent 'palace' of the Ox Kingdom was merely an above average home with a rather large doorway. In front of it, the man, the myth, the legendary Ox King himself stood. His rather imposing figure was complemented by his helmet with horns protruding out from the sides, along with a giant axe on his back. It made is obvious how he got his name and reputation. Next to the Ox King was a teenaged girl who wore martial arts Gi and had her long black hair in a ponytail. Despite the huge disparity between the two in size, it seemed she was the daughter of the Ox King, or at least some sort of relative.

"Good Afternoon, Ox King. It's wonderful to finally meet you." The King decided on being cordial and diplomatic for this meeting, thinking it'll be a safe option for the first meeting of a foreign dignitary.

"Hello mister King Furry, how are you? Hope the trip went well." The rather friendly tone of the Giant King briefly surprised the King, seeing as he expected something different from a man with such a monstrous reputation, yet the genuine smile and excitable voice really contrasted with the mental image Furry had in his head. The daughter of the Titan still remained of to the side, content to stay out of the conversation.

"I'm doing wonderful and the trip went smoothly. I've been waiting for our meeting." That wasn't a lie either, he did feel a bit excited to negotiate with a man of such high caliber, feeling some of the same adrenaline from the day he saw the two godlike beings.

"Oh yes of course! I have prepared a banquet in your honor for us all to enjoy!" When the giant pronounced this out loud, the crowd of villagers broke out in cheers. A true man of his people it seemed. His lack of the normal lavishness of the nobility must have drawn the people to him. The Giant took the praise and adoration of his people in stride and continued talking to Furry.

"I must also introduce my daughter, Chi Chi." The Ox King gestured to the apparent Ox Princess. She still looked like she would rather be somewhere else but put on a friendly smile did a standard curtsy.

"Hello your majesty. Pleasure to make your acquaintance." Short and courteous greeting. She was clearly educated in courtly matters, though her choice of attire was out of place for a meeting of Kings.

"A pleasure to meet you as well Princess. Now, why don't we head on inside to talk to each other." With introductions and greetings done with, the Giant gave a nod to the King's request. While both Kings were going inside the manor, Chi Chi went the opposite way towards empty field.

"I'll talk to you later during the feast Dad." With nothing else to say, the princess took off in a sprint at a surprising speed, as fast as a car!

"Come along, I'll show you too my office." Furry awarded little time to watching the young princesses swift speed and followed the Ox King into his abode.

Much like the outside of the manor, underwhelming described the inside. Its halls lined with the heads of animals and a few family portraits, unlike what Furry remembered his palace halls looked like; vast pathways with dozens of painting and portraits with vases of exotic plants and silver chandeliers aged from the second King of the Earth. The smell of the forest filled the Ox King's manor, a large departure from the overuse of flowery perfumers the Kings servants sprayed all other the palace. Even the ambient sounds were different, with the chirps of birds being audible, compared to the quietness of the royal palace that was only broken with the sound of a pen on paper.

At the end of the hall was the Ox Kings office. Predictably everything was huge in it: the door, the desk, the chairs, even the plant in the corner of the room was huge, being a juvenile orange tree from the looks of it. The Giant king lumbered over to his desk and took a seat in his chair, which cause the room to shake a little. The King himself climbed onto a seat way too tall for his liking; he still couldn't see above the desk and had to stand on the chair to see the Ox King.

"Welcome to my Office, sorry about not having a better seat, it's remarkably hard to find a good chair maker in these parts for some reason." The Giant was at least sympathetic to the plight of the rather small King of the world.

"No, no don't worry about it. I can deal with it. So, tell me Ox King, would you be so kind to grace me with a name besides your title, since you seem to know my own." The Ox King actually flinched and showed hesitation and not just happiness and joy.

"…Just call me Mao." Mao's voice began to sound more somber and he looked as if he was reminiscing about something.

"Do you need a minute Mao?"

"No, let's just keep going." Furry decided to change the topic to something that could cheer up Mao.

"So, Mao tell me about your daughter. She seemed eager to leave us." Family usually cheers most people up.

"Oh, don't take offense, she's just distracted with something else."

"What's she distracted with?"

"Well she's been distracted by a boy she met a few years ago." Oh, young love. Great topic as any to talk about.

"Oh, I see now. Though I wonder why she ran off sprinting." Rather odd way to get away from a conversation.

"She's training. The boy was strong, and she hopes to catch up to him and impress him. She plans on joining the next world tournament to fight against him." Bit of a weird love story, but there's been worse stories before.

"Ah, the tournament. I remember that from when I was young when my father brought me all those years ago. I unfortunately haven't been able to attend since childhood. I heard the last one caused a ruckus." Mountains of paperwork from concerned citizens about that one though, though he couldn't get a clear report of what happened and just decided to drop the issue.

"I haven't attended it in a while either. When I was young and still training, my master took me to the tournament to get a feel what real martial artists are capable of. It was a memorable day, especially with all the antics my friend Gohan and I got into." Mao got lost in his own thoughts and had a glazed overlook in his eyes. Perhaps it was time to wrangle in this conversation.

"Mao, I'm sorry that I've brought us so off tract, but we should continue this topic later. We still have much to discuss." While enjoyable, talking about previous experiences could be delayed.

"Of course. I got carried away. Please, go on." The Ox King fell into a calm state, unlike his previous joyous and somber moods.

"So, Mao, I have a proposal that will determine the fate of both our realms and the entire future of us all. Ever since the attack of the Demon King, I have sought to strengthen the world together in order to be ready for another such attack. Should another like Piccolo come again, we need to be ready to deal with the problem without needing help from others. Because of my firm belief in the world being strong together, rather than divided, I proposed we make a mutually beneficial agreement in order to benefit us both and our people, for the dream of unity. What do you say to a strong and united Earth?" The Ox King sat silently in his seat. He was pondering the offer for at least a minute, before a reply came forth.

"What are your terms?" The King barely held in a grin; negotiation implied he was at least willing to accept for the proper price.

"I merely wish for you to join the rest of the world in my Kingdom. You'll retain all the powers of a duke, with half the taxes and levies of the other dukes. You may retain your title of Ox King within your domestic realm, but officially the title will be the Duke of Ox, with the land itself being simply known as Ox Land. I'm also willing to give your people access to the great technological wonders of my Kingdom." As the King of Earth, there couldn't be another King as your peer, for it would threaten the legitimacy of the King. Therefore, for largely pointless and courtly reasons, the Ox Kingdom would legally no longer exist and would be demoted to a duchy. The Ox King looked to be contemplating it over, but after a few mumbles under his breath, the titan gave his response.

"I'll accept your proposal, if you agree in helping my people. We'd had recent problems with bandit and troublemakers, and despite my own strength we have trouble containing them." Rather easy terms to fulfil for the King, as soon as the army finishes mobilizes. Banditry was a surprise though, seeing as the giant in the room was an intimidating figure that should have scared off any typical bandits.

"Of course, it would be my duty as the new liege to deal with uppity brigades in my vassals' realm. As a duke, you will also be required to convene in a grand council of lords in West city every year or so." Having another new face on the council will be a welcome concept, since it means less time dedicated to Fluffles and Buddy.

"Thank you, milord." Mao got up and did a quick bow to the King, and even when bowing he was still taller than the average man.

"No no, that's not necessary Mao. Only in public do you have to worry about titles, for now we can refer to each other as equals. We can officially hold a vassalage ceremony later down the line in West City." The last vassalage ceremony happened a century ago in Furrys grandfathers reign, with his official crowning of the southern duke. The Ox King or rather now Ox Duke, looked to finally gaining his excitement back into his voice.

"I'm growing quite restless just sitting around, why don't we head to the feast? I've caught a great beast that'll feed the entire village." The King had little reason to doubt the giant had caught such an animal, judging from his own size.

"I'll happily agree to that, I'm quite famished from the trip here." Then the two fellows walked out the office, with the king silently cheering in his head for yet another victory on his record. He took these victories in stride and couldn't help but be filled with thoughts and ambitions inside his head. Of course, reality is often disappointing.

The door to the office opened swiftly to reveal an aide of Mao's. He looked rather disturbed and on edge; he must of ran to office judging by how was drenched in sweat. "Forgive me Sirs, but I've received an urgent message from west city."

"Well go on then, what is it?" The King could hear his own heart slowdown in anticipation.

"A tribe of Dragon Folk have begun raid the Eastern duchy in alarming numbers. None are sure why they've attacked, but thousands have come from their land into ours. The Duke of the East is causing quite a stir over it as well." Well, certainly not what the king expected. Yet another mess to add to the list. Although pissing off Fluffles was a nice bonus, the pillaging of his people was not. The Dragons lived on the western side of the continent and must have sailed or flew across the ocean to get to the Eastern duchy. This combined with the fact that the Dragon Folk haven't been known to raid for hundreds of years made this situation very odd. Something was off and investigation will be required after defeating the Dragon threat.

"Well Mao, it seems I will be unable to attend the feast like I originally planned for. I am needed else where it seems."

"Of course, my friend I understand. I'll get my servants to help you depart sooner." The giant made a gesture to his aide, who then took off out of the office.

"I'm truly sorry for having to leave on such short notice. Perhaps we can meet again sometime soon?"

"No need to apologize. I believe we'll see each other very soon, because I shall join you against the lizards. I'll sharpen my axe and follow you after a day."

"I'd be honored to have to have you on my side my friend." The Short Dog Monarch and the Giant shook hands before the Furry took his leave. He has much to do, and some lizards to put down.

With a war on the horizon, it proved necessary to organize the Army and meet with the leaders.

The disorganized and underfunded state the army had been in for decades had not grown a promising crop of leaders to take the reign as a supreme commander, lending the King's guiding hand necessary to create a bare bones military command. He stood before a variety of his subjects in front of a map of the world. The east was shown with pieces representing the main population centers, as well as pieces representing reports of Dragon attacks. Different accounts gave wildly different numbers of the amount of Dragons, but seeing as the dragon tribes of the west are a well studied people, scholars have suggested an army couldn't number more then ten thousand. On paper the fight would be a breeze, the King's army numbered around one hundred thousand, outnumbering the lizards ten to one. However, Dragons are individually stronger and would be able to slaughter hundreds in seconds with their flames if given the chance. The purchased arms Furry acquired would work wonders, a tank stood a chance while an ordinary foot soldier would be forced to delay a Dragons advance and prevent them taking flight. Additionally artillery would be coordinated to rain hell from afar.

Another problem would be civilians, seeing as they were fighting to protect them, they couldn't just endlessly bomb the Dragons into submission. Many civilians hadn't evacuated, and remained in their homes as the Dragons raided houses individually. Not only that, property was a factor as well, seeing as the king still wanted the city left standing so he could rule over it.

The last factor was the hopeful capture of the leader, the famed and fierce Giran. The dragon king was the one who lead this raid, and would answer to his crimes. Interrogation would also be done to figure out what prompted such an attack.

Philip stood by his side, wearing a new cap that was over shadowed by the king's over the top generals hat. Furry had taken to calling Philip private whenever they dealt with military matters. In front stood many of the presumed leaders of individual divisions, although a ranking hadn't been formally developed yet, with the entire army disorganized. The King would have to bear with this sorry state until after the battles, but hopefully the trial by literal fire would inspire some natural leaders to stand up.

The King controlled the room with all listening to every word he said, as he crafted a simple plan of action. Numbers would be their friends, so the King's men would engage with enemies and seek to surround them. The infantry was dedicated to pinning the dragon's in place, then using radios to call for artillery fire. Whatever couldn't be blown away by artillery, tanks would roll in to deal with the scraps. Unfortunately an airforce was not a possibility, outside a few reconnaissance planes that couldn't hope to help in combat. In terms of anti air, aside from machine guns, the army had little to counter any airborne dragons, so they'd have to try their best at preventing a take off.

The King gave them orders, and began their operation with the primary goal of securing East city first and foremost, then mopping up the rest of the dragons. Fluffles was already breathing down his neck about his city being pillaged, so the King wishes to end his whining as soon as possible.

Looking around the room, the King noticed hesitation among the inexperienced and green troops that were about to face what is a terrifying opponent. A fear of death plagued them, and the king couldn't blame them. However, morale couldn't be comprised from fear and defeatism, he needed to give the lads and lasses some hope. A rousing speech it was!

"I know we face a strong foe, as great and terrible as the story our mothers read to us before being put to sleep." Many of the troops looked down solemnly.

"However, adversity is the first step to greatness. Nothing worthwhile is easy. Think of what could be loss. Women, children, homes, industry, our pride and joy. Without fighting we will never save these. Without fighting we will never gain anything. Neither glory or fame is gained without perseverance through adversity. We face great dragons that raid our lands. Individually we can't win, but with your comrades, any obstacle can be overcome. Together we will endure, together we will fight. Together we will become great. We'll all become a dragon's bane, and show the world what we're capable of united. Death is not an option, it's the choice instead of kneeling over at the face of adversity. Greatness is within our grasp, all we need is you to reach out and grab it." The soldiers spirits was ignited and a fire burned within them.

"Now I want you all to go grasp greatness. Spread the word and charge into greatness!" The king's words devolved into a scream the shook the room and rattled the troop who raised their hands and shouted together.




The king smiled with glee and watched the crowd leave his tent in a frenzy. Greatness, was to be had.

"Philip, make sure the radio is working, I want to keep in touch with the action."

"Certainly my lord."

Boris was a simple man. He liked simple things. Women, drinks, and living. Not hard things to ask for. Dragons were not on his list. Especially fire breathing ones.

The guy who took leadership was a joke and had died within minutes of combat. They'd surrounded a small group of dragons using a forest as cover. The genius leader led them into a Forest against fire breathing dragons. The brilliance of such a mood had gotten most of their ragtag group killed in the resulting inferno. Boris had enough and gathered the survivors and fled while calling for support. They ran but one dragon followed above the trees and landed in front of them. The massive beast chuckled at their misfortune with fire coming with every breath he took.

"You seem like you're all having a bad day. I'll gladly put an end to it for you." His deep gravelly voice unnerved them all. There was five of them, and one of him, a losing fight. They wouldn't be able to pump him full of enough lead before he burned them all to a crisp. Boris had one idea though.

"Grenade!" He quickly grabbed a pin off one of his grenades and chucked it at the beast who had his smirk smeared off his face into a deep frown before quickly trying to take off. Boris and his squad dropped to the ground and held their arms around their heads. The grenade went off and shrapnel blasted every direction. One of Boris' comrades was unlucky and was shredded with no hope, only being able to make pained groans. The dragon took a piece to his stomach which had grounded him with his hands at his side. Boris wasted no time and proceeded to empty his entire clip aiming at the beast's wound. His fellows did the same which annoyed the Dragon to no end. He suddenly burst through the bullet storm using his wings to quickly reach Boris and grab him by the throat. The Dragon began to choke out Boris, however he was then assaulted by the rest of Boris' squad, each wielding knife trying their best to get past the dragon's thick scale, before one jabbed a knife into the lizard's wound forcing a pained yelp from the beast.

He growled, and used his free hand with sharp claws to quickly claw at the man's face. This distracted him enough for Boris to grab his own knife and jam it into the Dragon's right eye. It let out a terrible screech before using it's wings to back away while dropping Boris on the ground.

The Dragon was barely above the ground screaming in pain and was trying to remove the knife from it's eye. This made it an easy target, taking another clip of lead from each soldier. Each lucky that hit his now gaping stomach wound quickened the blood loss from the dragon. Once it tore the knife out it grunted in pain before it's wings gave out and he collapsed on the ground. His mind grew fuzzy and his vision blurred in his one good eye. He then lose consciousness and wasn't going to awake.

Boris looked at the corpse of the his comrade and the beast he defeated before grabbing his comrade.

"Let's get out of here and regroup with others, before the fire consumes the entire forest." The orange glow of the flames had followed them as well, and necessitated a retreat.

This was not the last battle Boris would face, but at least for now Boris would live and enjoy life.

Success is a strong word. Pyrrhic victory was more accurate. With twenty thousand dead, joy was not the widespread emotion throughout the army. Many were happy to be alive, some were terrified at what had happened, some were unable to believe what they had seen. Many were both mentally and physically wounded which would leave scars unable to be healed with time. The Dragon war would be synonymous with the death of innocence for many, and would be a permanent addition to the public consciousness, thanks to a certain journalist not afraid of fire to bring the people of the world the latest news.

To many, this would steer them towards pacifism to prevent a tragedy from happening again. To the King, this hardened his resolve, for he knew there was even greater threats to defend against.

Greatness is not possible without an equally great adversity.

Greatness is the theme of this chapter. The definition of greatness depends on who you ask, but the king knows the greatness he is seeking.