Chapter 1: San Francisco, 2020:

Two years ago, a devastating event resulted in the half the universe's population to cease to exist. They called it "The Decimation".

In the city of San Francisco, California, the air, the streets and the overall mood was the same as it was everywhere: Broken, Confused, Lost and Devastated.

Cassie Lang was only 10 years old when it hit. That day started like any other. She got up, washed up, had breakfast, fed her oversized pet ant ANTony, kissed her mom and stepfather goodbye for the day and caught the bus to school.

It was right around recess time when her happy little world went to hell. Many of her classmates and school faculty began turning to ash, with those remaining left frightened and confused. When the Boeing-747 crash landed into the ground and into a block of houses.

Cassie snapped out of this memory and awoke in her bedroom. Two years had passed and she was now 12.

The last two years were hard and emotional. Her mother, Maggie, and stepfather, Jim had survived "The Decimation", but the most important person in her life, her father, Scott aka the Ant-Man, was not so lucky. Neither, were Scott's girlfriend Hope Van Dyne, her family or any of Scott's ex-con buddies with whom they had set up a security company with.

Jim went looking for Scott a couple days after the event and had only found his van on top of an abandoned parking structure. Nothing but science equipment and several piles of ash remained. Knowing Scott had a storage unit, he had his van and many of his belongings placed there.

When she found out her father was among those lost in the devastation, Cassie's heart broke in two. That infectious smile that brightened up any room she walked into was replaced by a dour, emotionless glare.

It wasn't any easy for her mother, who insisted Cassie go to therapy to cope with this new world that she had hoped was a nightmare and that she could wake up from.

Cassie was also put on medication to combat depression but they obviously did nothing to help.

It was a Saturday afternoon when Cassie decided to go for a little bike ride. As she was leaving, she noticed her mother on the phone. It sounded like Maggie was talking to their counsellor and she was trying to get Cassie in for a private session. Cassie made her way outside, grabbed her bike and rode down the dirty, leaf-covered streets of her neighborhood.

Cassie kept biking until she stopped at a noticeable sight: The Memorial of those lost in the Decimation.

Cassie walked her bike around the many oversized tablets that bared the names of the lost. She walked and walked until stopping upon one such tablet and right in the middle was her father's engraved name. She felt an array of emotions but managed to keep them in check as she was in public.

Cassie rode her bike back home and as she walked into the house, her mother was waiting for her and she was not happy.

"WHERE WERE YOU?" Maggie's voice was a mix of panic, relief and exasperation. Cassie realized she was gone for more than an hour. "I CALLED JIM AND HE'S OUT THERE LOOKING FOR YOU!" Maggie softened a bit. "You can't just disappear like that sweetheart without telling me first. That's not how that works."

Cassie tried a mum "I'm Sorry" but her emotions got the better of her. "WELL WHAT DOES WORK FOR YOU ANYMORE?"

"Don't you use that tone with me young lady." Maggie shot back. "I'm trying my best, Jim's trying his best but it seems no matter what any of us do, it's not good enough for you anymore."

"MAYBE I DON'T NEED YOU GUYS TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL HAPPY WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD HAS GONE TO SHIT!" Cassie fired back and immediately felt a sharp, throbbing palm to the left side of her face, courtesy of her mother, who immediately felt guilty for striking her child. Maggie tried to apologize but Cassie, in a huff, ran to her room "I WISH I WAS DECIMATED SO I WOULDN'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOU GUYS OR THIS SHIT ANYMORE!" She slammed her door and sobbed into her pillow for the rest of the day and night.


Cassie had just turned 15. Her freshman year of High School was anything but eventful. Relations between her, her mother and stepfather were shaky at best and she was finding herself in more trouble than she cared to count.

Lately, Cassie was being grounded for what felt like the millionth time. This time, she was caught shoplifting at the mall. The mall agreed to suppress any charges and hand her off to Jim, who had used his position with the police to get her off. Cassie was almost successful but her friends had basically gave her up to save their own skin. Some friends they were.

The girl was sitting in her room, listening to Lana Del Rey, doodling in one of her books when she should be doing homework.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang multiple times and she heard many knocks at the door. This annoyed Cassie, who got up and made her way towards the front door when from at the end of the hall, she noticed the figure at the door, ringing the doorbell like a crazy person, had an oddly familiar build.

As Cassie got closer and closer to the door, she swore her eyes were deceiving her. It couldn't be him. It just couldn't. Or could it be…her father.

Cassie opened the door and there he was standing in front of her.

"Cassie?" Scott silently observed. "Dad?" Cassie overcome with so much emotion, she was speechless.

The father and daughter embraced as Scott took it all in. When he went into the Quantum Realm, his little girl was…well little and now…she wasn't.

Scott took it all in. "You're so big." Cassie laughed and hugged her father some more. The girl's heart was repaired. Her father had come back and had filled her in how he managed to survive and her filling him in on what had happened in the past five years. After the two shared a heartfelt reunion, Scott knew what he had to do. Cassie told him that many of the Avengers had survived, so Scott decided he needed to get to them and let them know how to reverse what this Thanos had done to the universe. Cassie had insisted on tagging along but knowing what danger could occur, Scott insisted she stay home and stay safe. As Scott left for New York, Cassie knew a few things: Her father was alive, He was going to find the Avengers and She knew what she wanted to be. A Hero.