There were many things in my life that I knew for sure. One was that I hated anything that had to do with the cold and damp. Another was that I had fallen hopelessly in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. Now though I found that the fact I was alone in the woods after Edward left me, forever, was not only devastating but I was angry. Then again, I was more than angry. I was livid.

My hands bunched into fists as I peered in the direction of where my now ex-boyfriend had gone. I didn't go chase after him. There was no point to do so. He was faster than I was. He had made up his mind. He had decided in the end that the incident at my birthday party meant that he couldn't be with me in the end.

I thought of Jasper, and how he had lunged to attack me after I had gotten a paper cut. Then I had fallen backwards onto the glass table, which in return made blood seep through my arm. Carlisle had to fix me up, and my arm was still baring the stitches that were done perfectly. I couldn't trust anyone other than Carlisle to do a perfect job when it came to my arm.

Centuries worth of being a doctor came in handy.

Leftover rain from previously in the day dripped quietly around me, falling from the canopy above me. It was later in the day, and I knew that soon Charlie would be coming home. I knew that I needed to get home. There was no point of me staying out here. Edward wasn't going to come back.

Turning so that I faced the direction that was away from where I was looking, I headed back to the house. I pulled my hood up on my yellow raincoat as the rain began to crash down from the skyline. I placed my hands into my pockets of my raincoat, relief flooding through me when I saw the house.

It was hard, a part of me wanted to turn around and chase after Edward. I wanted to beg for him to come back. He wouldn't listen to me though. He was stubborn and when he made up his mind that was that, there wasn't anything that could change his mind unless he truly wanted it to.

The gravel driveway crunched underneath my tennis shoes as I headed up to it, my eyes flickering in the direction of my beat up rusty red truck. I smiled at it, before I remembered that Edward had saved me from Tyler's van all those months ago. If it weren't for Edward I would have been crushed to death against the back of my truck, he saving me had made me start wondering what he was.

Turning my attention away from the truck, I took a deep breath and entered the house. I knew from this moment on I would make sure that I would never feel that type of abandonment that Edward bestowed upon ever again.


Twilight doesn't belong to me, nor do any of the characters. I decided to come up with an Alec x Bella fanfiction. I aged up Alec a little bit since Bella is already eighteen in this fanfiction and he will be seventeen. There will be sexual scenes in the future, and that is why I rated this mature, and it's dark.

I hope that you will enjoy this fanfiction.