Author's Note:

In this fanfiction Maresato Alice is aged up to seventeen. Also she attends Fujimi Academy at the start of the story.

This fanic is also on AO3.

Date: March 15th, 2017

Location: Tokonosu City, Fujimi Academy, Japan

"Life in Fujimi Academy hasn't changed much since, well forever. Tokonosu City is the same as it ever was and ever will be. Living with her parents Souichiro and Yuriko Takagi on their estate has not helped Saya Takagi disposition much nor becoming a better person. She's still a stuck up bitch. It's not surprising how corrupt this city is. Even though he's currently Assistant Inspector and Chief of the Public Safety Division, Ichirou Shidou still went after Tadashi Miyamoto. All the bastard could do for now was to have his slimball of a son Koichi Shidou hold Mr. Miyamoto's daughter Rei back a year. It's still undetermined how far Ichirou Shidou tendrils go into this city. This reporter hopes that it doesn't reach as far as Shintoko Third Elementary School where my father George Adams works or the East Police Station. If it reaches that far, how will my mother Yuzuaru Adams fair? And cut. How was that?"

Shaking her head, Alice Maresato turns off the video camera and sighs, "Cheryl, if you really want to be a reporter after we graduate your going to have to keep your personal opinions as well as your sharp tongue to yourself. Now then, you want to go to Shopping Town after school?"

Cheryl nods and kisses her girlfriend on the cheek, "Sure. We have our next class in five minutes, so we better go."

Alice smiles and nods in agreement "We better hurry."

As they leave, they completely miss Tetsutarou Doi's daughter Sayoko clinching her fists in rage. with a snarl, Sayoko hisses to her two subordinates Maya Yoshioka and Yoko Matsudo, "Let's teach this bitch to properly respect the Takagis!"

Two Hours Later

Within two hours the world everyone knows changes forever. While going to history class, Cheryl and Alice are ambushed by Sayoko, Maya and Yoko. The three girls then proceed to physically assault Cheryl and Alice. However the fight is broken up by the thirty year old ping pong club's adviser Kyoko Hayashi. Grumbling under her breath, Kyoko drags the girls to the principal's office. Because of who Sayoko, Maya and Yoko's parents are, the principal is unable to do anything to them except to tell them off and call their parents. While escorting the girls to their next class, Kyoko and the girls come across several rabid students and faculty members attacking several fleeing students.

Sayoko, Maya and Yoko intervene however the results are that the three end up getting collectively bitten. Kyoko and Alice are about to intervene themselves when Cheryl stops them, "I have a bad feeling about this."

As soon as Cheryl finishes this sentance, the three girls that went to intervene reanimate. Cheryl, Kyoko and Alice watch in abject horor as Sayoko, Maya and Yoko shamble towards them with rolled back eyes and gray skin. Snaping out of her shock, Cheryl grits her teeth, "Alice, Miss Hayashi. Run. These are real life zombies. There's too many of them. If you get bit, your done! Don't think just RUN!"

Both Alice and Kyoko nod before bolting after Cheryl. Ten minutes later, the trio run into Cheryl's younger sister Sarah. Sarah sighs in relief at the sight of the trio, "I can't believe this zombie thing is real, but it is. Well Sis, your our resident zombie expert. What now?"

Cheryl snorts, "Watching zombie moves, TV shows, Youtube videos and playing video games does not make me an expert! Anyway we need to get all these panicking idiots to calm down because the infection will only spread quicker. Then we need to build a coalition to fight back against these things. We need to find anything that can be used as a weapon. Understand this, these people aren't people anymore. they're highly infectious reanimated corpses and thus must be treated as such!"

Alice, Kyoko and Sarah grimace before noding. Kyoko's mouth thins, "We need to save as many people as humanly possible before escaping the school."

After this, Kyoko and the girls manage to sucessfully weave their way across the the infested classrooms and hallways without getting bit, however they have several close calls. Despite their best efforts, many of the students and faculty members can't be saved. However they manage to ultimately save only one person, Sarah's girlfriend and lover Naomi Furukawa. They luckily also find weapons to defend themselves. After an hour of running for their lives, the gang come across Saeko Busujima, Rei Miyamoto, Saya Takagi, Shizuka Marikawa, Kohta Hirano and Takashi Komuro fighting off a group of zombies in front of the faculty room.

Going into action, the gang help Takashi's group clear the area. Once both groups barricade themselves in the faculty room, they search the room for potentially hidden zombies. Finding none, they collectively breathe a sigh of relief. During their search they find a TV. Turning it on, specifically to the news, they discover the rest of the world is facing this same blight. Sarah growls, "Now what do we do?"

With a thoughtful look, Takashi responds, "We go looking for our families after we get out of here."

Alice nods, "That's a good idea. My father is a newspaper reporter. Also, he knows that news reporter Nikki Fujiwara we see on TV all the time. I met her a few times, I like her."

Rei nods, "Also we should get in contact with my father as soon as possible. Anyway what do you guys think these things are even, besides the obvious?"

Everyone shrugs. A debate soon erupts speculating how these things even came into existance. In the end no agreement is reached on what could of caused the outbreak. With a sigh, Saeko asks, "So how are we even getting out of here?"

Several minutes later Naomi comes up with the solution, "What about the bus outside?"

Saya arches an eyebrow, "Do we even have the keys?"

Shizuka nods, "They're on the wall, I'll go get them."

Sarah smiles, "Thank god for that. Somthing is finally going right!"

Saeko nods in agreement, "True. Also we should take small break before going out there again. Then come up with a plan."

Everyone nods their heads in agreement. Cheryl then walks up to Alice, Sarah and Naomi an quietly asks, "Can you three come with me for a moment? I would like to talk to you privately."

The three girls nod and follow Cheryl. Once in a private area, Cheryl sighs, "I was specifically told by my parants not to reveal this family secret to anyone except in life or death situations."

Sarah nerrows her eyes, "Are you sure you want to do this Cheryl because there is no going back after this."

Cheryl nods, "Yes."

Naomi is stumped and looks between Sarah and Cheryl, "What's going on?"

Alice shrugs, "Beats me."

Cheryl sighs, "I'll show you."

Cheryl opens her mouth and vampiric teeth protrude out. Sarah does the same. Both Alice and Naomi flinch, their hands go to their mouthes in abject horror. Alice stutters, "No... no way... your... real life vampires?!"

Sarah groans, "Zombies exist... why not vampires. Yes vampires exist. And no, we don't burst into flame if we encounter direct sunlight. At least our strain of vampirism dosn't anyway. There are as many strains of vampirism as their are viruses in the world. Too many to count."

Alice clinches her fist, "Why didn't you tell us?! We are your girlfriends!"

Naomi nods, "You should of told us!"

Sarah looks at her girlfriend Naomi with a sad expression, "We where told not to by our parents."

Cheryl drops her head in shame, "Mother and father told us both from an early age to not tell anyone our family secret. It's quite literally drilled into our heads from birth. We where not even supposed to tell you two. However the situation has become dire."

Alice develops a thoughful expression, "So what your saying is you two were born vampires?"

Sarah nods, "Yes. Both our parents were also born vampires. When father moved to Japan from Canada, he met our mother who was studying to become a school teacher. Actually, he discovered her being harassed by a gang of thugs for being of Japanese-Korean decent while searching for a place to stay. Eventually they fell in love. I was born first, then Sarah a year later. We are the same people you two always known since kindergarten. It's just we didn't tell you about us being vampires. Our parents are extremely strict about not telling anybody."

Sarah grimaces, "It's been killing us inside for years not telling you."

Cheryl bows her head in genuine shame, "If you don't want anything to do with us... you probably feel betrayed... if you turn your backs on us for... we'll... understand..."

Without warning, Alice runs up and kisses Cheryl on the lips, "You idiots! Do you think me and Naomi would abandon you... zombie apocalypse or no zombie apocalypse!"

Naomi nods her head in agreement, "I swear you two are such idiots sometimes. We won't abandon you two ever. In fact I have a request. Sarah, I would like you turn me into a vampire.

Alice blushes, "Me as well. Cheryl I want you to do it."

Cheryl sighs, "Once this is done... If you do this, you both will cross the Rubicon... there's no going back after this."

Both girls briefly look at each other before nodding in unison. Alice sighs, "We understand. I want to spend eternity with you Cheryl."

Naomi nods, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you Sarah."

Cheryl and Sarah both nod their heads in acceptance. Cheryl then sighs, "First off some ground rules on how our strain of vampirsim works. First up is that we can release powerful pheromones that can sexually attract whatever sex targeted as well as whomever we want. However whether your a newly sired vampire or like us, born as vampires. you must learn to control these pheromones. If left untrained well... lets not go there. Also the more you have sex with an individual or individuals the more sexually they become addicted to you regardless if they are another vampire, no matter the strain... even our own. Or human for that matter. You can't control this by any means. It's purely biological."

Both Alice and Naomi blush heavily, but say nothing. Cheryl continues, "Next up, Whether your turned or born, you have naturally superhuman strength, healing, smell, hearing, endurance, agility as well as a poweful immunity to viruses like ebola, rabies and the like. However you still have the possibility to contract them. It's just that you won't be infected as quick as a normal human would... I personally don't know about being bit by zombies. I have no desire to find out ether."

Alice, Naomi and even Sarah nod in agreement at this statement. Alice grimaces, "That's understandable."

Cheryl nods and continues, "Anyway, naturally you remain eternally the age you are turned at. For instance, You Alice will eternally look and be physically seventeen years old. The aging prosses stops the moment your turned. However, for those born vampires like us or our parents, we age like normal human beings until were nineteen. After that we no longer physically age past that point. Also immortality comes with the package. In order to kill our kind... our strain... you can kill us just like normal humans, however we are harder to put down than your typical human. Our strain also has mind control powers as well as hypnosis and the power to manipulate people's memories. However, me and Sarah primarily focus learning memory manipulation and hypnosis.

This goes both for born or turned vampires. Also, unless you suffer minimum to massive blood loss, you won't desire the blood of others. You will only desire blood based entierly on how much blood you lose. Anyway, another thing to know is that you will find yourself become possessive, more sexually active and become more aggressive despite what your personality is now. Meaning a slight personality change. This part all depends on you as an individual, you may even become obsessive. When I said earlier, that you will become more sexually active. What I mean to say is that... well I hate to say it, but you'll become very promiscuous and very lewed."

Both Alice and Naomi's faces go red with embarrassment. Alice chokes, "You and Sarah have it under control though. Me and Naomi know you've never cheated on the three of us. We trust you. Sarah dosn't cheat ether. I for one enjoy having a foursome. But only with the three of you. I'm not sure how I'll feel after being turned."

Naomi nods, "I agree. Now please continue what you were saying before."

Cheryl nods, "Very well. Contrary to popular belief, magic really does exist and our strain are naturally adept at magic. Especally teleportation, memory manipulation and hypnosis. Me and Sarah are not masters at it, we can only teleport to locations we can visually see at the moment. We can't yet teleport to locations we already been to from our memories alone like our parents can. In order to learn magic of any sort, you must first be taught. You cannot and will not be able to magically know how to manipulate memories, hypnotize people or teleport simply after being turned. However you will gain both the ability and aptitude for such spells. But you must be taught as well as be trained in such magics.

It took me and Sarah five years to learn how to teleport, hypnotize as well as manipulate memories to an adequate degree. Yet were still amaturs in comparison to some of our kind. Despite the years of practice, both of our teleportation abilities are primitive at best... however it is semi-adequate for the situation were in. Also this is extremely importent. There are two ways to turn someone. Both involve sinking our fangs into people. First: Simply sink your fangs into someone's neck. This will still turn the indavidual into a full vampire of our strain with no side effects such as death by direct sunlight. However, that individual will eternally be the sire's thrall... a slave to his or her master/mistress's will. And they will do anything their master or mistress tells them to do. Even kill their own biological family with a smile on their face. Despite this they will have the same personality and only if the sire allows it, the same beliefs, religion and morals as they did as when they were still human.

The second way to turn someone is to sink your fangs into someone's neck then have that indavidual drink your blood. After this, the person you sired will be the basically same person they were before being turned with their indaviduality fully intact and undamaged. It's just you'll be more aggressive, possessive, possibly obessive, promiscuous and lewed. It takes only twenty minutes before a person becomes a full vampire of our strain. That's the basics. however we must warn you of another hostile vampire... she's our strain. However she was turned fairly recently. Lucky she wasn't born a vampire. Still don't know who turned her."

Naomi raises an eyebrow, "Who is it?"

Sarah grimaces, "Miku Yuuki. The slut has been a vampire for about six months now."

Both Alice and Naomi's mouths drop with shock and horror. Naomi curses, "Fuck! This is just as bad as this damn apocalypse!"

Alice nods, "Damn straight, "I seen that bitch stalking several girls earlier. Now I know why. She's a god damn sexual predator, even before being turned!"

Cheryl nods, "I agree. However, unless we come across her. There is nothing we can do about her at this juncture. Now then, after hearing all of this. You two sure you want to be turned?"

Both girls nod in determination. And in unison say, "Yes!"

After these words, both Cheryl and Sarah proceed to sink their fangs into their respective girlfriends necks. After feeding Alice and Naomi their blood, Cheryl and Sarah sit for twenty minutes before Alice and Naomi wakeup as fully fledged vampires. Smiling, Sarah asks, "What now?"

Alice smirks seductively. Her new vampiric instincts and personality quickly taking over, "Oh, I can think of a few things... but lets call Miss Hayashi, Miss Marikawa, Rei, Saya and Saeko first... to have a private chat."

The newly vamperized Naomi smirks and seductively licks her lips, "This is going to be so much fun!"

Due to both the type of explicit nature and the Site's policy, the lemon is moved into AO3.

Two Hours Earlier (Just Before The Outbreak Begins)

Due to both the type of explicit nature and the Site's policy, the lemon is moved into AO3.

Miku Yuuki smirks at her handy work. her newest vampiric servents/thralls, Yuki Taniuchi, Akira Kawamoto, Toshimi Niki and Misuzu Ichijou. Yuki smiles lovingly at Miku, "What are your orders mistress?"

Miku smirks, "Well the first order of-"

Suddenly there's a large crash and the sounds of students and faculty members screaming. Within the blink of an eye, the girls get fully dressed and run outside the empty classroom. Once in the hallway, they see zombified students and faculty members attacking and infecting everyone around them. Miku scoffs, "Real life zombies... FUCK! girls lets get out of here. If you get bit, I'm leaving you sluts behind got it?"

Miku's newest servants nod. After this the girls run in the opposite direction of the incoming zombies. Overtime they run into several people that they subsequently rescue: Koichi Shidou Junichi Kurokami, Kenji Tsunoda, Yuuto Miura, and Yūji Yamada. After coming up with a plan (Shidou takes control of the group not to long into the conversation), the gang races to the school's exit.

Two Hours Later

Back with Cheryl and the others. After having erotic sex, the girls (excluding Cheryl, Sarah, Naomi and Alice) are blushing heavily. Soon after reconvening for another meeting, The gang decides to head for the bus in the parking lot. It takes close to two hours to reach the parking lot due to all the zombies. Eventually they manage to reach the bus. But before they can leave, they see Shidou and his group heading their way. Rei angrily demands they leave Shidou and his group behind. However Takashi convinces everyone to let Shidou's group on. Angry, Rei snarls, "You'll regret this!"

Location: Tokonosu Higashi Police Station

(The Exact Same Time The Fujimi Survivors Reach The Bus)

Due to both the type of explicit nature and the Site's policy, the lemon is moved into AO3.

"What do you mean you've been cut off! Damn it to hell hold on as much as possible! Fine then, will evacuate immediately."

Officer Asuka Matsushima hangs up the phone and sighs. She then turns to her subordinate and lover Asami Nakaoka, "We're evacuating."

Rika Minami groans, "Just when things couldn't get any worse!"

Nikki Fujiwara groans, "And to think I was just here to mainly report on an update on the Ichirou Shidou case."

Asami nods her head in agreement, "This place will soon be overrun. So how bad is it anyway?"

Asuka groans, "Bad. Even headquarters is overrun. Load up the squad cars and SWAT vans. Nikki, your coming with us as well. You'll start receiving weapons training when we have time. Now we have to go!"

Both women nod. Asami sighs, "Asami hopes that Tadashi's son and his friends escape Fujimi alive."

Author's Notes:

Naomi Furukawa is not an OC. Since she doesn't have a last name in canon, I gave her the name Furukawa. Naomi is Takuzo's girlfriend in canon. After Takuzo is bit she decides to die with the man she loves than continue living.

Since the canon characters Matsushima, Kawamoto, Taniuchi, Kurokami, Tsunoda, Miura, and Yamada where never (to my knowledge) given first names, their first names are Asuka Matsushima, Akira Kawamoto, Yuki Taniuchi, Junichi Kurokami, Kenji Tsunoda, Yuuto Miura, and Yūji Yamada respectively.

Since the Bridge News Reporter (also a canon character) doesn't have a name (besides the Bridge News Reporter) in canon, in this fanfic her name is Nikki Fujiwara.

The OC's Sayoko Doi, Maya Yoshioka and Yoko Matsudo are the daughters of the canon characters Tetsutarou Doi, Yoshioka and Matsudo. They were created solely so Kyoko Hayashi would survive her canon fate.