Peter Pan and the Pirate's Daughter
By: Anya Disclaimer: I dont own crap but the girl and my ideas. Oh and the cool dagger and suit. Summery: Things are about to change in Neverland when someone new arrives. ********************************************************** "Ahoy there!" the shout came from not ten yards from the Jolly Roger, catching the attention of the crew and Captain James Hook, who came to lean over the edge of the massive ship, glancing down into a small row boat that had drifted up to it's side, three passengers seated in the small wooden crafted raft. "Yes? What is your business here?" Hook asked yelling down in annoyance at the man that had spoken to them before. A short stout man stood in the boat, his balding head, gray and brown hairs scattered across it, glistening slightly in the afternoon sunlight. In his left hand, held against his chest was an old tattered shipman's hat and his over alls covered his baggy tunic loosely, obviously a size or two too big for the small man. The man's beady gray eyes stared up, his other hand coming from his side up to shade his eyes from the glaring sun. He could not be saved from the glare that came from the captain however as the man looked worn and aggravated. "Cap'n, I have a delivery for ye, from the town on the other side of the Neverworld, Cryshanks, Sir." Hooks eyebrows raised in visible shock. He hadn't been to the other side of the Neverworld for years and had no acquaintances or business left there from his younger days. The only reason he'd gone to that port in the first place had been to gather more crew for his ship, which at that time he'd only had for a year or so. Turning to Smee, he gave a slight nod and backed away, bringing a fist up to gather at the base of his chin in deep thought. His brows furrowed, he ran his mind quickly over the events that had occurred there, vaguely hearing Smee shout the order back to the boat that they were allowed to board the ship, but to make it quick. After a few moments, he turned back to watch the three figures board his ship, one being escorted between the two others, this person's head hung down, hiding their face from view. The first man aboard he recognized as the elder man who had shouted up to him from the boat. The second he could not see, but his eyes quickly darted worryingly to the ancient cuffs that held the figure's hands together behind their back. Holding onto the handclamps behind them was the third man. A tall burly fellow; the dark brush of hair that covered his chest showing through the opening at the top of his shirt. A sword scabbard hung at his hip from a dark leather belt. His gruff face was rough and worn as if he'd been caught in a sand storm for years and just found himself out and on the open seas. A grim frown marred his face as his dark ebony eyes stared strait ahead, giving away nothing. His movements were rough as he pushed the 'prisoner forward, before tugging at the cuffs to make sure they stopped where he wanted them to. The older, short man stepped forward, pulling a piece of parchment from his vest jacket pocket and holding it forward. It was folded thrice and stamped clean with a wax marking Hook did not recognize. Snatching it from the man's hands, he tore into it, pulling it open and reading it, his dark eyes skimming the paragraphs quickly, worry folding in on his features as he read on, confusing the crew. The elder man turned to the back one with a nod, and he pushed the prisoner forward roughly. A grunt came from the person in protest of the harsh behavior bestowed upon them before the person flipped their long black hair back out of their face. "You understand now Cap'n, we had no choice in da matter of this. She's not of age yet and cannot be allowed to roam free. As it were, Sir, we was gonna take 'er in on the constables orders, but decided we ought see ye first, in case ye wanted 'er. She ain't much, but i'm sure she'd do good work on yer ship." The elder man stated proudly. Hook gave him a slight glare, then held the parchment up near his face. "What proof do you have of this?" The man looked slightly taken aback, unprepared for an argument in the matter. "If I am to take her," Hook started, stepping closer to the man and glaring down on him, "then I wish to have proof of the facts stated here." The elderly man once more reached into his pocket and pulled out another piece of parchment, quickly shoving it into the Captain's hands. "It's 'er certificate of birth, sir. It tells both parentage and if you need more proof just look at 'er. There cannot be a mistake. I assure you sir." Hook turned his eyes upon the figure he'd nearly ignored until now, staring into the young woman's dark black eyes, matching his own with flecks of soft green on the outer edges, more than likely from her mother. Her long black hair reached to just above her elbows, tattered and tangled and dirty. Her face had smudges of dirt on them, more than likely from sleeping in some alley or stall. Her body was tall and lithe, extremely skinny and underfed. She had small bruises across her arms, he assumed from the struggle of her capture. She was clad in black pants that looked as if they'd had better days, cut up and stained with mud and grass. Accompanying the pants; a deep brown shirt that obviously belonged to a man at some point, a belt the only thing keeping it from giving away more of her figure, the leather wrapped tightly around her waist and chest. "Uncuff her." he growled to the hefty man, still holding her wrists captive. The man looked at him strangely before looking to the elder man, who was obviously the boss. The man stared at her for a moment, her body towering his, nearly a foot higher. He gave a short nod and the brute pressed a key into the small lock on the back, letting loose her hands, which immediately flew together in the front, her delicate long fingers running across the bruises the cuffs had created. She looked up at Hook as he swiftly took her chin in his hand. "What were you arrested for, girl?" he asked her harshly and received a growl. Her low voice echoed in the near silence, only accompanied by the waves of the sea. "I have a name." Hook's eyes rolls in exasperation. "Then what is your name, child?" She stared up into his eyes for a moment before answering in a low tone. "Anna." "Alright then, Anna", he said stretching out the name," What crime were you arrested for?" he questioned again, not letting go of her chin. "Stealing." she said, her tone proud and unashamed as she stared up at him. Hooks eyes darted to the elder man. "What did she steal?" "Food sir, from the market, she took three potatoes, a tomato and a leg of lamb.."he said slowly, his eyes staying on the young girls face. Hook stepped back, letting go of her face finally, but she kept it upturned, proud against all of them, her eyes wide and dangerous. Cautioning. After a few moments of silence the elder man stepped forward again. "If you pardon Cap'n we have a lot to do. Will you take her or not, Sir?" Hook turned away for a moment and the gruff man with the cuffs started to grab her hands again, her body protesting and writhing against him, her eyes dangerously glaring at Hook's back before he turned swiftly, just as the cuffs were pulled from the man's pocket. Captain Hook turned swiftly to Smee. "Pay off her debt as I am sure it is not much to lose. She will stay and earn her way aboard this crew." he said glaring before retreating down into the ship, to his private quarters, leaving his crew to settle the girl into a steady work pattern. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ A/N: ok, well that's the first chapter. I'd love to hear reviews about it. Plz no flames! I lost my marshmellows to roast them on. ^_^ I worked hard on this, so let me know if you like it and if I should continue. Thanx!!! ~Anya~