Peter Pan and the Pirate's Daughter

Chapter 7

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Some Things Never Change

Anna laughed as she felt Peter's hands tickle along the skin of her sides, underneath her top. The tips of his digits grazed her skin like sparks, making her squirm against him as he kissed her once more.
Pulling away from him, she placed her hands on his shoulders, looking into his eyes. She stared at him for a moment, then smirked and looked out of the cove towards the sea. Peter followed her gaze, moving his head to rest against hers. They watched the ocean for what seemed almost forever. Anna tried to catch her breath as thoughts over what was happening between them raced through her brain. She was supposed to be here to kill him, but instead she found herself enthralled, kissing him instead! Oh, how strange fate could be to her. She wondered briefly how her father would react to his enemy kissing her, then her eyes went wide and she shot up, causing Peter to fall over.
"What? What's wrong??" he asked, worried, his eyes searching her face in the gentle glow of the moonlight.
Turning to look at him, Anna gasped, her hand coming up to cover her mouth before she stood. "My father! Oh, Peter I almost forgot my father! How could I do that? He's probably going insane wondering just what I've done!" she breathed, the worry evident in her voice.
Standing and brushing off his leggings, Peter groaned inwardly. She would worry about Hook.
"I'm sure he's fine, Anna. He's Hook after all, he's probably on his ship right now contemplating how to kill me next." Peter sighed, exasperated.
Anna stared at him blankly for a moment, then blinked. "He's probably worried about me though. He sees me as his daughter now and I did leave without really telling him. I just left him a note. I didn't want him to tell me not to, I knew he would." She sighed to herself, looking off for a moment before turning back to see Peter with a strange look on his face. It was one she'd only seen when her father had mentioned him once before.
Pure hate.
"He probably doesn't even care, Anna! He's just a stupid adult who doesn't care about anything but killing me! It's been his obsession for years, I don't think he's going to just stop all of a sudden!"
Anna huffed, puffing up her chest and narrowing her eyes at Peter. Her fists balled and smashed down against her hips in anger. "Well, I knew you had an ego, but honestly, Pan, you'd think you'd realize the world doesn't revolve around you! My father does care about other things than you. He cares about his ship, his crew and he cares about me!"
Peter glared at her. "Hook is the enemy. Hook is the bad guy here. Hook doesn't care about ANYONE!"
Anna's eyes glared back into Peter's own, hard as stones. "My father, your enemy is the ONLY person who has ever cared for me!"
"That's not true!" Peter protested, his anger starting to build.
"It is! My mother wouldn't have cared less if I died or lived! The constables that took me in only thought of me as a fun past time to get their sick pleasures from!" Anna's eyes were glowing with enragement as she yelled at the boy in front of her. "My father is the only one who ever gave a damn about me! He could have left me to die! Let them take me back instead of paying my debts off! He could have simply turned away! But he didn't!"
Peter didn't say anything, his eyes staring back defiantly but letting Anna have her say.
"He took me aboard his ship. He put me to work." Her voice got softer as she tried to explain. "And when I protested, when I told him that I wouldn't do it, he accepted that. He made his crew treat me like one of them, as his daughter. He promised me a home. Safety! My father, Captain James Hook, the person you think so horrible, is the only man who has ever cared for me!"
Peter's mouth opened before he could stop himself and the words spilled out. "Your father is a black hearted scoundrel, a stinking codfish who doesn't care about anything but himself and killing me! He's just using you like he does everyone else!" he yelled.
The loud slap echoed through the forest. Peter stood, his head turned to the side, Anna gripping the hand that had struck his face. Tears formed in her eyes and her voice went soft as she tried to stop the pain from echoing in her words. "You don't know anything about my father. How dare you say things like that. He does care about me. He does."
Spinning on her heels, Anna took off into the woods, the tears streaking down her face. Peter stood for long moments unable to move. Half of him was in shock from her reaction and the other half from the words that had come from his own mouth. Tilting his head back up, his cheek stained in a deep red blush from the painful blow, he watched the woods where she'd run off to. He had to make this right.

On the Jolly Roger, the night sea wind blew harshly across the deck, the light from the moon silhouetting out the images of the nine men that set on the bow of the ship, watching their Captain's head hang low, his lackey, Smee, standing nearby to offer comfort should the Captain allow himself to be comforted.
The bulkiest of the men sneered, leaning in closer to the other pirates surrounding him. His dark, wavy hair surrounded his face, falling to his shoulders in dirty rags of strands, his black eyes glittered in the night light like small beetles. He had thick dirt stained hands, rugged and rough and a blood-red bandana wrapped firmly around his forhead. Like the others, his clothes were torn and dirty, soiled from days of work with no bathing. For Pirates rarely bathed as they saw it. It made them too proper. "Me-thinks," said he, his voice a low rumbling growl, "that thee Cap- I-tan is gettin' a bit too sof' fer that girly o' his. Makin' all o us look like we's care's about some lil bit o' meat." He growled. His rotted teeth crunched sickeningly together as he sneered towards the Captain.
"Yee's spewin' mutany, Hitch!" hissed a cohort his skinny body a mere sliver next to the husk shoulders of the larger man. His long ragged hair swung dangerously in his face, his one left eye gleaming. Leaning in close to keep the conversation among themselves, the two whispered quietly, the sound of their voices gone before even the wind could catch it. All eyes turned for a moment towards Hitch, their eyes wide and waiting.
Leaning forward again and grinning his browning teeth at them, Hitch spoke with the vemon of a demon snake in his voice, his tone as deep and ugly as his face. "Aye, Murton. Mutany says I..."
And without thought, the others leaned in to hear the hushed plan that would bring their captain down.

Anna's eyes stayed steady on the ship, as if she were trying to see her father from so far away. She did not hear the footsteps as they approached. She only noticed his presence once he had settled down on the grass beside her. Pulling her knees up to her chin, Anna leaned her head forward, allowing her ebony hair to effectively curtain her face from him.
"Anna..." she heard him begin, his voice soft and low, sympathetic.
Anna turned her head farther from him, her eyes still on her father's ship; small, hot tears falling from her eyes unnoticed.
Peter narrowed his eyes before carefully placing his hand on her arm. "Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...." He faded off, unsure of what to say to make it better.
Anna sighed heavily. "I realize that I haven't known him long at all, but...." Anna paused before spinning to look at Peter, her eyes determined. "He's still my father. And he took me aboard his ship. He paid my randsom, when he could have simply let the constable take me to the jails. He saved my life, Peter. And for that, I owe him." She looked directly into his eyes as she spoke, making sure he understood her words.
Peter nodded and she turned her gaze as well as her body back towards the ship. For endless moments, Peter sat there in thought, before he cautiously moved closer to her, his hand coming to rest on hers that still held her knees in place. Her hand did not move to take his own, but neither did it push his own away. Peter took this as a sign of acceptance. If nothing else, they were friends. Even if her father was his mortal enemy...

The ship creaked dangerously in the dark waters, rippling gently from side to side as if trying to lure the captain to sleep. He'd felt it earlier that night. The restlessness in the air and the already wavering state of the crew made a deadly combination. He knew they talked about him. Knew that they spoke of him in evil words of treachery, but none would act on it. None would dare stand up to the captain, no matter how weak he'd seemed at times, his strength always prevailed. But this time....Hook sighed, his head falling again. This time, he'd lost something more personal than gold or shining jewels. He'd lost the only chance he'd had at a daughter.
A sneer made it's way across his face. To Pan... he incurred in his mind. He'd lost another precious piece of himself, something he'd taken for Pan. The boy was always destroying his life in some way or another...
A sudden darkness started to fall over him, a shadow in the light of the moon that shouldn't have clouded his way. Furrowing his brows, Hook stood very still, suddenly very aware of the creaking aboard his ship and the silence that should have been filled with the loud snores or the crew. Then, as if by accident, the words popped into his mind, words that should have struck him earlier, as the metal object struck him hard now.


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