Breaking the rules


Warnings/notes : Schuldich x Omi, tiny bits of fluff, first pov shifts each chapter, slight AU, maybe a few words of bad language

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 14th april 2003, by Misura, part 1 of 4

Chapter warning : Farfarello's thoughts are a bit dark at times.


You had to go and do it, didn't you?

Even if Crawford told you a thousand times not to mess with Weiss.

Even if Nagi tried to warn you time and time again.

You never listen, never take advice.

That's not a smart thing to do.

Nothing what you did in the recent past and are doing in the present is.

Like you've gone stupid all of a sudden.

I see you leaning over and whisper something in your kitten's ear.

He giggles. He blushes.

Do you think that's cute, Schu?

Is that why you like him, because he's innocent enough to blush at your remarks?

Because he giggles at your stupid jokes?

Ah, but it's more than just 'liking' him, isn't it?

If you merely liked him, as one does a favorite pet or toy, we wouldn't be here tonight.

Crawford wouldn't have bothered.

'He'll grow out of it.' he'd have said or 'It'll bore him soon enough'.

But not in this case.

You had to go and fall in love with him.

It makes me sick, do you know that?

I mean, look at him, sitting there. Yuck!

That golden angel-hair, those big, blue, innocent eyes, the clothes, the smile ...

The looks he throws in your direction.

The looks you throw in his direction.

Schuldich, Guilty one, how could you fall for Innocence?

Don't you know there's no such thing?

He's a killer, that pretty boytoy of yours, his hands as dirty as yours.

Crawford has promised me I'll get to play with him a bit tonight, if there's time.

If you don't bring him in a bad mood by resisting too much.

You see, he wants you back. The real you, I mean.

I think he cares about you.

Foolish Crawford.

Still not as stupid as you though.

Take a good look at your precious kitten.

After tonight you will never see him again.

I will watch your face while I cut his soft skin to ribbons.

Will you cry for him?

Will you beg for him?

Or will you prove yourself fallen even lower than I thought and die for him?

I can tell you now already that neither will make any difference to what I will do to him.

You have proven yourself unworthy of my attention in that way.

I will give you one chance to redeem yourself.


Don't cry, don't beg, don't die.

And remember next time :

Don't care about your toys.


Smiling to Omi, Schuldich rose from his seat.

"Did you enjoy dinner, kitten?"

An enthusiastic nod.

"That icecream was delicious! I have never tasted anything that good."

A laugh.

"Really, Omi! All you remember is the dessert?!"

A shrug.

"It *was* very nice. Chocolate taste too ... "

"You know what they say : chocolate is for people in love."

"They're right."

A hand, reaching out for another hand, fimrly grasping it.

Two lovers leaving a restaurant.

Three persons standing in the shadows, waiting for their prey to come.