Breaking the rules


Warnings/notes : Schuldich x Omi, tiny bits of fluff, first pov shifts each chapter, slight AU

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 25th april 2003, by Misura

Author's note : I think apologies are due :

sorry for thinking that not mentioning 'death' in the warnings would be enough to let you know no one was going to die in here

sorry for making the hint at the previous chapter's end too vague


"I will not repeat myself again, Schuldich. Step away from Bombay at once or face the consequences."

I know Nagi already told you what I told him.

He really cares about you.

If you are gone, I will do my best to replace you in his life. I owe you that.

My gun is pointed at your head, yet even now you still remain the arrogant, defiant german you always were. There is no hint of fear in the eyes that gaze into my own.

I like that.

: Do you also like me, even if it's only a little bit? : your mindvoice murmurs.

I suppose I should tell you to shut up, but why would I?

Nothing you can do or say will change the decision I made.

: Yes. : I reply : A little bit perhaps. When I wasn't mad at you. :

I hear your laugh, even if your face remains passive.

: That wasn't very often then. I was quite annoying wasn't I? :

: Yeah. :

: I know this may come a little late but ... :

: It's never too late for regrets, Schuldich. :

: Regrets? Those I don't have. But I am sorry for being such a nuisance on occasion. Though you asked for it most of the time.... :

: Prove it. :

I waited for you to say that. Waited for the chance.

No matter how spontaneously my conversations may sound, I planned them all ahead.

Manipulative? That goes without saying.

Control-freak? .... Perhaps.

A short silence, while you consider my challenge.

Farfarello gets impatient, but Nagi is there to keep him in line.

The world is a stage and I am the ultimate playwright.

Your answer will prove that, if I guessed correctly.

: What do you want me to do? :

: A small service. : I reply immediately, not caring if maybe I sound a bit too eager.

: What is it? : You sound suspicious. I can't blame you.

: I want you to wipe Farfarello's memory of you. :


: As well as Nagi's. : I add.

More silence. Then : I can't do that when I'm dead. :

: No. : I agree, waiting for you to puzzle it out.

Did you really think I could pull the trigger? Even if you had refused, to save you from Farfarello?

Then you don't know me very well.

Not that that isn't my fault, more than yours.

: Why Nagi's too? :

: Because he cares so much about you. It would kill him to have to go on missing you. :

You nod, the first outward sign of our inner conversation.

Farfarello gasps, then crumbles to the ground.

: That's one. :

Nagi, I catch before he falls. I don't want him to get ill because of lying on a dirty street.

: That's two. :

"Then I suggest you leave now." I say aloud, in part for Bombay's sake, who watches events with big blue eyes, without a clue of what's going on.


"The girls in the flowershop will love your new hairstyle." I continue as if you hadn't spoken.

"Thank you. I don't understand your reasons, but thank you. There's one thing I would like to ask though. Why did you tell Nagi I would die here tonight? It hurt him."

"I told him *Schuldich* would die here tonight. And he will. You and him have to be different persons. Besides ... I had to know if you were serious in this. If you'd be willing to die for ... him."

"Omi. His name is Omi."

"Whatever." I couldn't care less.

See? I don't need you. What I did tonight, I did for Nagi.

I won't miss you. Not at all.

That water leaking from my eyes? Oh, something must have gotten in my eye.

Of course I'm not crying.

"Crawford ... are you sure you don't want me to wipe your mind too? I promise I won't pry."

Didn't you hear me?

I Don't Care About You.

"I'll be fine."

You sigh. Maybe you recognize a lie when you hear one because you have told so many of them yourself.

"Brad ... tell Nagi you care about him, okay? If you don't, he'll break some day."

Funny, I thought I was the one with precognition around here.

"You should go now." I reply, ignoring his words.

As the two of them disappear around the corner, I wonder if I will ever see them again.

Maybe it's better if we never meet again.

*a few weeks later*

So, it seems like there's a happy ending to this story after all.

Schuldich -who is no longer Schuldich- and Omi are happy, living with the rest of Weiss.

Yohji's the only one complaining ; about the attention the 'new florist' gets from the girls.

Kritiker is happy with a new member of Weiss, who happens to have some special tricks up his sleeve about which aren't spoken openly.

Farfarello is happy, or as happy as he can get, playing with his knifes.

Nagi is happy, if the smile on his face while he sleeps at my side is any indication.

And me?

Don't ask.

Just don't.