"Um dear, why is there a stadium in front of our house?" Naruto questioned, looking back to Hinata slowly. Perhaps Boruto had spiked his coffee and now he was seeing things, but then he saw what looked to be like his 12 year old self along with his old team 7 staring at him widely in shock and realized that no, this isn't one of those bizarre dreams of his! Time Travel/Chunin-Exams.

For Kurotanbo

Yesterday Morning

Chapter 1: When Tomorrow Crossed With Yesterday

"Naruto, you should've left over an hour ago." Hinata's voice hums in his ear. Her fingers thread softly through his blond hair to awaken him, not surprised to see cobalt orbs briefly open to smile at her before closing once more.

He reaches a hand up to intertwine their hands together, tugging her just enough for her to fall back into bed with him.

"Stay with me, I'm already running late after all and you don't meet with the hospital's ophthalmology team with Sakura and the other doctors until in the afternoon." He breathed back, grinning at the hint of red he catches coming onto her cheeks at being tempted. He pecks at the side her of lips and down, ready to leave another series of love bites.

It seems like it's going to be a stormy day anyways; perfect weather for sleeping in and other fun activities!

They can both hear and see the low rumbles of thunder rattling at the windows in the distance, of the sky growing into a consistent dark gray for miles as the scent of rain begins to permeate.

"You know that's a bad idea." Hinata whispers, but it doesn't stop her from moving closer to him as his lips descend back towards hers…

"Stop it Hima, it's my turn now and this is my game!" Boruto's voice yells out interrupting them from continuing.

A loud huff quickly follows, sound of footsteps stomping heading in their direction. "No fair; you promised to share with me! I'm telling Mama and Papa!"

No sooner do they sit up do they hear a loud banging at the door, whizz of violet hair swishing in as soon as Hinata moves to unlock and open the door.

Himawari plops herself onto their bed, already moving to crawl into Naruto's awaiting arms. "Big Brother isn't sharing Papa!"

Boruto is right behind her before either can speak, frown etched across his face at her head start. "Yes, I am! You just keep messing up the controls, I'm trying to show you how to play correctly!"

"I want to play it my way!" Himawari immediately defends.

"Enough! There's no need to argue this early in the morning! Honestly what have you two been doing since you got up?" Hinata exclaims, silencing the pair.

The four walk of out of the bedroom to see the trail of colorful toys and books left in their wake, interest having jumped quickly from object to object.

Naruto sighs, foot landing on a building block and what he hopes is spilled apple juice. "Nobody is playing anymore games until all of this gets cleaned up."

His attention deepens at the sight of pulled out scrolls painted on and files with random scribbles and doodles he knows the pair shouldn't have access too.

'Geez, just how many things were they getting into without our permission?'

Boruto lets out a small whine in disapproval before withering at Mama's stare. Naruto sets Himawari down to help him, both moving to gather as much stuffed animals and tossed clothes their hands can hold onto as quickly as possible.

"Either we've bought them too many things or Father has gifted them with too many presents for their birthdays." Hinata considers, wondering how such a large mess could've been created in such a short amount of time.

Naruto only grins, watching as Boruto takes a rather heavy book and frog plushy out of Himawari's hands to move over to the bookshelf and toy chest respectively.

"At least it's giving them teamwork skills!" He notes positively bringing a laugh out of Hinata.

No sooner does her giggle escape though does the howl of wind return to the windows, rain following after in long sheets of pattering against the rooftop faster than before.

Himawari instantly drops the trinkets in her hands at a flash of lightning ripping across the sky, bounding over to Naruto and Hinata's legs. "It's getting really dark and scary!"

Boruto as well pauses for a moment, stiffening at the loud of crack of thunder that follows shaking the house. His glance moves between continuing with finishing up with their task or following after his sister…

'I'm not scared, I should be brave for Hima.'

But once Naruto nods over to him, beckoning him with a wave he instantly joins in.

"Hmm, maybe it wouldn't be safe for any of us to go out." Hinata brings up gently, ruffling Boruto and Himawari's hair gently to calm them.

Outside the rain creates tiny rivers in the streets, water swelling along the garden and pathway up to the house.

"Papa, can you make the rain go away; please?" Himawari questions, Boruto nodding in agreement beside her.

"Yeah, use your rasengan thing you know!" Boruto adds in eagerly.

Naruto pats Himawari's cheeks gently as he settles himself to sit at eye level with them, brushing away tears simmering at the edges of her eyes while resting his other hand on Boruto's shoulder. "Papa doesn't have the power to control the weather, but we'll all stay here until the storm passes; okay?"

"Okay!" They beam in unison.

The house rattles harder though with another boom of thunder and they both hop into his lap immediately. Hinata catches his gaze when he looks up, lilac orbs holding the briefest flicker of worry as their thoughts align.

'This isn't the usual type of summer storm Konoha gets.'

Everything is shaking, rain pounding seemingly from all directions making it hard to focus or hear anything else.

'Well it is monsoon season, I guess today is just worse than what the weatherman predicted.' Naruto decides as Hinata settles into his left side for warmth.

Besides, it will be nice to have a day off with her and the kids considering how busy their schedules have been lately. Boruto and Himawari have a knack for sensing when they're exhausted even when they try and save energy for them for at the end of the day to play. At least for today they can enjoy hot cocoa and engage in random stories until the sky clears up again.

Another sharp crackle rips through the air, Boruto and Himawari squirming once more. Hinata looks over to him before everything suddenly goes black.

Power outage.

And again the house quakes, a pressure rising beneath them seeming to sink the house…

Naruto stares around carefully, part of him thinking this could be a jutsu of some sort though he doesn't sense any other people around besides them.

"I really hope this passes soon." Hinata whispers, finding his hand in the darkness.

Naruto nods, squeezing her hand back as he ignores a growing sense of dread in his stomach that something is terribly off about this situation...


'When did it become light out?'

Naruto blinks, waiting for his vision to clear as he takes in his surroundings.

The house is quiet, what looks to be like sunlight managing to slip in through the thin slits in the blinds.

Had they fallen asleep? He couldn't recall ever shutting his eyes. Hinata's head rests against his shoulder, stirring awake from his movement. It feels like they've been sitting for hours, legs feeling numb as they start to stretch.

"The storm already passed?" Hinata asks gently as she too peers around to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. Same mess of toys, books, and clothes nearby.

Boruto and Himawari fidget as she taps them awake, smiling when it appears they seem unharmed.

"You two okay?" She inquires.

Boruto nods, rubbing out the cricks in his neck. "I think I slept wrong."

Himawari rubs the sleep from her eyes, yawning and stretching her arms out. "Did the storm go away?"

"Seems that way." Naruto answers. Good, Hinata and the kids were okay. He can hear voices outside the door and immediate area, a rise of commotion that hadn't been there before…

"I think there must've been some type of mini earthquake either that or the lightning might've knocked down some trees or power lines. I'm sure all the neighbors and passerby are gathering outside to assess the roads and what not; I'll go check and see if anyone needs any help." Naruto decides as he moves to stand.

"Okay, I'll go and make sure nothing was damaged in the other rooms." Hinata states, Boruto and Himawari moving to follow her.

'It sounds really chaotic out there, I hope nobody was injured.' Naruto wonders, clicking the door open as he let out a long yawn.

Instantly the noise all around falls to a hush and he cuts off his yawn midway, dozens of eyes turning straight towards him. Naruto pauses, this isn't their neighborhood street…

Because gone is the familiar greenery of the trees and chestnut colored rooftops he's used to watching glimmer in the sunlight in his walks to and from the Hokage office.

Instead what lies ahead of him is a blank wall of granite, that and the stares of hundreds of unfamiliar faces.

"Look, someone's coming out of the house! This wasn't some type of new jutsu or move was it?" One man questions the closest to him. A brief glance at his attire reminds him of one of the proctors who normally runs the exams at the academy, but that can't be right...

"No way! Houses don't just crash out of the sky like that!" Another man snaps in return, though this is unprecedented. They should be far enough away from the main areas of the village for civilians to not be causing a distraction and yet this family has managed to come through without alerting anyone.

But what strikes Naruto the most outside of their conversation is the apparent tournament his family has interrupted…

His fight with Kiba from the Chunin Exams.

And he quickly closes back the door as the eyes of his younger self lock onto him.

'What's going on?'

Hinata regards him in puzzlement seeing his hasty retreat back inside. "What's wrong? I thought you were going to assess the outside of the house and check on the neighbors?"

Naruto opens his mouth before quickly shutting it, voice dry. Maybe he was seeing things, Boruto has in the past liked to spike his drinks with weird concoctions as he sees fit when he feels like he's not giving him enough attention.

He peers down to his son then, Boruto only staring back at him in concern. "Are you okay Papa?"

"Does your tummy hurt?" Himawari adds in questioningly, reaching her tiny hands up as far as she can go to pat at his stomach.

His thoughts briefly flicker back to the decorated scrolls the two had gotten their hands on, perhaps one of those scrolls in combination with the storm…

'No, this isn't their fault. None of us knew the scrolls had any other underlying effects to them.'

Naruto forces on a smile for the duo, staring back to Hinata. "So, there's an arena in front of our house now apparently! Looks like same one Konoha uses for the chunin exams and any other tournaments/competitions."

"Huh?" Hinata blinks.

He gestures for them all to stay quiet, directing them to the corner edge of the farthest window in the kitchen. It's only once Hinata gets a glimpse of the outside too does her breath quicken as well.

"That…That I mean it can't be, but it looks like our examination period from years ago."

Naruto swallows, teeth clenching. "I think it is."

A sharp pounding at the door freezes them in place, Hinata peeking through the small window space again as she sucks in another long breath.

"It's all of the jounin sensei and a few others."



"Heh, I didn't know you could make your shadow clones older versions of yourself too. Not that it's going to change the outcome!" Kiba mused as he popped his knuckles, bothered by the interruption of their fight.

Not that it's every day you hear a loud rumble before a house crashes through the air.

'I didn't either!' Naruto wants to reply, though all he can think about at the moment is the brief flash of the strange older guy who had appeared from the house just minutes ago.

Weird older guy who looks like him!

"Do we need to suspend the fight? There's a high risk of injury to non-participants now." Hayate questions to his fellow jounin, Kakashi however has already made his way up to the door of the house.

He disregards the stares of Gai and Asuma, of another wave of discomfort settling amongst not just them, but the entire crowd.

'It can't be him, I know it can't be. But then why does he look so much like him?'

Minato isn't alive he reminds the clenching of his chest, he'd witnessed his burial and that of so many others who had been lost on that faithful night…

That doesn't stop him from knocking again with more force than necessary, the door snapping open again as he comes face to face with the eyes of the man who looks far too much like his dead sensei.

"You! You're not going anywhere without us getting some answers!" Gai demands far too boisterously before Kakashi can say anything, being pushed abruptly inside with the others.

'He's not alone.' Kakashi realizes at seeing a woman behind him with two young children.

Kurenai though already seems to have taken notice of them, crimson eyes narrowing as she takes in the woman's appearance.

Her eyes match that of the Hyuga clan.

"Hey, that's just old man Kakashi and all the other old teachers!" Boruto blurts out, worry in his expression replaced with relief. Himawari peeks her head out from behind Hinata's leg at his statement, fear relaxing at hearing her brother's declaration.

Well, this is just more confusing!

"Who are you?" Kakashi questions to all of them. They have no idea at the moment if these two are enemies of the village, granted their spying efforts are very poor going by how they made their arrival.

Naruto pauses, faint grin etching his lips. "You wouldn't believe us if we told you."

Asuma scoffs and from the corner of his eye he can see him gripping at his trademark chakra blades tighter ready to strike.

"Try us."

Okay, so maybe smiling just made them all even angrier!

Naruto instead focuses his gaze back to Kakashi, frowning. He still has that sharingan eye covered up and perhaps the only way any of them will trust he and Hinata is if they expose secrets they shouldn't know…

"You thought I was Minato when you first saw me, right?" Naruto questions.

The room quiets then, some eyes widen while others only fix him with harsher glares. So he does know about the Fourth Hokage and their remarkable facial similarities.

He holds up his hands in peace, sighing. "Before I go on, you must know my wife and children don't mean any harm and everything we're about to tell you is the truth. We aren't sure how any of this happened. One moment we're all getting up ready to eat breakfast, the next a stadium is outside our front door."

"How do you know about Lord Fourth?" Genma asks.

"…He's my Father. I'm Naruto, from what I suppose is you all's future. Next to me is my wife Hinata Uzumaki formerly Hyuga and our two children Boruto and Himawari."

"Hinata as in my student Hinata?" Kurenai brings up, staring closer at the woman now.

Hinata smiles lightly, feeling a bit flustered by the sudden attention of everyone on her. "Yes, the one in the same sensei."

"Prove it! All of this could've been data you obtained from a secret source." Inochi barks out before anyone can bring up anything else.

Naruto crosses his arms thoughtfully before nodding. "Kakashi-sensei, you're going to train Sasuke during the month break that will occur before the final matches for the chunin exams by teaching him chidori among improving his strength and speed. I didn't like it at the time, but it made sense considering your similar abilities related to the lightning style and the sharingan eye you gained from your old comrade Obi-"

"Enough, I've heard plenty." Kakashi halts him, holding a hand up.

How could he know his plans before they even happened? More so, know about him?

He rarely if ever, had uttered Obito's name aloud in years and definitely not around his students. His eye crinkles at this supposed older Naruto with renewed curiosity and interest until he feels a tiny jab at his knees.

Oh, he's being attacked.

By Naruto's apparent son.

"Stop being mean to Papa!" Boruto hisses, immediately being pulled back by Naruto. He wrinkles his nose at him in disappointment at not being able to have done any real damage, lips twisting into a deep scowl.

One way or another these people know not just him, but all of them in some form or manner.

"If it will better prove who we are, you can take a blood sample from us." Hinata offers.

Naruto brightens in agreement. "Yeah! Not that you probably don't already have our DNA in some way or another!"

Huh, he's already made creepy assumptions that are most likely true. The jinchūriki of their village and a prominent Hyuga clan member do presumably have their records on file within the hospital.

Kakashi glances back over to Inochi and Shikaku who simply nod and grumble the bother of a long process going through the lab respectively, though it's not like a spy would so willingly give away a part of themselves. Asuma moves for a cigarette from his pocket, dropping his blades for now.

"What about the kids?" Genma asks, pointing over to the pair still huddled together.

Hinata gives him a steely glare in response walking in front of them to block his view, the beginnings of her byakugan activating startling them all.

"You aren't touching or probing at our kids unless you just need to prove our parentage to them; they're only 6 and 8! They are innocent in this already confusing morning!"

Genma immediately backs away, quickly nodding. He thought Hiashi's eldest daughter was rather meek and shy…

But right now he'll think twice about getting near her or her team.

Kurenai can't stop the smile edging up her lips, her student was going to blossom into a confident woman with the help of her friends and Naruto it seemed.

"Fine, we'll collect some mouth swabs and blood from you all. That will get us to the bottom of this!" Gai declares proudly as if this was all part of their plan from the beginning.

Naruto sighs, straightened up as he asks for a few minutes for them to get ready.

After all, if he's going to face his 12 year old self and the rest of his rookie classmates it shouldn't be in pajamas and dried drool from his daughter and son sleeping on him.

He rubs at Hinata's cheeks seeing her frown, pecking her lips gently bringing a tiny grin back to her face.

Yes, they are under suspicion and without Kakashi or any of the others having to say it they know they're essentially being arrested…

"We're in this together. This is normal protocol." Naruto reminds her and Hinata nods in return before she heads in the direction of their bedroom to change.

Boruto tugs at the end of his sleeve, lowering his voice as the rest of the jounin congregate back together towards the front door.

"What is it Bolt?" Naruto murmurs peering down to him.

He points instead back over to the group, cobalt orbs hardening. "Want me to hit one of them again? I can go for the middle parts next time and they'll fall down!"

Where did his son learn all of this?

Naruto laughed in spite of their current situation, patted his hair gently and shaking his head.

"No, let's not make things any worse!"


"Shh look, they're coming out!" Sakura points, Ino following her gaze.

"They don't seem scared…nor do they appear to be some rogue shinobi." Ino considers at seeing the shiny metal of cuffs upon their wrists. Their children gaze around in awe at how crowded the area is, the youngest of the duo even seeming to wave in their direction.

Ino arches a brow. Why are those kids acting as if they know them?

"Is it just me or do they look like Naruto and Hinata?" Sakura asks, jade eyes following the family being escorted out by a majority of their jounin instructors.

Hayate announces all other matches are to be put on hold until further notice leading to a wave of groans and further questioning on what's going on.

Ino nods to Sakura's question, devious grin alighting her face at a sudden thought. "Now that you mention it, even those two kids with them look like a mix of both their features and wait…you don't think?!"

Sakura shook her head, about to utter that none of the girls in their class were interested in Naruto in that way though Ino had already twisted her attention onto the pair in question.

"Come on, let's go find out what those two have been up to behind closed doors!"

Sakura scrunched up her nose at the thought. "Ino, gross! This isn't what you think it is, surely not with how I've heard Hinata's family is."

The Hyuga's are far too noble with their long history of prestige for their visionary capabilities and tracking down any enemy of Konoha.

And Naruto…well he's Naruto so that doesn't really help!

Ino spared her a glance again over her shoulder, matching her frown. "Geez Forehead, maybe they meet for secret rendezvous! Just like I see Asuma-sensei do with Kurenai-sensei in the forests to the west even if they try to hide it! Anyways, I'm not going to pass up an opportunity to tease and do some matchmaking, are you?"

Hmm, she's got her there. Naruto's attention becoming focused on Hinata in his spare time instead of pestering her would mean those two could go out on dates together, attend festivals together, train together…all without her presence needed!

'Everybody wins!' Her thoughts cheered mentally.

"Pig hurry up, we need to ask Hinata a few questions!" Sakura grinned eagerly, looping their arms together to get to where Team 8 was.

Though by the time they get close enough to her, Neji is already there.


"Who was that woman?"

Neji asks the very question she wants to know as well…

She squirms under the harshness of his stare, he was already mad enough that the rest of the planned matches for the day were being delayed for who knows how long and now there was an apparent other main clan member he had known nothing about.

"I-I really don't know honest! I've never seen that lady before now." Hinata spoke up, flinching at her stutter.

"Fine, you don't have to tell me. I can always just beat the answer out of you once the arena gets fixed and the next fights commence. We'll eventually face each other whether you want to or not." He warns before heading back over to his team members.

And it's only when he's no longer so close can she feel herself properly breathing again, for her heartbeat to no longer be pounding rapidly against her chest.

He wants to kill her.

Her stomach churns at the painful reminder, Kurenai-sensei had left with the others and Kiba appeared to be heading to take care of the wounds he sustained in the infirmary.

Shino was nowhere in sight, probably having already left with the others, in fact the whole area of contenders who had yet to have their matches were dispersing now that no other fights were going to be held…

Her attention falls again back on the house that had interrupted Naruto and Kiba's fight, sunlight filtering through widening cracks within in the tiles of the roof to the wood aligning the steps. The whole area and outside infrastructure had been damaged by it's appearance, most of the jounin sensei still unsure what to make of getting it out of the way.

Looking closer she can see something carved towards the broken front door in dark cursive, whispering the name under her breath and in her thoughts.


"Hinata, hey did you know that family that was in there just now?" Sakura questions, jolting her attention away the home.

She shook her head slowly, she was curious about them as well.

Ino hums lowly, nudging her gently. "Well I don't know if you've heard yet, but some people are saying they look exactly like you and Naruto! Funny, huh?"

'Like me and Naruto?!'

And Hinata feels her face starting to burn at the knowing grins both Sakura and Ino send her way. The thought had passed in her mind as well at her brief glimpse of the couple, however it was just wishful thinking.

Because surely Naruto wouldn't look at her that way, not when he asks Sakura for dates time and again…

"I have the perfect idea; you should go find Naruto and see what he has to say about this situation!" Sakura urges her, about to yell for Naruto to come over only to see he's disappeared.


'He's probably just as embarrassed about this situation as me!' Hinata considers, shifting back from the pair before they head off to truly hound Naruto for questions next.

She goes out the back doors she like saw so many others do earlier, crossing into the grassy paths that lead away from the academy instead of onto the main streets.

How late has it gotten? The sun has already begun its trek down in the sky, streaks of pink giving way to calmer blues and violets.

'Ah, Father might be worried that I haven't returned yet to the manor.'

The thought made her quickly pause in place, curling at her toes as she settled herself against the closest tree.

It smelled of rain and pine leaves, of the quickly moving storms that were here so often at this time of year and slowly she shut her eyes to think.

No, Father wasn't worried about her…he could careless what she was doing right now.

She'd seen it too many times now, pearly white orbs sharpening on her in the same manner as Neji did before scoffing…

'You're too weak, a disgrace to our clan and title as heiress.'

Even in her thoughts the coldness of his voice makes her stiffen, chest narrow in apprehension and grief.

It was shortly after that statement he spent more of his afternoons training Hanabi than her, she becoming a ghost flickering by who no longer existed in his world.

For a long while Hinata's footsteps take her around the woods, spending an hour or so training then cooling off in the chill of the river until her hands and toes are numb.

It isn't until the moon breaks across the sky, white glow casting upon the scrawny tree branches and dusky rocks that she realizes how late it's truly gotten in distracting her mind.

And yet still she can't bring herself to head to the manor just yet. Ko or one of the other bodyguards will find her soon enough and she prepares herself for the scolding of having stayed out so late...

Until her thoughts give way to the woman with her clan's eyes.

'I need to talk to her, if I can.'

She'd heard murmurings that she and her apparent husband were being kept under tight security by the ANBU per the Third Hokage's order, but still she wanted to try. There had to be some reason why she looked so similar to the Hyuga clan, perhaps a long lost relative or banished member?

A flicker of familiar blond hair greets her midway in heading up to said holding area, light squeak giving her away as Naruto turns towards her.

Recognition passes in his eyes and if weren't so dark she might've believed she saw a hint of pink in his face.

Maybe Sakura and Ino got to him with their questions regarding a relationship between them after all...

"Hey Hinata, you came too!" Naruto exclaims before hurriedly clamping a hand over his mouth at his voice echoing loudly into the quiet.

Red floods her cheeks, Hinata nervously clenching and unclenching the fists at her sides.

This was a bad idea.

"Y-Yes, I wanted to know if the rumors were true regarding that family and...r-regarding us." She finally breathes out when she finds her voice returning.

"Heh, probably not! Most girls are only into that loser Sasuke!" Naruto laughs sheepishly in return, scratching a hand behind his head.

This is where she'll wholeheartedly agree he imagines, snicker along with him at how gross and unattractive he is like he's heard so many times before from girls in passing whispers.

"N-Not me." Hinata murmurs out faintly.

Heat crawls down her neck at Naruto's confused expression then. Did he not hear her? No, maybe he doesn't believe her.

'She is weird, no girl has ever said that to me being serious.' Naruto frowns, however it doesn't seem like Hinata is joking.

And for a second, his heart and mind race unsure how to respond to this growing warmth settling across him.

"Ah, well anyways you came for the same reasons as me, right?" He asks.

Hinata only blinks, watching as Naruto pointed at the building ahead of them in the distance.

"You want to know who those imposters using our names really are, don't you?! Me too, let's do this together!" He continues with renewed confidence.

This will be much easier with two people!

He reaches for her hand then to get into the shadows as an officer makes a patrol round in their direction, Hinata forgetting for the moment to ask what exactly his plan is at seeing their entwined hands.

All she knows is its probably going to be a break in.


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