Catra is gonna learn the hard way that messing with the legendary assassin from Earth, John Wick is not a good idea. This all started because she attacked his new dog while he's having his war against the High Table. At least the dog survived, but he is not going to forgive the attack anytime soon.

It's such a coincidence that John ended up in Etheria for a good reason. Now he has his revenge set. Traveling to the Fright Zone, he decided to use the same tactic when he killed Iosef Tarasov for killing his previous dog, Daisy. Using a sniper rifle, he makes his first shot to Lonnie's head, ending her life with a swift. Catra noticed this, and she is in fear for her own life. The next shot took Rogelio's life. At least John has the decency to spare Kyle after noticing how afraid he really is.

Running for her life, Catra attempts to report to Hordak, but John sets off the explosives near the walls in order to stop her. One explosive threw her off the building where she meets John face-to-face.

"You!" she growled in recognizing him. She attempted to scratch him with her claws, but John quickly grabbed her wrist and tossed her aside. Before she could do anything else, he shot her in the stomach. He slowly walked up to her while she goes down to the ground from the wound. "Are you doing this because I attacked your animal? It's just a..."

John lands the final shot to her head before she could finish her sentence. She is now dead like Iosef, but at least she tried to fight him bravely. With his vengeance fulfilled, a portal appeared in front of him, and he entered it knowing it's time for him to go back home to Earth.

Author's Note: This story took place after the third John Wick movie and the third season of She-Ra reboot.