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Harry groaned as he came to, the last thing he remembered was being shipped back off to the Dursleys before something hit him in the back of the head, he blinked under the harsh light, where the heck was he? Was that someone chuckling, he looked to the side to see a slightly larger man who was looking at him with gleaming eyes "You know, when they told me that your body would adapt to almost anything thanks to your abilities, I didn't believe them".

Harry blinked at him in confusion whilst trying to fix his occlumency shields "After you defeated that terrorist, they decided that you were too powerful and knocked you out before handing you to us, I have injected you with many viruses and diseases and your body has adapted and absorbed each one so that it would never affect you again. This allowed me to create my formula for creating a new type of soldier using you".

Harry looked on with wide eyes as the man started to explain "First, I will inject you with the DNA of a very special mutant, this should allow your abilities to adapt and absorb her powers, allowing you to use them, it will be like having a new Mother and you being an orphan helps, not that you will remember that, next I will give you the DNA of another subject of mine, that is more for revenge given that he destroyed most of my work".

Harry felt horror building in his mind as the scientist continued "Next I will graft the outer linings and inner linings of your bones with a special alloy that I have created from three very rare metals, if you survive the first two, then you should survive the third, then finally I will erase your memories and start training you as my soldier, after all, you have been de-age d by your lot back to the age of fifteen".

Harry growled and the scientist chuckled again "Indeed young one, the betrayal must come as quite a shock but then again, you have been in cryo-stasis for over a decade, I believe you went into Cryo-Stasis in 1998 correct? If that is the case, if has been 15 years since you defeated Thomas Riddle but as I said earlier, you won't remember any of this anyways". Harry's eyes were wide with horror 'Okay, hide everything behind my Occlumency shields, including the new things he gives me, this will allow me to work on them whilst he thinks he erased my memories'.

Harry watched as the Scientist activated the device he was strapped to, several large needles appeared from each side of the device and aimed at his neck, the top of his head, his spine and his arms and legs, the scientist gained a manic gleam in his eyes "Now, as I am grafting another person's DNA into your own, it will hurt, a lot, sorry for the inconvenience" Harry glared at him as he activated the device again, Harry groaned in pain as the needles injected into his skin and emptied themselves.

Harry winced and bit down on his tongue, refusing to scream as an agonising burning sensation ripped through his body as his DNA changed to accept the foreign element that would be his new "Mother's" DNA, he watched as streaks of red hair appeared in his own long, messy black hair and he grew slightly, he panted after 20 minutes, as his body stopped changing and the burning sensation ceased, he looked at the scientist with hate.

The scientist was positively giddy "I knew your abilities were powerful but I did not expect it to work but here you are, your body has fully integrated and accepted the DNA of Jean Grey, one of the only known Omega Class Mutants, congratulations on your new found family, even if you never get to meet her, on to the next one then" he plugged in the second DNA sample and Harry groaned and recoiled in pain as the needles injected themselves into him again and emptied their contents.

Harry let out a pained shout as he body began to rearrange itself slightly, his skin tone became darker than what it was and his grew both in height and in bulk as his skin became hard like armour, he glared up at the scientist, after another 30-45 minutes, who smiled cruelly "Well done, my boy, you have successfully absorbed and integrated the abilities of Carl Lucas or as he is now known, Luke Cage, the revenge part I was talking about? He wanted to destroy my work so that I could never do to others what I did to him".

Harry growled menacingly at that 'So, this idiot then recreates the process using me, just fucking perfect, wait…does that make this Luke Cage fellow my new Dad? Huh? That is different, I have parents, wait, not the right time now, I think he is about to explain the next part' Harry looked up at the Scientist who grinned evilly "Next is the hardest and most painfully part, as I have given you Luke's abilities, the only way to graft my alloy into you is with boiling acid".

Harry's eyes went wide again and the scientist nodded "Now, I know what mixtures and temperature I need now, thanks to an Incident that your new "Father" got into a while back, so, don't worry, it will only hurt…a lot, I do so hope you'll survive the experience, Mr Potter, it would be a shame to let such potential go to waste" he started pouring the boiling acid into the tub that Harry was hanging over as Harry looked at the liquid with barely concealed fear.

The scientist noticed and laughed "Indeed my boy, be afraid, be very afraid because you may not survive this procedure as only one has before you and his regeneration factor was a major part of it, let's just hope yours in now up to scratch thanks to adding Luke Cage to your family, if not, well then, you will die. It is as simple as that, it would be a waste though, if you were to die, so try not to, if only so you can pretend you have a chance as escaping".

Harry would have growled and retorted has the rebreather not been forced into his mouth and had he not been dumped into the casket of boiling acid, Harry screamed into the rebreather as the acid attempted to eat at his skin, he then screamed even more as the larger needles penetrated his skull, neck, spine, arms, legs and torso from both sides, Harry felt something entering his system sluggishly and realised that this was that strange alloy the scientist was talking about.

He felt it beginning to harden and graft into his skin as he became larger in his bulk, he become slightly taller as well, he screamed into the rebreather as the pain become insane, he struggled and thrashed against his restraints as he tried to free himself, he blinked and shook his head as much as he was able when his vision started to become more blurry and dark, he cried out through the rebreather, trying to stay conscious.

Harry's mind quickly thought about his mindscape 'I can do that, I can escape to my mind, he won't be able to hurt me then' Harry quickly retreated into his mindscape behind his Occlumency shields as his body spasmed, the scientist chuckled as he watched the 33 year old turned 15 spasm under the pain of his experiment "Don't worry young one, soon, you'll be my soldier, unburdened by your past, your memories and emotions".

He froze when he heard his machine give off an alarm, he looked at it in horror as Harry flatlined, he looked over at Harry's body which was just lying there, motionless in the casket of acid "No. No!" he quickly clicked a button causing the metal that Harry was laying on to rise out of the acid, he looked upon the body grafted with the metal he infused with it and sighed "Shit! He was supposed to be the perfect subject. Damn it".

The Scientist, Dr Noah Brustien, walked over from his creation, not noticing the extra formation growing on the top of Harry's wrists under the skin on each hand, seconds later 63 cm each of the metal alloy emerged from the formations on his arms in the shape of blades before receding back into the corpse of Harry James Potter, only his mind was still functioning and he was busy talking to some very important people.