(Fields near Wakanda)

Harry vanished his scythe as the robe disappeared, he turned to everyone as he summoned Gungnir "Thanos has been vanquished. We have won" they roared in happiness at their victory when a black light appeared in front of Harry, everyone quietened down as three ladies walked out of the light and Harry kneeled before them "You have done well" "Indeed, Hadrian, Thanos was a threat, one you dealt with" "This Universe has been restored to balance again but your destiny does not end here".

Harry sighed "I know, the Ancient One told me" the women smiled and turned to the armies "Those who wish to live on a world that you would not have to hide from, please stick your hands up" everyone who had lived on Endemion lifted their hands as did a number of Wakandans and Iron Man, War Machine, Vision and Pepper in an Iron Man suit, T'Challa sighed "We wish we could but we shall not leave our country".

Death smiled as did Magic "You will not have to, we shall move Wakanda as a whole to the Planet where Hadrian resides" everyone but Hadrian stared at them with wide eyes "How would you do that?" they smiled with amused expressions "Because, we are the ones who made the Infinity Stones, we can do nearly anything possible" Magic held up the Mind and Reality Stones, Death Held up the Soul and Power Stones and Fate held up the Time and Space Stones.

Everyone watched as the Stones glowed and they appeared under a new sky, one with two suns "Welcome to Planet Endemion, Wakanda" they turned to see that they had brought the city and mountains with them before turning to the women again, the women then clenched their hands and the Stones shattered into nothingness, they nodded before magic walked over to Stephen Strange with a necklace "This is your new Eye of Agamotto, use it wisely".

She handed him the artefact before walking back over to Hadrian as they sent the Nova Corps back to Xandar an Vanished any trace of the Chitauri and their machines, the Dragons, Centaurs, Endemions, Asgardians, Giants, Vampires and Werewolves returned to their areas as the Fantastic four, Defenders bar Luke, X-Men bar Jean, Guardians of the Galaxy and other heroes went back to their lives on this world.

Harry sighed "You are sending me on to the next Universe, aren't you?" Magic smiled "Not yet, you'll be sent tomorrow, you can spend the day with your wives, children, friends and family, we may be deities Hadrian but we are not heartless" Harry smiled at them "Thank you" Magic giggled "Of course, I am your Mother, it's my job to make sure that you are okay before sending you out" Harry chuckled.

Death sighed "Stand, Champion" Harry stood and looked at her, she hugged him "For what you have done for me, that thing was trying to court me by killing all of those beings" she shuddered and Harry patted her on the back, she pulled away and Fate sighed "Hadrian" Harry looked at her "Yes, Lady Fate?" "In this new Universe we send you too, Until you are taken to a place called the Watchtower, all of your current Powers and memories will be locked away".

"After you get to the Watchtower, you will collapse and remember everything, all of your powers will be added to the ones in that universe, the only abilities you will still have are the ones linked to the Hallows, your flight and your ability to absorb abilities and energy. A portal will open in your manor in this universe once you remember and it will lead to Hogwarts, we shall be moving Planet Endemion into a new Universe, a universe were powers are open and no one is judgemental of them because so many already have them".

Harry nodded "I see. Thank you for informing me, my Lady. How long do you suspect it will take for me to reach this Watchtower?" Fate looked at Death who shrugged "A month, maybe two" Harry nodded "I see, very well, I shall spend time with my family until you return then" they nodded and disappeared, Harry turned to everyone there "It seems I still have a long road ahead of me" Steve patted him on the shoulder "As soon as you get your memories back, if you need us, call, we'll come to help, it's what we do" Harry nodded.

Bucky sighed "I just wish we could do more for you, Harry, you gave me my life back and now, other than the occasional villain, we can relax and yet, you have to keep fighting again and again in different universes" Harry sighed "It's my destiny, to fight, to be a hero, I will continue to do so until Fate, Death and Magic no longer wish me to, it is who I am, as long as my wives and children stick by my decisions and love me, I am fine with fighting until the end of time".

Carol smiled and hugged him "We always will" Harry kissed her "I know, I love you" "I love you too" Harry looked up and smiled as T'Challa nodded "We respect you, King Hadrian Potter of Asgard, you can call on us whenever you need help" Harry smiled "Thank you Prince T'Challa, the offer extends back to you after my memories are restored" Harry looked at the Avengers "Thank you, for being my family, Stark, your Tower, Mansion and Compound are on the Planet somewhere".

He looked at them "Hogwarts will always have rooms for you if you need them" Steve smiled "Thank you Harry, thank you for being by us, even when we were fighting each other" Harry smiled "You lot are family Steve, families fight, it's a natural thing" Steve snorted "Apparently not your family, from what I've heard, you've yet to have a single argument with your family" Harry raised an eyebrow and shrugged "Wait until the kids become teens, that's change quickly".

Thor chuckled and Harry turned to Loki and him "Thor, Loki" they looked at him "Yes Hadrian?" "You two will need to watch over the Asgardians whilst I am away, you'll know when I return though" Loki raised an eyebrow "Oh?" Harry smirked "Gungnir will disappear from my Mantlepiece" Loki laughed "You're going to put Gungnir on a mantlepiece?" Harry nodded "Yep, I'm going to put it on my Mantlepiece, when it disappears, you'll know that I remember everything".

The two nodded and Harry turned to Hela, Fenrir and Jor "Hela, Jor, Fenrir, I am proud of you, you did well today but I have a favour to ask" they blinked but nodded "I need you to look after my family whilst I am away, they are your responsibility, along with Sleipnir's, got it? I want them unharmed when I return" Hela smiled "We'd be happy to, Harry, we'll also look after Fenrir as well, given that he is a child in human form".

Harry nodded with a smile before looking down at Carol "We'd best get home right? We need to tell Arielle, Gwen and the children everything, and then we can relax and spend some time together, the four of us after we've put the children to bed. We'll have to inform Dudley, Gabby and Miss Stacey as well" he shrugged helplessly "Oh and can someone call the Nova Corps and tell them that I thank them for their help?".

Thor chuckled "I'll fly over there and tell them Hadrian, can you ask your Omnipotents to build us another Bifrost?" Harry blinked 'Fate?' 'it'll be waiting for them when they return to where the Asgardians have set up their homes' Harry nodded "It'll be done" Harry turned to the City of Wakanda before turning to T'Challa "There is a city a half a mile from where we are now to the West, your shield is gone, I'd suggest you meet your neighbours" he and Carol vanished.

(Great Hall-Hogwarts)

Harry and Carol appeared in the great hall and Harry kneeled down and hugged his girls "Hey girls, Daddy's home" Harry stood up and kissed Teddy who was in Gwen's arms before kissing Gwen and Arielle, he sighed "We beat Thanos and his army without losing anyone" Arielle nodded "That's good. Why do you look so down?" Harry sighed "Because, my bosses, the Lady of Fate, The Lady of Magic and The Lady of Death appeared in front of us after Thanos died".

"They told me that my work was not complete, that I would be transported to a new Universe with no memories and my powers locked away until I was taken to a very specific location" their eyes widened "Did they tell you how long it would take?" Harry shrugged "A month, two or three at maximum, then a doorway would appear in my home in that world and I'd be able to visit whilst still fixing up that world, sort of like how I did with this one".

Arielle and Gwen sighed in relief before looking at each other and nodding "As long as they don't eve take you away from us fully" "And we get a whole night with you, all three of us" "Then we will back you" "Now and forever" Harry smiled "As far as I know, they never will and of course my loves, as soon as we put the children to bed, I'll have Hela and her Brothers as Wanda and Pietro watching them along with my two apprentices that have just arrived".

(Hogwarts-The Next Day)

Harry stood up as the three appeared in front of his throne, Harry smiled at them before giving his wives a kiss each, he stepped down and nodded at Hagrid, Charlie, Wanda, Pietro, Firelord, Gabriel, Hela, Jor, Fenrir and Sleipnir individually before leaning down, he gave each of his girls a kiss and a hug before giving Teddy and kiss and a hug, he looked at the trio "What will happen to Toxin and my unusual body?".

Magic grinned "Toxin will be fine, he'll be placed into a type of deep sleep until you gain your first power, your unusual body structure will be the same, as soon as you gain your first power, you will become aware of it and be able to use it, before then, you'll seem like an ordinary human with a bit of a faster healing rate, your Occlumency will still be in place and you will still be immune to poisons and venoms, are you ready?" Harry nodded as he was absorbed by a black light.

~~~To Be Continued~~~

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