Hi no Himitsu (The Fire's Secret) : Author's Notes

I thought I'd make a story of what would happen if the generals were reincarnated in present-day Tokyo. What would they be like? They wouldn't be named Jadeite, Nephrite, et al of course because the senshi and Mamoru had different names when they were reincarnated. Will they still be students? Or are they working?

Besides, Naoko Takeuchi, in the manga, actually opened up this fact in the Barazuishou period in R. There is a great possibility that the generals were also reincarnated since Beryl most probably only used their past beings. (That's why they're still called Jadeite etc., in their uniforms with their normal powers, and didn't have present names as the senshi and Mamoru.)

So I played on that great manga possibility. It's too good to pass up.

I figured that I write another story after being inspired by the SNES game, "Sailormoon: Another Story." And also because I've always been found wanting of the story Naoko Takeuchi abandoned after making the artwork on the senshi and generals. Personally, I'd rather she concentrated on that rather than the last boring season.

Anyway, you may find a lot of terms here in Japanese since the setting of the story is in present-day Tokyo. Actually, if we're going to be technical about it, Rei Hino and the Inner Senshi would be 26 by now... BUT... I'm setting this 5 years after Galaxia. That means they're 20 years old in this story. And I'll be focusing on Rei and Jadeite. I will only include vignette stories of the other senshi.

As to why I made the current situation of each senshi, I based it on 1) the manga and 2) Japanese society. Not all Japanese go to college after high school because 1) it's very expensive and 2) it's very very hard to enter college.

If you find Japanese terms in the later chapters, go check back here and I'll try to update this every chapter I make and add more of the terms I used.

ALSO, I'm not very good at description. ^^;; Possibly because I skip those parts when I read or am just lazy at it. In case, I suffer from binetsu though, I might include a few! -_^


By the way, since this is a reincarnation story, the generals are not named Jadeite, Nephrite, etc. In SM first season, Beryl used the forms of the generals way back in the Silver Millenium. Therefore, I'm basing this on the manga for season R where there is a hint that they are reincarnated. And therefore, when they're reincarnated, they're using the names in present-day Tokyo. For example, Endymion is Mamoru. I was thinking that you read through and figure out who was who but that would be hard. So I'll place the names for the generals here anyway ^_^:

Jadeite = Kamui Asano
Nephrite = Sanjounin Masato
Zoicite = Soujirou Nishimura
Kunzite = Kenta Maeda

*I didn't get this names elsewhere. I just got them from various sources. Any differences to any fanfiction or real events are purely coincidental.


Seijin no Hi. (Coming of age day. Usually January 15. When people in Japan turn 20 and are now classified as adults. Women wear nice kimono, go to the shrine, take a picture and usually get drunk since they're allowed to drink beer then.)

ronin. (Originally, a masterless samurai, but can now refer to people who are still trying to enter the college of their choice. Usually repeat taking entrance exams every year, until they enter university.)

miko. Shrine Priestess in Shinto religion.

hakama. The pants worn by a miko.

Daijoubu. In texts here, normally means, "Are you alright?"

Hana-mi. (lit. Flower viewing.) The time in spring when people would wait for the first sakura (cherry blossoms) to bloom. They usually have picnics under the trees.

Omedetou Tanjoubi. (Japanese greeting) Happy Birthday!

omiai. an omiai is like an arranged form of meeting where a go-between or matchmaker called a nakodo will arrange a meeting between a guy and a girl. They will then see if they are compatible with each other and be well-suited for marriage. This has become quite acceptable in Japan

Ara! Oh!

Honto?! Really?

Sou ka... /Sou ne... / Sou desu ne... Is that so? (based on context)

Anoo.... Umm...

takarazaku. Women's theater. A play/musical where that cast only women and where they played the roles of men.

Uso / Usotsoki. LIe/Liar