As DBZA Vegita would say: I'M BACK, BITCHES!

Izuku looked at the batarang he'd just been handed, the scythe-shaped wings unfolding into the full weapon. "You're going to teach me to throw these?"

"Generally speaking." Bruce picked up another, and with a flick of his wrist, sent it spinning into the chest of a target dummy. "Oliver agreed that this'll help in case you still need some range aside from arrows." He nodded his head towards the table covered with batarangs, deactivated sticky bombs, shock darts, and other selections of the man's throwing arsenal. "Like with the arrows, don't worry about accuracy with these. Just use them to get a feel for it."

"Right." He took a moment to get accustomed to the weight; a pound, pound and a half maybe? Taking aim at the torso, he drew back and hurled it. The batarang struck it in the shoulder...sideways, and clattered to the floor of the batcave.

"More like a frisbee." Bruce spoke up. "Let your wrist and elbow do the work." He looked over at the dummy. "Good distance throwing it like that, though."

Izuku took another batarang and let it fly. It hit and stuck this time...for a moment, before falling out. Just in time for the Watchtower comm system to beep. "I'll get it." Bruce said, heading over to the computer. "Those are older ones, so they probably won't stay in anyway."

"Bruce, is Izuku still there?" J'onn's face appeared on the screen. Instead of his usual stoic expression, he looked like a guy who was trying to figure out the best way to ask something.

"Something wrong?"

"No, it's…Inko asked me out."

"Do wha?" There was a loud 'ping!' as a batarang bounced off a stalagmite...twenty feet behind him.

"While not quite how I'd phrase it, I'm curious as well." Bruce grinned in mild amusement.

"My mom? Seriously?" Izuku ran over.

"Yes...and I just wanted to be sure you were ok with it. You see, back on Mars, when you wanted to ask a lady out, it was customary to ask her oldest male relative; father, brother, see if they were ok with you dating her. Pretty much the same if a lady wanted to ask a guy out; ask his oldest female relative. It was more out of politeness than actual permission." J'onn explained. "Just felt like the right thing to do."

"Wow…" Izuku chuckled weakly. "Kinda surreal...I mean, Mom had told me she and my dad were planning to make their marriage a more open one. be honest, I don't even know if I'd recognize the guy since he's been away so long." He chuckled again. "And now my mom is wanting to go out with one of my coworkers...never thought I'd use that collection of words in the same sentence."


"Just...don't let her near any wine. She tries to do kabuki when she gets drunk."

Both Bruce and J'onn looked his way. "That's definitely a story for poker night." The billionaire commented.

"Um, out of curiosity, how did…"? Izuku started.

"Actually it was about an hour ago."

"Um, J-J'onn?" Inko popped up on the momitor. ('Momitor'? Really, J'onn?" Bruce groaned.)

"Mrs. Midor-I mean, Inko." He replied, seeing the look she gave him. "Izuku isn't currently-"

"Hi, Mrs. M!" Himiko squeed, tackling him slightly. "If you're looking for 'Zu-kun, he's not up here right now."

'Hello, Himiko." The woman smiled a bit. "Actually I wanted to talk to J'onn. Um, in private, please."

'Ooh, ok!" She chirped. "Ivy's been showing me how to make what she calls 'hemoglobin tablets', to help keep my Quirk from going wonky again. She and Batman think they'll get it back to a normal state eventually!" She promptly skipped off.

"Well, she's certainly looking better." Inko said.

"Quite. It's a bit of a miracle Izuku found her before it became irreversible." He looked back to see her getting out of earshot. "So, you wanted to talk?"

"Yes...uh..heh...ooh-boy...I'm not really sure how to say this without sounding like a total goober but…" She took a deep breath. "WillIgooutwithme? Ack! I mean you go out to you...I...go you...oh crud…"

"Inko, are you asking me out?" He smiled. "To be honest, you're broadcasting it like a tornado siren."

"That loud, huh?" She blushed. "I mean...I'm still married, but because my husband lives and works out of the country, we agreed to an open relationship, but this is the first time I've really tried this…"

"I'd love to."

"Once she managed to recover from the ensuing bout of giddiness, we agreed to go out this weekend." He finished. "We figured something simple like a picnic would be a good start."

"Just remember, no wine." Izuku said, getting a surprisingly respectful, if mainly in jest, salute before the connection closed. It was then he had a moment of dread. "Oh crap...what if the paparazzi find out, or some of J'onn's more rabid fans…?"

"I believe you have nothing to fret, Master Midoriya." Alfred said, coming down with a tray. "I believe Manhunter has taken that into account and will most likely escort her to the Watchtower's Aquacultural Area for their rendezvous."

"Well, that's a relief. View's actually pretty nice there."

Alfred sat the tray down, revealing a platter of sandwiches. "Speaking of parents, Miss Kara called, from the Clark farm. She says it's time to introduce you to 'Ma and Pa'.

The Batcave was dead silent, until…

Bruce 'hmm'ed. "Explains why Kent suddenly volunteered to go help with that salvage operation at Alpha Centauri."

" chicken!" Izuku muttered, when the thought finally sunk in.

Nezu looked up from his paperwork when he heard his door open. "All Might! Come in."

"Cementoss said you were hoping to talk with me about something." Toshinori replied, taking an offered seat

"Yes actually...mostly an eagerness to satisfy a question I've had for most of the day." Nezu gave his best 'inquisitive' look. "What's it like up on the Watchtower?"


"When you went to get healed." The mouse/bear/dog thing gave him a knowing smile. "That vaunted Amazonian tech, I'm guessing." He chuckled at the nervous look on All Might's face. "Don't worry, Toshi." He said jovially. "Your secret's safe with me. And I figured it out myself, so you haven't broken your promise. Although, 'done wonders'? Really?"

"Sounded funnier in my head." All Might admitted. "Well, it was pretty nice. Heck of a view, and while I admittedly don't quite agree with some of their tactics or personal ideologies, they're pretty pleasant to be around..."