The story begins with backflip woman known as Maria turning 16 years old. Her friends and family are celebrating her birthday as a matter of fact. She is about to start her junior year at high school of course. She had a good school year by the way. She is about to start her new school year. Let's hope that a birthday party for Maria will be a good one.

"Time to what up, Maria" said her mom.

"What is it, mom?" Maria asked.

"Happy birthday!" said her parents.

"That is nice of you, mom and dad" said Maria.

"It sure was, Maria" said her dad. "In fact, we have some friends coming over"

"That is good" said Maria. "I will have to put on my clothes and brush my teeth"

Maria went to put on her clothes and brush her teeth.

"Is my teeth look clean, mom?" Maria asked.

"They do look clean, Maria" said her mom.

"My friends will be here in just a few minutes" said Maria.

"We also made a cake for you" said her mom.

They heard the doorbell ring.

"Can you get the door?" Her mom asked.

"I sure will, mom" said Maria.

She went to answer the door.

"Hi, Barbara" said Maria. "Nice to you see you here"

"Thanks, Maria" said Barbara. "I brought the rest of your friends here"

Her friends went inside, and the birthday party begins.

"Welcome to my birthday party" said Maria.

"You have invited us to come over for your party" said one of her friends.

"I sure did, Joan" said Maria. "Here comes the birthday cake now"

Maria and her friends saw her mom bringing the cake to the table.

"Be sure you blow out the candles" said her mom.

Maria blows out the candles and her friends cheered for her.

"We brought you some presents" said Barbara.

"Thank you for giving me the gift card" said Maria.

"Anytime, Maria" said Barbara.

"Time to eat the cake now" said her mom.

Maria and her friends are now eating the cake. See what happens in the next chapter.