Maria is now getting ready for her next day at school. She had a great day at her first day of school as a matter of fact. She has already gone to an English class of course. She is about to go to a math class by the way. It is the next class that Maria will be taking. Let's hope that Maria will be getting another new class at school.

"Have a great day at school, Maria" said her mom.

"I sure will, mom" said Maria. "See you later"

Her mom left her school and went to work.

"Hi, girls" said Maria.

"Hi, Maria" said Jade. "Great to see you again"

"Thanks, girls" said Maria. "In fact, we have enjoyed our first day of school yesterday"

"We have gone to our new English class" said Barbara.

"We can go there again later" said Maria. "Right now, we are about to go to our new class"

"What class is it, Maria?" Jade asked.

"It is math class" said Maria. "We better get going now"

"Okay, Maria" said Barbara.

Maria and her friends went to math class and took their seats.

"Here we are, girls" said Maria. "Just in time for math class"

"Here comes our teacher now" said Jade.

"Good morning, class" said the teacher. "Welcome to your first day of our math class"

"Thanks, ma'am" said one of her students.

"This class can help you how to work on math problems" said the teacher.

"We know that, ma'am" said one of her students.

"If you need any help, just ask" said the teacher.

"I like this math class, girls" said Maria.

"Same here" said Barbara. "We can try to work hard on our math assignments"

"We did that at middle school" said Maria.

"That is true, Maria" said Jade.

"I hope you liked this math class, students" said the teacher.

"That teacher is nice, Maria" said Barbara.

"We can see her whenever we have math class" said Maria. "That way we can work on some math problems"

Maria and her friends have enjoyed their new math class. See what happens in the next chapter of this story.