I've never seen her eyes in color.

            Oh, I know what color they are, of course. I know they're green, just as I know that her skin is fair-pale and her hair is red.

            It gives me inordinate pleasure to know that I'm seeing her hair the way it really is. Or nearly so.

            But it's knowing like being told, it's knowledge by faith. I don't know for myself it's true, it's just people telling me and me trusting that what they say is the truth. It's not quite real yet. I want to see her eyes. I want to know exactly what shade of green they are, I want to see how they match sea or grass or emerald or all the things green eyes are supposed to match. I want her eyes to be more real to me, to know what I'm seeing is truth. Not truth through a filter.

            But when I met her it had already been a necessity to wear ruby-quartz glasses all the time. I've only ever seen her in shades of red, and I suppose that – barring a miracle – that's the only way I'll ever see her. 

            I remember that I'd been so tense when we'd met – I'd never been a popular kid at the orphanage, and the need to please the adults had been foremost in my thoughts. Next to me she seemed so lively, though she herself was recovering from a year-long coma.

            I didn't want to tell her what would happen if she did succeed in her constant, joking attempts to get my glasses. She knew I was a mutant, but she didn't know how…destructive I was. I remembered how the other kids at the orphanage looked at me after I'd wrecked the living room and scared prospective parents away.

            But I didn't want to hurt her either, in case she succeeded in getting them.

            In the end, the Professor told her. She didn't look at me with fear. She told me she was sorry.

            I didn't really want that either. I just want to have eyes that can meet hers.


AN: Cos every drabble deserves another.

When I showed this to a friend, he asked, 'Is Jean sorry, as in apology for her teasing, or sorry as in she feels bad for Scott'? In case you were wondering, it's the former.

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