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Everyone in the great hall sat wide-eyed and slack-jawed as the Goblet of Fire spit out a fourth piece of parchment.

Dumbledore plucked it out of the air, and at the same time, Ronald Billius Weasley had twenty-four years worth of memories shoved into his brain.

"Harry Potter." Dumbledore said reading the name on the paper.

The hall quieted immediately and all eyes were trained on the boy-who-lived. No one noticed the red-head who sat beside him with his head down. If they were able to see they would notice that only the white of his eyes were showing.

The rare few who could sense magic would have felt a dramatic spike in the direction of Harry Potter, the sort that normally resulted in accidental magic. They would toss it up to his reaction at hearing his name coming out of the Goblet of Fire, not knowing that it was actually the person to his right that was the cause of the chaotic magic.

I didn't snap out of my trance until Harry was already walking to join the other champions. If anyone would have paid attention they would have noticed a look of recognition followed by a myriad of emotions ranging from horror to excitement on my face.

I tried to think about what just happened and found it hard to grasp. I just merged? with another person from a completely different universe, or maybe dimension would be a better description.

My name is Ron Billius Weasley, but I have gone by another, in another life.

I can't remember my name. My brain supplied after trying to remember for a few seconds.

I can remember almost everything else, my sense of self, my personality, the faces of family and friends, grade school, college, adult life, love, loss, a whole other life of memories. But no names, only feelings, it was ...frustrating.

I was brought out of my self reflection by everyone getting up from their seats and heading towards the door.

"Can you believe the git?" "How did he do it?" "Glory hog."

Everyone seemed to be talking about Harry's name coming out of the cup.

"How do you think he did it?" I heard next to me as I was walking. Hermione.

"You think he did?" I answered almost immediately.

Her face scrunched up, obviously not considering the possibility that he hadn't. "You don't think he did?" She asked finally.

"No I don't. The age line was drawn by Dumbledore himself." I said in response.

"Then how did his name come out of the cup?" She supplied immediately giving me a 'if you know so much' look and tone.

"Maybe someone tricked the Goblet into choose him as a fourth school, that seems the likeliest. The question isn't if he put his name in or not, the question is who would have wanted him to be chosen." I responded.

Hermione looked at me as if I had grown a second head. Oops I forgot to act like a bull headed idiot. I thought. Oh well, too late now.


"Amongst others." I said as years of fanfiction and Dumbledore bashing influenced my thought process.

Walking into the Gryffindor common room marked the end of the conversation as she went to gossip with the other girls in the house, no doubt to get others opinions.

I found a nice quiet corner to think but it didn't last long because soon enough the man of the hour walked in and everyone screamed in celebration. When did everyone get butterbeer? I thought as everyone started partying, I even noticed glasses of firewhiskey in some of the older students hands, the twins included.

Harry walked around for a little and managed the questions about as normal as you would expect. Eventually he found me sitting alone at the top of the stairs people watching and approached.

He didn't say anything as he sat next to me and completely blocked the way if anyone wanted to use the stairs.

He didn't say anything, so I decided to start. "Everyone thinks you did it. They celebrate but not for you I don't think."

"I didn't do it!" He snapped.

I didn't respond for a moment, instead I decided to finally meet his eyes and said. "I know."

He visibly sagged at that, obviously relieved that someone believed him.

We sat there for a moment before I realized we had some essays that were due soon. I won't procrastinate in this life, not again. I thought as I remembered my past education.

I'm not sure anyone from my old world would when it involves magic.

"Want to go work on our essay's?" I asked completely serious.

He laughed at first until he saw my face. "You're sirous?"

It was my turn to smile. "No I'm Ron."

That was the start of his laughing fit that didn't end for a few minutes. It was obvious that he released a lot of the pent up stress from the night.

"Sure, I need help on the transfiguration anyway."

The night ended and we caught up on all of our assignments. I woke up the next day to the sound of Harry moaning something in his sleep while tossing and turning.

Without thinking and half-asleep I grabbed my wand and cast a quick 'tempus', it was 6:45 in the morning. It was barely registered as I sat up completely alert with a couple of revelations. The first was the realization that I could use magic and did it so casually. The second was that casting the spell barely worked, it felt like I had to force my magic through the wand. The usual feeling of warmth that accompanies grabbing a compatible wand wasn't there, instead it felt ...cold.

The 'merge'. I thought to myself as I realized what had happened. My magic went through a drastic change, enough of a change to make my personality, soul, mind, everything incompatible with my wand.

Well that will have to be remedied. Oh wait I'm poor ...I could ask Harry for the money, no. The Room of Requirement might have some loose change laying around, hopefully at least seven galleons.

All of this went through my head as I started getting dressed and going through his normal routine. Unfortunately today was a Tuesday, the 1st of November, and they still had classes, History of Magic in the morning and Potions in the evening. Maybe McGonagall will let me dip off to Diagon Alley before classes start, or maybe during break? First I need money.

At the last thought he grabbed his books needed for the lessons that day and headed to the Room of Requirement to see if he could scrounge up some money. I didn't even bother being stealthy, instead deciding to run up the stairs to the seventh floor, luckily the changing stairs took pity on me and I didn't have to wait that much.

Ok, it's in the left corridor right? And then across a portrait of trolls or something.

Soon enough I saw the painting of Barnabus the Barmy trying to teach trolls ballet. I turned around and saw the blank wall where I knew the room would appear at.

Pace three times, picture clearly what you want, aaannnddd score!

The door melted out of the wall as my needs were recognized and I rushed inside. As I entered the room, I realized I was inside of a typical muggle vault and on a raised pedestal in the middle of the vault sat around 5 different pouches that no doubt held what I was looking for.

I approached and realized that these were a type of moleskin pouch designed specifically for holding currency. I grabbed the one in the middle and poured it out. Isn't this supposed to be keyed into a wizards magic? Oh the enchantments have worn off. These pouches had obviously been lost at least a decade ago, as that was when enchantments normally started failing on cloth. Luckily the space enlargement charm lasts much longer, otherwise these may have been lost for good.

The galleons seemed to keep falling and falling, there were no doubt fifty galleons coming out already. Soon it stopped and instead of counting I decided to pour out the rest of the pouches.

I can't believe my luck. I thought as I finished counting out the galleons. 302 Galleons, No more no less. Enough to afford school supplies and robes for the last few years of school if I stretched it out.

Grabbing one of the pouches that looked the newest I deposited my stash into it, put it in a pocket in my robes that was specifically for money, and ran out the door and back down the stairs.

It was 7:22 when I ran into the great hall and the students would be getting ready soon and heading down to breakfast soon. I found my target and ran straight up to her.

"Professor can I speak to you for a moment." I said taking in gulps of air.

"Mr. Weasley, how can I help you?" She responded looking me up and down suspiciously. We walked away from the professor's table before I answered so I could have some privacy.

"I must have damaged my wand last night or something because it isn't working properly, I was wondering if you would let me use your floo to run to Diagon Alley before classes began." I asked sincerely as possible while also lying to her.

"We are not allowed to just let students leave Hogwarts grounds Mr. Weasley, you should know this by now."

I visibly deflated at this. "We can however, contact your parents and they can sign you out of class and take you."

My face paled. "No!"

She looked at me sharply then. I continued before she could speak. "It's just that I don't want to bother them with this, you know that we're uhhh.." I looked around to make a show of it before leaning in mumbling. "...poor."

I paused a second and I could see her eyes soften, then I continued. "And I kind of asked Harry for his help you see…and father wouldn't be happy about that." I said as I released eye contact and looked down to the ground like a scolded child.

There was silence for a good five minutes and I had yet to look up at her, whoever spoke first lost and I could tell she was having an internal battle.

"I can not let you go to Diagon Alley." She said finally. "Alone." and continued dramatically.

I know she only did that to see the expression on my face go from disappointment to joy.

"Go get a quick bite to eat Mr. Weasley, I have classes this morning, but I can make arrangements to have you accompanied."

"Yes mam. Thank you so much." I said as I rushed off to the Gryffindor table and wolfed down a quick plate of sausage, eggs, bacon, and potatoes.

I was done in less than five minutes. I walked over to the professors table again.

"Mr. Weasley, I have called in a favor from Professor Snape, he will accompany you to Diagon Alley. I trust you will be respectful." She told me as I approached.

"Yes mam. Thank you professor." I said respectfully to Snape.

The entire table turned to look at me, most of their jaws were on the ground at my respectfulness towards him. Was I that bad? Stupid teenagers and their problems with authority.

He didn't say anything, instead his eyes bore into mine. He turned around and started walking abruptly. "Follow me."

I did as I was told and eventually I noticed the direction we were traveling, the dungeons. We continued on in silence and neither of us seemed to want to break it.

We walked through a doorway that leads to a study with a fireplace on one end. Two doors led to other sections of her quarters but they weren't visible from where he stood.

"I assume you know how to use the floo?" I nodded in response. "Good."

I didn't waste anymore time and grabbed a handful of the floor powder and enunciated clearly. "Diagon Alley."

I remember to keep my body relaxed and to just continue walking. My foot found the floor of the alley and I stepped out of the green fire dusting off some of the soot. Snape was right behind me and we immediately set out, determined to make the trip faster.

The alley was almost deserted, only workers and owners of the various shops could be seen setting up and getting ready for the day.

Finally we arrived at the wandmakers shop, I tried to open it but it was locked. Not open yet.

Luckily we could see Ollivandor moving around behind the counter and he waved wand and the distinct sound of unlocking hit my ears. I tried again and the door gave way.

"I have some errands to run, I will meet you back here when I am done." The professor stated as I walked in.

I was met with the smell of wand oil and fresh cut wood, along with a fair bit of pine. The shop was just as described in the books and I couldn't help but look around smiling at the shelves full of boxes that no doubt held wands in them.

"Ron Weasley, 14" Willow and Unicorn hair, slightly rigid. Brand new at the time of purchase no more than two years ago." Ollivander said as he took in my appearance.

"And now it is apparently incompatible with me." I answered trying to hurry the process along.

"Ah, that would be interesting. Could you show me?" He asked.

I did as I was told and drew my wand out of my robes, once again the distant and cold feeling emanated from it, no sparks, no warmth, nothing.

"Hmmm very peculiar, may I?"

I handed him the wand for inspection and he took it from me, took one look at it and confirmed. "Yes yes, this wand doesn't seem to like you at all. A complete mismatch, I will not pry Mr. Weasley but something must have happened. You need a new wand."

No shit Sherlock. I said slightly hurt that the wand was acting that way.

He wasted no time in going about his normal routine and started grabbing boxes from the shelves. Eventually he returned and started handing me wands.

"Here, here. Ebony and Unicorn tail."

As soon as I touched the wand I could tell it wasn't for me, I didn't even bother casting a spell before I handed it back.

"No, no. Maybe this one.." he muttered in response.

It continued this way for a good while before finally he pulled one off that looked finely made. It was a light colored wood with a raised handle and a straight shaft shooting out of it. The handle had some black aesthetic rings etched into it, the shaft had an obviously etched black line swirling around the wand until it reached the tip. It was a beautifully crafted wand.

The moment it made contact with my skin, something within me sang. It felt infinitely more compatible than my other wand ever did. My magic seemed to click and fall into place.

"Blackthorn and Phoenix feather 14", very supple. A particularly fine-tuned and sentient wand wood coupled with the most picky of cores." Olivander said as he looked me up and down, no doubt gaining insight into my personality through the wand.

"A powerful and versatile wand, you'll find that the wand won't truly bond to you until you pass through some hardship with it... Very interesting Mr. Weasley. Normally that would be 7 galleons, but since you have returned this one in such good shape, I will allow an exchange."

"Actually I was hoping I could keep it as a spare." I said digesting the information about my new wand.

I was very tempted to ask him more about the wand but instead I pulled out 7 galleons and paid him. He handed me both of my wands and I turned to walk out but then remembered something important.

"Do you have any wand holsters?" I said facing him again.

A grin split his face. "Yes, dragon skin I presume?" He continued at my nod.

"I need two."

"Another 8 galleons. This particular holster will fit itself to your wrist, hold it out for me." He motioned me as he returned with the holsters. "It also has two wand slots in the one holster. I assume this other one is a gift?" At my nod he continued. "Repeat the process for whoever this one is for."

I did as I was told and he dropped it onto my arm. It gripped my forearm fairly tight and then there was a crawling sensation as it adjusted and found it's rightful place on my wrist. He then showed me how to sheathe the wands and call them into my hand, it will take practice to make the process faster.

"I feel as if I need to warn you Mr. Weasley. That wand still has the trace."

"Thank you Mr. Ollivander." I'll have to find out a way to fix that. I thought as I turned around and walked out of the shop.

Professor Snape was waiting for me outside. "If we hurry, you can make it back before class."

He was right, I ran into the classroom as soon as the lesson began. Snape didn't see any reason to give me a note so I had to run.

The day went by extremely slow and he had all of his assignments completed by the end of the class and Potions didn't even have an assignment. Fucking useless class, bloody uselss class? Whatever, same thing, stupid dialects. I thought thinking about how boring History of Magic is.

Hermione was, no doubt, in the library doing her work while Harry and me headed back to the common room. It would take her a few hours to perfect her work and then she would prep for the next day.

I had other plans for the afternoon but first I had to give Harry his present.

He sat down to begin his assignments as I walked up to him. "Hold out your arm for me."

"What?" He eloquently responded.

"Your arm. Hold it out." I repeated.

He finally did as I said and I pulled out the wand holster that I bought from Ollivanders. I pulled his sleeve back and dropped it onto his arm, where it adjusted to fit him.

"What is this?" He asked.

"It's a wand holster, mainly used in dueling tournaments and by Auror's. Makes easy access for your wand." I flicked my wrist as I finished and my wand found its way into my hand, faster than he could track.


"Blackthorn wands are a very unusual wand, almost as rare as yew you see. In my experience, warriors bond with the wood more often than not. It is most peculiar that the wand will never truly bond with the wizard it has chosen unless they have passed through some hardship together, Auror's will tell me it's their first successful raid. Dueling champions say its after their first title, ordinary wizards or witches ...well typically after taking a life in a duel to the death. Some argue that if you stray from hardship and you own a blackthorn wand, it will arrange hardship for you, a warning for the owners of such powerful wands."

Wand Lore for the Overly Curious - Garrick Ollivander

Ron sighed as he finished reading the description of his new wand. We are going to get in a lot of trouble together aren't we?

I could have turned to the section about phoenix feather wands and their properties but I already knew most of the information already. A part of me wondered if it was a feather from Fawkes. Phoenix feathers are the pickiest wand cores to choose wizards, it was seen as a good omen to be chosen by one. I beg to differ, wouldn't you Tom?

They are also said to be extremely versatile in the types of magic they can cast, although fire came easiest than the other elemental spells. This type of wand core coupled with a blackthorn wood, well it was a powerhouse. Blackthorn was notorious for the amount of power you could channel through it.

Although I doubt it could stack up against the Elder Wand. My thoughts provided as I gazed down at my newest and possibly most prized possession.

I was currently sitting in a very comfortable chair behind a desk that was just the perfect height for me to read and study. To my right was a wall with a beautifully designed window that overlooked the great lake and a lot of the land past Hogwarts, a spectacular view. Directly in front of me was a wall full of bookshelves packed tightly with books. To my left, the room elongated and formed what I would think a wizarding dueling room or rang would look like, there were multiple mannequins at varying distances. Behind me was another wall full of books.

The Room of Requirement is amazing. I thought as I took in the sights of what I viewed as a perfect place to learn magic. Time to get to work.

I looked down to the desk and saw a book without a cover. That wasn't there before. I thought as I opened it, A Beginners Guide to Casting For the Learned, it had no author that I could find. I decided to try the first chapter out to see what it was about, as if the title didn't give it away.

Most make the common mistake of never revisiting the basics after finishing their basic education, content with what they have learned. First we should start with, forget everything you think you know about casting. You were taught the best ways to learn for a child, if you are reading this then we will assume you are not, if you are… leave.

Great way to start a book. I couldn't help but think. This is exactly what I need, did the room adjust to my needs without me even trying?

You were taught that verbal shouting and wand movements were necessary to enact your will upon the world. That is only partly true. It will undeniably help the average person, the sensible ones will realize that it is a foolish notion. The most famous wizards and witches of all time knew that it was unnecessary to yell at the top of their lungs, and once the reasoning behind wand movements are memorized, they too become unnecessary. Wand movements are what is most important if you want to build a solid foundation for truly marvelous casting, because they are rooted in Arithmancy. The more the movement the more specific the spell is, just like the longer the number, the more detailed it gets. Eventually your magic gets used to the way the spell affects the world and this is how it becomes obsolete. Mastering these opening wand movements will make it infinitely easier for you to advance in the realm of casting.

Holy shit this is gold. I thought to myself as I immediately became engrossed in the book.

The first two chapters covered basic wand movements and even had pictures with comments beneath them. The next few chapters were some advanced wand movements while the rest of the book went into the mindset needed to cast in each of the main branches of magic: Transfiguration, Charms, Curses, Defense, etc. Then it had ways to practice everything to make it second nature.

Three hours later I had finished the book but I knew that I wasn't done with it. I took a break to enjoy the sights and give my eyes the necessary time to readjust to the world, and panicked once I realized it was after nine o'clock at night. Oh well guess I'm staying here for tonight, no way I'm getting caught in the corridors and getting detention.

Eventually I decided that I could stay up a little longer and memorized the list of the introductory wand movements for all the main branches of magic, and even going a little more advanced with transfiguration, easily the most interesting to me. It was what allowed Dumbledore to write his name in history as one of the most powerful wizards, next to Merlin, the founding four, and others. I wanted that. It was also, arguably, the most versatile branch of magic out there, it could attack, defend, be used for convenience, everything, and I would make it my bitch.

Around eleven o'clock at night, I discovered that the room had switched everything around. Instead of a study, there was a bedroom with a bathroom that had a standing shower designed like one from my previous world. After a quick shower I melted into the bed, told the room to wake me at seven and passed out.

I fucking love this room.

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