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"Thank you for agreeing to speak with us, Mr. Black."

I sat across from an up and coming reporter, one Harry had claimed was fair but willing to ask the hard questions.

I nodded to the young man. "It's my pleasure. I know everyone wants answers." I told him with a small smile.

The young man wasted no time in getting to the interview. "Yes well we'll get to that. First, let me congratulate you on your award. It is no small feat to earn an Order of Merlin First Class."

"It's an honor." I responded quickly. Flame flashed in my mind, and I stopped myself from looking around for the source of burning flesh.

Even with a Mind Palace, trauma will still touch me occasionally. I thought as I locked down on my occlumency.

"Is it?" The reporter asked with a curious look. "Some people call you a murderer, and compare you to Grindelwald, or Voldemort, himself. Do you have anything to say about that?"

I had expected the question, and I already knew the type of answers I would provide. I would not cower before the masses. There is a reason they cower before me.

"You know. When I was in school, Harry and I were learning from Dumbledore. He lays all of that out in detail, in his book…" I started.

"Yes, I have read it." The reporter told me, so that I could continue.

"Dumbledore would always tell me that there were consequences for power. I quote 'I do not ask for forgiveness, only understanding'." I told the man. "It took me a long time to realize what he meant."

"And what did he mean, Mr. Black." The reporter latched on the obvious question I laid out for him.

"What I did, the lives I took, I did for the people that criticize me. I did it so that they could go to work without worrying over whether or not a Death Eater attack would happen that day. I did it so that they could send their children to Hogwarts without fear of their safety. I accept all of their criticism because I know they are correct. I took a stance, just like Grindelwald did, just like Voldemort did, and didn't budge an inch. When the dust settled, Harry and I stood victorious. However, I, and the Wizengamot, agree that it was best for Wizarding Britain and completely lawful." I didn't hesitate in my answer, and delivered it clearly.

I knew my answer would be a little controversial. No doubt, a lot of people wanted me to be a saint and apologize for erasing so much magical blood in one night. Personally, I thought they were just on the wrong side of the war.

"Yes, well put. Now that I have gotten the hard question out of the way. The Daily Prophet and I want to say thank you for what you did. Mr. Potter's book really expanded on the things the average wizard didn't see during the war." The reporter said, revealing that he was just as Harry had described him.

"Now, you start as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher for Hogwarts in three days. But the readers want to know, what's next for the Hero of Britain?"

I smiled at that reminder of my new position.

"Well, I'm glad you asked. As most of you know by now, my wife gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. So I'll be acclimating to being a father along with my new position at Hogwarts. But I want to show something else that is about to hit the shelves at the Weasley Wizard Wheezes shop in Diagon Alley." I said as I reached into my robes and grabbed a nice leather notebook.

"I call it 'Blackbook'."

*Eleven years later.*

I walked into the Ministry Atrium, just as I had that day.

The crowd parted before me, as was usual nowadays. My red hair and neatly kept beard gave me away almost immediately. I had heard it said that it was also in the way that I walked. People notice me for so many things nowadays.

I wonder why… I thought as I looked straight ahead.

In the middle of the Atrium, where the Fountain of Magical Brethren used to stand, was a stone carving of Harry and I.

We stood back to back, in a completely calm but threatening manner. As if we were supremely confident that whatever the world would throw at us wouldn't be enough to take us down. The robes that were carved on us were extremely accurate to what we really wore that day.

My sculpture's wand had the exact runic patterns along the shaft as the one in my wand holster on my wrist. My stone hand covered the most important runes on the hilt of my wand. I allowed the sculpture to see it, because if someone managed to crack it, I didn't care. More power to them.

Harry didn't even bother hiding the Elder Wand from the world. It was on display in his stone hand. Nobody would ever know what it really was either, very few people alive even knew of its existence.

I walked up to the massive statue of myself and stood in front of it for a moment, waiting on the person behind me to announce themselves.

Harry took the bait. "Why did you choose here, of all places?" Harry said with a huff and sat down on the bence.

"They need to see us. The more they see us, the more they leave us alone. We've been over this." I told my best friend.

"You say that, but I get at least three women a week who come to the hospital for no reason at all." Harry replied. I couldn't help but laugh at that a little bit.

"Yes well, at least you don't have fifteen year olds with a headmaster fantasy." I said as a shudder ran through my body and I almost gagged. "Honestly, we have a veela and a metamorphmagus that we actually love. What more can you ask for?"

Harry wasted no time in answering. "Most men cannot see what is in front of them. It's the chase. Some women know that, and exploit it."

Hmmm, well I suppose that is true. I thought for a moment.

"Why did you ask to meet, Ron?" Harry asked. He was getting antsy from all the stares we were getting from the people around us. Even being born famous, he never truly got acclimated to the status. I couldn't blame him, I didn't want it either.

"Kingsley is stepping down." I revealed, getting it out in the air.

We both knew what I was asking him. We both knew that Harry absolutely had to be the one to take his place.

"No." Harry said immediately.

"We're still healing my friend." I told him, knowing his answer.

"Then I'll back Hermione." Harry retorted, obviously having thought about this recently. "She'll be good for the country. Muggleborns would do nothing but prosper."

I nodded to Harry knowing that he was right. "Hermione would be good for the country. But she would alienate any and every pureblood further than we already are. She is not as fond of us as she used to be. You remember what she said about…."

"Of course I remember!" Harry exclaimed quietly. He didn't want to try and make a scene in public. "It doesn't matter. Maybe we should be alienated, after what happened."

I scoffed at him. "We need someone in the middle. The States are starting to fall apart because of the emphasis on 'parties', Harry."

"Then you do it!" Harry was really starting to get angry now. I had been pestering him about this particular issue for years. It had resulted in a fair amount of duels so that we could blow off some steam. That was part of the reason I had chosen a public place.

"I'm doing my part!" I returned just as adamantly, except I wasn't as loud. "The next generation is getting further from biases, unless it comes from their home. And now we're all connected…" I told him while pointing around us.

One in every four wizards/witches had a cell phone up to their ear and was talking into it. As they walked past, I could pick out the runes that isolated the phones from the magical energy in the air. I should have, considering it was my invention.

"...It's just a matter of time until the culture does the work for us. But it could easily fall off of the tracks and head in a bad direction. I need you to drive the fucking train. We have to have legislation on the internet, and fast. We're two of the smartest people on the planet, but I can't be everywhere. Do it for a couple of years, retire back to the hospital."

Two notification bells went off in our robes. I reached in and grabbed the Iphone inside to look at the txt.

'We're ready.'

I looked up at Harry to see that he had gotten the same txt. He didn't respond but stood up and I joined him in walking back to the apparition ports.

We didn't exchange any more words and disapparated with a 'POP'.

I appeared in Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

Harry was already waiting on me outside. I laughed at how childish we could be sometimes. It was a big day for me. Both of my girls would leave for their first year of Hogwarts today, and we were meeting them to see them off the traditional way.

"How did Delphini take it?" Harry asked as we walked into the muggle section of Kings Cross Station.

I grimaced. "She was mad for a couple of hours, until she realized that Sirius was actually as close to an Uncle as anyone can possibly be. And we do share some blood, even if it isn't direct." I answered him, remembering the emotional night a week ago.

Harry smiled a bit. "Yea she does love Sirius doesn't she?" Harry asked rhetorically. "What did Eve say?"

"She was a little shocked, but she's too much like her mother to be bothered by such trivial things as blood relation." I told him as I remembered her indifferent stare as her sister cried.

Harry laughed at that again. "Yea, that's good. I think you were right in telling her." He offered me just as our families entered our view.

Tonks walked forward, just as eccentric as ever. Except she was wrangling a ten year old boy with one hand, and holding the hand of a smaller little girl with the other.

Fleur was beside them, walking a little more elegantly and letting her daughters take care of the red-headed little boy that was clinging to them begging them not to leave. I smiled a bit as they approached.

They didn't bother with the shopping carts, like we might have done in another life. I already had all of their belongings in their dorms, waiting for them at Hogwarts.

Delphi saw us first and ran towards us. She looked more like Tonks than she did Fleur, considering Tonks' close relation to Bellatrix Lestrange, Delphi's true mother. It really showed in Delphi's facial structure. Luckily, the attractive features weren't marred by an insane glint in her eyes.

She had naturally silver hair, like her other aunt, Narcissa. Except the ends were constantly dyed red, to try and prove her relation to me. She wrapped around my waist, and I returned her hug.

Another impact, and I was met with the sight of strawberry blonde hair hitting the other side of my abdomen. Eve was a spitting image of her mother, in every way except for the red tint her blonde hair took.

I waited for my other child, but when I looked up, I saw he was clinging to his mother now refusing to show emotion for his sisters leaving. I smiled at the pouty look on his face.

"They will see you every day, and yet they ignore their mother. I knew being the bad guy would come back to bite me one day." Fleur whined as she approached us with a fake look of anguish on her face.

The two connected to my waist must have seen the logic in her argument and detached from me immediately and nearly attacked her. She barely moved when they impacted her, used to the treatment from the excitable girls.

She returned the hug with a strong grip and a little flash of red told me that my son had managed to get out of the way in time and make it to my side.

"Why are you so mad, Percy?" I asked him. "You'll be able to visit."

"But I want to go, not stay at home." Percy mumbled into my leg.

"Two more years, and you can." I told the little boy for what had to be the millionth time since the girls had received their letters.

"That's so lllooooonnngggg." He whined.

I gave him a light smack on the back of the head, so light he didn't even feel it. "Stop whining and listen to your old man."

He pouted even more and I just rolled my eyes at him.

"Uncle Ron, why can't I go to Hogwarts." I heard from a little black haired boy on the other side of me.

"Because you're not eleven, Teddy." I answered quickly, knowing who it was without looking.

"But I'm Ten and a half." Teddy retorted.

"Yea." Another, smaller voice said as a slap connected with my thigh.

I made my leg buckle, and let out a cry. "Ow!" I said and turned to the culprit.

A small scarlet hair colored little girl stood with an innocent look on her face. I narrowed my eyes at her, and she turned to run away. I didn't let her and scooped her up before tickling her mercilessly with my beard in her neck.

The little girl squealed in a combination of torture and delight. I had trained all of the kids around me to have a tickle spot on their necks and they looked on like they wanted to help the small girl but wasn't willing to invoke my wrath. Even Eve and Delphi were still ticklish there, despite their best efforts.

"That's what you get for hitting me." I told the little girl.

"Poor Rose, never learns." Teddy said, shaking his head beside me.

I remembered that I had ignored his comment from earlier. "Didn't you just turn ten a couple of months ago, little boy?" I teased Teddy. The little girl in my arms ran her hand through my beard trying to antagonize me again. I gave her a look out of the side of my eye that promised redemption.

"Yea." Teddy answered.

"Then how can you be ten and a half?"

"Unimportant!" Teddy yelled, before earning a smack from his father. Harry calmly told him 'no yelling' without even thinking about it.

I turned my attention to where Fleur was giving a speech to the girls. The first part had been about doing well in school and respecting themselves.

"..your father and I have already agreed that he will not be easy on you anymore. All the professors know to go to him if they have ANY problems at all, you understand?"

The girls nodded their heads at her with a smirk and looked at me out of the corner of their eyes. I smiled deviously at them, because we all knew that it was impossible for me to discipline my girls unless in the most extreme situations. Everyone knew that they would run all over me.

Fleur followed their gaze, and I fixed my face into a stern one a little too late.

"You promised!" Fleur pointed out. "You will discipline them!"

I continued my stern stare and nodded at her causing everyone to laugh.

"Of course."

'Harry Potter Adds Minister to His Long List of Accomplishments.'

'Harry Potter Wins Election by a Landslide!'

'Boy-Who-Lived to Man-Who-Conquered to Minister!'

'Hero of Britain, and Richest Wizard in Europe Ron Black Endorsement Locks in Harry Potter's Position of Minister.'

I looked up from my food as the few owls that still ran mail in the wizarding world flew into the Great Hall and deposited mail to students.

A certain magical signature amongst them made me wary of what was heading my way. Then Hedwig appeared in my line of sight and I drew my wand instinctively.

She dropped a red package that fell a few feet towards me before the paper expanded quickly.

Before I knew it, a paper dragon was heading my direction. Just as it's jaws were about to reach my position, I flicked my wand to it.

The summoned flame turned the dragon to ashes quickly. But Harry's prank was not done. He had expected me to use fire to get rid of the dragon.

The black ashes started to form into the air. Once it was done, I saw a student fall out of their seat and the familiar laugh of Delphi echoed through the chamber.

There was a massive ash middle finger hanging in the middle of the room pointing towards me.

Guess Harry is still mad about winning.

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As of 2008:

Evelyn Grace Black - 11 Years Old. Daughter of Fleur and Ron.

Delphini Black - 11 Years Old. Blood daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange and Tom Riddle Jr. Raised by Fleur and Ron.

Arthur Perseus Black - 9 Years old. Son of Ron and Fluer.

Theodore Sirius Potter - 10 years old. Son of Harry and Tonks.

Rose Lillian Potter - 5 years old. Daughter of Harry and Tonks