Searching for You


Starfire k'Treva

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                A white shape whipped through the gates of the Rethwellan Palace, leaving the guards stunned as the wind scattered leaves and other road debris behind the shape.  As the Court was just dispersing the white shape was able to enter the Great Hall through the main doors of the palace.  It came to an abrupt halt right in front of the throne of the King; this white shape appeared to be a pure white stallion with large sapphire eyes.  It nodded its head at the King, then strode over to the hearth where a young man was sitting, carefully detuning his lute.

                : Chosen, you are to come with me: the White Stallion said inside the young man's head.

                "W-what??" the young man spluttered and looked at the horse with disbelief.  "You can talk???"

                : Yes I can talk; I am one of Valdemar's Companions.  I have chosen you.  You must come with me to Valdemar as soon as permissible by your King: the stallion continued.

                The young man took his eyes from the horse in front of him and looked to the King, who simply smiled and nodded.  'There goes another minstrel,' the King thought to himself. 'Oh well, he wasn't that good any way.'

"I'm not quite sure how you know I have what you are looking for Companion," the young man said as he looked back to the horse. 

                : Shall we head to the stables where I may be more welcome.  There we can introduce ourselves and you can give me a rubdown: the stallion said and a small yellow bubble of humor erupted in the young mans head, making him chuckle too.

                "Alright, Companion," the young man said, slinging his lute case over his shoulder and placing a hand on the neck of the horse.  They walked out of the Great Hall and towards the stables.


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