Kingdom Hearts

Ch. 1

Dive into the Heart


The clouds part and the words rush through his head. A boy awakes, floating

in a strange abyss, the keychain around his neck waving in the current

of wind blowing upwards.

"I've been having some weird thoughts lately?

Is any of this for really or not?"

The boy's heart pumps as he falls deeper into the abyss, his eyes closed. The empty nothingness becomes water, and bubbles form in the wake of his descent. He reaches a barrier and his eyes blink open with a flash. He finds himself standing on a sandy beach on a clear sunny day. He looks around and sees another boy in the water. Holding his hand up to block the glare of the sun, he steps toward the boy in the water to get a closer look. Suddenly, the ocean waters recede. He looks up and gasps. The boy in the water, turns his head, the breeze billowing through his silver hair, as a wave forms beyond. He smirks, holding his hand out as the wave reaches its pinnacle behind him. The boy with brown hair runs toward the boy in the water, who isn't moving. Time seems to slow down as the wave crashes down on top of them. The first boy spins in the water, gritting his teeth. He rights himself and stares at the other boy, who is unfazed, saying nothing with his arm beckoning. The first boy tries to reach him but is swept away with the current. He eventually surfaces, gasping for air, the water dripping off of him as the sun hangs low in the sky. He sees a girl on the shore waving to him and calling his name.

He waves back and starts padding towards shore as she bounces happily on her feet. The girl stands with her hands behind her back as he arrives. He bends down slightly, catching his breath and smirks up at her. She giggles until something in the sky catches her attention, her face forming a serious look. He stands up and turns around. A meteor shower rains down from the sky, a shadowy figure among them. They stare in awe, and the boy realizes the figure is himself. He gasps and feels himself falling.

He becomes the figure in the sky as he falls below the girl, reaching out to her. She reaches out to him until the image of her ripples in water reflecting the sky. The boy falls back, eyes closed, sinking deeper as bubbles trail him. He stirs awake and manages to right himself before settling onto a dark platform. He looks around and takes a step forward. There is a flash of blinding light as a large flock of birds rise from the platform, flying in all directions and scattering feathers everywhere. The boy shields his eyes as the wind whips at him. He watches them leave while the last feathers fall. The platform now depicts a girl taking a bite out of an apple. The boy turns around seeing no one yet hearing a voice. It spurred light barring the image of a beautiful maiden. Red lips are revealed upon her face, hair black as ebony, skin white as snow.

The boys wanders over the platform gazing above the abyss. As he paused a voice calls out, "So much to do so little time, take your time don't be afraid. The door is still shut, move forward. Can you do it?" The boy wanders to the middle of the platform trying to see who could be calling out to him.

As the boy stood at the center of the platform, 3 bright lights appeared at the edge near the abyss. 3 weapons materials in a dazzling presentation. A mighty sword, a mysterious wand and a powerful shield each with a mark displaying three circles resembling a mouse's head. As the boy surveyed the tools, the voice cried out "Choose well." As the boy stared at the shield the voice called out "The path of the guardian. Kindness to aid friends, a shield to repel all." He looks away from the shield and quickly turned to the wand with much curiosity. The voice as did before spoke out for the boy. "The path of the mystic. Inner Strength, a wand of wonder and ruin. The boy then turned to the first weapon; it instantly caught his attention with impressive structure. He took one step closer, as he did the voice cried out a third time. "The path of the warrior, invincible courage, a sword of terrible destruction." The boy quickly began walking toward the object, as he came upon it, he lifted his hand to grab it. A mighty sword built for any great warrior forged in battle with impressive workmanship. The voice called out "The path of the warrior is what you choose." The floor began to break as the boy lost his balance.

He fell once again falling into the endless abyss. He looked down to see a light coming towards him. Once again, another platform with a beautiful maiden appeared before him. He quickly landed on the platform as his fall has ended. The maiden on the platform wore a beautiful bluish dress and had blonde hair. The boy looked around as he got a hold of his footing. He wandered to the middle of the platform then the voice spoke again. "Be careful you must know how to defend yourself." The boy looked over to see a moving shadow on the ground soon the creature came and formed a body. It was all black with glowing yellow eyes, it was shaped kind of like an ant. It stood on two legs with a pair of arms waving in the wind. Upon its head adorned two antennas or so it seemed. It constantly jerked around like a mad dog trying to confuse the boy. It launched at him striking him near the stomach. The boy quickly panicked as he tried to avoid the creature. The voice again called out "Fight, in order to live."

The boy knew he had no choice but to fight. He looked around to see if anything can help. As he looked the sword of the warrior appeared in his hand. As that happened the creature lunged toward him once again. He lifted his weapon at the creature, it made contact with the sword as it bounced off. The boy took the opportunity to counterattack. He charged at the monster with serious determination. He took his sword and with one strike vanquished the monster. He stepped back as the monster burst into nothing leaving no trace of its existence.

As the boy set down his sword to collect his thoughts a door appeared in front of him. The door was made with a wood like structure decorated with floral patterns on it. As the boy walked towards it. The door immediately opened as a bright light blinded the boy. He appeared again on top of another platform. This time with a different maiden, she wore a pink dress with long blonde hair holding a rose up to her chest. She was surrounded by thorns and wore a crown on her head. "Is she princess?" the boy wondered as he wander over the area. More creatures came and attacked, the boy defeated the monsters and a staircase appeared before him.

He walked up the stairs and came across another platform. On bore a woman with a yellow dress and surrounded by sliver wear. The light was far greater than before as the boys shadow grew to an immense length. The mysterious voice spoke out again. "The closer you get to the light the greater your shadow becomes." As he said these words the boys shadow lifted off the ground and began to take shape as did the shadow creature before. The boy quickly turned around startled by what lay before him. The creature has become a giant version of the shadow creature with the yellow eyes and all.

It stood on legs with a pair of mighty hands on each shoulder with a heart shaped hole at the center of the creature. The boy reached out for his sword to appear, but it didn't. He was helpless and quickly ran to the edge of the platform nearly toppling over the edge. The boy heard the voice whispering something to him. "Don't be afraid" it claimed. The boy froze in his stance staring straight into the monsters eyes as it raised its left arm. The boy fell to his feet as the monster came closer. Fear struck the boy as he reluctantly excepted his fate. The darkness covered the boy's body as he gasped for breath. The monster took its arms and sent them flying at the boy.

"Don't be afraid. You hold the mightiest weapon of all. So don't forget: You are the one who will open the door."