Championship Race at la Sarthe

By: Jepoy Guinanao

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After the controversial in Motegi has decide to restart. Fisher Biskit is Betrayal Josh Sharp is crashed on turn 4 cheating is not part of the losing

was struggle before the final round in Circuit de la Sarthe for the championship..

Race time: 10:00

Circuit de la Sarthe

at the pits

"I'm Sorry Jeff, i wasn't you're fault"


"About Blythe, if was apologize of this friend"

"Don't worry Josh Sharp i won't bothered that you brother you're not lucky"

"Okay...take you aunt. Good Luck on the race"

"What are you doing here?."

"Lucas Ordonez?"

"great is that blythe baxter?"

"yes she my teammate and my aunt."

"Blythe Style Racing"

"Of Course and is that so many pets you know..."

"Littlest Pets. Adopted by Blythe Baxter"

"Conway...just be careful promise me ..i'll see you at the track. and don't forget your pets isn't for sale.. Good luck"

"Don't overtake too fast. and focus on the track"

At the Race track of the starting grid

"Good luck Jeff...We're counting on you.."

"Conway...But this is the end for you"

"Fisher...You never win..Largest Ever Pet Lame."

"Have it Your your winning the trophy"

Heartbeats sound

"be safe Jeff...Be Safe..." Jenny promised

"You will win the trophy...i promise"

"Drivers Starts your Engines!" Bev Gilturtle to give the command

Engines starts and revving

"The Racers are Green"

Green Light and engine revs

"boogity boogity boogity...lets go racing boys!"

LAP 1 of 10

"Conway Gonna clean start!"

"So your gotta get rev for good...but business only"

"Conway...focus on slipstream...beat Fisher Biskit"

"On it!"

Engine revs and OP S2000's vs S2000 LM through Dunlop Chicane

"You're Bad Champion...HOW RUDE!"

"What the What?..A Opera Performance S2000 driven by Fisher Biskit?"

Race through Dunlop Bridge at the next section

"oh no...we're gonna make run for it" Sunil contacted

"Conway!... you're mine tough guy"

two S2000's race through section 3 of Tertre Rouge

"You think You Can this is's Blythe Style Business"

S2000 LM Engines Revs

"Fisher... i'm sorry but i can do the same.. i quit Biskit Racing"


"Sorry think that's it?"

"Conway beat fisher biskit for the win"

"on it Sunil.."

two S2000's Conway overtakes Biskit through L'Arche Chicane.

"Daddy, what are you doing?"

"SHUT UP!...Brittany Biskit.." Fisher shouted "I'll be seriously for you"

Engines revs and Two S2000's race through Mulsanne exit

LAP 5 of 10

Back at the pitstop of Blythe Style Racing

"Blythe it's Josh Sharp...Don't worry i'll contact"

"Josh, You're gonna need this."

Back at the race

"The Yellow Flag was caution of crashing the number 16 car is out of the race in 7th position"

"Conway?" Josh contacted

"Who's Contact me...Josh Sharp?...Where have you Been?!" Jeff contacted

"It's a Long Story..Bro" Josh contacted

"I almost crashed in Motegi.." Jeff contacted

"He's Recovered him..Conway, Let's the show on the road" Blythe listened

"Conway...Finish the Job...Beat Fisher Biskit at all costs" Vinnie saids

"on it"

Two S2000's race through Mulsanne exit

"Penny.. just a few more laps we're gonna fight Biskit for final lap real soon"

"on it conway...just a hotlap" Penny Ling agreed

"you will win my trophy Conway... You're Raceday is over"

LAP 7 of 10

at the pit stop

"box in the lap. We're Ready tyre change" Pepper Clark reminded

"Tyre Change Ready" Jade commands

"Don't Give Up Now, Conway We Can Give Up now Dude" Josh saids

"Not for long Josh, But Biskit never wins.."

"Focus Conway. Be Careful kid." Josh reminded


"That's not Right...Boo Biskit!"

Engines started

"It Ends now Biskit, Blythe Is My Auntie and my friend"

Engines Revs

"All Clear!...Go! Go! Go!" Sunil commands

Engines starts

"Biskit..Conway taking the lead"

"But this is over conway!?"

Engines Revs

"Conway!..Conway!..Conway!" Spectators Chants

"Race time Jeff, Beat Biskit.." josh declared

LAP 8 of 10

Pacecar in the pits

"Conway to the Ford Chicane in 1st place, Biskit in 2nd place!"

"The Green Flag is Restarted!"

"Conway behind the opera performance S2000 in 2nd place." Blythe Contacted

"Biskit Chasing us" Blythe Contacted

"On it. it's my Business for Blythe"

Engines Revs

"Blythe. the biskit car behind us a little condition with." Jeff Listening

"Got it Conway." Blythe Contacted

"That just a little bit right now, this is a little Turbo." Jeff Contacted

"We Got Company. Conway. You hear?" Elwood Listening

"on it Elwood" Jeff Contacted

LAP 9 of 10

In 3rd Position The Lister Storm through Porsche Curves, 2nd position Fisher Biskit and the lead lap is Jeff Conway.

2 laps to go

"Conway's Gonna win for the Final round"

"Go for it..Conway" Nutmeg Dash Shouted

"Roxie?...How does Conway really wins." Jade Catkin repiled

"I know this guy.. Conway gonna wins" Roxie agreed

"Conway is in Ford chicane. side by side between biskit and conway!" DJ John commentates

"Jake?...that car looks great. what if they win?" Youngmee saids

" Son's was driving a V-TEC..And the pet shop will re-opened soon" jake saids

"Sounds Lovely" Zoe Trent saids

"Go Conway!" Cindeanna yelled

LAP 10 of 10

you're have one lap to go. a Showdown Between S2000 LM vs Opera Performance S2000

still in second place..Fisher the lead lap is Jeff Conway in the Porsche Curves.

"Jeff! The car behind us! It's Fisher Biskit, you Stay in the lead!." Sunil saids

Biskit slipstream and behind the rear of S2000 LM

"You're a Traitor Jeff!" Fisher Saids

"Had Enough of's my business"

Engine revs and through Maison Blanche at full throttle

"Jeff, Finish the job..Beat Fisher Biskit!" Josh contacted

"Affirmative.." Jeff saids

"All you have do is to beat Fisher Biskit to win the championship" Sunil contacted

the final sector the Ford Chicane.

"Biskit Gonna Crashed!" DJ John Commentates

"Oh No!" Biskit twins Shouted

"This One's For You Fisher!" Jeff saids

Engine revs and Fisher Biskit is crashed.

"Daddy!" Biskit twins Screamed!

"Biskit is Crashed!" Darrell Waltrip Commentates

"Jeff Conway Wins the GT World Championship!" DJ John Commentates

Fireworks sounds explosions and cheering

BGM: Lento e Largo from Symphony No. 3, Op.36 (Prelude) by Henryk Górecki

"We did it My Son!...we just won the GT World Championship!" Jake replied

"We won daddy..(Crying and Screaming)...i'm the Champion!" Jeff saids

"Thank you made it.." Blythe Crying and Sniffles

"it's over...It's finally over." jeff saids

" head...nooooo my Car...Conway...How Could you!" Fisher painful and crying

in the victory lane

Song : Walk Away Renee by Rick Price

And when I see the sign

It points one way

The life we used to lead


Just walk away Renee

You won't see me follow you back home

The empty sidewalks on my block

They're not the same

You're not to blame

From deep inside the tears

I'm forced to cry

From deep inside the pain

I chose to hide

Just walk away Renee

You won't see me follow you back home

Now as the rain beats down

Upon my weary eyes

For me I cry

Outside the podium

"Josh...I'm sorry i have to apologize the raceday but is next year" jeff asked

"yeah..wanna join the team of Biskit Racing" Josh replied

" will join the team..welcome to Blythe Style Racing" Jeff declared

"thank you jeff. i owe you one" josh Smiled

"In 3rd Runner Up!...Lister Racing! 2nd Runner up!.. nismo GT-R Racing!..and a Gran Turismo World Champions!..Blythe Style Racing's Jeff Conway!...Congratulations Drivers and teams

we are very happy victory and we see you again next year for Gran Turismo World Championship..thank you and see you again"

(Crowd Cheering)

Fireworks and pyro sounds explosions

"This is for you all of my Fans"

"Great championship race, you guys" Sunil saids

"For now...we Won" Jeff hugged blythe

"oh Conway." Blythe sighed and smile

"Conway..For the Last time i wrecked my car!" Fisher shouted

"Fisher Biskit...Sorry your losers can't drive a racecar...Largest ever pet shop is closed and Biskit Family Business is over.." Jeff getting mad to Fisher

"Conway!...Conway!" Fisher angered and grab him to ambulance van

"Oh dear.." Anna Twombly saids

"So Jeff...Where i celebrate a cake" Youngmee asked

"A cake?" Jeff Saids "For What?"

"a cake for best victory racer...EVER!" Youngmee shouted

"Youngmee, thanks to you" Jepoy asked and kisses the cheeks

"Awww Conway..." Youngmee chuckles

Just walk away Renee

You won't see me follow you back home

The empty sidewalks on my block

They're not the same

You're not to blame

Just walk away Renee

You won't see me follow you back home

Now as the rain beats down

Upon my weary eyes

For me I cry

"Conway!...Conway!...Conway!" Spectators chants

Walk Away

(Just walk away Renee)

I won't follow you, no

(Just walk away Renee)

I won't follow you no, just walk away

(Just walk away Renee)

Just walk away

(Just walk away)

screen fades

After the Championship has ended

"At Least for a while...winning is not an option" Blythe asked

"Sounds like racing. Conway getting a job done." Sunil saids

Engine Revs

"Gaahh!...i Spill my coffee on my shirt!" Sunil screamed

"Jeff Conway!..."

"Blythe? it's alright i will race again with Josh"

"you're on conway.."

"Slow Down Sharp" Jeff shouted

Car Brakes and stops


"Boys?!" Blythe getting mad


"I've Been Look for you Conway?!" Blythe getting mad

"i...i..I'm Sorry..." they apologize

"So am i..Wanna Race?"


Four S2000s has starting the grid

BG Music: Moon Over The Castle (GT1 Version)

"You Know Blythe..i think that happy ending for that" Jeff saids

"You sure are just save the day" Blythe asked "am i right son"

"it was too much day for me."

"Silly old Blythe."

"Thank ya for noticing me. a long race driver it will be"

"This ones for the Trophy!...and even hot dipped to relax." Vinnie replied and winks

"You Know What we say...Drivers" Bev saids

"Starts Your Engines!" all of the pets to give the command

S2000 Engines starts ignitions sounds

"Have Funs Guys!" Anna Twombly declared

"Go Conway!" Sunil Shouted

Green Light to start

"this race has just victory lane for my friends" Jeff saids

"Jeff..This is we're happy endings" Blythe replied

"Ain't That right" Jeff saids

Engines Revs and Glass Shattered

[end credits]