Corpse Groom


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Warning: Characters will be OOC



Victor: 20

Emily: 18

Victoria: 19

Barkis: 24


"How could my own father do this to me," Emily cried softly as her close friend her held close allowing her to cry on her shoulder.

"Its' going to be alright, Emily," Victoria whispered patting Emily on the head, "You'll see."

"How is everything going to be alright, Victoria," Emily said softly, "There's nothing I can do but to ma-ma-ma-"

Emily broke off in tears, Victoria let out a sigh, "There, there now. Let it all out."

"I don't even love him," Emily said wiping her eyes with a piece of pastel colored cloth.

Victoria sadly looked at her, "Is this about h-"

Emily gave her a warning glare making her friend snapped her mouth shut.

"Don't even mention that total buffoon," Emily said getting up, she began to stride around the room, "That insufferable, idiotic, moronic fool! How dare he do that to m…to you!"

"You still miss him though...Don't you," Victoria asked, smiling sadly up at Emily.

Emily stopped midstride as if she was suddenly dowse with cold chilling water. Her shoulders sagged in defeat, "He was my best and closet friend Victoria…Of course I miss him."

"You are doing it again," Victoria said getting up from her spot.

"Doing what exactly," Emily said tugging on a lock of her long dark hair.

"You are lying to yourself," Victoria pointed out to her, "You loved him, you truly loved him."

"I don't want to talk about it…" Emily whispered quietly not meeting Victoria in the eye.

"It's been exactly two years since his disappearance, Emi," Victoria said tilting her head to the side, "It's time to let go...He's been marked off as dead. You have to let him go from your mind."

"…" Emily walked towards the large window in her room, she looked up at the full moon, "I don't know about that…I just don't know about that. I feel like he's still out there…"


"Two years…Two years since my murder," Victor Van Dort said grimly as he took a sip of his poison, "Happy Deathday to me."

He threw his head back as he took a long swig of his drink.

"Ah, if it isn't the Corpse Groom," Bonejangles said nudging Victor a bit with his boney elbow, "How's your Deathday going so far?"

"Depressing and filled with anguish, Bonejangles," Victor said as he raised his hand to signal for another drink.

"Good, good," Bonejangles laughed slapping Victor on the back, "Don't worry, the pain will go away...eventually… We do have all the time of the world. Haha…Time."

"Yes…All the time of the world," Victor whispered glaring down at his drink, he quickly finished his drink and stood up, "See you around."

"Yea, around," Bonejangles said pulling out his eye grinningly.

Victor walked off with a single wave; he stuffed his hands in his slightly ripped dress pants and headed out to his haunting grounds.

To be continued…