There are a lot of rules in the world. Laws, household rules, social rules. Written, unspoken forced, they are there to keep people in line. Anyone who breaks these rules are identified as criminals. Outcasts. Crazy. Just bad people in general. Some of these rule-breakers had good reasons, others just wanted to watch chaos unfold. And some of these non-law-abiding citizens were too dangerous for whoever wanted them dead. This is where Reese came in.

Reese was a mercenary that went after the most dangerous of criminals. Even though she broke more than a few laws herself, the way she saw it is that someone had to be at the top of the food chain. Besides, most of these punks were too sly for people to catch. When they did show themselves, they were good enough fighters to kill anyone in their way. And her latest target was no exception.

Jesse McCree. Outlaw. Wanted for theft, murder, and about a million other things. He's avoided capture thus far and continued to cause problems across the country. Reese had been tracking his movements for months. So far there was no pattern to his movement. All she could do was wait to cross paths with him. After researching him a bit more she got into his history as one of the members of the Deadlock gang. There was a gap of time where she could find nothing at all on him, but he resurfaced after the explosion at the Swiss headquarters of Overwatch. Having no other leads, Reese started tracking the Deadlock gang. Which led her right to the target.

As soon as the shooting started Reese retreated. Something she had learned from being in a few firefights herself, everyone's senses were heightened. The last thing she needed was someone noticing her. There was lots of yelling and even an explosion at one point. Through all this Reese remained in the same place. She waited until the noise stopped and everything calmed down. Then the payload the Deadlocks had rode in moved by with them on it. This guy was good. Huge omnic and at least five, maybe more, gun wielding gang members tied and shipped off. But still no McCree. At least no one else was there now. Reese slid her sniper rifle off her back and used a tunnel in the rocks to creep around and survey the scene. Immediately she ducked back into the dark shaft. There was an omnic with him. McCree had hopped onto a bike, and it didn't look like it was going with him, but still. If the robot saw her, she was a goner. It's not like she exactly blended in either.

While everyone around her had fair light skin, Reese's was black. At least where it wasn't covered in ink. Every scar she'd ever gotten was marked with bright colors. She had wings on her back and feathers running down her left arm. Her wild black pigtails was dyed a cream color at the tips, and she sported an array of different colors. Red boots, teal jeans, black jean jacket. Her sleeveless tank top was a mess of colors that looked like several different people did graffiti on it. Which is what happened. The same was also true for the headphones she donned around her neck. You couldn't even see any of her tattoos She wore fingerless gloves with little metal spikes on them. There were practical reasons to them, but mostly she just liked them. A belt with five pockets on one side sat on her waist, filled with tools. Of course, her look wasn't complete without her sunglasses. Reese didn't like wearing them because they somewhat blocked what she could see from her hazel eyes, but when it was super sunny like it was right now, she needed to be able to see.

As the cowboy rode past Reese quickly grabbed a colored tracker and shot it at him. She then cursed under her breath. While the tracker was hidden, it was loosely attached to his serape. It would definitely fall off quickly. Hopefully the cowboy wouldn't go too far. There was no way she was going to lose a bounty this valuable.