Disclaimer: I do not own the setting, the people used in this story, or anything else thought up by Mr. J. R. R. Tolkien. What I do own is this story, and the mean reason I wrote it was because 'they're too sweet not to have some fun with'. But not to worry! Everyone was returned unharmed. ^_^

Fairly short piece, mostly fluff. The pairing is up to the reader, even if the author had a couple in mind when she wrote this :)

Don't expect perfection, however, as it's a little blind piece.. Hence the titel 'Unseeing', of course. ^_^

Feel free to enjoy this piece of literature, mushy as it is, and if you're feeling particularly generous or don't have anything else to do, you are welcome to send feedback and or criticism by using below button. *bows* Domo arigatou if you do.

One last thing, the changing of tenses (from past to present) almost directly at the beginning was a fluke, but I decided to keep it anyway, since it appeared to work..


It was the Eve of the Council of Elrond. So many people, so many..

But I cared not one whit for them, because I knew that you would be there.

I hurried then, although to others it would seem I acted no different from usual.

So unseeing. So blind.

I slowed my steps, appearing calmer than I felt when Lord Elrond came into view. I nodded my head respectfully at him, smiling at him and granting him the same greeting I always give him. I don't think he noticed anything, but he could have. He _notices_ things..

He lets me pass after nodding in return of my greeting and I wait until I'm covered by the next wall and out of his view.

He wouldn't approve. And if he does know, he doesn't approve. But he doesn't show it in public. He's like that.

But then, you're pretty important, aren't you? To him as well, did you know?

He loves you.

I love you too.

We're both blind, but not unseeing.

I'm hurrying again.

I know you're here. I saw you come up here, your hair trailing behind you and that pleasant smile on your face.

You like it here.

And secretly, I hope part of that reason that you do, is me.

I know you like me, more than a friend, and I'm closer to you than a brother, but this line between brother and lover.. It is so thin, you could trip on it and never notice until you hit the unforgiving ground.

I enter the gardens. You're here, my heart sings foolishly. Oh, how blind we are.

Your voice! I easily follow the soothing sound of a voice I'd know anywhere, like the children in that human fairytale follow the breads of crumb.

Foolishly, even. For the birds will eat the crumbs and then they'll be lost.

As I am now.

I am lost, lost and blind.

Blind, but not unseeing.

And then your hand is on my shoulder and I turn around to your beloved face and your beatific smile. I feel my own face reply in kind, though my smile pales in comparison to yours.

Sometimes I wish I was unseeing but not blind.

But then you open your mouth, your eyes twinkling and you say my name and I am still lost. But I'm with you, and I'm not unseeing.

And I do not wish to be either.

I'm blind, but not unseeing.

Are you?