Author's Note: All lyrics supposedly by my character are popular songs from today, I did this so that everyone knows the songs and can look them up, and they are good songs. At the end of every chapter I will provide the title and the artist who actually wrote the song. Also, this is the one time I am stating that I do not own anything from this except my OC's.

I've found a rainbow, rainbow, baby
Trust me, I know, life is scary
But just put those colors on, girl
Come and play along with me tonight.

She made the jump to move across the country for the second time in her life, moving to her closest friend's home town. She had decided to take a hiatus from her career to find herself. She stepped outside her Jeep Rubicon in front of the modest house she had purchased for her and her friend to live in. The front door opened to reveal him, and he gave her a comforting smile. She had hit a rough patch in her life and he was proud that she is making an attempt to leave that all in the past and move on.

He admired her strong will, what she went through would break any person, but she was not going to let that happen. She would prove to the world she would move on from this and become a better person. "How do you like it?" She asked him. "It's perfect. Big enough for a family of two, like you planned." He responded. She had met Jeremy in her senior year of high school, his Freshman year. His parents had just divorced and he moved with his father to New York.

He was a very shy kid, especially after moving from a small town to a large metro city. He was overwhelmed and she was there to guide him through everything. After she graduated, she pursued her dream but did not leave him behind. Even if he was not physically there to help her through her time, he was always a phone call away for her.

"Kitten?" He called her out of her day dream. She looked at him, allowing him to continue with the information he had. "The movers had arrived here with all of our belongings so every piece of furniture is in the correct room and the boxes are in the rooms they belong." She smiled at him, walking past him through the door. "Perfect, now we can get to unpacking." He chuckled at her, "You know you could have paid the movers to do that for us." "And miss out on this experience? Fuck that!" She laughed.

The rest of that day and night they worked on putting together the house to make it presentable.

You gotta learn to let go, put the past behind you,

Trust me, I know, the ghosts will try to find you
But just put those colors on, girl
Come and paint the world with me tonight

"So, what is on the agenda for today, Jer-bear?" She asked him after she got ready for the day. Due to the rain, she had opted to wear black tights under her black mini skirt, white shirt under her leather jacket and completed the outfit with her black, knee high, lace up combat boots. She left her long blonde hair in it's natural wild waves, not wanting to mess with it on this day.

"I was thinking we could stop at my mom's. She's making breakfast and she told me my aunt is stopping by as well." She hummed in agreement. "Food sounds great." She responded as they locked up the house. They climbed into her jeep and drove away from Forks to the small town of La Push.

When arriving, she immediately took in the small house. It was the perfect size for someone living alone. The walked up to the front door and Jeremy allowed himself in. "Mom?" He called out, announcing their arrival. "In the kitchen!" She called back. The two walked in and saw her sitting on the stool set up at the peninsula counter talking to another older woman.

"Oh, I missed you so much." The woman whom Skye assumed was his mother came over to give him a hug. "And you must be Skylar. Jeremy has told me so much about you." The woman then gave Skylar a hug, which she reluctantly returned. She was not a fan of hugging people, but she knew how to be polite and hug said person back. "You can call me Skye." She told the older woman with a genuine smile. "Thank you so much for taking care of my son."

Skye looked over the young man whom was their topic, smiling a small but thankful smile. "I think most of the time he is taking care of me, Mrs. O'Connor." The older smiled and responded with, "Please, you can call me Beatrice. This is my sister, Sue." The other woman came up and also hugged Skye, once again wanting to be polite, Skye returned the hug.

"So, what made you move out here with Jeremy?" Sue asked with a suggestive tone. "It's nothing like that Aunt Sue. I wanted to finish my senior year on the reservation and Skye needed a change of scenery." He responded. "I thought the natural scenery could help me relax and continue writing." Skye added, not wanting to give too much information. "Oh? What do you write?" Sue asked, helping Beatrice plate the breakfast. "She writes music, Jeremy has sent me a few videos of her on stage, she has a real beautiful voice." Beatrice answered. "Well, be careful, the woods are known to have bears." Sue warned.

Skye and Jeremy looked to one another before sitting down at the eat in kitchen table to join the two older women for breakfast. "There weren't any bears last year when I visited." Jeremy said when he shoveled the breakfast casserole in his mouth. "There have been some bear attacks recently. It just started not too long ago." Sue answered quickly. Skye and Jeremy looked at one another, not fully believing her, but decided to let it go and get back to their breakfast.

I know that I'm still fucked up
But aren't we all, my love?
Darling, our scars make us who we are, are
So when the winds are howling strong
And you think you can't go on, hold tight, sweetheart.

"Kitten." He gently shook her shoulder as he sat on the edge of her bed. "Not yet, Jer-bear." She mumbled. "I was thinking we could go to First Beach today." He said softly. "If you aren't ready in an hour I will come back and check on you." He told her, walking out of the room and closing her door.

Skylar sighed not ready to face the day, but knew if she stayed in bed any longer her mind would linger on her past troubles. She groaned as she sat up, removing the blankets from over her body and got ready for the day. After taking a shower and putting on her face, she went to her closet and grabbed a sleeveless white lace button up top, black leggings, and her lace up knee high combat boots. She debated on putting on a jacket, so she selected a three-quarter sleeved black cardigan, showing off her tattoo sleeve on her right arm and gave a teaser of the one she was working on, on her left arm.

She braided her unruly blonde waves as she walked down the stairs and left the end hanging on her right shoulder. "I'm just going to grab a quick breakfast Jear-bear!" She called out as she entered the kitchen. "Want anything?" She heard him call from his room saying he had already eaten something. She quickly threw bread in the toaster, buttered it, and was finished eating by the time Jeremy had come down. "If I didn't know any better, I would say that you've been working out." Skye said, seeing that his shirt was tight around his chest. "I don't know what's happening, all of my shirts are fitting smaller." He informed her. She raised an eyebrow, she had been noticing these changes over the course of the last month, but she decided to keep her comments to herself.

She grabbed her crossbody and threw her keys to Jeremy. "We'll take my Jeep, but you can drive since you know where you are going." She told him. The two jumped into the matte black vehicle and made their way to the beach. When she got out of the Jeep she took in her surroundings, enjoying the peace. "I love how there are no people here really." She said. "It's not New York or California, that's for sure." The only beaches she had been to were in those two states in major cities where they were covered in people.

She grabbed her bag and immediately made it down to the beach, sitting on a log and taking in the serenity. She pulled out here notebook with the music she was writing, looking at the song she was currently writing. After a while Jeremy had joined her on the log, looking over her shoulder. "How does this one go?" He asked, interrupting her humming.

I used to live in the darkness
Dress in black, act so heartless, but now
I see that colors are everything
Got kaleidoscopes in my hairdo
Got back the stars in my eyes, too, yeah now
I see the magic inside of me.

She stopped singing, taking note of what she just sang, scratching out a few words, liking how it turned out as she sang instead before continuing.

Yeah, maybe my head's fucked up
But I'm falling right back in love with being alive
Dreaming in light, light, lights
This kitty cat lost her mind
Been lookin' for a star-sent sign that I'll be alright
Look to the skies

She looked over to him before getting to the chorus.

I've found a rainbow, rainbow, baby
Trust me, I know, life is scary
But just put those colors on, girl
Come and play along with me tonight.

"What do you think?" She asked him. "I think you already have an audience." He said, pointing over to the man that stood off to the side watching them. He was shirtless with just shorts on, and appeared to have just come out of the woods. She made eye contact with him and just sat there staring until Jeremy broke her concentration. "Kitten?" He asked. She closed her book and stood, smiling at him. "How about we go and get some real food? That toast is not holding me over anymore." He stood up with her and led the way to her Jeep, once again driving.

He was out patrolling after hearing about another attack, he had caught on to a scent of one of them and began to track it. As he approached First Beach, he lost track of it, disappearing from the reservation. At this time heard the beautiful melody being sang by a woman. Curious he phased back into his human form and quickly put his shorts on before getting too close to the beach. He stepped out to see the voice belonged to a woman sitting in front of the shore.

There was a young man next to her, his arm was on the small of her back, rubbing circles into her back. He continued to observe, taking in the beauty of her voice and the lyrics of the song. He was lost in thought, listening to her beautiful voice.

She stopped singing, asking the young man a question before looking over at him. That is when the world stopped for him. Her bright green troubled eyes looked at him with shock and curiosity. "Kitten?" He heard the young man call to the woman. This caused him to growl. Who was this man to think he can give her cute pet names like that? He thought to himself. She then broke eye contact and turned back to her friend. This broke the trance he was in.

Sam began shaking, knowing that this was a bad sign he knew he needed to leave the area. Sam quickly turned back into the trees, getting into a thick portion just in time to phase.

I'd forgot how to daydream
So consumed with the wrong things, but in
The dark, I realized this life is short
And deep down, I'm still a child
Playful eyes, wide and wild, I can't
Lose hope, What's left of my heart's still made of gold

It had been about a week since they had settled in, finally having everything unpacked in their house. It truly did feel like home to both of them now. She currently sat at the diner in La Push, waiting for Jeremy. She was currently working on the lyrics to a melody she had come up with, with the help of Jeremy. She noticed someone sit down across from her and spoke without looking, assuming it was Jeremy.

"The lyrics to that melody we wrote is kicking my ass, Jer-bear." She groaned. She heard a deep chuckle, and her eyes widened before looking at the body sitting across from her. "You're obviously not Jeremy." She managed to let out through her shock. He chuckled again before speaking, "No, my name is Sam. You have a beautiful voice by the way." She looked at him confused. Does everyone here not know who I am? She thought to herself. Sam mistook her confusion and said, "About a week ago you were on the beach singing and my friends and I heard you." He explained. "Oh, yeah. I remember you. You were walking around like we were in Southern California in the Summer." She said, closing her notebook.

"Yeah," He trailed off, deciding to change the topic he continued, "So you write your own music?" She rocked her head back and forth for a moment before saying, "For the most part. Some of my music comes from the stuff my mom had written and Jeremy helps me too." Sam took this moment to take in her appearance as she drank her water before searching through her cross body. Today he noticed the gold lotus septum ring she bore on her face, making her look more exotic with her many tattoos that adorned her arms and chest. He was only able to see these tattoos due to the fact she took off her leather jacket and was wearing a razor back tank top. Her wild blonde waves were thrown up in a messy bun, allowing him to see the many piercings she also had in her ears.

No wonder why everyone stops and stares at her. She's not only pale all around, but her style screams rebel. He noticed her pull out her cellphone, answering a call, "Hey Jer-bear." Sam nearly growled at the nickname, but he managed to hold it in. "Sorry for running late Skye, mom needed more help than we realized. I'm on my way now." Skylar just smiled; he only used her name when he felt guilty about something. "Don't worry about it, I'll see you soon."

She disconnected the call and looked up to Sam. "Sorry, that was rude of me." Sam just shook his head, "No need to apologize," He lingered realizing she never gave him her name. Sure, he had just heard Jeremy use it, but human ears should not have been able to hear that call. "Oh yeah, my name is Skye. Well, Skylar, but everyone calls me Skye." She informed him, accepting a refill of her water from the waitress.

"So, what brings you out here? Aren't you from New York?" He asked, attempting to carry on the conversation just to listen to her talk. Seeing the look on her face, that might not have been as innocent of a question as he thought. "Well, Jeremy wanted to finish his senior year out here, I just wanted to escape things back there." She responded. As much as Sam wanted to know what she was trying to escape, he bit his tongue. He would have time with this newly found imprint. She seemed to be planning on staying here for a long while, so he had some time to learn more about her and convince her to stay for good.

"What are your plans while here?" He asked her, attempting to move on from the last hiccup. "My first priority is writing songs, but I want to take advantage of this natural scenery and start hiking again." She answered honestly. She wasn't sure why she wanted to be so honest with him, but she went with it. Her true priority was to move on and learn from her past.

"Sam?" A new voice asked, shocked. There stood Jeremy, confused as to why he was sitting in the booth with Skylar. "What are you doing here?" The irritation in his voice was evident. "Jeremy!" Skye called out, shocked. "No, it's fine Skye. I need to head out anyways. It was great to meet you." He smiled genuinely at her, scooting out of the booth. He took in one last look at the beautiful blonde before leaving the diner.

"What was that about?" She whispered harshly as she leaned on her elbows toward Jeremy, who had taken Sam's spot in the booth. "Just be careful around him, Skye. He's the one who broke my cousin's heart. He just disappeared one day and when he came back, he gave her some bullshit line saying that he couldn't see her anymore." Jeremy informed her. Skye leaned back in her booth thinking. "I just got this feeling that he was someone I could trust with my whole life." She said.

Jeremy knew she was talking about her instincts, but hers were usually wrong. Otherwise she wouldn't be having the problems she had. "Just, be careful around him. He seems to have taken an interest in you." Jeremy told her, then waved down a waitress to take their orders.

I found a rainbow, rainbow, baby
Trust me, I know life is scary
But just put those colors on, girl
You gotta learn to let go, put the past behind you
Trust me, I know, the ghosts will try to find you
But just put those colors on, girl.

Some background information: Beatrice O'Connor (née Uley) is the younger sister of Sue. Her husband was not a member of the tribe through blood but through marriage. Also, Jeremy had just turned eighteen before he moved back, this is what allowed him to be able to move with Skylar to Washington.

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