Disney's: The Little Mermaid

Pokemon Style

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or The Little Mermaid. All characters except the one I'm introducing here all belong to their perspective owners.

Director: Rob Steele (Named after a director I've worked with in my plays)


Ash: Eric

Misty: Ariel

King Triton: Prof. Oak

The list goes on but all animals will be played by Pokemon.

Prologue: The Play

It's been 3 years since Ash became a Pokemon master; Team Rocket has been disbanded cause Giovanni was finally captured by the Pokemon Police. Ash has won in the Houen league and decided to take it easy after claiming his title as a Pokemon Master. He and the rest of the Pokemon cast have been asked to take part in a play that's a re-make of Disney's The Little Mermaid. After months of rehearsals, the whole cast is all set to begin the show in Cerulean City.

"Come one, come all! Like, don't miss your chance to see a Re-make of Disney's: The Little Mermaid. Staring Misty Waterflower as the beautiful mermaid who wanted to become human!" Lily shouted as she got a huge audience lining up at the Cerulean Gym to see the show.

~~~ Inside the Gym ~~~

"Ok People, I'd like to say you've all been terrific in putting this play together. Now it's time for the big show and I'm pretty sure all of you have memorized your lines correct?" The Director named Rob Steele asked the entire crew.

"Yes!" They all shouted as all the Pokemon made their cries as a 'Yes'.

"Good, now I'd like to go over a few before-show notes before we open the gym." Rob said as he got his notes out.

"Ash, Misty! Where are you two?" Rob said looking for the two of them.

"Right here, Rob!" Ash and misty said as they stepped forward.

"Ok, great job you two, you've memorized all your lines, motions, and cues I'd like to give these two lucky trainers a round of applause." Rob said as he and the rest of the cast applauded for the two trainers.

Ash had grown up since he gained the title of Pokemon master, he is now 16 years old and has grown more mature, but some parts of him never change. Like being late for some things. But, he still manages to be on time. Misty has grown more mature herself and quite more beautiful, at least in Ash's eyes. Yeah he's been looking at her since the day he first met her. Now he's one hundred percent sure he's in love with her and he also knew this play would bring them closer together.

Rob just finished going over the notes and got his attention to the cast. "You've all done a terrific job like I said before, but now this time give it everything you've got and really give these people a good show."

"YEAH!" The whole cast shouted.

Everyone went to the dressing rooms to get their costumes and make-up on for the show. Inside the men's dressing room, Ash and the rest of the male cast members were having jokes and talk about Pokemon as usual. Brock kept commenting on how some of the girls looked as well as James and Tracey. Sometimes they made the guys laugh and after a final joke Brock asked Ash a very serious question.

"So Ash, are you going to tell Misty after the show?"

Ash looked at Brock with a confused look on his face (Not surprised). "Huh? What do you mean Brock?"

"How you feel about her." Brock replied.

"Oh, that. Well, I plan to tell her as soon as the show's over." Ash admitted with a blush.

"Well you two have been traveling since you were 10, and you did repay her and May for their bikes." Tracey added.

"Not to mention she's helped you and Pikachu many times." James added to Tracey's comment.

"And in all honesty you two make a great couple." Professor Oak said joining in on the conversation.

"Pika!" Pikachu said as he jumped onto Ash's head.

"Well I am kinda nervous though, what if she doesn't feel the same way?" Ash said nervously and poked his two index fingers at one another.

"Of course she'll feel the same way! What makes you thinks she doesn't?" Gary piped up as he joined in.

"Well, all the times she's yelled at me and hit me in the head whenever I would joke about her and such." Ash said rubbing the back of his head.

"That's cause you tend to get under her skin Ash." Brock said. "But in my opinion, she feels the same way about you."

"Hope you're right Brock." Ash said as he finished putting his costume and make-up on.

Meanwhile in the girls' dressing room, the girls were all hustling to get their costumes and make-up on while the audience began filling the gym by the hundreds. They made jokes here and there and even talked about a few girlish things. Then May asked Misty the same question Brock asked Ash.

"So you gonna tell him?"

"Well I uh…" She began but she was just as nervous as Ash was.

"Well don't, like, worry Misty. I'm sure he feels the same way about you." Daisy, Misty's sister said.

"But what if he doesn't?" Misty asked with a very panicky voice.

"Hey, he did repay you for your bike did he not?" Jesse asked.

"Yeah but he also repaid May's bike too." Misty said with more worry in her.

"And how many times has he saved you from Jesse and James?" Duplica asked Misty.

"Several actually." Misty said starting to calm down.

"How many times has he helped you out?" Whitney asked.


"C'mon Misty, he's obviously got the hots for you." Lily said brushing her sister's hair.

"I hope you're right." Misty said almost not calm.

"Like, just relax Misty, just tell him after the show k?" Violet asked giving her more confidence.

"Ok." Misty said giving up.

"That's the spirit!" Melody quipped.

The girls all got their costumes and make-up on and got ready for the show. Meanwhile, Meowth and the rest of the tech crew were getting the opening scene ready. Rob had made Meowth the lead tech crew and gave him the responsibility for handling the curtain and props.

"Okay will yous hurry up with that mast? The show's about to start!" Meowth bellowed to some of the techies.

"Meowth?" Rob asked over the walkie-talkie.


"Get the cast to their positions, curtain time is in 5 minutes." Rob said.

"Ok Rob," Meowth finished as he went to the PA for the dressing rooms. "Attention cast membas, the show will begin in 5 minutes, everyone to your positions."

By a small crowd the cast all got into their opening scene positions of the show and got ready for the start. Many of the cast members were nervous about their first ever play in front of a live audience but some of them were used to it. Especially Misty's sisters, they have been doing shows in the Gym since Misty's been gone with Ash. Outside, Rob went up on stage and took the mike and quieted the audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Cerulean City Gym. Tonight the Gym proudly presents Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' on stage. Now the cast put this show together over 3 months and with much hard work. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show." Rob announced as he walked off stage and the audience began to applaud.

The opening scene music began, the curtain opened, and the show was under way.


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