Description: Bella and Edward get married but Bella stays a virgin. Desiring a child and wanting to surprise her husband, she asks Jacob Black to take her to the clinic in La Push for a consultation. As if it were fates design, Jacob cant make it. Instead Jake appoints another pack member to escorte her. Sitting in the waiting room eavesdropping on her consultation gives this wolf a wicked idea that leads to a slow destruction of Bella's marriage. He's always had a little crush on Bella Swan and comes up with a plan to make her his.

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Bella's POV

I had made the decision the night of my wedding while Edward and I were heading to Isle Esme, that I would stay human and that my virtue would stay in tact until my change takes place. It's been three years and I couldn't help thinking something was missing in my life.

Seeing Jacob with his imprint and her swollen belly carrying their son, made tears spring to my eye. I knew what I wanted but I didn't know how to get it. I wasn't sure if Edward would even let me have a baby, let alone go to a sperm bank.

I sat in my new SUV, that I just went to get traded, with Rosalie. We had a long talk on the way to Port Angeles.

"Don't worry Bella, I'm sure he'll love this idea," Rose's calm voice sang out.

She had convinced me to surprise him with everything after I was pregnant. She was absolutely glowing with excitement. I know how much she wanted her own children.

I was undecided on if I should ask my best friend to escort me. Hopefully Alice could keep this a secret from Edward.

"What if he doesn't, Rose? What will I do then?" I asked with a small voice.

Of course I was worried. If this doesn't work out in my favor I could quite possibly become a single mother. I took deep settling breaths as I tried to compose myself.

"You will still have the rest of us, Bella. Don't worry about anything, I'm positive if you are happy he will be as well," she gave me a reassuring smile before exiting the vehicle.

I needed to find Alice before Edward returned from his hunt in the morning. Of course the moment I decided I needed to speak to her, she appeared on the porch with her dazzling smile. I walked up the steps nervously to the small bouncing vampire. Jasper's arm draped lazily over her shoulders with a smirk on his face.

"Bella! What do you want to talk to me about? I can't see our conversation since you haven't decided yet," she pouted, her lip quivered with the false feeling of sorrow.

"I was thinking of asking you to take me to a sperm bank."

There, I said it. Straight to the point.

Alice gasped with enthusiasm. Her features lighting up before her eyes glazed over. She was obviously having a vision and I couldn't decide if it were good or bad. After the vision she jutted her lip out.

"I can't, Bella. The clinic is on the Reservation and we can't step foot there remember?" Her pouty face becoming one of annoyance.

"Maybe I can ask Jacob to escort me for moral support," I thought outloud.

"I'm positive he'll agree since I can't see what happens," she replied.

There used to be a clinic in Forks but ever since the break in and arsenic fire, it's been moved "temporarily" to the Reservation. Only that was two years ago and it didn't look like it was returning anytime soon.

"I'm going to head over to Jake's then. I won't be long. I might pick up dinner while I'm out, don't wait up just in case." I turned back to my car and drove nervously to Jake's place.

At first, when I met Jacobs imprint I was nervous. I wasn't sure if she would be good enough for him, but she was a gift from the spirits so obviously she was his perfect match. Then I was afraid if she would like me or not. All fears aside when she hugged me tightly of course. And the way they looked at each other made me feel comfort that my best friend was going to be okay.

I pulled up into Jake's driveway, sniffing a smirk on my face as I remembered making mud pies in front of this very cottage. It feels like a life time ago that we were repairing our motorcycles in that very garage behind the red house. I let out a sigh as I gingerly stepped out of my car, shutting the door quietly. I slowly walked up the steps, hearing laughter coming from inside. I stopped, turning to leave when the door opened and there stood my best friend.

"Bella! What are you doing standing there loca?" His voice was cheery. "C'mon everyone is here," he grabbed my hand leading me into the suffocating living room where most of the pack was gathered.

"Hey," I finally got out, finding my voice.

Everyone replied in greeting. Leah jumped up and grabbed me into a tight hug. I don't know when it happened, but one day after confessing to Jake that I had decided to keep my virtue till my transformation, Leah and I suddenly clicked. I know she had over heard the conversation and it was she who listened to all my fears about my future. She had turned her life around after imprinting on Matthew, taking a job with Jake's imprint at the little diner on the Reservation.

"Hey bitch," she mumbled in my ear.

"Hey Lee," I replied squeezing her back.

"So what brings you over to our neck of the woods B? Thought for sure he'd never let you out of their sight," she smiled at me.

"Actually I wanted to see Jacob about something, but I want you there as well," my voice was small.

Everyone was involved in their own conversations, not listening or at least trying to not listen. Leah nodded towards the door and threw a glance at Jacob as we made our way outside. We walked together in silence towards the beach. As soon as our feet hit the sand we all three visibly relaxed.

"So, what's up B?" Leah quipped.

"Well I've been thinking..." I began.

"Uh oh! That's not good. When you get to thinking things happen," Jake chuckled.

"Yeah, this is different Jake. I've been thinking it over for a while now. I know it'll sound crazy but... I want to have a baby," I rushed out the last part before holding my breath waiting for their reply.

"B, no offense but don't think your lover vamp can give you one of those," Leah chimes.

"I know Lee," I replied sheepishly.

"What are you saying Bells?" Jake asked, a confused expression on his face.

"Because I was hoping you could take me to the clinic for a consultation. Edward doesn't know so it'll be a complete surprise for him," my voice was shaking.

"What if he doesn't want a baby after you come home knocked up, B? What are you going to do then?" Leah quipped, ever the out spoken of our trio.

"I know it's crazy. Rose said if I'm happy he'll be happy. So, I'm hoping he'll be happy with the news." I couldn't even convince myself, I was terrified of Edward rejecting the baby I didn't even have yet.

"Sure Bells, I can take you." Jake sounded as if he were trying to process everything.

"Thanks Jake," I replied giving him a small smile.

We made our way back to the house and easily blended back into the flow of the conversation. I felt like I was being watched and looked around the room. My gaze landing on the one and only, Paul Lahote.

Authors Note: Okay so here's another story i have unpublished in my Wattpad... I literally have a lot of unfinished work that I am slowly finishing. i think once 'Sylph' and 'Moving On' are done, I will definitely finish everything else with ease. I have a couple of more crossovers that I can't wait to publish. So much keeps running through my mind. I hope you enjoy this one as much as the others. I've been reluctant about adding all of my work here but I just get excited to share my ideas with all you lovelies! Let me know what you think. Also the picture from the cover i found on Google...