Little Shop of Horrors is definitely my favorite movie, but I'll watch anything for Rick Moranis, and I've also gotten interested in Ghostbusters. There doesn't seem to be a lot out there about Louis Tully, so I thought I'd try my hand at writing a fic about him. His journey from being an accountant to part of the Ghostbusters seemed like an interesting thing to take a look at, so I'm planning to pick up where the first movie ends and follow him through the second.

I do not own Ghostbusters.

It was late enough to be getting dark outside, and everyone in the hospital was still unsure what to do with the disheveled, marshmallow-covered accountant the ambulance had brought in that morning. As far as anyone could tell, he seemed to be in good health. The doctors and nurses wouldn't have thought he had any reason to be there at all, except for the fact that he was cheerfully telling anyone who would listen about how he'd been turned into a dog.

Had he come in just a day earlier, they probably would have given him a straightjacket and a padded room. But the EMTs who had been at the site confirmed that while they hadn't been able to see everything, some pretty weird things had been happening, and they didn't think it was out of the realm of possibility. And besides, with the kind of things playing all over the news that day, people were ready to believe just about anything.

He was an agreeable little guy, at the very least. He hadn't complained once, even after sitting through hours of every scan and test they could think to try. He talked a lot, for certain, but never complained. It might have been a nice change of pace from the usual people insisting they had somewhere better to be, but after Manhattan had nearly witnessed the end of the world as they knew it, everyone was a little too rattled to enjoy working with this sort of case. He'd caused a bit of a panic at one point, when in the middle of another round of tests he'd suddenly gone white as a sheet and mentioned that his head felt fuzzy. There had been a lot of terrified nurses and doctors worried some demonic creature was about to re-take their patient and wreak havoc in the hospital. But then one of the more level-headed workers who hadn't quite been caught up in the ghost hysteria of the day pointed out that they'd been running a lot of blood work and no one had checked to see if he'd eaten anything that day. A glass of juice and a sandwich from the cafeteria later, and he was back to his perkily rambling self.

No matter how long he stayed there, no one at the hospital had much idea what they were supposed to be doing with him. It wasn't as if they were trained in what to do with the after effects of… whatever it was that he'd been through, exactly. Honestly, they weren't sure if they needed to do anything at all. And still they kept him there, mostly because they really weren't sure what else to do.

After spending awhile with no one else coming in to run more tests, Louis was still finishing off his sandwich and entertaining himself by reading one of the posters on the wall, blissfully unaware of the half-whispered conversation happening just outside the door.

"Yes, I know you want to get him out of here, but we can't just throw him out on the street."

"Why not? We can't find anything wrong with him."

"He says he was turned into a dog. What if something happens?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know… what if there's something still inside him?"

"So we're just going to keep him locked in there and peek through the window every once in awhile to see if he's turned into the wolf-man?"

"I'm just saying, I don't have a clue what we're dealing with here. Besides, he's fine. He's happy in there. I don't think he's even noticed we locked him in. I say we just slide some food under the door every once in awhile and it'll all be good."

"We are not keeping him around here like a lab rat. Every test we've given him has come back negative. I'm telling you, he shouldn't still be here."

"What do you want me to say to him? 'Hi, we know you were possessed and all, but we can't find anything wrong with you, here's a lollipop, now on your way?'"

"Well unless you want to go into super villain mode and dissect him, we're running out of options here. Just having him here is terrifying the residents, and I don't even want to know what the patients will think if they hear about this. I mean it, I want him gone."

The argument went on for a while, until finally they both decided to force the decision onto someone else. Since everyone else had started giving the area a wide berth, the newest doctor there was pulled out of the hall and sent in to 'deal with the situation already.'

"Mr. Tully?"

As soon as he entered the room, it was clear he didn't need to ask if he was dealing with the right patient. He was exactly the way everyone had described him: a good deal of marshmallow still stuck in his hair, swinging legs that were far too short for the table he was sitting on, and looking around with a placidly cheerful expression.

"So, it says on your file here that you were turned into a dog?"

'File' was an understatement. The clipboard he was holding had enough papers that it could probably be published as a medical journal.


"Are you sure?"

Louis considered carefully, and then nodded. "Pretty sure. I guess it could'a been a bear. It looked big enough to be one. But after chasing me awhile it cornered me and I got a better look. I think it seemed more like a dog."

The doctor didn't seem entirely sure that this wasn't some sort of hazing ritual. "Chasing you? I thought you were the dog."

"That was after it sorta jumped in. It showed up at a party I was throwing, although I don't know how it got in, 'cause there really aren't supposed to be any animals in the building. I'm gonna try and bring it up at the next tenants meeting. I mean, sure, it's fine to make an exception if it's something quiet that's not gonna bother anyone, but they really shouldn't be letting something like that thing run around. It could'a really hurt someone."

"Could have…?" The doctor blinked a few times, staring at him in disbelief. "Mr. Tully, you were possessed."

Louis had taken another bite of his sandwich, and shrugged as he chewed thoughtfully for a few moments. "Yeah, but I'm okay now. I mean, it could have knocked someone over, or tried to bite someone or something. I'd say things turned out pretty well." After a few more moments of consideration, he added, "This is a real good sandwich, by the way. Is it provolone?

The doctor sent a look at the small window on the door, but the people waiting out there only motioned for him to keep going. He chose to ignore the comment about the sandwich and try to focus on the task at hand. "And… I presume there were other people who can confirm that you were actually… you know, transformed?"

"Yeah, you could ask anyone who was up on the roof. And the same thing happened to my neighbor, Dana. She's a really great person, you'd like to meet her. She didn't end up coming here when the ambulances were picking people up. I think everyone else who was up there rode off together in that cool car with the siren. I guess they must'a forgotten about me. That's okay, though. People tend to lose me in a crowd. And besides, I've been having a great time here. I got to have a cat scan for the first time. Have you ever had a cat scan? It didn't feel like anything was happening, but they told me that was normal. Do you know if-"

"Mr. Tully." The doctor finally interrupted him. The others really weren't kidding when they said that he rambled a lot. "If you don't mind, I'd like to get through these questions before we send you on your way."

"Oh, sure. I'd be happy to."

It would soon prove to be the longest and strangest questioning session of his career.