Ginny was in class when all of a sudden the sirens rang out and the teachers began to tell the students they need to go back to their dorms. Once at her dorm her and her friends began to discuss what might be wrong. There was a rumor that a non magically creature had entered the castle and was looking for something. They made a few jokes of what it might be then one by one they went to their rooms to get ready for bed. Ginny sees a flash of what looked like to be Chucky but she thought to herself there was no possible way because he burnt up some time ago. She goes to investigate down the hall then sees what looks like Chucky running down the stairs to the section of the castle where they make wands for the new students. She goes down to the factory and finally is face to face with Chucky. Chucky askes "Did you miss me? You said you would be my friend to the end, looks like it's time for the end Ginny." Ginny tries to run but he trips her with a wand he found. He jumps off the table he was on and begins to choke her with the wand. As she struggles for air and all seems lost a light flashed and Chucky went flying. It was Hermione she yells to Chucky "Get away from my daughter you monster!". He gets up and runs away. Ginny gets up to find her mother. Ginny begins to cry, she is so happy to see her mother. All of a sudden Hermione is knocked off her feet, Chucky got ahold of a wand and was attempting to kill her with it. He figured out how to torture people with it so he begins to choke Hermione with it. A poof of smoke appeared next to Chucky, it was Helena Ravenclaw. She came with a vile in her hands, she shoves it in Chucky's mouth then in a quick reflex Ginny uses her wand to seal his mouth. A big boom goes off and pieces of Chucky go everywhere