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The sun was warm, its golden rays peaked through sugar white tufts of clouds that slowly drifted about the sea blue skies. The waves crashed in the distance, leaving salty foam on the shores and a calming fragrance in the wind.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the caress of the cool breeze against my skin, the serene sound of palm leaves singing as the wind blew against them lulled me to rest.

I sunk deeper into the cushion beneath me, recognizing the warm weight resting on my waist, the soft fingers exploring my hair, the luscious lips sucking on mine and the scent; like flowers and something exotic, otherworldly even.

Of course I couldn't ignore the soft yet firm and plump mounds of flesh pushing on my chest. Let it not be said of me that I did not appreciate the female anatomy in all its glory.

"Again?" I stared up at Eve, her thighs tightened around mine. Her temperature grew warmer, a subtle flush dusted her cheeks as she rested her hands on my chest.

"Again." She smiled. Showing me the ring on her ring finger, a replica of it on mine.

Can't believe I got engaged.

It was either that or the untimely demise of the widow. Truly, the hardest choices require the strongest wills don't they.

"No." I teased, she nuzzled into my neck, strands of her now currently red hair resting atop my face and her generous bust on my chest.

She had me to be honest. I was like a light switch in a fatherless home—turned on. Hah, I kill me.

I held on to her curves, feeling out her valleys and peaks. She gasped in my ear, I whispered in hers.

"So a harem-" A blade pushed against my neck "-is something I'd have no need for, you're more than enough for me Eve." With a sunny smile, she clasped her lips onto mine, our tongues entwined like snakes in mating. Hands roamed, prodding and nudging, fingers grew slick and breaths grew heavy.

"Eeep!" Went Valeria, walking in on us making out. Even though she covered her face with her novel, I could still see her growing a tomato shade of red. "Sorry!" She cried, immediately running off in her swimsuit, her beach hat left behind in the wind.

"We should go inside, Justin." She said, calling me by my name.

"Why?" I asked, knowing damn well why. She bent and whispered things in my ear, things my brothers warned me to run away from, things that made me pause and stare as she seductively walked into the beach front home.

I kicked up to my feet, releasing a stream of vapor from my nostrils as I ran after her. She giggled accepting my embrace.

I was less worried for the about-to-be-destroyed furniture and more for the traumatized Valeria who was about to get even more so. I hope she had her ears covered.

Legs coiled around my hips, fingers dug into my back, I stared down at a challenging grin and eyes with beating hearts outlined in them.

Let's go, Yuki.


Happiness is a state of mind. Every color is more vibrant, every taste more intense, every feeling magnified, even with a metal heart, I could smile.

A weight was off my shoulder. One I didn't realize I even possessed. A weight that drove me as much as it held me down. With Thanos dead that weight—a majority of it—was gone. Perhaps it looked easy, looks can be deceiving yes.

My life since coming to this world has been about obtaining power and immortality. For what? Why did I want those two things exclusively? To obviously avoid death, and to have the strength to be free. Freedom can only be upheld by your power, your peace can only be respected if you're capable of great violence to maintain it.

I sustained more lethal injuries than I prepared for when facing the mad Titan in combat. If I hadn't obtained virtual immortality via a regenerative healing factor and godly enhancements, my fate would have been a miserable one. But I was prepared to be outmatched, out gunned, out thought, I overestimated the threat and over armed myself in response to it. My victory only looked easy, but the suffering I went through to obtain it deserves respect.

Five years in the 21st century, five more in the prehistoric era. I've spent a decade preparing for this. And I have obtained it.

Could I rest now? Am I allowed to watch the sunset over a grateful universe? Hah. There is no rest for the wicked. I have committed too many crimes, the blood on my hands is enough to drown worlds in, my sins follow me.

Eve wraps her warm arms around me tighter, she coos like a bird as she sleeps, a smile on her face indicative of a good dream.

How long has it been since I slept? I don't even try to anymore. Souls seem to have a lot to say when I close my eyes, the ghosts haunt me when I dream.

I have achieved my goal. I am immortal, I am powerful. Nothing on this planet can seriously threaten me. I'm one of the big fishes now.

Don't take my insight for conceit, I know how small I am in the grander scale of things. I've just become a slightly larger ant to the cosmic beings that occupy the realm above. But they will rarely interfere at such a small scale, just like I wouldn't go out of my way to reason the daily life of an ant.

I possessed a majority of the stones, and I had plans to obtain the rest. It was better to hold the gun and not use it than have it held in the hands of another.

I just wanted to enjoy this, this happiness and time I had here. Threats will come, I know, some I might be prepared to face and others I won't. I will fight tooth and nail to defend all I hold dear. And if I die, it was only because I was too weak. If I fail, it would be my responsibility alone.

You could be making more weapons, more plans and strategies, we do not have time to rest. Says my heart. Paranoia is a powerful thing, but I am a man who knows to enjoy the fruit of my labor.

Happiness; a short lived state of being. All things must pass, I can only imagine what awaits my future. But here, right now, I just want to enjoy the present I have obtained with my sweat.

"I'm out here planting death flags like a rice farmer." I muttered beside my honesty. Even at that, I couldn't repress the smile tearing through my face.


Slap! The old woman slapped her hand away from the boiling, aromatic broth. "Stubborn child, use a spoon."

Nebula narrowed her eyes, clenched her jaw and retrieved a spoon from the counter. The programming on her was absolute, she was turned into a personal guard for the woman and her child—the one who left with the Titan killer. And even if she could, she'd never be able to physically harm them.

"Blow on it." The old woman gestured. She followed, blowing away the steam and taking a sip of the still warm soup, it was more delicious than she imagined.

"Good girl, you learn well." The praise was heartfelt, it left a bubbly warm sensation in her chest. Here she was, a warrior and assassin, tasting soup and being praised. Something so foreign it left her in pause. She wondered what she had done to deserve such a pleasant life from the one who killed her father.

"Here." She received the loaf of soft and crispy breath, inhaling its…, she didn't know what to call this scent. This world possessed such a diverse collection of very delicious food. "Thank you." She said quietly, avoiding the aged woman's smiling eyes.

She hoped to never wake up if this was all just an outlandish dream or a well crafted illusion.

Perhaps she had died earlier on Sanctuary II and was now in the place called heaven.

"Heaven." She whispered, hiding the unfamiliar expression tugging at the sides of her lips.


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