(A\N: this chapter starts off a little weird but. . I tried to do something both funny and creative. On with it)

(Happy Hotel. Next day)

Charlie and Vaggie woke up and kissed.

Vaggie said, curious, "Uh.. Babe. . About that weird red glow that happened last night. ."

Charlie said, unsure, "I don't know. . Maybe we should ask Uncle."

Vaggie sighed, "Great." She got out of bed, "Perhaps we should put clothes on first?"

Charlie grabbed her and pulled her back in. She giggled, "MUST we though?" She kissed her again. When the kiss broke she said, "We could always find out tomorrow. . And. ."

Vaggie chuckled with a sly smirk, "Stay here and fuck like rabbits all day?"

Charlie snuggled up with her, "Is that such a bad idea?"

Vaggie said, her smirk turning to a smile, "No. . But then. . What would we have to look forward to tonight?"

Charlie sighed, "Of course. You bring that up."

They got out of bed and got dressed. They exited their room and walked downstairs.

Black Hat was sitting in his chair. Next to Alastor.

Alastor said, "So, since the traditional evil lessons aren't working. . What shall you do?"

Black Hat thought about it. For the first time in his life. . A genuine smile crossed his face, "Show her how it's done." He chuckled, "How it's such a high. . To be loathed."

Alastor looked at him and said, "Really?"

Black Hat got an angry look on his face and said, "Shut up."

(Few hours later).

Charlie went to talk to Black Hat. She walked up to him very slowly and cautiously. He sat in his chair, looking like he was planning something. And she remembered from childhood. . You NEVER interrupt Black Hat while he was planning something.

Vaggie walked up next to Charlie. She put a hand on her back and said, "I'm with you."

Charlie turned and held Vaggie's hand as they walked forward.

Black Hat spotted them and smiled, "Ah. True love." He got up and said, "Glad you found it after all these millennia!"

Charlie stopped. Something was wrong. Both from childhood and from what her parents told her. . Black Hat was NEVER this chipper. Particularly not about something like true love. It usually disgusts someone like him.

Vaggie said, suspicious, "Uh, Okay. . What's with you?"

Black Hat chuckled and looked at Charlie, "I didn't say it before but. . I think she's the right girl for you."

Charlie said, annoyed, "Okay. . You know something. . What?"

Black Hat's chuckle turned to a full blown laugh, "I figured you would figure it out on your own. The red glow last night."

Charlie and Vaggie both blushed. Charlie said, "You know about that?"

Black Hat replied, "My darling niece. . ALL OF HELL knows about that. Your mother is particularly ecstatic."

Charlie said, still blushing, "What? "

Black Hat said, "That glow. . Means you knocked up your girlfriend here."

Both girls were incredibly shocked. How did this happen?

Vaggie said, "I . . I thought Sinners couldn't-"

Black Hat told her, "NOT with each other. If they do it with a Hellborn. . It's possible but chances are not favorable. Overlords. . Well I don't know and don't care. However. . My family. . Can reproduce with whoever the Hell we want."

Charlie said, "But if we're both women. . "

Black Hat interrupted again, "You ever notice how close your mother is to some of the female servants of the palace? And how, often when your Father is away, she calls them to her chambers? And often they end up pregnant?"

Charlie said, baffled, "Yeah but. . Mom can't possibly do that!"

Black Hat took out a diagram of the demon body. He said, "You see. . We think you may have inherited this from your mother. She is capable of reproduction with both sexes. She reproduces with other females because she has this. . Small box shaped organ inside of her v-"

Charlie said, "Up-up! Spare me the details! I don't need the image of my mom and some random girl. . " She put a hand over her mouth as if she were to vomit.

Black Hat laughed again, "Very well. Basically a small thing that contains. . A certain kind of cells. . And fluid that otherwise. . Are only found in males. So. . Your mother. . And presumably you. . Can reproduce with either sex. Every time you DO reproduce with one of the same sex. . Both of your bodies are encompassed. . By a red glow."

Angel chuckled, "Surprised Luci didn't find THAT."

Black Hat whispered, "It only appears when she mates with other women. No one knows what happens to it when she and Lucifer do it."

Vaggie said, "So. . We're. . We are. . "

Charlie finished, "Going to. . Have. . A baby."

They were both incredibly afraid. Vaggie even more so. Because she knew she wasn't good at handling children. She loved Charlie. . And if they did have a child, she would be happy. . She would love the kid just as much as she loves Charlie. . But she had no idea what to do. She knew nothing about children. . All she could do. . Was hope that Charlie did.

Charlie was afraid. . But also ecstatic. She had always wanted at least one child of her own. But hadn't ever loved someone the way she loved Vaggie Before. But she knew how difficult it would be to have a child, given that Vaggie was a sinner. . And more importantly, because they were both women.

But. . To learn this information. . She was over the moon! But she saw the fear in Vaggie's eyes. . And knew there was plenty to be scared of.

The two girls hugged. . Charlie whispered, "Don't worry. . I'll be right here with you. Forever."

Vaggie smiled, "Well. . That's. . A little less scary."

Charlie held her closer and said, "I know. I'm scared too. ? But as long as we're together. ." She put two fingers on Vaggie's chin, "We will be the best at this."

They looked each other in the eyes. . And kissed again. For an hour.

Black Hat looked at his watch, "Alright, that's enough!" He separated them, "Now. . I have something to show you." He snapped his fingers

They teleported . . And found themselves outside a much larger building.

Vaggie said, "What the fuck?!"

Black Hat said, put a hand on Vaggie's shoulder, "You go enjoy some time with Lilith. She likes you." He snapped his fingers again. . Sending Vaggie to Lilith's palace.

Charlie said, her eyes glowing red and her horns showing, "If you hurt her. . "

Black Hat said, annoyed, "Relax. Like I said. . She's with your mother."

Charlie looked at the building, "What is this?"

Black smiled his usual evil smile, "A building of my own design. It's going to help me in teaching you how to be evil. I know you don't understand this but we need you to be."

Charlie said, angered, "What?! None of my relatives love me for just fucking Being me?!"

Black Hat looked down at her, "It is BECAUSE we love you, that your Father has me do this."

Charlie said, "The fuck are you talking about?!"

Black Hat's smile grew, "Follow me and find out."

The doors opened. And it was. . Apparently some kind of museum.

Black Hat said, "Welcome to the Black Hat museum of all Great evils! To show how each of the greatest evils since your parents and I first fell!"

Charlie followed him through the Museum.

Black Hat said, "The first and only entry in our slasher exhibit. . Jason Voorhees."

A statue of the hockey masked killer stood there, with little mimics of his victims all over the exhibit.

Charlie said, slightly confused, "Well. . He wasn't evil, per say. . He was just bullied and. . He killed a bunch of jerks. But. . At least his mother loved him."

Black Hat still had his evil smile, "Indeed." They moved to another exhibit, "Ah! One of the finest evils. Joseph S-"

Charlie said, "Okay, that depends who you ask. SOME people seem to like him. Plus. . He had no real idea what he was doing."

Black Hat lightly groaned, "Agreed." They moved onto the next exhibit, "Ah. One of our best. . Lord Vader."

The Vader statue was completely stone. And held quite a bit of dignity to it.

Charlie said, making some hand gestures, "Well. . To be fair. . He CHOSE the Dark Side. And he was tempted by his evil Master."

Black Hat groaned again, "True. . But think of all he did. . " His smile returned, "And why."

Charlie caught onto that and did begin to think.

They passed numerous other exhibits. With evils like Megatron, Skeletor. . John Mcenroe (which Charlie questioned) and even villains from Shakespeare's works.

Black Hat said, "Another great one. . The Joker."

Charlie said, being a smartass, "Which one?"

Black Hat chuckled, "Good point." They moved to the final exhibit, "Our Best so far. . Loki."

Charlie realized, "His story is. . Kinda Similar to Dad's." She gasped, "So. . I don't have to really be evil. . I just have to. . " She looked at her uncle, "Put on a show?"

Black Hat said, "Now. . You get it. The evil. . You can leave to us. However. . If you believe in how good it feels to be bad.. It will sell the performance."

Charlie asked, "But why?"

Black Hat chuckled, "No one is ever truly going to be as evil as your parents and I are. But you can at least try. For your family." He whispered, "Particularly, your love and offspring."

Charlie got confused, "What do you mean?"

Black Hat showed some pictures, "The biggest reason no one attempts to attack our family. . They are afraid to challenge the ultimate evils. But if the heir to the throne of Hell is a. . Sweet little gumdrop with no evil in her heart. . You Will come under attack from your subjects, almost every day. "

Charlie thought about it. He was right. From what she knew. . Hell was meant for sinners to suffer. . And to challenge Lucifer is to ask for trouble. . And he does make quite sure his people are afraid of him. But. . No one is afraid of her. If so. . How often WOULD people attack her? Or, more importantly, Vaggie and their soon to be child?

She said, extending her hand, "Uncle. . I accept your offer to teach me."

Black Hat couldn't possibly smile any wider, "Excellent."

And from that day forward. . Hell would be shaken up.