Since I am leaving fanfiction for good, I have decided to post all my half finished Ideas and the few things I have written for a sense of closure. ALL THESE IDEAS ARE UP FOR ADOPTION! Go ahead and have fun with them.

NARUTO: Sai and Kakashi centric

Summary: Kakashi the Shinobi was very competant. But Kakashi the father was a terrifiying unstoppable force. By the time Sai was old enough to be of any use the timeline had be altered all to hell.

Basically a very badass dad!Kakashi raising timetraveler Sai. Everything from Sais perspective.

KEI - Blessed -Blessing

Chapter 1: Traveling Ink - Prologue

"Do not pity the dead-pity the living, and; above all, those who live without love." -Albus Dumbledore




The Infinite Tsukuyomi was dangerous in that it captured your deepest desire and breathed life into it. Any seasoned shinobi was subjected to at least one genjutsu in their career. Most inspired fear, deceit, and nightmares.

Most experienced relief when their chakra was released and were freed from whatever nightmare or indignity they were subjected too. The Infinite Tsukuyomi was dangerous in that it made you never want to leave the illusion.

Humans were slaves to their dreams and desires, Shimura Danzo once said. Sai, under the oblivious tutelage of Uzumaki Naruto, categorized this statement as untrue awhile ago. But, perhaps he shunned the wisdom too soon, seeing as even the most powerful of shinobi were now being controlled by those very desires.

When the genjutsu first spread across the shinobi forces, Sai fell into it just like everyone else. He opened his eyes and he was in Konoha. In front of him was Naruto and all of the friends the blond ninja helped him snare. He felt that flip in his stomach that Sakura once told him was happiness and he grinned.

His friends descended on him, excited. They complimented his smile. No one called him creepy or did things that confused him. There was a flurry of movement and acceptance as they walked the familiar streets of the village he vowed to die for.

It was everything he thought he wanted but he soon recognized it for the deception it was. Sai would be the first to tell you that emotions and people's behavior eluded him. For a genjutsu that relied so heavily on the subject's emotions, it was doomed to fail in the mind of the previous root member.

The technique attacked the victims by using the knowledge it already had. Sai's greatest desire was to regain his emotions and use those emotions to form bonds with friends. But Sai had so little grasp on those emotions that the dream his psyche created was incomplete and faulty.

Sai felt a rush of emotions that felt muddled in his brain at the implications. He wasn't sure if he should feel grateful or horrified that he lacked the proper understanding of emotions for an ancient powerful genjutsu to work on him.

Sai woke up not long after that realization. His chest hurt but he shook it off in favor of the state of the other shinobi and what the battle had progressed too. It take very long for Sai to realize that they were on the losing side.

Kakashi, Sasuke and Naruto were the only ones he could see who weren't in a genjutsu coma. Sakura's pink hair was soaking in a pool of her own blood in the corner of his eye that never went away no matter how he turned his head.

Sai was accepted into their circle without question and the tightness in his chest grew heavier.

"Sai." Naruto whispered, his eyes big and his face dirty with tear tracks from his eyes leading to his jaw line.

"How did you escape the Tsukuyomi?"

"It seems as if I wasn't intune with my emotions enough for the genjutsu to fool me." Sai smiled and Naruto huffed, pulled his ear chastisingly and Sai dropped the fake smile.

"How convient." Sasuke muttered. Sai gave him a look and decided it wasn't the place to hash the issues he had with the boy in regards to Naruto. He looked to Kakashi.

"Where is Madara?"

The man looked tired and his voice reflected that; "The Kages are distracting him."

Sai strained his ears and could hear the faint rumblings of explosions. He nodded and looked to his closest friend and leader. Naruto sighed.

"Before Madare took Kurama, he left me a good deal of his chakra. We were scrambling, and he was short with me." His eyes strayed away, but quickly snapped back to the group when his sight strayed to close to the still body of Sakura.

His voice shook but his gaze was hard; "He left me with a jutsu. All he had time to say was that it was a time travel jutsu that the sage of six paths used once, and it worked. It requires a considerable amount of chakra and I cant use it because Im the only one who can execute it."

They blinked. Sasuke scowled; "What."

"I can send one of you. Change how this all ends." This time Naruto didn't stop his straying eyes from landing on Sakura then straying further to the steaming crater that once held hundreds of slumbering shinobi.

"It's risky." Kakashi said. Sai silently agreed but a shinobi's carrer was always risky.

"How do we know it will work?" He asked.

"We don't. But I trust Kurama." Naruto looked back to the group with sharp eyes. Sasuke shuffled his feet a bit, facing towards the sounds of Madara and the fighting Kages.

"You would trust an enemy with kunai posed to your throat, moron." Sasuke sneered slightly. Sai was surprised by his sudden need to react violently toward the Uchiha. His surprise over the sudden emotion was enough to stop him and Kakashi patted his arm consoling.

"We might not be able to save our world. But if this jutsu does what your claiming, lives can be saved." Kakashi spoke seriously. Sai was unsure but was willing to help out if Naruto asked. Sasuke seemed indifferent and only focused in interest when the topic of who would be sent came up. Sai surprised himself again by speaking angrily.

"Not you." He had never heard his voice take such a tone before but was to overwhelmed by what he was feeling to analyize it, "It should be someone who hasn't betrayed Konoha."

"Oh? And who should it be? You?" The way he spoke indigated how repulsive he found the idea. Sai smiled and felt vindicated when the boy twitched. He turned toward Kakashi.

"I think Kakashi-sempai should be the one to go."

Kakashi's shoulders slumped slightly and Sai decided to mimic the comforting pat kakashi gave him only a moment before. The masked mans eye curved and he must have smiled in Sai's direction. Unknowingly his eyes lit up but before he could break in an answering smile Naruto piped up; "So we are doing this?"

Their answer was silence and a lack of argument. Naruto nodded; "Sensei, I need you right there."

He pointed to a couple feet away from their little group.

-gets reborn

Chapter 2: Clan Protection (part one)

"Do you have a plan?"

"I don't even have a pla." -Friends




Sai sat infront of the floor lenght mirror in his Kakashi's room and stared at himself shrewedly. His feet were splayed out in front of him, the soft soles of his feet reflected back at him. Even as a toddled, with little motor ability and fat cheeks, he looked like himself.

Pale, perhaps not a pale as he was but close, black hair and black eyes. He didn't understand. The first few months were blurry and confusing. When his eye sight started to ujust what he observed brought up mire questions then actual answers.

At first he thought perhaps Kakashi Hatake was a member of root. Sai knew he wasn't so informed that he could compleletly deny the possibility. But it soon became obvious this wasn't quite the case either.

The man was his father. Or at least he was Kei Hatakes father. Sai speculated if they were even the same prson. The jutus that sent him here was done under strange curcumstances. The jutsu was meant for Kakashi-sempai…but hit him instead. Who knows what kind of consequences that had.

Sai looked at his reflextion again. He felt…odd. The feeling he had over his current situation were puzzling. He even wondered, in his other, world? Reality? If Kakashi was his father there as well…the were both just ignorant.

He was very familiar with the way Danzo collected his root members. Many a bastard clan child was hideen in its depths. Sai just never considered that he might be one of supposed at this time the truth did not matter much, what was the truth now being the most important thing.

He was Kakashi-sempais son and he was…Kei Hatake.

Giving one last glance at his blank face, Sai turned away, carefully stood up and toddled out of the room. The house he stayed in with Kakashi was small…but had plenty of room for the two of them. Using the wall as support Sai made hia way down the short hall way to his living room.

His caretaker gave him a piercing glance from the couch but said nothing and Sai returned the faor. They never did say much to each other. Though Sai barely spoke at all…too nervous about his lack of knowledge of children to know what he should and shouldnt be saying at his age.

The Uchiha fan was carved into a wall support beam to left of the living room and right under it was the square grided symbol of the Hatake clan. From what Sai knew of Kakashi, the man did not stake any claim in the clan after his father died and he never seen Kakashi wear the symbol on his clothing.

It was a very interesting to discover that, in this timeline, Kakashi wore both. It made Sai so…frustrated by the lack of any normalty from the two timelines…he wondered if his future knowledge was useful for anything at all.

By the time he was a year old and first walking around it was his to his shock that they lived in the Uchiha district of the village. His caretaker had alwasy been the same elderly Uhicha but he never imagined that it was like this.


Kakashi gripped the edges of the hospital crib and stared at Kei. He was incased in an icubater with a little tube giving him oxygen through his nose. The redness was starting to fade from his skin but he was still tiny.

He could admit to himsef that he was an absolute wreck. The only time he left the hospital was for the funerals.

-kaka perspective. gave up his clan right when his father died. the other clans hold a meeting and kakashi petitions to have his clan status back (for protection for sai) the uchiha agree on the condition kakashi serves in thier clan because of his eye. Kakashi accepts on the condition sai wont be apart of the clan

Chapter 3: Clan Protection (part two)

"Play is the highest form of research." -Albert Einstien



Chapter 4: Desperate Souls (part one)

"Broken crayons still color." -Unknown

Sai becomes deathly ill



Chapter 5: Desperate Souls (part two)

"When captured, birds grow wiser; they try to open the cage with thier beaks. They don't give up, because they want to fly again." -Genma Shiranui

Sai waited to make sure him and Lady Tsunade were alone. He didn't want Kakashi to hear this conversation.

"Lady Tsunade?" He rasped, looking up at the woman who was setting everything up jerkly around his bedside. She paused and gave him a curious look.

"If I die, will you make sure father doesnt do anything stupid."

Her gaze softened; "What makes you think he would?"

Sai knew. It was bred from this lifetime of watching. He had never had a family bond before. He likde to think he was begin to form bonds with team seven when he was blown into the past. But in this place…a family bond was special.

"Father doesnt have anyone else." Sai whispered. Tsunades eyes became distant, like she was now seeing something else-or remembering something.

"I don't think he can," Sai's voice trembled,"I remember what he was like when I was young-what if he breaks?"

Tsunades became sharp; "Your father is a capable man-and a powerful shinobi. Besides-it wont matter because you will be with him for many years to come."

Sai's face fell-something inside him crumbling. He felt his eyes wet. Sai knew that when one cried they were usually sad but he was familiar with that wasn't it. Words bubbled in his throat.

"I'm so-tired."

Sai could hear Shizune screaming and Kakashi breathing heavily in his ear-while repeating his name over and over-his pitch steadily increasing as the darkness closing in around him obscured his vision.

Then, it was silent.

Sai sucked in a suprised breath. The complete darkness was suprising but nothing compared to the clear and easy breaths that were expanding his lungs. It was such a relife he could cry.

He stiffened when he felt strong arms lift him up from where he had been lying in the dark. The swinging gate was familiar and Sai relaxed, hiding his face in the soft fabric.

They moved closer toward the fire. A yellow ring penetrating the darkness-allowing for sight. Sai looked up to his benefactor.

His mouth parted in suprise; "Fa-father?"

The man shuckled; "Not quite."

He set Sai down on the log by the fire while Sai looked up at the man with big eyes.

"I've been watching over you for along time Kei," The man smiled pleasantly, "or should I say Sai?"

"You-you're Sakumo Hatake." Sai breathed

Sakumo smiled wistfully; "Yes. Though, I would be honored to be Grandfather-if you will have me.

Something twisted in Sai's gut painfully; "But I'm not-"

"You are." Sakumo interupted, "Always have been. In both worlds



Chapter 6: A Dead Clan, A Revived Clan

"Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude." -Anne Frank



Chapter 7: Academy Montage

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." -Aristotle



Chapter 8: Chunnin Exams (part one)



Chapter 9: Chunnin Exams (part two)



Chapter 10: Chunnin Exam (part three)



Chapter 11: Birth of a Hokage



Chapter 12: The Mirrored Eye (part one)



Chapter 13: The Mirrored Eye (part two)



Chapter 14: A Princess Returns



Chapter 15: Decaying Root (part one)

Chapter 16: Decaying Root (part two)

Chapter 17: Decaying Root (part three)

Chapter 18: Declaration

Chapter 19: Fourth Shinobi War (part one)

Chapter 20: Fourth Shinobi War (part two)

Chapter 21: Fourth Shinobi War (part three)

Chapter 22: Kage Summit (part one)

Chapter 23: Kage Summit (part two)

Chapter 24: Walking Dead (part one)

Chapter 25: Walking Dead (part two)

Chapter 26: A Fox and His Boy

Chapter 27: Shinobi Legends

Chapter 28: New World Order

Chapter 29: Hatake Family

Chapter 30: Traveling Ink (Epilogue)

Final Thoughts: I planned on Kakashi killing Orochimaru during the chunnin exams. The third lives but passes the seat onto kakashi. After Sais meeting with Sakumo and realizing he was Kakashis son in the previous universe as well he feel confident to tell Kakashi the truth. Sai return to root as a spy and eventually out Danzos crimes. He gets publically executed.

I planned on a group of Uchihas surviving. Itachi becoming the leader. With Sais help they learn about Madara and Obito. Itachi and Kakashi capture obito and he is held in Konohoa, them trying to undue his brain washing. Pein turns the countries on each other by framing other villages of capturing thier jinjiriki. When obito regains his sensibilities they have a kage summit and he tells them peins plot.

Then they are attacked by a reurected uchiha clan. Lots of stuff happens. Rabbit woman is never raised because she is stupid. Naruto helps but he wasnt the hero because there are plenty of powerful ninja and Naruto has shounen syndrome. Kakashi marries Shuzune and Sai gets a baby brother.

There was tons more, and I am kind of disapointd this one was never written cause it was going to be epic. The over arching theme was going to be Sai's mental state and him learning to love and to be a normal person basically while all this cool stuff was happening around him.