STORY: Harry Potter- OC as Ginny's Twin Sister. I had a lot of this written. I wanted to focus on mental health issues and repressed memories. It was going to be a Draco/OC with a redeemed (hopefully believable) lightside Draco and a wierd Tom Riddle/OC relationship but NOT romance. I was going to have my character Minny confiscate Tom Riddles diary and eventually that soul peice is used to resurect Voldemort. He would have an unhealthy interest in her blah blah DRAMA!

My character was also going to have a mentorish relationship with Snape. 1. for her relationship with Draco and 2. her discovering her rebirth causing her soul to be mangled (similar but not as bad as voldemorts) and she confideds in him. This is also the cause of many of the issues she has.

I had so much written I put it into two parts!

Wicked Possession


Part 1 (1/6)- Prologue


One of my earliest memories was feeling completely and unequivocally empty.

I had all ten fingers and toes, everything physical was there but something was missing. Like I had an invisible third limb that had been ripped from me at my second birth.

That's right, second.

I was living my second life while completely remembering my life in the first. It was with this knowledge that I knew, something was wrong with me - I was an empty shell.

My twin sister was happy, bouncy and needy. It threw my behaviour in a sharp contrast that had my new parents fretting over me. I remember being taken to doctors - only they weren't doctors, not really - but the eerily familiar environment barely took root in my frazzled mind.

So doctors they remained.

The doctors poked at me with their sticks and I drank all sorts of horrible liquids. Nothing really changed. My new parents gave up when I turned two, the doctors being unable to find anything wrong with me.

I ate when I had to, learned to walk when my sister did. My family treated me solemnly, like I was a glass doll - I hardly noticed. Often I would sit and stare at the wall, the endless gaping nothingness that seemed to eat at me being the only thing that could occupy my mind.

Years passed.

The sharpness of the ache seemed to fade but I had spent so long the way I was it was hard to act any different. So, I started to watch.

I kept the most obvious thing at bay - the waving of the wands and the fantastical things making me tunnel in denial. I instead focused on the little things. The tender looks my new father would give my mom, the easy way in which my siblings could fight with each other then turn and hug each other, or the fact my family always tried to include me in some way - even if it meant making sure I always had a spot to sit and watch.

A couple weeks after I turned four, I was watching my siblings - the ones who hadn't left for school - play 'throw mud pies at the gnomes' when I had an epiphany. It struck me so suddenly - it was as if a silent strike of lightening had chosen me as its conduit.

I felt a click in my chest. There was still a subtle ache but it was hardly noticeable now - especially with the sharp clarity that was descending on my mind.

What was I doing? Mourning? But for what?

This family, I was hurting them. And they were…mine. They were my family.

They treated me so. I knew by the way my mother always made and effort to reach out to me, even when I pulled away. How my father was quick to show me a strange gizmo he was fiddling with. I saw it in the way my twin brothers never played any nasty pranks on me only looking to see if their latest prank made me smile. It was the way my big brothers always shared what they were learning at school, to spark a reaction.

It was in so many small - little moments.

I left the others in the yard and walked shakily through the back door. I closed it and leaned against it staring at my little toes dusty with dirt. Tears filled my eyes and they fell, dispersing the some of the dirt in wet circles.

My chest hiccuped with a sob and I furiously rubbed at my eyes.

What I thought I was missing had been here the whole time and I was just too much of an idiot to realize it. I chuckled a little wetly and squeezed the edges of my shirt to stop the shaking of my hands.

"Minny?" My moms voice cut the silence. My head snapped up and as soon as she saw my tears she became stern.

"Did the boys do something?" She demanded, looking livid, yet off balance. I never cried, even as a baby. I quickly shook my head fiercely.

Another sob bubbled up my throat and I ran towards her with my arms out stretched. She caught me with a grunt and gasped in surprise my willingness to be touched by another taking her breath away. She lifted me up settling me on her hip.

"Oh, sweetheart." My mother whispered shakily. Her hand was trembling as she threaded her fingers through my hair and I held on to her tighter. I felt so stupid. Four years old and this was the first time I let my mom hold me since I was a baby.

All that time wasted, grieving for a life that was gone when I could have been enjoying the perfectly good one I had been gifted with. I broke out in another fierce sob. She eventually walked backwards and fell back onto an armchair.

"I love you so much." My mother whispered shakily. It made me cry harder. She continued to comfort me when I eventually sat back and she took a bit of her flowery apron and wiped away the wetness on my cheeks.

"What happened?" She asked softly, her eyes slightly red but infinitely loving. I shook my head again and rubbed at my eyes.

"I'm s-ss-ss-owy." I gasped roughly, my voice cracking at the end from emotion and misuse. She grabbed my chin and looked at me fiercely.

"You have nothing to be sorry for," she said firmly, "Minny, we will always love you, no matter what."

Her bottom lip was shaking a bit and I stared at her in awe. I nodded my head shyly and she brought my head in to rest on her chest. She started to pat my hair again and I listened to her heart beat racing, her breaths coming out short but her hands still as she patted my hair.

Guilt clawed at me.

I couldn't make sense of why I acted the way I did-my mind being muddled and emotions all over the place. But as my new mother comforted me, I vowed to make up my behavior, somehow.

She picked me up and set me down on the ground. She pulled a strand of hair behind my ear;

"Alright sweetie?"

I hesitated, then nodded; "Sleepy."

She carried me up and put me in bed kissing my forehead and pulling my blankets up to my chin. She turned back and hesitated at the door way, she looked back at me, her expression almost afraid, and the guilt that was stirring in my gut rose a bit more.

"I love you." I whispered. She looked like she might burst into tears at that and the guilt became worse. She said it back and closed the door part way but I could hear her sniffle as she left.

I sighed and stared at my wood ceiling completely awake. Everything about my new life 'til this point came crushing down with sharp clarity.

Magic. Weasleys. Harry Potter…Voldemort.

How was it even possible? And a twin to Ginny Weasely at that. I was definitely not in the books I adored as a child and reread as an adult in my past life.

Even though I had read those books and I remembered bits and pieces of my old life, it was still hard to imagine it after living the past four years in it, even as a practical human vegetable.

My head felt heavy. I resolved to think about it in the morning and my eye lids drifted shut.

Part 1 (2/6) - Family

(establishing the relationship with the family)


October 1985

When I woke up, it was with new eyes.

I sat up in bead pushing my blankets off my body. Pausing, I felt the scratching quilt that was still covering my feet. It was a faded orange with green flowers stitched on, it reminded me of the fashions of the sisxties in my previous life.

I'd never noticed it before. I looked away and took in my room. My twins bed was shoved against the opposite wall, the blankets on it flung about like they had exploded apart. She had drawings scatered on the wand, most of the drawings of broomsticks and red headed stick figures with wolding wands.

My side of the room was absolutely plain in comparison and lacking any kind of personality. I glanced back at my sisters side of the room and realized I knew nothing about her. I felt that stab of guilt in my chest again.

My feet hit the wood floor and walked out of my room. I looked up and saw how the stair case went up and up and up till it stopped where a fuzzy memory of knowing it was Rons room.

I slowly walked down the crocked and narrow stairs, looking at everything as If I had never actually seen it before. Had I really been so blind all this time? It was practically dissicoation.

When I made it to the bottom of the stairs

-giving father the flower

-ginny mad at her

December 1985

My neck was starting to hurt from the way I was swinging it around to look at everything I could. Das was holding onto me tightly but was chucklig over my reactions.

I had never been to London before. If I had already in this life, I couldn't remember, so-like recently, I was taking everything in with new eyes. It was a crowded place but had little pockets of peace I could spot in stores or down alleys.

When we fianlly reached the train station, my stomache leaped. As we walked I look up at the round platform numbers counting them as we walked. We stopped near nin and ten and watched as a family walked briskly towards the pillar, then vanished.

I stared, fascinated.

"You ready, flower?" My dad asked, still holding me. I nodded eagerly and he smiled happily. He walked quickly towards the barrier and I tensed when we went through, my vision going dark for a beat before we exited from the opposite side.

The giant platflorm was laid out in front of us and I gaped at it.

It was nothing like I remembered it looking from my fuzzy memmories of the previous life. The hogwarts express had yet to arrive so the platform loooked strangely empty on one side while the other was packed with familys.

I observed owls swooping over the heads of everyone, and young children weaving betwenn. There was a line of fireplaces on one end of the platform. Occasionally they would flare green and someone would step out, occasionally holding a small child my size.

Eventually we could hear the train as it approached the platform. Families stood up from thier benches and children from the ground and waited around eagerly. The black and red train gleamed as it slowed to a stop.

As soon as the wheels stoped turning all the doors to the train magically slid open and a couple minutes later, students started rushing off the train onto the platform. There was an increase of noise and Dad stood on the tips of his toes-though he was so tall he hardly needed too.

Eventually we saw a broad shouldered red head waving his hand at us excitedly and already out of his hogwarts robes. I realized quite suddenly that I had no idea if this was Charlie or Bill and felt horrible for it.

Istead of dwelling on it I decided to wave my hand furiously with Dad as he approached us. Dad gave him a one armed hug and I clutched his sweater awkwardly. We pulled away and he turned towards me with a big grin;

"Ginny, you got so big!"

I stared at him with big eyes then turned away shyly. Thankfully, I was saved a response.

"Charlie, this is Minny." Dad stated proudly and I felt that familair stab. I chanced a look at Charlie from under my eyelashes and saw his shocked expression. Then it softened and he reached for me and I allowed him to take me from Dads arms.

I was perched on his hip and I willed my self to keep eye contact even though all I wanted to do was hide my face in his shirt. He was givinh me a look of awe, as if the fact I was maintaining I contact was a miracle-perhaps to him, it was.

"Whats goign on?"

We all looked to see Bill standing there with his trunk trailing behind me. He gave Dad a funny look, who had tears in his eyes.

"Bill, its Minny."

Bill instantly became alarmed; "Did something happen to her?"

"No." Charlie laughed roughly and looked down at me in emphasis. "It's Minny."

He abandoned his trunk and approache dus. I looked up at him shy and overwhelmed but feeling to crushingly guilty to deny them my attention.

"Truly?" Bill whispered. I nodded and he laughed plucking me out of Charlies arms and swinging me up into the air. Dad yelled in alarm but the suddeness of the action caused a hysterical laugh to bubble past my lips.

Once I started, I found I couldn't stop. Bill whirled me around once more and he set me down on the ground and I chortled loudly clutching my stomache.

A weasley fmaily christmas was in one word-chaotic. And im not talking about just the emmediate family either, red heads from all around the world were gracing our little burrow with thier presence.

It was a mad house. What made it even worse was the twins knew Mom was too busy running around trying to please our realitives that they could get awat with things they normally couldn't. I saw them plotting together in the garden earlier that morning.

Presently, I was hididng in the cabnit under the sink. I may have finally snapped out of my four year dissociation episode and finally opeed my eyes, but it didn't mena I was perfectly okay with so mny people in the house. Many of the realatives knew who I was, though I couldn't remeber a single face, and they were passing me around like I was some sort of fascinating science experiment.

I felt guilty about my emmediate family. But I didn't think I could stand any more mushy feeling from anyone else, hence cupbord. Besides, Ginny was still furious with all the attention I was getting and I ddint want to stoke her ire.

"...don't know how they can live like this."

I turned my ear towards the sound that was floating in from outside my cupbourd.

"Oh, Auntie, they try thier best." A soft, hesitant voice answered back.

"I told Molly that the man had nothing to his name, a lay about!" The voice whispered harshly. "Did you see all that junk in the yard?"

"If that man spent less time fiddling with those toys and provided fro ther family they wouldnt live in this hovel."

I gripped my knees tightly.

"Come on, the quire voice said, lets get you to your chair."

I cracked open the cupoard and watched as my ancient grat Aunt Murial shuffled away, with help from a cousin I couldn't find the name, and fell into one of the many chairs set up in the living room. As soon as she was comfortable she began to complain loudly again, though they were less personal and rude as the one I just overheard.

I glared at her. How dare she? If only she knew how precious, how important this family was! My mom and dad were the greatest people on this planet and I would never diserve them and she thinks she come into this home and talk like she know shit?

I felt something boil dangerously in my chest and allowed the cupboard dorr to snap close again. In the darkness I seethed. For the first time in this new life I wanted to throw a tantrum, a big one.

Even in my previous life I was quite by nature but I felt something deep in my gut stirring, making my hands shake and head buzz. My shoulders twitched with the need to stomp out of my cupbors and confront her.

But, I knew she was basically the Matriarch of the Prewett family. I went out there and started yelling at her, I would be the one getting in trouble. My upper lip curled and I slowly crawled out of the cupbord sneaking my way under the table and out of the kitchen.

I stepped out the back yard and looked around harshly, almost in a blur. To the eft was dads shed then the garden, to my emidiet right and around the corner was were we kept our garbage. I approached them, stood up on a box and opened the lid.

A wave of nausiating smell hit me so suddenly I almost toppled over. I looked at the waste grimly. It was compost. Meaning all the garbage that is good for plants was left there to ferminate for weeks in the inchanted garbage bins to be used in the garden.

It would have to do.

I was hidden under the table, eveyone in the family unawares as I sat with my string. Aunt Murial was sitting in her chair stiffly. Just as I was about to pull the string, I saw Fred-or George, I could tell from my spot-slowly inching thier way towards Murial.

I paused, watching the developement as they wiggled on thier stomache, hidden behind all the chairs of people. Slowly, but with no remorse, pushed a round brown something underneath aunt Murials chair and slowly shimmied thier way away from the chairs.

It was like waithing for a tiger to pounce.

Aunt Murial opened her mouth but never had the chance to speak when there was a small boom of the dungbomb and she screamed, brown clouds rose up from her chair. Everyone sitting next to her dowe away in disgust and everyone started exclaiming all at once.

Aunt Murial stood up still screaming and I saw my chance. I pulled the string and saw how it pulled taunt then the bucket tilted then the compost splattered on to her head and dripping to the floor.

Everyone became eerily silent and I slowly shimied out from hiding spot and sneaked out the back door. I rounded the corner just in time for me to her my mother shout 'BOYS!'

Once I knew I was safe I bit my knuckles and laughed as quitely as I could.

As soon as I had myself under control I let my head fall back and hit the wall. I shook my head, suprised that I had enough vindictiveness inside me to even pull something like that. I huffed, then noticed something I hadnt before when I walked out side.

Little foot prints, burnt into the grass. Wait, that wasn't right, not burnt, but dead grass-a trail leading from the back door all the way to the garbage cans around the side of the house.

I stood up and compared my foot the shape of the one in the dead grass. I felt in with my fingers and the grey blades and quickly pulled away when it fell apart into ash.

-making up with minny/it hurts

Part 1 (3/6) - Intruder

(establish the seriousness of war-establish minnys opinion on meddling)

July 1986

-the demon cat living in the woods

-goign down into the muggle town/playing with the children

June 1987

(five years)


I looked up from Ginny's and I game to the distant shout coming from the garden.


A shout for our mom wasn't an odd occurence in this house but it was odd for Percy to be the one that was shouting it. I looked at my twin and stood up.

"Where you going Minny?" Ginny asked, glancing down at out game in distress. I waved my hand towards the side door.

"Percy." I gave as an answer and heard the patter of Ginnys feet following me. We walked out into the garden and saw Percy amidst the garden leaning over something and our mother leaning over Percy shaking her head.

"Oh, please Mum, please!" Percy begged, his hands cupping something close to the dirt. Ginny and I shuffled closer. I clutched at my mothers skirt and Ginny ran to the other side of Percy.

"Ooh a rat!" Ginny pointed down. My breath caught and I felt as if my heart had sank low in my stomache.

"Oh." I breathed softly while my brother begged my mother to keep the rat. I couldn't see who I assumed to be Pettigrew from my mothers side but suddenly was realizing there was a murdered, betrayer and death eater in our midst and I was the only one who knew it.

"I don't know Percy," My mother hedged

I clutched the shirt of my twin, finding comfort in her even shallowi breathing. Sleep alluded me-how could it not? There was a murderer sleeping in our house.

So instead, I pondered on what I was to do from this point. I escaped my depressive denial and excepted the new world I was born into. But have I truly?

I knew things. Terrible things-yes, but useful. The question was-should I? Could I?

How much could rely on future knowledge anyway? There were things in present in this world that never reached the pages of th books. There were so many factors, so many possibilities. Stepping on a butterfly and all that.

I might right one wrong, then set off a turn of events that concluded to something even worse-and what of Harry? Do I dare mettle in the story of a boy who-in the end, was happy?

So many questions but hardly any answers.

My thoughts were broken by a sleepy mumble of Ginny, who turned on her side and let out a long sigh. I felt the tender touches-what I knew now to be the love I felt toward my family-curl in my chest.

It was an easy decision after that, an entirely selfish one too. I wasn't a hero, but my new family was everything to me. Without them I would-without a doubt-be incoherent, sequestered away in an institution.

There was a murderer in my house, so he had to go. As for anything else I could change, well, if it didn't concern my family-then it didn't matter.

I slowly crawled out of bed, carefully set my feet down on the wood floor. Ginny didn't even stir as I pad silently out of our room. Ever since I laid on the rat, plans and ideas started to form in my head about Peter Pettigrew, even if I didn't act on them.

I climbed down the stairs carefully, stopping at my parents door and opening it carefully. They were two black lumps on the bed, barely moving in the darkness. I walked around to the side my father slept on.

His mouth was wide open while he snored loudly, his opposite arm flung across himself and dangling off the bed. I reached out and shook him lightly. It didn't take much and his eyes snapped open.

I flinched at the wand that was suddenly thrust and the light that quickly sprouted from it, blinded me. As soon as it appeared it was gone-the light pointing away from me. My mom started stirring and my dad blinked at me tiredly.


My mum sat up fumbling with her wand and lighting it as well. Even half asleep my mom was in full mother mode turning toward me ready to sooth fears and wipe away tears. I didn't giver her the chance.

"I saw Percy's rat turn into a man."

I saw the blood rush out of my fathers face. He stared at me, ashen.

"Are you absolutely sure?"

I nodded solemnly. It occurred to me, belatedly, that a normal child would be frightened-but I was never a normal child, was I?

"Molly-"Dad manged to say, slightly strangled. She didn't need any further prompting, wide awake, she bent over and led me out. Dad followed us.

"The children-" My father whispered after us, and my mother nodded.

"I saw him go toward Percy's room." I piped up and Dad hurried past us. Wand still in hand.

Mom was holding onto my shoulder tightly as she led me to Ginny's and Is room. The light from mom's wand illuminated the small room and we shuffled toward Ginny. I shook her.

"Wah-wus?" She mumbled

"You two hold each other and don't stray from me, do you understand?" She was stern, but I could also see something that made my stomach turn-she was afraid. Suddenly I was afraid too.

What if Pettigrew killed my Dad? He was always perceived as someone so weak in the books but…I couldn't predict what would happen. But he didn't have a wand right? And my Dad was capable, a ministry man. Right? Right?


I chanted in my head, while Ginny and I huddled together following Mom as we entered the twin's room. One of them was hanging half off of his bed, the other, burrowed in his blankets. She woke them up and silenced them in quick order.

Even the two pranksters could pick up on the serious atmosphere. The two immediately huddled protectively around Ginny and I. Dad came down the stairs with a confused Percy and a sleepy Ron. He pushed them toward us, still holding his wand.

"Go." He whispered hoarsely. Mom made a pitiful sound in the back of her throat;

"Be careful."

Then she ushered us down the stairs and out of the house. She refused to answer the boys inquiries as we were all ushered huddled together, toward Dads shed.

Mom made us gather together

My parents…lived through a war. Their reactions were actually-tame, in light of this fact. Yet, I felt bad, for my part in making them-and everyone else, by extension, so afraid. Even though the fact there was a murderer that was finding sanctuary in our home, was ultimately beyond my control.

Our mom conjured some blankets for us and we all slept in a pile in the shed. The smell of gasoline and misfired spells was heavy in the air but it was strangely comforting. The presence of Dad was everywhere despite the fact he had yet to return.

Ron was the first to nod off, Ginny soon after-holding tight to my hand. Percy didn't even bother setting his head down, legs folded against his chest. Fred and George were still huddled around the youngest of us, saying nothing but offering unsaid comfort.

Those of us awake perked up when there was a knock on the door. We tensed, when Mom drew her wand and approached the door carefully. She had a whispered conversation and then she threw the door open.

Dad stepped in and Mom threw her arms around him.

Our Mom put us back to bed tenderly her shoulders heavy with relief. I went back to bed in the early morning with the startling truth of the effect of war. I could admit to myself I might have acted rashly in terms of this but my desire still held true.

My entire family would survive the end of this next war and I would do whatever it took to make sure it came to fruition…no matter how many butterflies I had to crush along the way.

July 1987

Bill and Charlie came back from Hogwarts the next month. Bill from his fifth year and Charlie from his third. We had the regular welcome home dinner but there was an underlying tension that was in the air.

Dad had refused to let any of us come to kings cross and judging by the grim expressions on their faces when they arrived I could guess why. They were told the truth. The rest of us were kept in the dark; except me of course, but I kept my mouth shut about it.

Mom and Dad had a tenseness around their shoulders that they carried around for the beginning of the summer. It eased as the weeks past but I knew I would be quick to forget the look in my parents eyes on that night.

It…bothered me.

I found Bill writing a letter in the garden. I was hesitant to bother him but I felt restless

He looked up and squinted at me.

"...Minny." He sounded a tad unsure, but smiled when I nodded at him. He patted on the ground next to him and I crouched pulling my dress over my knees. I was touched when he folded his letter and set down his quill, stuffing them in his robe pocket.

"Dad told me you were the one to-uh, discover the…man." It was clear he was trying to avoid frightening me. I nodded my head.

"I wasn't frightened."

He didn't seem to believe me but he smiled none the less.

"I was more afraid…" I was hesitant to finish the sentence but trudged on by Bills encouraging nod, "by how Mom and Dad reacted."

Bill seemed startled, the he turned solemn. I wanted to punch myself in the face-why was I always putting such expressions on my families faces?

"Mom and Dad, were scared…really scared." I said with a small voice, feeling the fire years I was and hating myself for it. Bill reached for me and settled me on his lap.

"They were afraid for the safety of the family." Bill explained, and I knew that. So-why?

"Its okay to be afraid sometimes, its how you use that fear to do what you need too."

I remained silent and Bill scratched my back; "Mom and Dad were afraid-then what did they do?"

"Got us out of the house." I whispered and he nodded. I recognized this, I knew this-what did I really want to say?

"The war." I said, looking up at Bill who seemed, sad.

"I was ten when the war ended, you know?"

I blinked surprised. I knew this too, yet at the same time, failed to realize-I looked at Bill with new eyes. He continued to smile at me, Bill was always smiling-it seemed. Maybe there was a deeper reason for that than even I realized.

"It was a time when people were hard to trust and even one man could be dangerous."

In my previous life I never lived through a war. I tried to picture what Bill was describing and couldn't.

"Magic-its fantastic, you know, but dangerous."

I looked into Bill brown eyes, they were serious.

"Very dangerous."

Eventually she reached up and took a frame down from the tall shelf that was full of family photos. I never really looked at anything on it before, it was the type of thing that sort of blended into the background because it had always been there. Despite the fact it was covered in moving photos.

"Have I ever told you about my brothers Gideon and Fabian?"

I stared at the picture stunned. Two red haired men stared at me laughing, one leaning on the other unable to stand up with the force of his laughter. I had never seen the men before, I couldn't remeber anything about them from reading the books in my past life.

Sniffing I touched the photo and shook my head, settling into my mothers lap. She gave the picture a sad smile;

"Died in the war." She said softly, "They were always protecting me even though I was the older sibling."

One of them had the curly hair like my mother, Percy and I had. They were both holding thier wands as they laughed and recgonized one of them as the wand Bill currently used.

"Though I was always the one that got them out of trouble when they inevitably got into it." She sighned, "The twins adored them, though I don't think they remeber them much."

She delicately placed the photo back with all the others.

-ron breaks freds brom and turns his teddy bear into a spider

Part 1 (4/6) - Ambition

(consequens of meddling-knowledge of muggle world-choosing a secondary goal)

-the news articles-

-charlie, ginny and minny hunting for bowtruckles

"Wheres Dad going?" I asked watching my father from the kitchen window making a pit stop at his shed and putting around. My mother hummed distractingly kneeding dough, casually flicking her wand, a sprinkle of flower littering the table.

"Hes going out, honey."

My eyebrows scrunched together in annoyance; "But where?"

Mom folded the dough and tossed it into a bowl before reaching another chunck and with another flick of her wand setting the rolling pin on a furious rolling rush. She turned away from her work to look at me, a gesture I greatly appreciated.

"Into the muggle world sweetheart."

She then brushed my hair behind my ear then tried the wipe off the flower she inevitably got on my face. I managed to wiggle away and she turned away.

"That man has always been fascinated with the muggle world, merlin know why." Mom mummbled and waved away her rolling pin which had started pounding on the dough. I walked out the door to the sound of my mom scolding the utensil.

I ran to the shed spotting my dads bobbing red hair in the darkness. Stopping at the door I watched my dad bending over, working on his Ford Anglia. I knocked on the door frame lightly.

He looked over and smiled; "Hello flower."

I shuffled over and hugged him around the waist. He lightly patted my head and pointed to a mangled pipe.

"I'm enchanting this here hoping it makes the flying a little more smooth." he whispered, despite the fact Mom was at least a yard away yelling at the twins for something they had done.

"Ill keep your secret." I whispered back and he grabbed my shoulders and squeezed. I pulled away;

"Mum said you where going into the muggle world today."

"Thats right," He closed the hood to the car, "you want to come?"

I was agreeing before he even finished his sentence; "Yes, I will go tell Mum!"

Running out of the shed leaving my stunned father behind I ran into the front door. Fred and George almost bowled me over as soon as I walked in giggling madly and jumping like two ginger monkeys.

"BOYS!" My mother screamed rounding the corner to the stairs face red wielding her enchanted rolling pin. She ran past me out the door and I followed hestently.

"Get back here!" My mother shrilled as my brothers jumped into a bush to try an hide but the garden gnome that was pushed out of the bush in thier haste. He shook his meaty fist at the bush and stareted speaking gibberish that sounded an awful lot like some knind of gnome insults.

In an impressive display that was achieved so smoothly I could only stare in awe my mother grabbed the gnome by the ankle and sent it flying like she was a pro discis them pointed her wand at the bush the leaved poofing off and leaving only twigs behind.

Fred and George were tangled up togehter in the bush blinking up at my mothers red clothes caught on varioustwigs and thier hair sticking straight up, probably as a result of the spell.

I giggled.

-getting a job saving for wand

I scanned our meager bookshelf sadly. There was a messy stacking of tattered children books on the bottom shelf that hadnt been touched in some time. Our regular school books with out maths and reading, as well as some history books sat on the one above it.

The next shelf up was filled with household magics, spell my mom undoublty used more than a hundred times a day. It wasn't a shelf I really parused often but I was getting desperate.

After I settled into my life here, I was able to actually feel excited about all the magic around me and was desperate to learn all I could. Are house had a pitiful slection of adeqate reading material.

I knew Percy had a few books of his own but he gaureded the,, jealously anf I highly doubted he would let his five year old sister borrowi any of them. I blew my fluffy bangs out of my face and grabbed one of my mums books on healing spells.

The first page of the book was mostly theory, and there were terms sprinkled in the paragraphs that I didn't understand. Things about something called vires crepit or vicrepit (wand strenght) and magivulnere (magic wound) that went over my head, though I enfered they had somthing to do with your wand and the wounds youd be treating.

There was a small paragraph that was basically the wizarding world equivalnat to a disclaimer stating that wand cores and the talent of the witch or wizard relied heavely on the power and completion of the spells. For whatever reason I found the short paragraph facinationg.

-decideing to be a healer

-percy going to hogwarts

-Ginny being teased/waking up with bloody knees memory lost

Part 1 (5/6)- The Pact

(setting up plot-card game-fluff)

September 1989

-fred and geore go to hogwarts

Ron was glumbly looking down at his battered chess board. I couldn't blame him. We were all feeling the absence of the twins, they really made sure there wasn't a dull moment in the house.

"This is depressing." Ginny mumbled, flicking her pile of chocolate frog cards around. I looked up from Mom's book on medical potions and glanced at the charred spot on the wood floor from the infamous Aunt Murial incident.

"It will be a good break from watching our backs." I tried to comfort, but Ron just turned away from his swearing chess pieces to look at me, annoyed.

"They never prank you!"

I looked down at my book, ashamed, not wanting to remember why exactly tha was. Ron yelped and one of Ginny's chocolate frog cards clattered to floor sliding by my bear foot. I looked at Ginny and she nodded to me while Ron muttered nastily under his breath.

I knew he was sour about being left behind with only girls in the house, Ron was sensitive that way. I placed my book mark in my book and set it off to the side. I picked up the chocolate frog card and looked at it shrewdly.

I couldn't understand the appeal of collectiong the things honestly. All the people on he cards could be found in any history book too. Perhaps it was the added appeal of getting chocolate with each one but even then…they just collected dust.

You couldn't even play a game with them.

I looked up from the grinning visage of Celestina Warbeck while a very muggle and very imaginary lightbulb pinged above my head. Ginny stared at me strangely and I gave her a sly grin.

"I have an idea."

An hour later we had both Ginnys and Rons chocolate frog cards laid out. Ginny and I had ours in an arrow formation with Albus Dumbledor leading the head. Rons had his laid out in two rows, we each had twelve cards out.

He pushed one forward; "Veres Des, fifteen century bowtruckle charmer led an army of them in the battle of "

"The bowtruckles infest the clothing of all your troops unawares and spy for me."

I whispered into Ginnys ear; "Hes good."

She didn't even bother to whisper; "We're better!"

Then she pushed forward the awkwardly grinning Newt Scamander.

"Newt Scamander, famous keeper of wild creatures and considered the most leading expert on magical creatures, he charms all the bowtruckles so thier on our side instead doubling our numers!"

"What!?" Ron protested loudly, "Veres Des raised all those bowtruckles from when they were sprouts! There is no way they would change eligences!"

The object of the game wasn't luck, or even really stragedy. It was knowledge…and good argumentive skills. There were two armies and one mediater. Three turns and three rounds. The more you knew about the famous witch or wizard the better chance you had at being able to argue your case and win your battle.

"Dunno Gin, hes got a point." I said and Ginny blowed air out of her nose.

"Newt Scamander was the first to discover thier exact and complex mationg rituals. They follow him becasue he can help them find boyfiends!"

I snorted and laughed loudly, while Ron spluttered; "Thats absolutely redickulus!"

"Even bowtruckles need love Ronald!" Ginny said fiercly

It was of course, this moment our mother chose to walk in with the basket of potatoes she picked from the garden. She stared at the three of us, bemused.

"What are you three doing?" She asked carry the basket into the kitchen and rolling her sleves. Ginny and Ron looked at each other then jumped up quickly run towards Mom talking quickly about bowtruckles, mating habits and armies.

"So who would win?" Ron finally said

"I think the real question is," I began slyly, "would Scamander willingly send all those bowtruckles of to war?"

There was a beat of silence then Ginny groaned while Ron whooped.

"Thats two to one, I win!"

"Well, I think its a stupid game

We were in the process of peeling the potatoes when a handsome tawny owl flew in from the window. I eyed curiously while Ron and Ginny continued to picker. Mom dried her nads on her apron absently and took the letter crefully from the owl. Her brow furowed as she truned it over.

She broke the seal and pulled out the letter while the brown owl watched patiently

We all pondered on a name for our silly game. I was tempted to call it Magic: The Gathering but didn't know if it exsisted already in the muggle world.

"Maybe just…the chocolate frog game?" Ron suggested

"Boring." Ginny said and Ron huffed.

"What about, Frog Wars?" Dinny said. I shrugged, not in love with it, but it wasn't bad.

"Magic and Conquer…M.A.C. for short." I said and Ginny nodded slowly.

"I like it." Ron said

-unbreakable vow/ron

-bewitched teapot/dads fiasco at the ministry

Ginny stared at Ron sourly as he opened his hogwarts letter with glee and Dad stood over him proudly. All was drowned out, however by Mom delighted shriek.

"Prefect!" she cried, grabbing Percy by both side of his head and swooping in giving him a big kiss on the side of his head while he flailed-shiny badge clutched in his hand.

Fred gasped delicately; "Perfect Percy a Prefect?"

"Momma told me he would be going to Hogwarts with Ron this year, that thier the same age," Ginny told breathlessly as we trudged up the stairs.

"I wonder what he's like."

"Probably like any other bloke." I mussed, finding my twins crush adorable. She topped and turned towards me;

"But he-"

Her reply was cut off by her reply by a loud boom coming from Fred and Georges room. Ginny and I glanced at each other then at thier door. I shrugged and we continued walking up the stairs.

"I wouldnt make him out to be such a big thing, he was only a baby when he defeated you-know-who." I tried to reason. Ginny stuck out her bottom lip and I sighed. I doubted she would give up on her borderline hero-worship but figured she would grow up eventually.

We entered our room and I nose dived onto my bed sighing loudly. I curled up and snuggled into my quilts with satisfaction.

"You're such a cat." Ginny muttered from her side of the room. I stretched and sighed again;

"Cant argue with that."

We were quite for a bit while she took off her shoes and shook mine off from m spot in bed. Ginny grabbed a quidditch book from under her bed and propped her feet up wiggling her toes. I closed my eyes.

"It will be just us this year." Ginny said quitely and I grunted my eyes flicking open half asleep. I exhaled loudly;

"It will be nice to have a quite house."

Ginny poutedat me; "It will be just-ugh, awfull!"

"They will be gone all year. We always have to see our brother go one after the other and were left behind!"

I threw off my blankets and sat up looking at Ginny with concern. For me it was different. I missed my brothers and I wanted to attend Hogwarts but I also knew what was waiting for us in the coming years and wasn't very eager to live through it.

And even thought I acted eleven and even felt eleven in some ways, at the end of the day I had more life experience then any of my siblings. It was easy to forget at times the gap between Ginny and I.

"It will be our time soon," I assured softly, "this year is our year, we may not be goignt o hogwarts but its our last year before we do, we should make it a good one."

"What should we do?" Ginny asked, putting her book on her bedside table and leaning forward in interest. I sat up higher and crossed my legs.

I twisted my lip in concentration; "We need to go in with a bang."

"Yeah," Ginny breathed, "do something that would make Charlie or the twins proud!"

I laughed then ubruptiply stopped. Ginny made a question noise and I jumped up from my bed excitingly.

"The cat." I said flatly

"What are you-" Her eyes went wide, then gasped and jumped up as well, "The cat."

"That crusty evil terror is ours!" I whispered. Ginny grasped my arms with glee.

"Thats briliant, youre brilliant."

We both started to laugh and we jumped up and down like the preteen girls we were. Our laughter was turning more towards evil cackle when Percy poked his head in hesitently.

"Lunch." He said simply giving us a strange look before fleeing. We smiled at each other and grabbed each others hands before stomping down the stairs together.

Mom had both mine and Ginnys hands in a vice grip as we hurried along the platform. It was so incredibly unfair that ginny and I were so short while eveyone towered upove us. Our short legs struggled to keep up.

I almost tripped over my feet, when from otu of the corber of my eye I spotted him.

Harry Potter.

His bright green eyes seemed illuminated from behind his glasses. The poor boy was looking around the platform desperately, Hedwig hooting at him comfortingly. He was a dorable.

My mom noticed him and started talking loudly; "Running late again-and the platform is always packed with Muggles, of course."

Harry's head snapped toward our family then started following us quickly.

"Now, whats the platform number?" Mom asked and Percy gave her a concerned look while Fred and George stared at her like she was batty.

"Nine and three quarters." Ron answered, hesitenly, as if he was put on the spot for a suprise oral test. I saw Harry hovering in the back, careful not get to close, but eyeing our family intensly.

"Yes, yes." Mom mumbled, then gestured with her hand. "Alright, Percy, you go first."

Ginny and I chased the train waving and laughing and crying in Ginnys case. The red hair of our brothers became dots and they disappeared from site. It was bitter sweet.

Ginny gave a sniffle and I hugged her from behind.

"We'll show 'em." I said, then I whispered in her ear.

She laughed and wiggled out of my embrace. We ran back toward our Mother who was staring where the train disappeared with a conflicted expression. Eventually she turned to us and smiled.

"Well, come on girls we have some errands to run."

We both groaned. Mom gave us a warning look before grabbing both our hands like before and leading us out of the plaform. Ginny continued to sniff and mumbled under her breath.

"So unfair."

You're walking in the train station

It's -packed with muggles- and your in a hurry

Out of the corner of your eye you spot him:

Harry Potter

He's starts following you, about 30 feet back

He grabs his trolly and breaks into a sprint

He's gaining on you

Harry Potter

You're looking for your Mom but you're all turned around

He's almost upon you now

And you can see there's desperation on his face

My God, there's desperation everywhere!

Running through the barrier (from Harry Potter)

He's brandishing a wand (its Harry Potter)

Lurking on the platform

Wizarding World superstar Harry Potter

Part 1 (6/6) - Romania

(intro-ducing side villian-collecting aliies-setting up plot)

December 1991

Mom was reading the letter from Ron quietly while Ginny and I poured over the book about Romania. We turned a page and we both gasped, heads pushing together uncomfortably trying to get a better look.

A fire crab scuttled across the page, the multy colored crystals on its back sparkling in from the sun in the photo, it then let out a firey blast from its backside that had Ginny and I

Ohhing and ahhing over it.

Ginny pointed to some writng on the page; "It looks like they have a sanctuary for them in ROmania too!"

"Can we go see them, Mom, please!"

I nodded eagerly and Mom grunted distractedly looking at the letter with a furrowed brow. I was about to ask if something was wrong before I got distracted when Ginny turned another page and we were met with the scratchy drawing of a vampire.

We perused the book for awhile and when I was finally pulled out of it, I was suprised to see my mom knitting furiously. I'd seen her knit enough to recgonize the beginning of one of her famous sweatrs.

I was again, distracted by away from my questioning at the familair clang of our dad shuffling through the door. Ginny and I left our book and ran and gave him twin hugs around the waist.

Ginny was talking a mile a minute about vampirs, dragons and fire crabs.

"Honey?" Our dad asked curiously, and our mother barely aknowledged him glowering at her knitting kneedles.

"I thought you were all done?"

She still refused to answer and our dad chuckled nervously; "Did we get another kid while I was at work?"

"Yes." Mom growled, twirling the blue yarn around a finger. Dad blinked in suprise, not expectiong the answer and made a questioning noise in the back of his throat. She finally paused and set the kneedles down in her lap.

"Rons new friend, Harry, isnt expecting presents this year."She said tersely, like that explained everything-perhaps, in her mind, it did-then she emmidiatly picked up her kneedles and started twirling them skillfully.

"Eat with out me." She snapped and Dad carefully steered us away from the living room and into the kitchen, where dinner sat still warm from Moms charms.

"Its best just to leave her be." He whispered and Ginny and I shared similar looks of agrreemenr. Mom got scary sometimes when she was mothering mode. Fifteen minutes into our dinner Ginny dropped her fork.

"Harry…" She mumbled, then her voice raising dramatically,"as in-like-HARRY POTTER?!"

I laughed loudly and Ginny whirled on my

"You knew!"

I continued to laugh and she started whalloping on my arm. My laugh morphed into a laugh scream hybrid.

"Noo-ah-oo" I coughed while our Dad stood up


We paid him no mind while I started pinching her stomach making her flail. Our Dad, bless his heart, was completely left footed when it came to disiplining us. We werent like the boys, who he would usually pinch an ear or pull a collar.

So we continued to slap each other, we were only half serious anyway. Eventually we both fell off the bench with a squeal and becaming a laughing heap, fight forgotten. Dad stared down at us, bemused.


We had no chance to reply because of Mom voice bellowing from the other room

"Whats going on in there?"

"Nothing!" All three of us called in usion, then all giggled together.

Merlin, I loved this family.

We were taking a a portkey to Romania. Charlie apparently had to pull some strings with the Romanian Ministry for us to do so. I was slightly disappointed that we wouldn't be seeing the ministry there but I could understand the need to do so.

Besides, Mum was beside herself. Multiple times the past week she took Ginny and I aside to lecture us on safety and the like. She was afraid that as soon as we landed a coven of vampires was going to swoop down on us and bleed us dry-or a Dragon flying in and burning us to a crisp.

Also-according to Charlie-the Romanian ministry was really lax on the regulations of magical creatures. The muggle population was relitavely small there compared to the magic so I guess they just werent as strict. I could understand why Charlie loved living there.

Its not even worth mentioning that we would be basically staying on the outskirts of a dragon sanctuary. Ginny and I were ecstatic. Apparently many of Charlies co-workers flooed or apparated to work-but not Charlie. He wanted to be close to the Dragons as much as possiple.

"Here we are!" Dad said after awhile of walking up the hill. We stopped around a rusty old bucket and Ginny and I exchanged excited looks. Cluthing our luggage tighly we kneelded down and grasped the top of the bucket while our parents did the same.

"Now," Mom said, "you remeber what I told you?"

Ginny groaned and I sighed; "We'ere not simple Mom."

She looked sharply at us and Ginny rolled her eyes; "Don't wander off, listen to what Charlie says, and " she reported dutily.

Dad took out his pocket watch, "Thirty seconds girls."

My knuckles turned white and then-we were off. Wind whipped around us and it stung my eyes. Just when I was beginning to feel nauseous from all the spinning around us. I hit the ground hard and I gasped.

We heard a familiar laugh and I rolled over to see Charlie grinning at us. Ginny and I jumped up and ran toward him-discomfort forgotten. He hugged us fiercley.

"You two have gotten taller!" He laughed. "Still short though."

"This is a co-worker and friend of mine, Vlad Dragos."

The tan man gave a sweeping bow toward us. I blushed. The man was handsome and it was times like this I would be tratly reminded of my ture age. I often forgot but occasionally something-like this-would happen and I would be uncomfortably off balance.

I remainded silent through the introductions trying to center myself. I didn't help that Dragos kept glancing at me when my parents or Charlie wasn't looking. Thankfully, we left the man behind to do his work and Charlie continued his tour.

"This is were we administer medicine to the baby dragons-we usually take care of the adults directly from thier nest." Charlie pointed to a large burn mark covering the far wall. "That is the handy work of a new dragon-norwiegen richback."

He gave us a sly look and I knew, Norbert. Charlie didn't tattle on Ron and Harry's dragon misadventure though. I glanced at Mom and saw her fretting over absolute chaos of the room.

Tables were upturned, burn marks everywhere and even some supicious stains that looked like dried blood on the floor.

"Whys it so…messy?" I asked. Charlie barked out a laugh; "We do all the cleaning at the end of the day."

"You mean," Mom said, almared, "that this is only a days mess?!"

She looked like she might feint and Dad gave her shoulders a comforting squeez.

"Now to the best part." Charlie grinned impishly and Mom muttered under her breath.

"We all very careful here Mum," Charlie sighed, "we havent had a-uh- accident in over a decade."

Mom deflated a bit.

I dumped my luggage on our floor and colapsed on my bed-Ginny not far behind. I grunted when she landed on my hair and I tugged it free.

She patted my back apologetic; "Well, that was a fun holiday."

I snorted, that was a mounumentous understatement.

An owl delivered the paper the next morning and Mom set it aside distractedly. Ginny was obsorbed in her breakfeast and I snatched up. As soon as I folded it open my breath hitched at the title in black bold letters:


Right undernesth it was his Azkaban photo, looking dazed and sorrowful at me from the paper. The only indication it was a wizarding photo was his slow blinking. Underneath the photo was another title-smaller but just as bold:

PETERGREW - ALIVE! - What the Ministry is keeping from us and Why.

I read it eagerly, breakfeast forgotten.

We all know of the crimes of Serius Black. Betrayer of the Potters on that fateful Halloween night, murder of the brave Peter Pettigrew and a treet full of muggles, a death eater. The worst of the worst.

What if none of this was true?

In June 1987, four years ago, a wizarding family (names redacted for privacy) discovered an unregistered rat animagus on thier property. Unknowling, they adopted it as a pet-only for thier yound daughter to discover the frightening truth.

Thankfully, the partriarch of the famiy was a Ministry man and the situation was dealt with swiftly and the intruder was apprehended. It was to the great shock of those in the ministry that the animagus was a man thought long dead-Peter Petigrew.

His arrest was kept quiet and questions were asked. The interrogation that followed on Pettigrew is not in Ministry record-neither is his arrest-but we in the Daily Phrophet wouldnt let us deter us.

Even though, at the time, we were unaware of the exsistance of Petegrew in this, we knew something was fishy was going on. We hit many road blocks along the way but eventually-by chance- one of our writers was reasearching Azkaban prison.

It came a shock to us all to see Petigrew name on the list and Sirius Black name removed form it. Indeed the swith was made so swifly and silently nobody recgonized the change. Its nit common knowledge but it is infact illegal to keep a withc or wizard in Azkaban and nit have thier name officially on the registery. (It should be mentioned, that this registry is open to the public-if you want proof)

A brave reporter visited the prison and visited Petegrew in the flesh. Indeed he was there, with a animagus supression bracelt around his wrist and a dark mark marring the other.

Where was Sirius Black?

We had no proof that Sirius Black was held in Snt. Mungos walls but we knew we had to try. No one other than family has the right to demand information about a patient and legally optain it. We soon contacted Tonks, a cousin of Sirius Black and told her what we knew.

She was, understandably, outraged and we flooed to St. Mungos that evening.

Eventually we made it in to discover Black had been a patient of the hospital for the past four years a practically a prisor! We immediaetly conducted an interview with the man himself-a follows.

DP: So, Black. You spent the last years in Azkaban then four in St. Mungos. How are you doing?

SB: Please, call ne Serious. Azkaban was awful, glad to be rid of the place…and I do confess I desperately needed a stay here in the ward for ahile to recover-but that was years ago.

DP: Are you implying that you have been held here against your will?

SB: Yes.

We were shocked wizards and witches. Had the Ministry after so badly messing up continue to do injustice to an innocent man? Black continued;

SB: They claim I have insanity from my stay in the prison but what they're really after is trying to hide the fact that they threw an innocent man in Azkaban with no trial.

DP: What a horrible injustice.

SB: I don't even have a dark mark.

Black showed us both of his arms and he, indeed, had no mark blemishing either of his arms. At this point we were eager to help the man in any way we could here is the event of that Halloween night in .

SB: Peter Pitegrew was James and Lilys secret keeper

DP: Not you?

SB: No. I suggest it. Thought I would be to obvious if were me…wanted to throw You-Know-Who off the trail.

DP: And Petegrew betrayed them.

SB: Yes.

Black became emotional while telling his story. The night this happened was an emotional night to all of us but even more so to the man who was so close to the Potters.

SB: I found thier house in flames. Found little Harry alive, screaming in his crib.

DP: You were the one to collect Harry Potter from the scene?

SB: (nodded) I caried him from the house-intusted him to Dumbledore. I should have…

DP: Should have what?

SB: I should have just kept Harry with me. He was my godson-but I…I was so angry. I knew Petigrew was responsible for James and Lily;s death and I…knew I could find him.

DP: You wanted revenge?

SB: Yes. But when I found him, eveything went out of control. I wanted to find out why he did it…but he immediately started screaming, in a street full of Muggles that I had betrayed the Potters. He started blasting the place, I tried to get him to stop and save some of them but he cut off his finger then transformed. Aurors showed up and stunned me.

DP: What then?

SB: I woke up in Azkaban

DP: No!

SB: Yes, I was told breifly by Ministy official why I was in there, then he left, before I could get a word in.

I set down the paper, amazed.

This all happened…because of me. I let out a long breath and tried to calm my beating heart. This was going to change the future, hopefully for the better.


Harry, Ron and Hermione entered the great hall. Hermione was chattering excitedly about her summer vacation and Harry was brimming with need to tell her about the Mirror they found.

The further they went in the more obvious it became that people were staring at them-or more accuretly, staring at Harry. More than usual.

Harry sat down, uncomfortable

He wiped his sweaty palms on his tousers and stared at the blank parchment. What if the man didn't want to hear from him? He probably had so much on his plate already with all the drama that was going on

Dear Serius Black,

Harry stared at it dumbly and crumbled the parchement. He pulled out a fresh page.


He groaned and scrapped it again. He decided that any type of name was just wierd, it was like too formal yet personal at the same time. About an hour and a half later he came up with a final draft.


I read what happened in the paper. It's Harry. Or I guess, 'little Harry' though I'm not so little anymore. I had no idea I even had a godfather or that you were him until I read the paper.

I'm sorry all that horrible stuff happened to you. My friend Ron told me about Azkaban and it souds scary. The dementors too.

I started Hogwarts this last year and I love it. Professor McGonagall said you went to Hogwarts with my parents. What were they like? The Dursleys don't talk about them much but if its painful to talk about them I understand.

I have two best friends Ron and Hermione. Ron comes from a big wizarding family the Weasleys and Hermione is a muggleborn and shes the smartest witch in our year.

I like quidditvh and made the seeker position. Its not allowed normally allowed but Proffessor McGonagall allowed it after watching me flying when I wasn't suppose too. I thought she was going to expell me but she got me a broomstick instead.

I hope you are doing okay. Sorry if I'm bothering you.



You could never bother me, put the thought out of your head! I was absolutely delighted when delivered your letter and If anyone should be saying sorry it should be me.

I'm sorry for a great many things. The first being what happened to your parents. It is painful to talk of them but if anyone deserves to hear everything its you.

They loved you. Your mother was especially doting and she would often scold James for being to rough with you but you always laughed it off. Lily was a bright withc and talented at potions. James shared your skills in quidditch, Im sure, especially If old Minnie bended the rules for you (she seems strict but shes a big softy, trust me!)

I working hard to leave St. Mungos. The daily phrophet did good work and now the Ministry are falling over themselves to please me. I hope we can meet soon.

I'm glad you made friends. Keep them close! I recently reunited with a friend (he was your fathers too) his name is Remus. He's excited to meet you as well.

You mentioned the Dursleys? I never met them, even Lily sister, I cant remeber her name. I do know that James and Lily went out to dinner with Lily's sister and her husband once to make ammends but it ended disastrously. I'm glad you had some family to live with.

Once everything gets settled maybe you can spend a summer with me? I know you probably want to visit with your family but we can travel if you like, to all the magical communities.

How are your classes? Have any favorites? I assume you're in Grryfindor since Minnie has taken such an interest in your Quidditch career (shes terribly biased). Your parents and I were all in the Lions den

Don't be afraid to contact me with anything. Questions about you parents even. I'll do right by you and make up for all the years I missed.



Do you really mean it? That I can stay a summer with you? I want too! The Dursleys wont mind. They'll be glad to have me out of the house.

Do you think everything will be sorted for this summer? I promised Ron I would visit his house and meet his parents but maybe we can do something before or after?

Yes, I am in Griffindor. So is Ron and Hermione. I like Defence Against the Dark Arts but the teacher has a bad stutter and I think it just gives me a terrible headache whenever I have to listen to it for to long. Transfiguration is fun too but Professor Mcgonagall is not easy on us.

Potions is awful, Professor Snape hates me. He at least gives me a fair grade for my work though even if he looks like he hates doing it.


What do you mean they would be glad to see you out of the house? You don't get along? Do they treat you right?

I will try my best to have everything worked out in time for summer