Where Love Lies ch. 1

First: Hi everybody! I honestly thought that no-one was going to read this...until I read all the reviews. I deleted all the chapters because I read through them, and I didn't like them. I mean I did write it when I was like 10 lol. So, starting from chapter one again! I should be updating more regularly :)

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Bella POV:

I am still sitting at my desk, in my law offices in downtown san antonio. My secretary, jessica has gone home for the night. Ugh, she spends more time gossiping than anything else. My computer is still on, as is the light in the room that the paralegal is in. I am currently having them doing busy work, and it looks like one decided to stay. I glanced up at the clock in my office...6:15. It isn't as bad as other times, but I should still probably get going home.

I get a few files and my laptop all backed up in a bag. I then open my top desk drawer and grab my car keys, and my office keys. I toss my old coffee cup in the garbage, the night janitor will take out the trash. I walk over to the conference room and find that two of my paralegals are still in their fawning over court cases.

"Ben, Mike, don't work too hard." Their heads snap in my direction when I speak.

"Yes, ma'am." they respond in unison at the same time

God, I hate kiss ups, and usually they both are. Hmm, they must be tired.

"Night, see the both of you at the courthouse tomorrow at 9. We have the Weelan case" I don't wait for a response, and just walk away. I walk around some cubicles and to the elevator that lets out at the parking garage. I press the unlock button on my car keys. I'm thinking about trading this one in. I lease my cars, so I am able to get a new one every two years. I think I will call the dealership tomorrow and have this red Cadillac XT5 traded in. I want jet black anyways. My bag goes in the backseat, and I plug my phone in which I have a missed call on. I switch my phone to come through the car speakers, and begin driving back to my condo. It's from my mother, Esme. My mother used to be married to a guy named Charlie, who is my real father. He was very abusive and we don't like to talk about it. When I was about 8 my father left my mother for a girl half his age, Renee. But, that's okay because she met Carlisle, and then had 2 more kids.

I decide to give my mom a call back.

"Bella! Darling, Carlisle's friend Eliezer and Carmen are coming in from Alaska. We are having a dinner here, Saturday at 7. Can you make it?" my mom rushes into the phone.

"I might have to re-arrange a few things. But, yes I can make it." I rush to get out, and my mother starts to squeal. I can hear carlisle in the background telling her 'relax, love'. Oh, how much I want to be like them.

My mom starts to speak into the phone again, "Isabella, Darling we have to go shopping!" I knew she was going to say that.

"Yes, mom we can. I get off early tomorrow, so how about 5?" I make the turn into the condominium complex. I pull up and enter the code into the gate to unlock it. I can hear my mom talking to carlisle about what they have going on tomorrow.

"Yes, we can meet you at Neiman Marcus. Carlisle has to come also, because needs a new tux for a hospital banquet." my mom reports back to me.

"Okay! I look forward to seeing the both of you!" my mom and me exchange pleasantries before we hang up the phone. I pull into my driveway, and garage.

"Ugh." I say to myself put my head down on to the steering wheel. It has been a very long day, there was a custody battle and the parents were not making it any easier.

I pick my head up, grab my bag, phone and keys before I head into the house from the garage. My bag slides off my shoulder next to the door, I step out of my heels, and toss my keys in the bowl next to the door. My lightswitch is right next to the door, a must for me, and I flicked the lights on in the foyer. It isn't much but at least I have some light. I then walked into the living room, and plop myself down on grey sectional. I find the remote, and turn on my guilty pleasure. Grey's Anatomy. I watch about 10 minutes of it before decided to head out for a run.

I run upstairs into my closet, and change into some leggings with a muscle tee. I get my nikes that are by the door, and put them on, make sure my apple watch it off. In the condo estate, there is a walking/running trail. So I push open the gate, and start running.

I hear someone who keeps saying 'ma'am'. Gosh, I can't stand people who ignore others. Someone catches up to me, and taps on my shoulder. Oh god.

I zip around so fast that my hair flies. I stop myself from gasping out-loud. This man is a god. And he is wearing a uniform.

"Ma'am, my name is Japser Whitlock, there were gunshots fired in the area. So, we have to evacuate. Do you live around here?" he looks around for a car or something.

"Yes, I live in those estates right up the hill." I point behind me.

"Okay," he looks at my had, "Ms…." I can tell he is waiting for a response.

"Cullen, ms. cullen." I answer quickly. Too quickly.

"Okay, well let my walk back so that I can ensure that you get home okay." He begins to walk with me. Eh, I decide to trust him. I mean he is in uniform, and has all the things around his belt. Plus, this man is a god.

We arrive back at my house. Too fast. Before he leaves, I want something.

"Officer Whitlock, how would you feel about us going out sometime?" I almost didn't ask and bite my lips the entire time as I do.

"Just Jasper is fine, ma'am. And, I would be honored to take you out." He gets his phone out of his pocket.

"Well than, Jasper. You can call me Bella," we start to exchange numbers. I remember that I have a late meeting Saturday so I am free a little in the morning, "um, Jasper. How does Saturday around 7 sound? We can get breakfast or coffee?"

He agrees. I decided in my head that I am going to text him tomorrow to follow up, and hear from him again. Jasper leaves, and I head into my condo.

I take my nikes off by the door, and head into the bathroom with some old leggings and tee-shirt. Then, I get a nice hot shower while dreaming of a naked officer whitlock. Oh god! Bella! Already?! You just met this guy. My subconscious yells at me.

After my shower, I headed back to the kitchen and make myself a steak salad. While I'm eating, I turn netflix on in the living room and curl up on the couch with a grey fuzzy blanket wrapped around me.