AUTHOR: Dark Will (

RATING: R for language and drug use.

SYNOPSIS: Dawn and Kit hang out at the primary school playground after dark.

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: From Dawn's point of view
"Are you sure?" I ask Kit, looking nervously at the joint in my hand. Sure, I'd smoked pot before, but Kit had told me that this batch was extra strong, soaked in something or other.

"YES!" She stressed. I had to admit I couldn't blame her for being pissed. We'd been sitting there for ten minuets while I pondered the marijuana cigarette. "Dawnie." Kit whined, something she knew I couldn't stand. It reminds me too much of my bratty older sister.

"Okay." I said, finally breaking to peer-pressure. Kit let out a whoop of celebration, and I stuck my tongue at her.

"Knew you wouldn't last." Kit grinned as she lit her joint, the passes the zippo toward me to do the same.

Mirroring Kit, I lit my smoke and inhale. She wasn't kidding! This was the strongest I've ever had. Sighing in contempt, I leaned back against the inside of the mettle bars. We were sitting inside the jungle gym of the primary school playground.

I remembered when I would come here every day for class. Only I didn't. I never went to school there. I just remember doing it. All the teachers remember. The principal remembers. Hell, even the third stall in the washroom remembers. My memory tells me that I wrote 'Dawn waz here' on the wall in that stall. And it's actually there. I know because I broke into the school last month to see if it ever existed. The monks who placed the past fifteen years of my existence into everybody's memory must have gone to the trouble of illegally entering a public building just to vandalize a washroom wall with something as juvenile as that. The idea of some religious monks sneaking around here late at night and breaking into the girl's washroom is just too funny.

I yelped as my fingers got burned and dropped my joint. Looking at it, I saw it had burned down to nothing. _Did I smoke all that?_ The air us was so thick that if I wasn't already high, I could probably have gotten so just by breathing. Granted, it would have taken a bit longer. I lost my train of thought and looked up to see Kit watching me intently.


"Your interesting to watch. While I'm stoned, anyway." I snorted.

"You'd find an ant interesting, while you're stoned."

"Let's go back to my place." Kit suggested, ignoring me. "My mom isn't home and Buffy'll know something's wrong when you arrive at home, not even able to stand up right." I blushed, realizing Kit had just asked me to spend the night at her place. I looked at my watch. It read twelve-thirty.

"Okay, sure. I'll call and leave a message. Buffy won't be home yet from patrolling." I realized seconds too late the slip I made. "Not patrolling, umm." But Kit was too stoned to pay attention to what I was saying. She was just sitting there, watching my lips move. But when I stood up, she followed in suite and we both took off toward her house.