Rebelling Series -) Going Farther. AUTHOR: Dark Will ( RATING: R for language and drug use. SYNOPSIS: Second part in the Rebelling Series. Dawn lets Kit know how she feels. DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything in the BVTS, but Goddess, do I wish I did. MAIN CHARTER: Dawn PAIRING: Dawn/Kit FEEDBACK: Yes please! Constructive criticism and complements are always welcome. Even flames are excepted, but I can't guarantee you won't get a fairly rude reply. AUTHOR'S NOTE: From Dawn's point of view

Giggling, Kit and I ran into her house. Quickly, we went down the stairs into the basement, and once the door was closed, I let out a howl of laughter. We were so high I wasn't sure I could keep my body from floating off. I grabbed Kit's wrists to ground myself and she took hold of mine. I could feel her staring at me, so I met her gaze. She blushed and looked away. I knew Kit had the hots for me. I'd known for a long time. About a week after the incident in the school basement, she told me that she was into women. 'A big dike' were her exact words. It made me cringe. I told her it was okay, that it didn't matter to me, and it seemed to relieve her, but she also seemed slightly upset. Actually, I think she told me that she was a lesbian to scare me off. Later on, she confided in me that whenever she made friends, and they found out her sexual preference, they hated her, so she used it as a way to prevent herself from getting close to anybody. And ever since then, I'd catch her watching me, short glances at me, a sad look in her eyes when she'd see me flirting with guys. But that was just a cover-up. I then had the biggest dilemma in my life. How to tell Kit that I like girls too. How to tell Kit that I have the hots for her. I lean forward, and kiss her. She just melts into me and we stay like that forever. Or we would, if we didn't need to breathe. "Yummy." I inform her, licking my lips. "Guess what?" "What?" Kit asks, still trying to get her breath. "I'm a 'bug dike', too." Grinning in satisfaction, I sank back into the overstuffed couch. Her eyes dancing, Kit smiled and joined me in the black sofa. "Guess what?" She asks, repeating my words, she eyes teasing. "What?" "You're yummy too." We kiss again, and I think I must have died. Because I am in heaven.