Fog shrouded the island in a grey film, permanently blocking out the sunlight. Twenty years ago, Belle and Beast created a prosperous nation by uniting all the kingdoms. To ensure the safety of their people, they rounded up all the villains and banished them to the Isle of the Lost; an island full of poverty and surrounded by a barrier that prevented them from escaping and suspending their magic. Since then, life on the Isle had decreased. Food was low quality and scarce, houses were falling apart and draughty. To put it plainly, life sucked.

By trapping the villains, Belle and Beast had also forced the Villain Kids to a life of misery and discrimination. The barrier prevented them from having an education, a safe home, and new clothes. The children of those villains had been doomed to a life of villainy themselves. If you weren't tough on the Isle, you didn't survive.

Eva, daughter of the Evil Queen, was lucky enough to be a part of the most feared group of VKs on the Isle.

Opening her curtains - that did little to block out the depressing trickle of light - Eva smiled as she looked out at the whole of the Isle. Living at the top of the tallest building on the Isle had its benefits; it was harder for people to break in, it was spacious, and you had a great view of the entire island.

Living with your sister and best friend was meant to be a dream. Especially when it helped you escape the nightmare of living with your mother. However, on mornings like these, living with your sister and best friend was torment. Already, Eva could hear the pair of them arguing over the shower.

Clean, hot water was a rarity on the Isle and so, arguments often broke out over who could go first. Stepping out of her room, Eva entered the war zone with a smug smile on her face.

"Actually, if you remember correctly, it's my turn to go first." She chuckled, sauntering into the bathroom and locking the door behind her.

Instantly, Mal and Evie fell quiet.

Mal, daughter of Maleficent, was known for her cruel and harsh nature. In reality, she was kind-hearted and would do anything for those she loved. Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen, was considered shallow and superficial. But, she'd always put others before herself.

Eva was considered cruel and emotionally detached but that was only to cover up the insecurities she was too afraid to show the world.

Then there were the two men of the group. Jay, son of Jafar, had a knack for stealing but his heat was as big as his protective nature. Carlos, son of Cruella De Vil, was the youngest of the group. He was jumpy, skittish, and loveable.

The five of them made up the most evil group of VKs on the Isle, but to each other, they were the best family a villain kid could ask for.

Tying up her dark blue locks, Eva slid on her blue leather jacket, hearts etched into it, before rushing out of the apartment. Descending the rusty, metal staircase outside the building, Eva inhaled the morning air. As usual, the air was polluted with the stench of rotten food, decay, and unwashed bodies. Cleanliness wasn't the Isle's best feature.

Darting through darkened alleys, dodging sticky fingers, Eva quickly made her way to Tremaine's Curl Up & Dye. As she entered the paint splattered building, Eva was attacked by Tremaine's granddaughter.

"I've missed you too, Dizzy." Eva chuckled, hugging the girl affectionately.

"You haven't been in for ages." Dizzy complained, glancing up at the taller girl with puppy dog eyes.

"I know. I'm sorry, Diz. Do you think you could do a colour for me?"

Technically, Tremaine's wasn't open yet but Eva found it was always the best time to go into the shop. Tremaine herself wasn't in yet, leaving Dizzy to clean up the shop before it opened. Usually, Tremaine didn't allow her grandchild to style people but Dizzy always took the best care of Eva's hair. As a daughter of the Evil Queen, you had to have the best to look the best.

Walking out of the salon, Eva marvelled at her new hair colour; dark blue fading to a lighter shade at the ends. Busy admiring herself, she was too slow to react when strong arms wrapped around her midsection and dragged her into an alleyway shrouded in shadows. Once the tall figure released her, she punched them straight in the face and went to make a run for it. Until she recognised the strong accent of the person who had attempted to kidnap her.

"Harry? What the hell?" Eva demanded, storming up to the pirate.

Instead of answering, the dark haired boy held his nose, muttering under his breath in pain. Harry Hook, son of Captain Hook, was known for his anger and insanity. However, to Eva, he was charming and flirty. A month ago, he had joined Uma's crew, quickly climbing the ranks until he became First Mate. After that, he began antagonising the Core Five. Stealing things from Jay to fuel his temper, and flirting with Eva.

"Christ, woman. I think ye broke me nose." His accent was thicker due to the pain lacing his voice.

"Don't be so dramatic." Eva batted his hand away to get a good look at his nose.

It wasn't bleeding, swollen, or even bruised. Apparently, she hadn't punched him hard enough. Making a mental note to work on the strength behind her punches, Eva demanded to know why Harry had dragged her into the alley.

"Where were you yesterday?" Harry asked, curiously.

Yesterday, he had spent the whole day scouring the Isle in search of the blue haired girl. At least once a day, he went out of his way to ensure he annoyed one of the Core Five, a task set for him by Uma, daughter of Ursula. However, he always enjoyed the days he got to annoy Eva. She was always so easy to rile up.

"Why? Did you miss me?" She teased.

"Horribly. Watching you show off is my favourite part of the day."

It was no secret that the Evil Queen's twins were self obsessed, flaunting their good looks and style. Narrowing her light blue eyes at him, she rolled her eyes before brushing past him, eager to put some distance between them.

"C'mon, Princess. We both know you'll coming run into me arms one day." Harry called after her, chuckling when her shoulders tensed.

That was how the majority of their encounters went; Harry would flirt, she would get annoyed and flounce off, he'd tease her as she left and they would go through the whole process the next time they bumped into each other. Whilst he pretended it was a chore set by Uma, Harry had begun looking forward to his meetings with the blue haired girl. They always cheered him up. Whilst she pretended that Harry Hook disgusted her, Eva couldn't help but smile at the cheeky things he said. However, she knew that nothing would ever come of it. Eva deserved nothing less than a Prince.

"Eva, is that you?" The Evil Queen's shrill voice called out when she heard the front door opening. She had been expecting her eldest all day and now, as the sun was beginning to set, she had finally arrived. "I have been expecting you all day- Oh, good. You finally got those split ends sorted. You look much better now."

"It's good to see you too, Mother."

"At least your sister decided to visit me this morning." The Evil Queen still hadn't stood to greet the twin.

Instead, she stayed seated before her vanity, expecting Eva to go to her. Just like always.

Brushing down the skirt of her outfit, Eva straightened her leather jacket and picked up one of the many brushes from a table. Quickly brushing her hair, Eva made sure that her outfit was spotless and she looked perfect before going over to her mother. She already knew the Evil Queen would critique something, Eva just didn't want to make it easy for her.

"How have you been, Mom?" Eva pressed a quick kiss to her mother's cheek, before stepping away from the poisonous woman.

"You mean in the five days that you last saw me, because you haven't visited your mother? Wonderful, thank you for asking."

Brushing off the comment, Eva pulled out an old-style brush, layered with gold and intricate swirls before wordlessly handing it to her mother. Almost instantly, the woman's attitude changed towards her daughter. Practically snatching the brush, the Queen admired the beauty of it before pressing a joyful kiss to Eva's cheek. And people call the twins vain.

Without so much as a thank you, the Queen proudly displayed it with the other fancy brushes she had. Some people collected tea cups, Eva's mother collected hair brushes.

"Oh, Eva, dear." The Queen called out just as her daughter was about to leave. "That skirt does little for your figure. It's making you look quite frumpy."

The door slammed.

"Love you too, Mom." Eva muttered under her breath before staring down at the black, leather skirt over her blue leggings.

Instantly, Eva began feeling as if everyone was staring at her and her hideous skirt. Judging her for the fashion disaster she was. Tugging down on the piece of fabric, Eva sprinted back towards her apartment where she ripped off the skirt, and launched out of the window with a frustrated scream. People passing by underneath the window didn't even flinch when a skirt came floating down past them, it was a regular occurrence.

A/N: This story is dedicated to Stitch224 for giving me the idea, helping me plan it, and being a fan of the first Harry Hook fic I did. So, I hope you enjoy and that I did your vision justice.