CHAPTER 21:The Alliance with the idiots and not idiots

Ken's people kept praising the new heroes of Eostia. Maia and Catly along with Ruu-Ruu leaving in the alley.

"What the fuck are they praising those morons?"Maia said with a frown "If they didn't do anything, it was just the idiot in blue armor did the job"

"It's unfair!" Ruu-Ruu shouts raising her hands. "They steal glories from the blue idiot, Die Die !!"

"Really they are opportunists ..." Catly said with a frown.

"I'm not the only one who saw that action of Caboose ..." said the familiar voice. The three women look at Alicia who is helping Claudia.

"Look who's here. the maiden in danger ... "Maia said rolling her eyes.

"Shut up!" Growls Alice and they look at the crowd where they are thanking the reds and blues. "Caboose is the hero ... but the others .." Alicia looks at the others red and blue. "THEY ARE FAKERS!!" Alicia shouts passing the crowd and reaches the reds and blues. "Listen to me. people of Ken!" He shouts at everyone. "They are the fakers. They did nothing !!" accusing the reds and blues.

"Shut up, it makes us feel bad!!"shouts Sarge offended.

"I don't know you blondie. I better leave you my autograph ..." Tucker said that take out the pen.

"You all didn't do anything. The only thing he did was Caboose !!"Alicia shouts in an injustice and points out to Caboose that he was caressing dragon egg.

"Do you have proof?" Sarge asks defying Alice.

"YES. I AM THE WITNESS ...!" Alicia said screaming out loud. "They are too!"pointing to the other girls who were present.

"Yes!" Shouts Maia who agreed.

"They didn't do just stupid ones for the whole time!" Catly shouts angrily.

"They don't deserve the titles of heroes!"Shouts Ruu-Ruu.

"Lopez!" Sarge shouts looking through the crowd that is muttering.the others move away because of the horrible smell that they covered their noses, Lopez came who is approaching the idiots but had a horrible smell all over his body. "Lopez where you were!"

"Estaba en el estomago ee dragon(I was in the dragon's stomach. Assholes!)" Lopez screams angry and traumatized. "QUE MIERDA QUIERE DE MI, PUTOS TRAIDORES (WHAT SHIT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, FUCKING TRAITORS ?!)"

"Lopez activate the reproduction of cameras in your eyes!"

"Mierda (Shit) ..." Lopez lifts the viewfinder and emits a hologram glow where he plays the video. "cual es(Which one?)"

"Play the video of The Deadly Battle !!" Sarge shouts excitedly. Lopez raises his head that opens the viewfinder and emits a light like a projector.


"Ahh!" Shouts a female voice being rammed by Lopez "Lopez you're the best!"



"WHAT THE FUCK? !!!" Shouts Sarge shocked watching the video where Lopez is having sex with a human woman.

"ARE YOU, LOPEZ? !!" Shouts Grif also shocked. Simmons had a strong blush when watching the video.

"Oh my God..."he said quietly.

"Incleible I didn't know Lopez had a penis ..." Donut said surprised.

"I don't understand; why the girl screams while that Lopez is doing the same positions that my parents did while having sex while I watched them ..."Caboose said confused.

People were petrified seeing something vulgar and obscene to see a golem having sex with a human.

"Mommy why that lady is screaming, maybe she has pain and why that man is moving his hips bumping into hers ..." said the boy pointing at the screen.

"Don't look, some years you'll understand ..."said the blushed mother covering her son's eyes.

Maia and Alicia had strong blushes when they saw that scene and were petrified. Even the mercenary said.

"With that Lopez was Rad Don Juan.."Maia said remembering the rumor of Rad's four women. Tucker is laughing and while Sister was petrified and began to remember the other day they bet.


"I bet Lopez is going to have relationships with human women and they will fall in love with the Mexican," Tucker said, betting on Sister.

"No, what are you going to win?"

"If he has a relationship with human women. You will have to have sex with me and another woman and we have a threesome." Tucker points out challenging Sister.

"Why not. If he doesn't have relations with humans in 6 months. You'll have to give me something ... your anal virginity with my dildo toys ..." Sister said smiling maliciously.

"Done!" He shouts, shaking hands.

end of flashback

"Sister. i win the damn bets. Now you'll be my bitch tonight, Bow-Chicka-Bow-Bow!" Screams Tucker in victory.

"Noooo!" Sister shouts as he loses the stakes. Grif heard that and started screaming.

"What the fuck did you bet ?!"

"I am sorry brother!"

"Cut this vulgar illusion !!" Alicia shouts with shame and anger. "You are dirtying the sacred place!"

"Lopez cuts the porn video!" Shouts Sarge. Lopez turns off the projector.

"That was the test; it is to show me that vulgar things in the sacred place of our goddess ...!" Alicia shouts, drawing the sword.

"Calm down blonde, the fault was ehhhh ...Sarge said a little nervous and notices Grif "It was Grif who did those things in putting porn videos inside Lopez's head"

"Hey, don't look at me, I'm not as perverted as that swordsman who calls himself King of Eldonia!"Grif shouts pointing at Tucker.

"King of Eldonia?" Alicia said little surprised.

"Wait ... said King of Eldonia ..." The civilians murmur. Tucker was mentalized if he exposes the energy sword before medieval people, put a mathematical calculation.


Tucker comes forward and begins to take a deep breath. "Ken people, I'm Tucker Lavernius, I'm the new-" He was going to say King of Eldonia but a blow interrupts him.


Grif was responsible for the blow because he is very angry that he bet with the dirty bet with Sister: In bed with his sister."I'm going to kill you damn sexual stalker !!" Grif screams angrily.

"Stop Grif you're going to -..." Donut was going to stop Grif.

Tucker was knocked out and stars were flying around his head "I see breast stars Bow-Chicka-Bow-Bow ..."

"This time you will see stars from my fists ..." Grif said thundering the fingers of his hands.

"SHUT UP THE BOCKS !!" Alicia yells impatiently and tired of the stupidities of the reds and blues. "You are fed up with me, the orders that you leave here of this Kingdom are not bi-.

"Alice!" A familiar voice shouts. Alicia looks back and meets the reincarnated goddess Cellestine along with the two friends; Prim and Kaguya. "My people, I order you to go to their homes. Tomorrow, I will send the groups of workers to repair the damage because of the dragon ... and we will thank the new heroes of Eostia that I invoke ..." Cellestine said presenting To the new heroes.

"They are the warriors that Cellestine-sama invoked ..."

"She is our goddess who can invoke strong warriors ..."

"She is always the only hope ..."

people praise the goddess, over the remains of the reds and blues were jealous that Cellestine stole the glory of the people.

"What do I see my rival ..." Sarge said enviously looking at Cellestine. Donut started to remember something.

"Hey, you don't think we forgot someone ..." Donut said remembering the four people.

"No ..." Grif said without worrying.

"I have no idea ..." said Sarge. celestine looks at the reds and blues; He realized that someone is missing.

"Where is Wash, Carolona and the others ...?"

"Oh God!"

10 minutes later.

We see again that Centorea is taking care of the four frozen.

"So you were a mercenary and then you joined those idiots ..." Centorea said to Locus that he still maintains consciousness.

"Yes ... I think ... I'm going to pass out because my blood freezes ... ... it doesn't reach my brain ..."Locus said tiredly. "When they arrive, tell them ... that ..."

"Locus-san !. Don't go now. What are you going to tell them. Are you going to tell them that you appreciate them or are you going to say you're happy to have joined the group!"

"No ... tell them you hate them ... bleh ..." Locus said he just passed out.

"Locus-san!" Shouts Centorea.

"We're here!" Shouts Donut. center looks back and is the Red team (Sarge, Grif, Simmons, Donut, Lopez) and the Blue Team (Caboose, Tucker and Sister) and the seven shield alliances (Cellestine, Claudia, Alicia, Prim, Maia, Ruu- Ruu and Kaguya) and Catly.

"Locus boy is dead!"

"I'm ...not... dead ... I need ... sleep ..." Locus said annoyed.

"We must unfreeze them ..." Simmons said worriedly. Sarge hits the ice where Washington is with the butt of the shotgun.




"i can't break the ice!"

"We have to melt the ice ..." Sister said. Caboose came up with an idea.

"Or maybe Wash, Carol, Meta and Locus urinate into the ice. The flow of urine will melt the ice ..."

Everyone looks at Caboose. "Maybe another idea that is related to magic would help ..."

"Or maybe we can pee ..." Grif said quietly.

"That would become an orgy of Urolagnia (NA: I dare you to search the wiki if you dare)" Tucker said and says "Bow-Chicka- No no no I'm not like a sick person."

"Grif there are women in the present!"Sister shouts in shame and they look at the women who frown in disgust at the idea of Caboose, Grif and Tucker

"Or else we can use something strong ..." said another voice. everyone looks back to Church and the worst of all is re-organized Tex.everyone shouts in fright at what happened minutes ago where crazy agent Berserk kicked everyone's asses (Tucker, Grif, Sarge, Simmons, Alicia, Maia, Catly, Donut, Claudia, Ruu-Ruu and Sister). except Cellestine, Prim, and Kaguya who aren't scared.

"You idiots. Fucking traitors ..." Church said wounded and angry at the unnecessary fury of those involved and victims of Tex.

"Hey if you're the one in charge where your crazy girlfriend got like a crazy goat like the 'Drag me hell' movie!" Shouts Sarge angrily.

"If you are the culprit!"Ruu-Ruu shouts and raises his broken habard "You have to pay me ten thousand gold coins!" she shouts claiming.

"Don't tell me, I'm sorry I didn't know that one of those potions would have the side effect. The only one who can piss her off is me!"

"Ah, sweet ..."

"Shut up bitch ..."


"Guys, is not the stupid moment ..." Claudia said annoyingly. "You said it has to be strength ..."

"Let's say we have to make an effort; it's throwing towards a concrete that destroys the ice. Using gravity ..." Tex said.

"There has to be height ..." Simmons said.

everyone looks up at the noise of the wind that is Vick's pelican and his voice begins to come out.

[Hey guys !. I am God of heaven and the universe I order you to kneel before the terrible and the most sturdy and virile the wonderful Vick! If you want to call just dial the number 555-555-VICK and if you want an appointment. Dial 333-333-LOVE ...]

"Vick!" Shouts Sarge. "We need your bird!"

Ten minutes later.

In the castle.

"Are you sure it will work?Alicia asks looking up where the pelican is flying and is carrying the frozen four.

"It will work ..." Tex said optimistically.

"Are you sure?" Claudia asks.

"¿Guys are already 100 m tall ...?"Tex said talking on the radio.

[We are 60 M ... are sure it will work ...] was the voice of Church doubting.

"Trust me nothing will happen to them ..." Tex said. Simmons doubted Tex's theory until he discovered something.

"Tex ... I think that will affect the damage and they will stun tightly and the extremities will be spread apart ... I estimate that it is 39.9999% safe and 59.9999% insecure." Simmons said of his theory.

"Shut up Nerd, nothing will happen to them ..."Tex said patting Simmons on the shoulder. "You only need 0.22222% positive ..."

In the Pelican.

We see Sarge and Tucker who are having Locus frozen.

"You think it will work ..." Locus said.

"It's time to tear the ice!" Shouts Sarge.

"Before they throw me away ... I have something to tell them, Sarge you are an idiot and senile old man ... Tucker you are ..."

"There sees you!" Screams Tucker pushing Locus.




"It worked!?"shouts Sarge looking down.

[Now he's knocked out and free of ice] It was Sister's voice. [Shit is like the Frozen movie in song ... let it go let it go let it go]

"Well ... now it's up to Wash!"

"Hnnjmm!" Scream Wash frozen.

"Quiet nothing will happen to you ..." Donut said quietly. "You're only going to feel free like a butterfly after you've freed yourself from the ice"

"Well pinky help me push it!" Shouts Sarge. Donut helps Sarge push Wash.

"Hmmmmmmmmmaaaaa !!" He screams although his lips are frozen.



[Wash is free!] Shout Sister.

[God ... Ah ... ACHU !!] It was Wash sneezing.

"Well now Carolina ..." Tucker said and pushes Carolina down on a free kick.



[Carol is free !. You're good?]

[I need a cup of hot chocolate and also ... ACHU !!]

"Good time for the heavy load!"

"Well one ... two ... and three ..."

Donut, Sarge, Grif and Tucker pushes Frozen Meta until Simmons interrupts.

[Wait wait!]

too late Meta was pushed and falling 100 meters high.



[Kyaaaaaa !! META HAS LOST HIS LEFT LEG !!] Shouts Sister scared.

In the Garden where the landing post is.

"Call Gray!" Simmons screams scared.

"Shit shit!" Sister screams scared looking at Meta that his right leg was separated due to the impact. Meta is free of ice but his right leg was cut. "Tell her, Meta is a white man He's a white man! "she screams in alarm." he still breathes! "Shouts Sister checking Meta's pulse" You can hear me! "

"Why are you screaming so much ... what am I feeling? ..." Meta weakly looks at his right leg apart "is that my leg?"Meta said Petrified and begins to shock coming out foam from the duct of the helmet.

"Bring any doctor!" Shouts Sister. "And bring me Tequila for my nerves !!"

The princesses were shocked to see that Meta was hurt by the sharp fall along with the ice all over his body. After the impact the ice broke but the right leg separated.

Alice covered her little cousin's eyes and she had the expression on Shock. Maia and Ruu-Ruu had an impression. Kaguya without hesitation hugs Simmons' arm.

"What are you doing?" Simmons said blushing.

"Don't talk ..." Kaguya said without looking at Meta. Cellestine had a scared expression. Claudia, the only thing she could do is scream to bring healers to Locus, Wash, Carol and especially to Meta.

In the tavern of black dogs.

Vault groans in pain that came from his right arm. "That bitch is going to pay me ...!"

"Those people who call themselves the new heroes of Eostia. Besides, we have a serious problem ..." Kin said, healing his royo arm.

"Like which?"

"Alicia already has a fiance and his name is Caboose ...Kin said with a frown.

"But why?"

"The tradition of the Acturus Family was a fan of Feoh's hero ..." Kin said opening the book revealing the ancient image of heroe of Feoh.

"Jimmardi son of the shepherd and housewife. He was a more idiotic prebeyo of all of Feoh. When a blacksmith who would be the first architect of the dwarves. He forged the elements for the heroes along with the elves and humans. What Caboose has is Feoh's sword. that with that was born the hero of Feoh .. "Kin explains and it is also time to explain the Acturus family" For generations of Acturus he had the goal of following his hero of the kingdom. There are rumors that he could not have children. years later Jimmardi died at 120 but leaving the sword at the hand of an elf who is trusted. But there was the goal that would be a strict task. if a daughter of the Acturus lineage should comply in following him and marrying the new bearer of the sword ... "

"It's pure bullshit ... I don't think this myth ..."

"This story was true a thousand years ago. You have an idea that this sword belonged to a hero. Those long years none were worthy to bear the sword. That one chose him and now Alicia has homework to do ... "

"What?!" Another voice shouts. Kin and Vault looks at an acquaintance who is Beasley. "Alicia is going to marry a stranger. Vault told me that you would go to the kingdom and then gather the men to penetrate the kingdom and make me become a king!"

"Elder ... we are in an urgent situation. One of those broke my arm. so I will have to go talk to that goddess bitch that prolongs the invasion ... "Vault said getting out of bed." Tomorrow we will go to the citadel, we will meet those damn heroes ... "He said so angry

DATE: 10/08.

Hours: 18: 21.

Near the Kingdom of Stoot di Chrmia of the Xexima order.We see people praising the saviors that would be Jensen, Palomo and rookie Melvin who were saving from the clutches of the renegade Kobolds invaders. Now they are gathered in the high church together with Lieutenant Logan.

"Thank you for saving us ..." Eleanore said reverently. "How can we pay them ..." Eleanore said giving a smile.

"It's nothing. We just did our job to protect the needy. We did not want to ignore the request of a girl who wanted to seek help. That's what we're here ... "Logan said kindly.

"But a question why didn't you kill Ryu?"

"It is that je mention something known that our superior wants to interrogate him ..."Logan said before turning down where is the Kobold who is the leader of the invasion and is handcuffed.

"If so, it's your choice you can do whatever you want with it ..."

"I can ask a favor ..." Logan said. Eleanore looks at Logan. "We need a place to rest and also a large place for our vehicle and also a prison for that grimy dog ..."

"I have in the garden of the High Church ..."

"All right..."the guards take Ryou to the dungeon while Eleanore leads the four soldiers inside the church.

"What place is it? ..." Logan asks looking around.

"It is the church of the Xexima order ..."

"Xexima?" Logan asks confused.

"It is the order to praise our oracula and also our god ..."

"I see..."

Eleanore leads to the second floor reaching the bedroom halls. Eleanore's followers nod in the head and open the doors revealing the room for four people.

"Well ... you can rest ..."

"You need help for the defense ..."

"Quiet I have Knights who protect my people, in three hours we will let you know ..." Eleanore said.

The three are thrown out of bed. While Logan takes out the radio "To speaks Wolf ..."


"Communicate with Admiral Vlascovich ..."

[Opening in communication ...]

[Hello Logan...]

"I have found civilization ..."

[What part of place?]

"I am in the kingdom of the Xexima order ... a cult of Oracle fan ..."

[One of the survivors of the army of Nigramsita told us about the Oracle ... it is a High Elf of light and is an Oracle and is the main head of the five great countries of Sererus, they call it the five. They are called the Alliances of the Saints ...]Vlascovich sends the map of the continent.

[Whoever we are is on the border between Nigramstia, Tururu and where you are in Stoot de Chrymia.]

[But we found something interesting what I planned an idea to help us and give us the necessary resources ...]

"Don't tell me what you're thinking?"

[Search the Oracle. Ask for the meeting with me and with your allies. I already told Vice Admiral David to look for you and you need a guide to locate where the Oracula is.]

"Sir, what do I have to do ..." Logan was going to protest.

[Try to convince them. we are in the middle of nowhere and we are in the enemy territory that attacked us because we penetrate the territory ...]

"Yes sir. but I found something interesting that you should know ... it's about a Kobold who knows Wyoming the agents of Project Director I.A ... "

[Impossible ... should be dead ...]

"I don't know if ... we were summoned?"

[I don't think so, no person can summon hundreds of soldiers ...]

"Do you remember the voice we heard before the portal opened ..."

[Yes, I remember. I will send the Pelican to extract the Kobold who has information about that Wyoming Agent. But how is his status?]

"He is handcuffed but he led a group of renegades who were attacking the people. But we occupied him."

[Well done. Within 8 hours David's Pelican and the Extraction one will arrive at 0700 hours. Rest for now ..]

"Thank you sir ..." Logan said and turned off the radio.

"What did the Admiral say?" Palomo asks.

"New missionit is no longer recognition, it is a mission of alliances ... "Logan said and opens the door" You rest have already made a long journey ... "

"What are you going to do?" Asks Jensen.

"Collect information from the Alliance ..." He said before closing the door.

DATE: 09/23.

Hours: 02:00

Near the Ken Kingdom.

Grace and Anna clean the dining room while Doc is cleaning the kitchen.

"Wow, it's the first time we had a lot of customers for Doc's pizza ...Grace said surprised.

"Yes ... that surprises me ..." Anna said smiling.

"Hey girls!" Doc shouts. "i Prepare them something, a Neapolitan pizza enjoy the rest ..." Doc said bringing a Neapolitan pizza tray along with a beer mug.

"Finally a break and a delicious dinner .." Anna said sitting at the bar.

"Thank you Doc. You really have talent in the kitchen ..." Grace said praising.

"Yes, thanks. That was my specialty before I became a medic..."Doc said cheerfully.

"Heheh ... really ..." Grace said giggling. Anna takes a sip of beer and looks at Doc and began to remember what she heard the conversation.


Hours ago.

Anna spent serving customers until her elf ears heard the conversation coming in the kitchen.

"Shut up. Listen to my evil plansecond step: Hire labor and recruit people to become our puppets and also right-handed. "It was another voice.

"One moment. You plan to make a godfather-style family!" Doc shouts shocked.

"Exact!!"Another voice shouts.

"That's a bad idea!" Doc shouts at odds. Anna looks out the wall and looks at Doc who is cooking while talking alone.

"And the latter we need a great mansion, and a uterus to sow our seed so that the heir of the bad muajajajaja is born!" Anna's eyes are skewered upon hearing that.

"WHAT?" Doc shouts upon hearing that.

"Guess who the uterus will be?said another voice.

"Eh ... Grif's sister?" Doc said confused.

"NO!" Shouts the voice "Look ahead ..." Doc looks ahead and Anna looks at where she was looking at Grace serving customers.

"She ???" Screams blushing. "No !.she won't be part of this! "Anna opens her mouth in a shocked way.

"It is our first puppet ... if we gain confidence, she will give you the restaurant. Your culinary skills will grow and you will earn a lot of money and then we will buy lots, recruit puppets and then convert thugs to protect the storesof our future clients who pay for protection.when we get to the maximum, there you will marry Grace and you will enjedra your son with that elf who will be your heir to follow the legacy. Our mafia name will be called: Vito O'Malley's family " explain the voice about the evil plan.

"But what about our friends?" Doc asks worried.

"Fuck those fools! They didn't do anything for us remember"

"They really are our friends," Doc said worriedly.

"Are they?" Asks the voice. Doc gets mentalized while Anna tried to process what she said.

"I think you're right ... fuck them," Doc said with a frown.

"That's my boy!" The voice shouts.

"But we won't make evil plans and we don't want to involve people who were kind to us ..."

."Come on, look at Grace," the voice said as she looked at Grace's body. "She has good legs, soft hands, jovial face, curves and breasts. That's a good catch. Imagine she is waiting in your new house. . "

"Oh my god why I imagined that thing ... I better go back to the kitchen .." Doc goes back to cooking.

"Business ... Lots ... Marriage ... Children ... Thugs ... Mafia ..."Anna was confused and suspicious of Doc's plans talking to himself with the other person. "I guess I have to keep an eye on this man ..." Anna goes back to serving customers. "I will not allow her to harm my friend ..."

Going back to the present.

"Doc, what were you doing?" Anna asks.

"I used to do sports and I won the Olympics, then I joined the army and became a medic..."

"You're like a healer ..." Anna says smiling.

"Well ... heheh is how Grace said ..."

"A question what is the godfather's movie ..." asks Anna. Doc petrifies and slowly looks at Anna. 'I'll take your liar's face off, you're not a trustworthy man. You are not perfect for Grace'Anna pretends the smile but behind that smile is a snake.

"It's a movie to train. The godfather is the most popular of all and more dramatic!" Doc explains nervously. ¡RED CODE. RED CODE RED CODE !! 'It was Omailey's voice.

Inside the Head of Doc and Omailley.

"We are in danger!" Omailey shouts in version one that is intelligence.

"There must be something that can save us!"another version of Omailey shouts that is the number that belongs to the Hysteria.

"There is a solution ..." said another voice. We see Omailey in version one that belongs to evil intelligence.

"Omailey number 3!" Omailey shouts number one.

"We must get her drunk!"

"No!" Another voice shouts, everyone looks at Omailey from version three that belongs Factor love "this won't be love for Doc!"

"There must be a solution!" Omailey shouts that is version four. It belongs to Factor of seriousness.

"Maybe we are going to kill her ..." Omailey No. 5 said the killer factor belongs. "She is the witness, we must tie up loose ends!"

"No you won't do that!" Another voice shouts. All the Omailey look at a group of five people who are the Docs. One is the number one Doc that belongs to the Cheerful Factor. Another is number two of the Sad Factor and another is Fear Factor. The fourth is a Pacifism Factor. And the last of all the factor of wisdom.

"If we do that this . grace will hate us and kick us ... "said the fearful Doc.

"I don't want Grace to be afraid of our true nature ..." The Sad Doc said.

"There is a solution that will help our skin ..." Doc said of wisdom.

"Which one?" Everyone asks.

Thirty minutes later.

"Hahaha!" Rie Anna who has a red face "Hic ... wow you make me laugh ..."

"I can't believe you're acting like a comedian!"Grace laughs that her face is also flushed. We see Doc in the center of the dining room standing on the stage.

"A dragon fights against a knight who wears impressive armor. He stands, and looks at him and says: How boring I always have to eat canned meat! "

"Hahhahahaha!" Laugh Anna and Grace. Doc had to use strategy that is to get them drunk and make medieval jokes.

"A medieval knight will visit a fortune teller to know if he will win his next tournamentcomes to the door and knock knock knock. From inside you hear: Who is it? And the Knight exclaims: Well, what a bad fortune teller!

"Hahahaha I can't believe ..." Rie Anna. Grace leans on the table.

The door opens and finds a young man with bags. "Eh ... excuse me is Miss Anna Florence here ..?."

"Yes ... it's me" Anna said approaching the young mailman. The mailman passes the letter when Anna opens the letter and reads what she said and made a disappointed face. "Thank you. for giving me the letter ... "the young mailman nodded his head and smelled something.

"Hey young man, do you want a portion ..." Doc asks cutting the pizza portion.

"I'm not hungry..."


"Your stomach accuses you," said Grace and Doc at the same time and they look at each other at the same time and share the smile.

"Well, I'm not going to refuse the food ..." said the mailman in a gentle tone when he sits at the table.

"Hey, I didn't know the mailmen work at night .." Doc mentions asking the Postman.

"Well ... is that a client mine urgently asked me to deliver the letter to his wife ..." said the mailman referring to Anna.

"Hey what's your name?"

"I'm Nilo Vacking ..." The young mailman shows up when he tries the pizza portion and his eyes snap open when the melted cheese passes through the tongue. "That food what is? ..." Nile said surprised. "that meal is made by a god or made by a cooking genius or by a prodigious chef ... "He said in a loud voice and realized that there were three people." Oh sorry. I know that I sound ridiculous, is that I have a habit of speaking strange things that comes out of my mouth without thinking ... "

"That's called a poem ..." mention Doc. Grace and Anna look at Doc.

"What is Poem?" Grace asks dizzy.

"Do you know Poem?"Nile said surprised.

"Yes ... Literary composition that is conceived as an artistic expression of beauty through words, especially that which is subject to the measure and cadence of the verse ..." Explained Doc.

"Oh my god..."Nilo said surprised "Are you from my country Hambala ...?"

"No ... I'm from another place farther away than they know about poetry ..." Doc replied.

"Incleible, and can you share your verses?"

"I have some ..." Doc said cheerfully. while they share the poems. Grace notices that Anna drinks another round of beer and begins to sigh sadly.

"Anna something happens?"

"is my husband ... he told me that the return will be prolonged today it happened that an dragon of Olga attacked the Ken kingdom .. "Anna answers looking at the letter." He will not return for a month ... that he is helping people taking the role of royal knight and sergeant of the troop. It is a big disappointment and sad .."Anna said showing sad expression." Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary with him ... but it's another year that he is absent from work ... "

"Come on friend ... I'll go with you ..." Grace said patting Anna on the right shoulder. "Fuck the men we will drink until we pass out!" Grace shouts that she is drunk.

"Yes!" Anna shouts.

45 minutes later.

Anna and Grace are sleeping at the table. Doc and Nilo look at the Dark Elf and the White Elf. "Boy, I'll take care of the rest you can go home ... "Doc said smiling worriedly.

"Okay. Thanks for sharing the time with me and for giving me a plate of Pizza ..." Nile said cheerfully. "Tell me the full name ..."

"Sure, I'm Frank Dufresne ... why?"

"I just invented a poem for voice that is dedicated to your cooking talent .." Nile said excitedly. "Your meal you gave me was a great delicacy is the first time I taste very deliciousIn my life, I ate such a meal that is triangular with melted cheeses and those special codiments that exploded on my palate, the best chef who deserves to be remembered the name ... Chef Frank Dufresne .. " tell the poem.

"Wow ... that was amazing ..."

"Well ... ah I also made one especially the one you told me ..." Nile said giving a letter to Doc.


"The love poem ..." Nile replies.


"You don't remember 30 minutes ago?"

"Wait, I don't remember ..."Doc said and realized who was responsible "Omailey?" he said quietly.

30 minutes ago.

Nilo and Doc talked about a poem until Nilo went to the bathroom when Omailey takes control of his body. "I will increase my plan's advantage ...Omailey said in an evil voice.

When Nilo returns "Hey fo -..." Omailey forgot his voice and clarifies the voice "Hey nilo you have a love poem ..." He said imitating Doc's voice.

"Eh?" Nile asks confused. "Who is love for?"

"For her..."Omailey said imitating Doc's voice and points to Grace laughing with Anna. "My boss Grace ..."

"A dark elf ... are you really in love with her?" Nile said surprised to see that a human is in love with a dark elf. "why.. you don't know what it's forbidden to have romance with the dark elves. It's a war Tabu ..."

"I don't care what people tell me ... I love that woman. I'm crazy about her, I want her to pay attention to me that I love her And I want to be her husband. In case anyone involved complains about my relationship, I will certainly make them regret having gone into forbidden romance with my predestined love. I will follow my heart until our love turns on ... "Omailey said dramatically speaking in Doc's voice.

'Wait what I am saying is passion, and adrelalina ...' Nilo said surprised 'It's the first time a human is crazy about a dark elf. Not only for lust, aspect. but it is the true love that must be reciprocated and also a great example for all the people of Eostia to see that there is a romance between a human and a dark elf, I don't know if I can help you. But as the Poet of my land. I will help this crush! 'Grab Doc's hand. "I will do with pleasure, I will help you!" Cry of moving tears for the great determination of the supposed Doc.

Behind Omailey's smile. He started laughing 'I would like to see this fool's reaction ...' he said mentally.

End of the flashback.

"Please forget about this moment!" Doc shouts, begging Nile to forget that shameful scene where Omailey took the body and pretended to be Doc.

"Calm down. I am the grave I will not expose your forbidden love!" Nilo yells with determination. "I am a man of my word. Please cofess you love of your life. Just tell this verse and there she will understand your feeling!"he screams and then he runs away. "If it works, find me in Ken!"

"Ahh hahahaha ..." Doc laughs nervously.

"Did you like the scene?" Omailey said mockingly.

"Shut up!" Doc shouts embarrassed. "Oh my God. that's more embarrassing than you did to me! "Scream angrily and look at the letter." I have to destroy that! "Scream before going to break the letter.

"DON'T DO IT!" Omailey shouts "Think well that could be useful for the future. Just think well ..."Doc hesitated to break the letter. so I keep it in my pocket. "Excellent choice my dear friend .."

"Shut up. I'll keep it ..." Doc said annoyed and re-enters the bar and finds Grace and Anna asleep again at the table. Doc sighs tired and begins to load Anna to the guest room where Doc slept and let him lie down. The last thing is to load Grace and takes him charging towards the room and finds the room where there is a bed for two people. Doc leaves Grace in bed. "Well I will clean the lounge of the bar and-

"Darling!" Grace shouts, hugging Doc that he stunned.

"Ehhh?!" Doc shouts surprised with blush.

"Don't leave me alone ... please ... I love you ...!"shouts Grace crying. Doc was confused about Grace's behavior until he noticed looking at the shelf where the small altar is with a picture of a human man hugging Grace who had a happy expression. there were white candles around the altar. "Honey please ... come back to me ...!" Grace shouts crying. Doc just learned that Grace is a widow and was married to a human.

he raises his hand touching Grace's hair stroking "Quiet ... I'm with you ..." Doc said in a calm and sweet tone, he's taking the role of the late husband.

"I was alone ... since you left ... you didn't come back ... I thought you were dead ..."Grace is still delirious that she believes her husband is alive.

"I know ... I want you to fall asleep ..." Doc said, still stroking his head.

"Please stay by my side ..." Grace said crying.

"I will be on your side..."Doc said calmly. Grace lies down and while Doc stroked Grace's head.

"I love you..."

"And I too you ..." Doc had to participate to be Grace's delirium.

"Kiss Me..."

Doc blushed a little and was taking advantage of a drunk and delirious woman. Doc sighed annoyed. "I'm sorry ..." Doc said lowering his head and closing his eyes. Grace did not feel the kiss but felt where her forehead is warm. Doc kissed Grace's forehead. "I'll be with you ..." Doc grabs Grace's right hand and sits next to the bed and had to wait for a while until Grace sleeps peacefully.

In the Ken. In the castle.

we see Meta who is being attended by the healers. While those affected by the breath of ice are cold and shivering from the cold that is sitting in the seat with warm blankets.

"That was the worst fight what I had in my life ..."Wash said trembling and sneezing loudly.

"I can't believe we let our guard down for a second before that stuff threw cold breaths to freeze us ..." Carolina said shaking her body and sneezing.

"That dragon knew we were a danger to her and that is why she froze us while that dragon continued the destruction ..." Locus and sneezes.

"They should take chicken soups and a lot of muscle relaxants to warm their bodies a little ..."said Sarge.

"Sarge you're not helping ... but the food won't work ..." Grif said and has a fork and plate "Give it to me. I'm professional at eating anything!"

"You're not helping fat sackwe need those to recover for the talk we were waiting for! "Shouts Sarge.

"Where the fuck is our fucking doctor!" Shouts Church who is being treated by the healer.

"Shut up Church. I'm much better ...Tex said she is sitting and taking a sip of water. "How rich is the water ..." Praise the maid.

The door opens suddenly, entering the seven alliances of the sacred shield of Eostia. (Cellestine, Claudia, Alicia, Prim, Maia, Kaguya and Ruu-Ruu).

"What are you all doing here?" Asks annoying Church. Celestine lifts the golden staff towards the affected four of the ice.


Meta's wound and broken leg recovered "My leg!"he shouts in shock and looks at his leg that is like "Oh thank God my leg is back!"

"I can move better!" Scream Wash moving quickly in the shoulders.

"Oh yes, I'm back!" Carolina shouts.

"Better..."said Locus.

"I come to tell you to rest tonight and in the morning we will begin the talk about the alliance. For what happened today at night." Cellestine bows "Thank you for saving my kingdom, heroes of Eostia ..."

"You're welcome ..." said Wash. Alicia gets into the conversation and approaches Caboose who is sitting stroking the giant egg that fertilizes the dragon Nemesis. Caboose looks at Alicia who had an angry expression.

"Hi Alicia ..." Caboose said cheerfully. Alice looks at the sword of the late hero lying on the ground, she grinds her teeth.

"Give me Feoh's hero's sword back!" Alicia yells angrily.

DATE: 08/11

Hours: 1:21 p.m.

Somewhere else.

we see a war field where there is an army of Nigramstia fighting against the 15 steel goblins that was handled by the witches.

"Withdrawals!" A soldier from Nigramstia shouts.

"Don't let any single mortal escape!"a red-haired witch screams and has a purple cape and a long pointed hat and has a gold bara. Her name is Astrid Flamel, the head of the high magicians.

"Ready, ready!" A female voice shouts. "Fire!"

She was a Halfing with green clothes and has a huge chest with a G cup. She is Mei-Mei the captain of the Halfing army and leader of the merchants of Tururu. "Hahaha !!" Laugh where she is mounted in the Bala canyon.

"Astrid-sama is retiring!"the witch girl shouts watching where Nigramstia's soldiers are retreating.

"That bitch of the Empress if she is very stubborn and wants to conquer all the land of Serelus ..." Astrid said proudly. All the army shout victoriously. Until Mei-Mei noticed something in the sky.

"Astrid look!" Mei-Mei shouts at the sight of a large object that is a Pelican.

"What is that thing?"asks the witch Astrid studying the structure that just landed away from the army of Mei-Mei and Astrid.

When the door opens leaving a woman in white cloth. "They has our messenger!"Mei-Mei shouts at the recognition of the Eleanore woman.

"Who are you!" Astrid shouts hostile. The pelican leaves 8 people of different armor. When the two people approach the army.

"We are the UNCS ... We come in peace ..."said the white armored soldier with Aqua visor.

"We just came to talk to someone important ..."

"About what?"

"About the Oracle and the allies ..." He replies in a serious tone.