"Target spotted."

The person who spoke was a young girl around the age of fourteen. She was about five-three with bleached hair pulled up into a braided pony tail that ended around her shoulder blades. She wore black shorts with a black leather jacket over a black T-shirt and a silver-grey mask that covered her face. It may not have seemed like much, with her only real protection being a grey chest plate over her t-shirt, but in the pouches around her waist and the pockets on the inside of her jacket, she held equipment that surpassed even Anti Skills.

The girl had been perched on her spot atop a roof with an anti tank sniper rifle, nicknamed Metal Eater MX, for the past six hours, waiting for a good opportunity to take her shot.

She froze.

There was no need for her to turn around. Despite her mask looking like it would completely obstruct her view, it actually had multiple different sensors allowing her to see everything around her. Though the mask left no blind spots, to most people it would be difficult to move around well seeing what's both in front and behind them laid out like a 3D map, but the girl felt more disoriented moving around without it.

"So, what now?"


They had decided to call her Misaka X.

The reason for this was because a good chunk of the personal information on the phone had been lost, mainly leaving Anti Skill with only the girls picture gallery, messages, and contacts to investigate. While scrolling through the messages, they had found the name Misaka repeated many times, with those who did not address her with a nickname referring to her as Misaka. This was confusing at first because when they had first read the name Misaka, they had grouped it in with the many names the had MISAKA followed by a five digit number. This became even more troublesome due to the fact that not only those MISAKA's referred to themselves as Misaka, but the people labeled Worst and Last Order also referred to themselves with the same name, all of them speaking in third person and most of them besides the one labeled Worst narrating themselves.

It was them all referring to themselves as Misaka that one of the Anti Skill members hypothesized she most likely belonged to an underground organization with the one's with special names - Last Order and Worst - having special and more important roles. The real confusing part was that they could not find any information on any of these Misaka's. Even when question people who had ties to Academy City's dark side, they came up completely empty handed, leaving them to believe whatever the organization was, it was heavy protected by the higher ups.

Her ability and level were still unknown.

It was for this reason she was kept as a suspect for what happened to Nagatenjouki. It was ordered by the higher ups for the event to be covered up and marked down as a natural disaster, but anyone who saw the scene in the classroom could easily tell supernatural powers were involved. Despite covering up the incident and her most likely belonging to an organization protected by the higher ups, they did not stop Anti Skill from investigating Misaka X.

They knew that she potentially had four sisters, two of which were her twins, as well as an older and younger sister. All of them having an incredible resemblance to one another to the point it was creepy. Some even went as far as to say that if it was not for the slight variation in their eyes and their far too different expressions, they could have all been the same person.

Misaka X also apparently had contact with people who both resembled and shared the same name as Accelerator, Yomikawa Aiho, Shirai Kuroko, Saten Ruiko, and Uiharu Kazari, among others. When it came to the contact list, very few of the numbers matched. The girl could have very easily wrote down the names of different people without knowing them, the problem with that theory was the messages and gallery.

The gallery held photos that were obviously of said people, though some of them did have slight differences in the way that they dress or their hairstyles, but it was still easy to tell that they were the same people.

When it came to the phone numbers, despite the names not matching with the numbers, there were still real conversations with these people saved in her messages. They had tracked down the phones that held the same numbers, but even when pulling up deleted messages, they could not find any matches for the messages that were on Misaka X's phone.

Even with the help from Accelerator, who was far more interested in the case then he cared to admit, they could not come up with any real, solid explanations for what was going on.

In short, they were at a complete loss.

"Just who the hell are you?"

The person who asked this was a woman most would consider to be beautiful, with her long dark blue haired pulled up in a bun. She was Yomikawa Aiho, the Anti Skill officer in charge of the case as well as the one who got Accelerator involved. Many found this to be strange and even suspicious due to the fact that she herself was on the contact list, but everyone who worked under her command knew better then to assume she was hiding something. Now the blue haired woman sat with her head planted on her keyboard in frustration, not even bothering to look up when she heard the door to the office be thrown open.

"Yomikawa!" The blued haired woman turned her head to look at the younger officer standing in the doorway panting like he had just ran a marathon. "We just got a report stating there was a disturbance near the hospital Misaka X has been placed in!"

(Note: I'm currently preparing for school, so my updates will most likely be kind of bipolar depending on how much free time I have. For those of you who don't know, the Metal Eater MX was one of the weapons used by the sisters in Index.)